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Name : Veronica Avluv

Alias: Victoria Sweet

Date of Birth: November 23rd 1972

Home Town : Rowlett, Texas (US)

Measurements : 34D – 24 – 34

Bra/ Cup Size : 34D (75E)

Boobs :  Enhanced

Height : 5’3 (1.60m)

Weight : 105lbs (48kg)

Hair Colour : Brunette/ Black

Eye Colour : Brown

Shoe Size : Women’s 6.5 (US)

Years Active : 2010 – present

Number of Scenes : 335+

Born and raised in Rowlett, a small town outside of Dallas, Texas, adult film performer Veronica Avluv is one of the most popular MILF performers within the adult film industry!

Veronica’s adult entertainment exploits began when she was 17 years old and  acquired a fake ID in order to work as a stripper in Dallas nightclubs. During her XCritic interview with column writer Apache Warrior Veronica explained how she progressed from stripping in these nightclubs to glamour modelling, fetish work and ultimately working within the adult entertainment industry;

“I grew up in the country side outside of Dallas and spent a lot of time outside exploring or adopting animals, my poor parents, lol! I also read books voraciously and sang and danced a lot!…I started stripping in Dallas when I was 17, yes I had a fake ID. I’ve been nude modelling and doing pinup as well as fetish work on and off since my 20’s. Basically in 2010, I met Dylan Ryder. She approached me to possibly do pinup hair and makeup for a movie she was pitching. The company decided to go with a cheerleader theme instead (typical), but I got to chat with her a few times and asked her a bunch of questions about the business. She really seemed to have her head on straight and after about a week of chatting with my husband about it, I decided to start doing G/G scenes. The rest, as they say, is history! I’m glad I went for it and love doing adult!”.

During an Adult DVD Talk interview Veronica also divulged that she worked as a hair and make-up stylist for many years before pursuing a career as a porn star. What started off as doing hair and make-up for shoppers at her local mall soon developed into Veronica working as an assistant celebrity hair stylist. As Veronica stated within her Adult DVD Talk interview;

I’ve done everything except mainstream movies; TV shows, commercials, editorials…but in that field you need time to pay your dues. And I stepped into the field when I was 34, 35. So I was working 12 hour days, making $150-$300/day and working sporadically. I needed to help support my family so I was looking to get back in front of the camera. I had done a lot of pin-up modelling and nude modelling back in the day. And from there I met Diana Doll and asked her a bunch of questions on a fetish shoot. And she has her head screwed on nice and tight. So I was modelling and had a business that was a pinup/boudoir type experience wherein private clients (ladies only) would come to the studio and I’d make them up and do their hair and style them in wardrobe. My husband would shoot and retouch them and they’d have pics for themselves or their husbands or whoever…

Anyways, I saw Diana again and I knew exactly who she was and I admitted to her that I watched her scenes. She told me about herself and what it was like. So I realized I could make better money doing something that I wasn’t shy about. So that’s kind of how I stepped into doing girl/girl. And that’s why I do my own makeup on my shoots. I’ve seen many pictures out there from early in my career that I look at and say ‘what was that?!?!” Sometimes I’ve seen my face orange and the girl doesn’t really know what she’s doing. I don’t know how she got her job and I won’t speculate on that. But it’s my image”.

Veronica Avluv : Adult Film Career

In this manner, Veronica filmed her first sex scene with Jessi Palmer in February 2010. Veronica’s sex scene featured within a Girlfriends Films production and paved the way for her to collaborate with prominent pornographic production companies including Brazzers, Elegant Angel, Hustler, Adam & Eve, Evil Angel, Zero Tolerance Entertainment,, Jules Jordan Video, Mile High and Wicked Pictures amongst many others. Appearing within these pornographic productions also enabled Veronica to work alongside, and become friends with, some of the most successful female porn stars in the adult film industry including Bonnie Rotten, Adriana Chechik, Ariella Ferrera, Dani Daniels, Madison Ivy and Tanya Tate.

AVN Awards Show 2014 Arrivals at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada on January 18, 2014

AVN Awards Show 2014 Arrivals at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada on January 18, 2014

Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Veronica chose ‘Avluv’ as her porn star stage surname due to the fact that it is ‘vulva’ spelled backwards. This choice of stage name demonstrates Veronica’s naturally saucy nature and voracious sexual appetite. As Veronica has expressed in her own words via her personal website;

“I’ve always been a great lover of both men and women and have also always been comfortable with my innate sexual nature. So it was quite natural for me to embrace the idea of sharing that part of my adult life with others”.

In fact, Veronica has always been extremely open about her sexuality and romantic relationships. For instance, during her XCritic interview Veronica revealed that;

” I didn’t pop my girl cherry until I was 17 and it was from an older woman…I just think women are beautiful which is why I like doing hair and makeup so much. I can find that beauty in a woman unless she’s a total cunt. (laughs) It’s funny because when I find someone with a gap in their front teeth or a crooked nose, if they have a smile on their face and a zest for life, to me they’re so much more beautiful than a Barbie doll with an attitude and I think that’s the general consensus”.


Photo by Michael Dorausch

Due to the fact that Veronica appeared within her first adult film shoot when she was 37 years old, she soon amassed a loyal fan following within the MILF genre. Happy to experiment with a broad range of boy/girl, lesbian, gonzo, POV, fetish and solo sex scenes, Veronica’s adult film exploits within the popular DVD feature releases The Graduate XXX: A Paul Thomas Parody, Veronica Avluv: No Limits, Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Rump Raiders 4, College Cuties Seduce MILF Beauties, Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 4: American Edition, Oil Overload 7, Prime MILF, Freaky MILFs and I Fucked My Stepmom earned her a vast network of adoring fans and a prominent reputation as one of the sauciest MILFs within the adult entertainment industry.

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of starting her adult film career in her 30’s, Veronica candidly expressed during her XCritic interview how;

“I think it had both advantages and drawbacks. The drawbacks are that it had a financial impact. Obviously, you have more time to build things up. Take Shay Sights, she’s been in the industry a lot longer and she now owns properties. She worked hard but she’s going to be ok for the rest of her life. I think what I see in younger girls except for a few rare exceptions, they haven’t had time to become comfortable and acquainted with themselves…

And then, conversely, there are some younger girls who are fucking amazing. They’re younger but they’re just a force to be reckoned with. These girls have their own personalities but they have their heads in it. They’re fucking enjoying themselves and they are comfortable with themselves. That’s the big advantage of not getting in when you’re younger is that you’re not ready yet. I might have been ready but it was not my life’s path. I was going to have kids and raise them. After having worked many jobs and having a lot more time trying to become comfortable with myself and my sexuality, I would say the advantages are 1) I really don’t have any fear about showing my rawness to the world, my sheer enjoyment because I’m comfortable with it and embrace it and 2) I’m a lot more appreciative of the fact that I get to do this and I get paid money. A lot better money than I’m going to make somewhere else and I’m not going to have 50 orgasms in a day. I have a lot of built up fantasies over the years that being married and being in a monogamous relationship, except for a girlfriend that we shared, there are a lot of things that I wanted to try but I never would have otherwise. I like that I get to play out these fantasies in a safe, tested environment. And find out what it’s like to get DP’d and TP’d and thrown around the room and whatever”.


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As mentioned above, throughout her adult film career Veronica has established herself as one of the best MILF performers in the business. By appearing in a wide range of pornographic parodies, anal sex scenes and MILF oriented DVD feature releases, Veronica has earned herself a large fan following, an extensive porn star portfolio and a wealth of prestigious adult film award nominations. Amongst some of Veronica’s most impressive adult film accolades include;

  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee “MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2013: XRCO Awards winner “MILF of the Year”
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee “Best Anal Sex Scene” Oil Overload 7
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene” Big Tits at Work 14
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee “MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year”
  • 2013: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2013: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene — Couples-Themed Release” My Mother’s Best Friend 6
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” College Cuties Seduce MILF Beauties
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Three-Way Sex Scene” Rump Raiders 4
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Porn Star Website”
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2014: XRCO Awards nominee “MILF of the Year”
  • 2014: XRCO Awards nominee “Orgasmic Analist”
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best MILF Performer”
  • 2015: AVN Awards winner “Best Supporting Actress” Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Double Penetration Sex Scene” Freaky MILFs
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Oral Sex Scene” Facialized
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best POV Sex Scene” A POV Sphinctacular
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Three-Way Sex Scene” Anal Boot Camp 2
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: XRCO Awards nominee “MILF of the Year”
  • 2015: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best MILF Performer”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Hottest MILF (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene – Gonzo Release” Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 4: American Edition
  • 2016: XRCO Awards nominee “MILF of the Year”

During a 2011 interview Veronica enthused about her adult film award nominations and how;

“It is truly humbling and amazing to be considered in such high regard and to have such strong support from my fans! I know I’m a pretty lady, some of these gals are wayyy beyond pretty though. Yes, I am surprised at the response I’ve gotten thus far. I truly never imagined I would be received so well! I do put my heart, passion and soul into my scenes so I’m extremely grateful that people enjoy watching them! After all, I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for the support and love of my wonderful fans!”.


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In addition to her porn star career, Veronica has also appeared in several mainstream media projects including a multi-episode role in 2012 as Victoria Vandenberg on the Showtime cable network TV series Girls of Sunset Place.

Veronica Avluv : Marriage & Family Life

In 1996 Veronica married adult film photographer Hans Avluv. Whilst being interviewed by ZZInsider Veronica revealed that it was her husband who actually taught her how to hone her on-screen sexual exploits! Veronica openly discussed how;

“@HansAvluvXXX actually taught me how to squirt! He’s a master at oral and well hung!! Very good lover and friend. And yes, @HansAvluvXXX Is in the industry- as a performer and photographer, retoucher, web designer, film editor etc”.


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Veronica and Hans had three children together and for many years Veronica  was a stay-at-home mother before she became involved in hair and makeup styling as well as her eventual porn star career. Tragically, Veronica’s husband Hans died of a heart attack on March 26th 2013. Veronica has explained how the death of her husband and the stress of caring for three children as a single mother has driven her to perform in more hardcore pornographic productions such as gangbangs and anal sex scenes. As Veronica explained herself during an Adult DVD Talk interview;

“Ever since I lost my husband 3 months ago, my stress level is a lot higher, running a household by myself being the sole provider for my children. I find that once the scene starts, I prefer more hardcore scenes. I can throw myself into it and its total cathartic. My level of energy now feels like its 10x more energy and it’s probably because it’s a stress relief for me as fucking is for most people. I do believe we need to fuck as well as make love. Making love is beautiful but we need to fuck. I’m thankful for my job, I enjoy it, but I’ll tell you my job is in so many ways a stress relief for me. I think I’d just explode if I didn’t have a regular outlet of just getting throttled until I’m a pile of mush on the floor. I ask for more and more and more until I’m like, I don’t know where that camera is. The poor cameraman! (laughs) He has to deal with me and I’m the exact opposite of someone who’s been in this business for 20 years. They’re a dream for the cameraman; turn this way, arch this, do that and she’s got it all nailed. Whereas I get in there and I’m all over the place. I have sexual Tourette’s! (laughs)”.

As well as being a mother to three children and working as an adult film performer, Veronica is also an ardent animal lover. Veronica enthused during her XCritic interview;

“I am a huge animal lover! I have a Chihuahua/ American husky mix (I have no idea how that one went down Lol) and a Russian blue cat that’s big and fat. I love them both very, very much!”.

Veronica Avluv :  Recent Releases & Upcoming Projects

In addition to her mainstream media projects and work as a hair and make-up stylist, Veronica continues to appear in a wide range of pornographic productions within the MILF genre. Some of Veronica’s most recently released pornographic productions include; Anal Fanatic 7, Battle of the Squirters, Cougars On The Hunt, Family Bond, Gangbanged 7, Hard At Work, Interracial Affair 2, Mandigo Cougar Rampage, Mommy Takes a Squirt, Moms Bang Teens 15, Mother Lovers and Other Way Around.


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Due to her alluring looks, seductive charm and amicable nature, Veronica’s DVD feature releases and solo website content continue to attract a dedicated fan following. Many adult film critics have attributed Veronica’s adult entertainment success to her kind-hearted  personality and the honest way in which she interacts with her fans. For instance, within her Adult DVD Talk interview the adult entertainment blogger Mackochist was quoted as saying that;

“One of the biggest appeals of Veronica is her personality which she reveals to fans and others outside of her scenes in passing, such as on these and other forums. She is very in touch with all of those who know her and watch her and she is very honest, open, and descriptive in how she tells others about her feelings and experiences, be they good or bad. It is a part of her personality that is just as alluring and attractive behind the camera as her performances in front of it, which for me is to be greatly admired and respected…

There are very few porn stars you could name today who value their connections with her fan base as much as Veronica does, nor expresses it so fervently and with such excitement as she does, as if she were almost talking to close friends who share every detail of their day. Anybody who follows her on Twitter will see that”.


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So if you would like to remain updated about her latest pornographic productions and public appearances, or if you would like to enjoy a one-on-one live chat session with Veronica Avluv herself, then why not check out her official social networking channels provided below? Within a few clicks you can interact with the hottest MILF star in the adult entertainment industry!

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