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Personal Info

Name : Kelley Cabbana

Date of Birth : April 21st

Hometown : Miami, Florida (US)

Measurements : 34F – 24 – 36

Height : 5’3 (1.60m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Pets : Kelley mentioned in her XXX Bios interview that;I love dogs but sadly enough I don’t. I had a jack Russell terrier and her name was Lucky. She was my best friend she got old and I had to do the worse thing ever. I was so sad to lose her. I would love to have another dog but I work so much now if I did they would be neglected and I couldn’t live with that”.

Shoe Size : 7½ (US)

Years Active : 2011 – present

Kelley Cabbana is a gorgeous webcam model who writes, produces and directs her own content. Famous for her stunning looks and amicable nature, Kelley’s intimate live cam shows have earned her an avid global fan base as well as numerous “Favorite Cam Girl (Fan Award)”, “Best Cam Model Site”, “Social Media Star of the Year” and “Favorite Indie Clip Star (Fan Award)” nominations at the AVN, XBIZ and Nightmoves Awards.

So where did it all begin? Hailing from Miami, Florida, Kelley has always been an outgoing individual who loves performing on camera. As Kelley divulges via her official website;

“I was born in Florida, so I guess I am a Florida Sunshine Girl! I guess that’s why I love the beach so much…If I am not shooting, you will find me at the gym. I love working out. I work out 5 days a week anything from cardio, Pilates to strength training. I am so fortunate that what I do for a career choice I love. Modeling has been something I have been doing since I was a little girl. Whenever I saw a camera I would beg “take my picture” “take my picture”. Little did I know then, that I would grow up and be in front of the camera today and having so much fun”.

You may be interested to learn that Kelley used to work in her father’s real estate office prior to making her adult industry debut. In 2009 Kelley decided to pursue a career as a model and she created a profile on One Model Place. From this point onward, Kelley started working as a fashion model and she appeared in several commercials. Most notably, Kelley posed as a gorgeous glamour model for Harley Davidson and In fact, Kelley received numerous accolades including’s “Miss March”, “Babe of the Year” and “10 Year Anniversary Model”.

As well as being a WWFU spokesmodel, Kelley was named as’s “Miss July”, she was a November centrefold for Right Cross Entertainment, she was named as one of MySpace’s “Top 100 Babes”, she was a BNRX “Back To School Hottie” and she was a hostess for the Rock the Gridiron Miami Superbowl. Kelley was also featured in Glamour1 Men’s Magazine, she was a December “Miss Facebook 1st Runner-Up”, she was a cover model for SoCal Glamour Girls, she was named as Body Rockin’s “Model of the Month”, she appeared on Real Radio SBK Live and she was a spokesmodel for Harley Davidson Bike Week which was held in Daytona Beach, Florida. The list goes on!

Busting Out Of Booty Shorts –

Kelley’s impressive modelling portfolio soon attracted the attention of Playboy who booked Kelley for her first ever adult modelling shoot in 2011. And the rest is history! Talking about this pivotal period of her life during her XXX Bios interview, Kelley recounted how;

I worked in my Dads real estate office. I answered the phone made appointments for the agents. I was the naughty office girl if you know what I mean…I posted my profile on onemodelplace and I was contacted by playboy and that began my career. I always loved modeling and I did model clothes and also did commercials too. I honestly didn’t start out thinking I would go into the adult industry. Playboy did contact me three times before I responded. My best friend was telling me you have to do this and I did and look where I am today”.

Kelley Cabbana : Adult Film Career

Kelley filmed her first ever adult modelling shoot for Playboy in 2011. Titled Foursome, this scintillating Miami-based TV show featured Kelley as the hostess of a raunchy role-play with two couples. When Kelley was asked about shooting her adult industry debut during her XXX Bios interview, she revealed that;

My first adult film shoot was with Playboy TV ‘Foursome’ we were filming 2 couples and my role was to engage with them so they would hook up. It was so fun for me being a part of such an erotic scene.  I love sex and I love to role play so once we finished on set I realized this was definitely what I was born to do”.

Office Love –

A landmark moment in Kelley’s career occurred in 2011 when she launched her official website Having access to this ever-expanding multimedia platform has enabled Kelley to share all manner of exclusive live cam shows, compelling videos and sultry photo sets with her fans. Kelley loves writing, producing and directing her own content and she sincerely stated in her XXXBios interview that;

“I love it. It’s been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. I live to know what my fans want to see me doing. I have lots of my own fantasies as well that I love to share so being in control of my own production is so awesome”. 

Huge Boobs And Tiny Shirt –

In fact, Kelley revealed during her XXX Bios interview that creating her own content has been one of her favorite parts of her career. As Kelley puts it in her own words;

I really enjoying creating my own content. I take ideas from fans and collaborate it into my own fantasy. Being able to create and shoot the content I create is the best feeling ever. I love to deliver for my fans the scenes they want to see me in. I have my own film crew so we’re able to shoot anywhere at any time I am ready. I love public outings they really are so fun for me because it’s truly my very own fantasy to show off in public and be watched”. 

Latex And Lust –

Another landmark moment in Kelley’s adult film career occurred in 2015 when she joined forces with Vicky Vette and her webcamming network Vette Nation Live. In this manner Kelley started hosting weekly live cam shows as a bona fide VNA Girl. Kelley loves hosting intimate live cam shows with her fans and she highlighted in her 2017 Rock It Reports interview how;

There is nothing like the interaction with a live model performing your fantasy with you… I honestly love what I do and I think ‘if you don’t like it don’t watch it’. Porn will never go away. Men and women both watch it. Personally, I find it enjoyable and I’m good at it. I make my own choices and this is what I have chosen as my career path”.

Kelley elaborated upon her love of webcamming during her XCritic column interview, conveying how;

I think my cam shows where you can spend a one on one experience with me is where my work is best. I love to role play and act so when I cam, I get to play so many roles for my fans…It truly is a time where I connect with my fans and their fantasies. I love to be on cam because it allows them to have a connection they cannot get anywhere else…I think I have never given up on my dream. I have had ups and downs just like everyone else, but I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I was not going to stop. I believe just like anything you set out to do you have to be devoted and even if there is a failure, never give up on yourself. I would also inject, I am surrounded by my fans and a team of people that believe in me”.

Hold on, it gets even better. Members of Kelley’s official website ( are able to watch these sensational live cam shows on Vette Nation Live network completely free of charge! What’s more, Kelley has proved such a popular cam model that she was named as’s “Most Popular Cam Show” for May 2017 and August 2017. Kelley was incredibly thankful to receive these coveted titles and she eagerly expressed in a September 2017 XBIZ News press release that;

“I was thrilled when I won once this year. To win for a second time is awesome! A huge thank you to the fans at VNALive and the members of my site, who voted me #1 again. If you haven’t been to one of my member shows, grab a membership to and check me out! My award winning shows are always free with a monthly membership”.

Huge Boobs And Tiny Shirt –

Kelley also received high praise from Vicky Vette who stated in several June and September 2017 XBIZ News press releases that;

“It’s wonderful to see Kelley Cabbana pull out a win after a couple of close second place finishes. Kelley is a terrific cam performer and the membership base at loves her shows. A big thank you to all the girls at who devote their time entertaining the fans online…Kelley really is impressing a lot of people with her live shows. She’s bubbly, fun and very interactive which is why a lot of the viewers love her. We have now broadcast over 13,000 membership shows and there is someone online day and night 365 days a year”.

Too Hot To Handle –

Most recently, Kelley has been named as’s “Most Popular Cam Show” for February 2019. Kelley was thrilled to attain this coveted title once again and she enthusiastically stated in a March 2019 XBIZ News press release that;

“It’s been a while since I won top honors, so I am stoked to be voted number-one. What a great way to kick off the start of this year! A huge thank-you to the fans at VNALive, and the members of my site, who voted me for me again. If you haven’t been to one of my member shows, grab a membership and check me out! My award winning shows are always free with a monthly membership”.

Kelley Cabbana : Award Nominations & Recent Releases

Over the years Kelley’s intimate live cam shows have earned her an avid international fan following as well as critical acclaim from industry professionals. As such, it’s no surprise that Kelley has received numerous award nominations at the AVN, XBIZ and Nightmoves Awards. Listed below are some of Kelley’s most impressive industry accolades so far;

  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Cam Girl (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Cam Girl (Fan Award)”
  • 2017: VNA Live winner “Most Popular Cam Show – May 2017”
  • 2017: VNA Live winner “Most Popular Cam Show – August 2017”
  • 2017: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Live Cam Model of the Year”
  • 2018: AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Indie Clip Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2018: XBIZ Cam Awards nominee “Best Cam Model Site”
  • 2018: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Social Media Star of the Year”
  • 2018: Live Cam Awards nominee “Best Live Cam Model Personal Site”
  • 2019: VNA Live winner “Most Popular Cam Show – February 2019”
  • 2019: AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Indie Clip Star (Fan Award)”

Kelley has been honored to receive these prestigious industry accolades and she sincerely stated in her XCritic column interview that;

“I am so honored to have these nominations. The industry is filled with amazing beautiful performers and to receive an acknowledgment is humbling and at the same time, I feel accomplished. If I never win the award, I feel the nomination alone solidifies my hard work and dedication. I’m truly grateful”.

Wondering what the future holds for captivating cam model Kelley Cabbana? Well, in her spare time Kelley loves indulging her passion for aliens and UFO phenomena via her YouTube channel (KelleyCabbanaTV). In fact, Kelley mentioned during her XXX Bios interview that she plans to upload new videos every week on a wide range of extra-terrestrial topics. As Kelley puts it in her own words;

I love aliens and UFO stuff. If I’m not online or not filming I spend hours researching. I love it so much that I have started my own YouTube channel to discuss this phenomenon. Check out my channel kelleycabbabatv…I did just start my YouTube Channel KelleycabbanaTV it’s so exciting. I have always been intrigued in aliens and UFO stuff so being able to share this part of my life with my fans is so fun. I will be uploading videos each week of different topics. This channel is really about my opinions and wanting to also know what my fans think too. Please check it out and subscribe to kelleycabbanatv”.

Kelley is also interested in pursuing advocacy work and she highlighted in her XXX Bios interview how;

“There are so many things I would love to see changed. I hate racism I really wish we could all live together and be color blind. It makes me sad the hate I see online. We are all different and if we can ever accept the idea we all deserve to be treated with respect regardless of our color, sexual orientation or beliefs then the world would eventually see peace. I am hoping one day I would see this”. 

Mesh Love –

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