Chelsea Poe Biography

TS Chelsea Poe Biography

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Venus Lux, Eden Alexander, The Whore Next Door and Chelsea Poe at PridePride dream teamVenus Lux, Eden Alexander, The Whore Next Door and Chelsea Poe – Image from @Chelsea Poe666

Chelsea Poe – Personal Info

Name : Chelsea Poe

Alias : Lacey Lust, Laceylust666

Date of Birth: September 5th, 1993

Home Town : Toledo, Ohio (US)

Height : 5’6 (1.70m)

Hair Colour : Brunette/ Red

Eye Colour : Green/ Blue

Tattoos : Large cross on left thigh, two birds either side of her navel/ on her hip bones

Years Active : 2013 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Chelsea Poe is a fan-favorite porn star, cam girl and model who made her industry debut in 2013. Over the years Chelsea’s sizzling scenes in many Trouble Films, TransSensual and Devil’s Film productions have earned her a devoted fan following as well as many “Transgender Performer of the Year” and “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” nominations at the AVN and XBIZ Awards.

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Born in Toledo, Ohio, but raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chelsea Poe grew up in a low income family. Instantly recognisable by her luscious red locks and edgy fashion sense, Chelsea’s alternative style was formed during her teenage years. An avid heavy metal fan, Chelsea conveyed in a 2014 Fleshbot interview how;

“I was super into metal/hardcore in high school so I was kind of that kid who wore black everyday with inverted crosses. All my friends also played in metal bands and really instead of going to most school events I spent my high school years at punk venues every Friday and skipped prom to see AFI”.

In a 2015 TransEthics interview Chelsea revealed how these musical influences affected how she now responds to criticism whilst working within the adult entertainment industry. Although Chelsea never really watched porn in her younger years, she has discussed how;

“I think being in a punk scene in a really small Midwestern town where you had people always never quite getting what you’re doing really influenced me as a porn performer to truly not care if not everyone gets my performances. I really think my early introduction in porn was a mixture of Sasha Grey with her intense gangbangs and the diy ethic of queer porn with sites like Crash Pad Series and Indie Porn Revolution so I think that comes across in my performances…

I was extremely late to getting into watching porn. I honestly didn’t watch my first porn scene until I was nearly 18 and first got introduced to Sasha Grey and started learning more about her which then introduced to queer performers like Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble. Still Sasha Grey is by far my biggest influence and I think my performing style of doing a lot of threesomes and orgy shoots is because of getting into porn from watching Sasha Grey”.

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Chelsea Poe found her calling within the adult entertainment industry when she was 20 years old and started to perform as a web-cam model on various sites such as Chaturbate. After establishing a loyal fan base as a web-cam model, when she was 21 years old Chelsea was inspired to pursue a career as an adult film star after seeing Pink and White Productions performer and director Jiz Lee speak at a local university. As Chelsea Poe described in her own words during a 2015 Autostraddle interview;

“I started camming when I turned 20 and about a year later I saw Jiz Lee speak at a local university. Seeing their work and their passion behind it really made me want to go out to the bay area & try to make queer porn. Four months later, I had my first shoot on the Crash Pad series, then my scene on Transgrrrls turned out to be pretty successful. At the end of that Summer, I decided to make the jump and move from Michigan to Oakland to do porn full time in December of 2013″.

Inspired by Jiz Lee’s speech, Chelsea decided to move to the San Francisco Bay area where she began to appear in adult films. Chelsea’s very first adult film scenes featured within the Crash Pad series that was produced by Pink and White Productions. Not only did these adult film scenes introduce Chelsea Poe to a career within the adult entertainment industry, but they also enabled her to interact with her idol Jiz Lee and director Courtney Trouble with whom she would collaborate upon numerous pornographic productions. As matters stand, the Crash Pad series remains an extremely popular example queer porn; treating viewers to a collection of images and video clips that expose the complexities of queer sexual desire.

A defining moment in Chelsea Poe’s adult film career occurred in 2013 when she starred in the feature release Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now. Distributed by Trouble Films productions, this feature release was the first time that Chelsea Poe collaborated with renowned adult film director Courtney Trouble. Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now proved to be a commercial success for Chelsea and Courtney and it was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2013 Tranny Awards as well as being nominated for “Transsexual Release of the Year” and “Feminist Porn Release of the Year” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Thrilled at the positive reception she received from critics, co-stars and fans for her performance in Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now, Chelsea Poe decided to make her California trip a permanent fixture and she moved from Michigan to Oakland.

Chelsea Poe from her Twitter accountChelsea Poe – @ChelseaPoe666

Chelsea Poe : Adult Film Career

Chelsea Poe’s big break within the adult entertainment industry occurred in 2014 when she was offered a featured role in the Trouble Films production “Fucking Mystic” for which she was also a writer, producer and co-director. Speaking about her role in the creation of Fucking Mystic, Chelsea Poe explained in her Autostraddle interview how;

“Courtney Trouble, Coco Pop, William Control and I all collaborated on Fucking Mystic. I was involved from casting, to writing, to co-directing, to marketing, and I own half the rights to the film. It put me in a place where I could really have freedom and control over my content that most performers never get. For example William Control’s music really set the tone I wanted to convey, and I’m happy I had the freedom to get him involved. With most porn music is an afterthought”.

Whilst filming Fucking Mystic in 2014, director Courtney Trouble enthused in an AVN press release about Chelsea’s performance and her potential in moving forward with her adult film career;

“Chelsea has been my muse for the past three months, and making a full-length narrative film with her has been almost as magical as the storyline…She’s going to be as important to the queer porn movement as Jiz Lee or myself, and she will have a very powerful impact on the trans porn industry as well. She is a trailblazer, worthy of not only her own film, but her own genre. This film will introduce her creative side to the world and showcase her incredible talent as a hardcore adult film star. Get ready”.

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Inspired by her muse, Courtney continued to collaborate with Chelsea Poe on multiple feature film releases including Submissive Mixtape in 2015. Even whilst Courtney Trouble briefly took a hiatus from directing in order to complete her master’s degree, Chelsea continued to work for her company Trouble Films by directing multiple feature releases in her absence. As Courtney explained in an AVN press release, the purpose of Trouble Films;

“is about new, powerful ideas, and confronting the oppressive defaulted norms of popular culture…Being able to do something as big as fund an entire film for another artist may not be possible all the time, but it is worth it to me to solidify the tradition of making powerfully queer films that our community desires and deserves in a town that’s full of incredible queer people who enjoy the art of this work, and the work of this art”.

Speaking about her Fucking Mystic collaboration during her 2015 TransEthics interview, Chelsea exclaimed how;

“I really loved the sense of community that there is in Oakland that I really discovered when filming where most of the queer porn world had some sort of role in the making of “Fucking Mystic”. I truly feel like what is happening porn wise in Oakland is really special and I think “Fucking Mystic” is a prime example of this…Courtney Trouble is one of my biggest influences who just so happened to become one of my best friends and my porn mentor. They really believed in me and has such a in-depth knowledge of porn but still has a very diy ethic to their work which I really connected to. The greatest thing about working with Courtney is they literally have some of the best ideas when it comes to film making and performing that most directors wouldn’t dare to try”.

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In addition to being Courtney Trouble’s muse, Chelsea Poe has also collaborated with some of the most successful transgender performers in the adult industry; from Bailey Jay and Tiffany Starr to Kitty Stryker and Venus Lux.

Alongside these transsexual porn superstars, Chelsea has featured in a diverse range of femdom, soft-core, hardcore and solo scenes for many of the biggest distributors and production companies in the industry. Some of Chelsea’s most popular productions include; Trouble Films, Mile High, Rodnievision, Pure Play Media, TransSensual, Mancini and Reel Queer Productions. Amongst Chelsea’s fan-favorite feature releases include; Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now(2013), Fucking Mystic (2014), Fuckstyles 2: Dirty Fucks (2014), Silver Star (2014), Trans Lesbians (2015), TS Bad Girls (2015), My TS Student (2015), Submissive Mixtape (2015) and Seven Minutes In Heaven 4 (2016). The list goes on!

Following the success of Fucking Mystic and Submissive Mixtape, in 2015 Chelsea Poe and fellow transgender performer Tiffany Starr appeared in TS Bad Girls; a production which offered fans a wealth of exciting TS lesbian scenes! Speaking about this production in an AVN press release, renowned adult film director Nica Noelle commented;

 “This movie is special to me because it gave me the chance to shoot TS lesbian scenes, which are very difficult to find in the porn landscape,” Nica Noelle advised regarding the new series. “Lesbians like Chelsea Poe and Tiffany Starr, who often have little choice but to work with men because g/g scenes are not offered to them, were so excited to work on this title, and the passion in their scenes speaks for itself. It was also wonderful for cis-women like Mz. Berlin and Suzie Spindrift who love trans-women and rarely get to work with them. Hopefully, we’ll see a bigger market and more demand for TS lesbian scenes in the years to come”.

Click here to watch Suzie Spindrift and Chelsea in ‘TS Bad Girls (2015)’ at TransSensual

In 2015 Chelsea Poe collaborated with Nica Noelle once again with the feature release My TS Student; a landmark production due to the involvement of mainstream performer Magdalene Michaels. Thrilled at the opportunity to break the stigma regarding mainstream performers collaborating with transsexual performers, Chelsea enthused in a June 2015 AVN magazine article how;

 “I had a great time shooting with Magdalene…Our scene was a girl/girl scene where the things we did in the scene would be something you would see in any girl/girl film. I am thankful that Nica wanted to show how I have lesbian sex which is [rarely] shown in mainstream trans porn, and really fits the trans-positive vibe of the series. It was really great for me as a new performer to work with someone who has a history of shooting girl/girl porn and I think it is by far my most sensual scene I was ever involved in”.

In 2015, Chelsea starred in another groundbreaking porn production titled Tboys + Tgirls alongside transsexual superstar Venus Lux as well as notable performers Ramses Rodstein, Puck Goodfellow, Jacqueline Woods, Jacques LeFemme and Rebeka Refuse. James Darling, the film’s producer and one of its performers, was praised by fans and critics for his inclusion of raunchy sex scenes between transsexual men and women. Speaking about this project and its impact within the transgender community, James Darling exclaimed in an AVN press release how;

Tboys + Tgirls is my latest full length hardcore feature and is the first of its kind, with four trans women paired with a trans man partner in every scene,” said darling. “I have deep love and respect for trans women and I want to dedicate this film to the power of trans on trans love. The chemistry is gorgeous, with lots of making out, oral sex and hardcore fucking. With trans women and men topping, bottoming and switching, each scene carries a slightly different dynamic with something for a wide range of tastes. This film also features my scene with Venus Lux; it was her first time performing with a trans man and she did a really amazing job. It was truly an honor to work with her and it is one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever done…This film is really important because it shows trans people loving each other’s trans bodies, and I hope this film shows that trans people are beautiful sexual beings worthy of respect and capable of really dirty hardcore sex”.

Click here to watch Chelsea and Mz Berlin in ‘TS Bad Girls (2015)’ at TransSensual

Throughout her career, Chelsea Poe has helped fellow transgender performers to establish themselves within the adult entertainment industry. For instance, in May 2014 Chelsea helped Bailey Jay to film her first ever queer porn scene. Released on and, Chelsea and Bailey’s queer porn scene was also featured within volume two of Chelsea’s aforementioned Trans Grrrls series. Speaking about this collaboration in an AVN press release, Bailey Jay expressed her gratitude to Chelsea and director Courtney Trouble;

“This scene was my debut as a fully self-aware trans woman and porn performer…I can’t stop now! Working with Chelsea and Courtney has opened my eyes even more. I want the most out of my porn career. I want to taste every flavor of queer porn”.

Within this press release Chelsea also commented how;

“I really feel like having the chance to shoot with Bailey is a huge step for queer porn’s influence within mainstream trans porn. I think it’s going start conversations that haven’t really been brought up in mainstream trans porn because of Bailey’s status within the industry, and I really think you could see a influx of queer trans content shot because of this scene”.

Similarly, director Courtney Trouble also enthused that;

“I’m totally inspired by the sweetness and pervyness in this scene! Bailey and Chelsea are very similar performers, and seeing such an established trans porn superstar with a queer porn crossover/upcoming young trans star is totally exciting. This is what the future of porn is all about! Interesting hook-ups, amazing chemistry, and cinematic camera work!”.

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In 2015 Chelsea Poe collaborated once again with popular transsexual performer Bailey Jay on the Trouble Films production Trans Lesbians. Distributed by Pure Play Media, this feature release earned Chelsea and Bailey a nomination at the 2016 AVN Awards for “Best Transsexual Sex Scene”. When asked about shooting this pornographic production, Chelsea mentioned during her March 2015 Autostraddle interview that;

“Trans Lesbians was actually shot in two parts. My scene with Bailey Jay we shot in April in this super amazing old hotel in Manhattan. My scene with Betti Rubble was shot in July so with it, so it’s been a while since I actually shot those scenes. This was actually my project after I shot Fucking Mystic which was one of the first projects I got into once I moved to the Bay. I’m honestly super excited it came out, because the concept of three trans women getting a featured in a lesbian DVD is revolutionary. I’m beyond honored to be on a DVD with two of the most groundbreaking trans performers”.

Chelsea’s versatility, on-screen charisma and alternative style within these pornographic productions soon attracted the attention of AVN representatives who awarded her with a “Transsexual Performer of the Year” nomination at the 2015 AVN Awards. Amongst some of Chelsea’s most prestigious adult film award wins and nominations include;

  • 2013: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Alternative Model”
  • 2013: Tranny Awards nominee “Best DVD” TransGrrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now
  • 2014: Feminist Porn Awards winner “Most Tantalizing Trans Film” TransGrrrls
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Release of the Year” TransGrrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Feminist Porn Release of the Year” TransGrrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now
  • 2014: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Internet Personality”
  • 2014: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Hardcore Performer”
  • 2014: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Sex Scene”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: Feminist Porn Awards winner “Hottest Trans Vignette” — Trans Lesbians
  • 2015: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Internet Personality”
  • 2015: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Hardcore Performer”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” — Trans Lesbians (nominated with Bailey Jay)
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Movie” Trans Lesbians
  • 2016 :AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Transsexual Performer (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transgender Performer of the Year”
  • 2017: AVN Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” TS Babysitters (with Jaxton Wheeler)
  • 2017: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”

Chelsea’s work has also been featured at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and Mix Fest in New York City. In 2014 Chelsea made adult entertainment industry history when she became the first transsexual woman ever to be featured on the adult site God’s Girls!

Chelsea Poe fundraising for Patroen@Chelsea Poe666 at Patreon – click here to check out her fundraiser

Chelsea Poe : Transgender Rights Activist

Throughout her three year porn star career Chelsea Poe has been an ardent advocate for supporting transgender rights with the adult entertainment industry. One of her greatest achievements for the transsexual community occurred in 2014 when Chelsea led a social media and blogging campaign against the use of offensive terms being used to market transgender performers and their adult film content. Chelsea Poe created a petition which garnered over 650 signatures in its first week of being active. To date this petition has garnered over 2,015 signatures! As Chelsea stated via;

“The majority of trans women and trans performers don’t ID as a shemale nor ever have…This is a term that we have been subjected to, whether we are in porn or not. I believe changing this term could bring positive change to trans representation, potentially bringing more trans women to these sites as customers as well”.

In her TransEthics interview Chelsea Poe advocated that these derogatory terms should be replaced with;

““trans girl” or “trans woman” when its non-trans companies marketing us. Every trans woman has more than the right to define what terms are good for them. I think so much of the violence against the trans community comes from denying us being women or girls, so whenever talking about trans women I think it’s important to reinforce that”.

Chelsea Poe’s opinions were shared by thousands of transgendered people across the globe. As such, her petition attracted a wealth of online and offline support from transgender performers, web-cam models and business owners. An AVN press release reported on the petition in December 2014 and published quotes from various performers, directors and business owners who had voiced their support for the petition online. Amongst these ardent supporters included;

“Laura, a feminist sex toy shop owner…We carry as much trans-positive porn as we can find, but we won’t carry porn that uses the term ‘shemale’ on its packaging because it’s derogatory towards our customers…Burning Angel performer Bella Vendetta also signed the petition, saying, ‘Performers should always have a say in how they are represented, and not have to feel pressured to work with companies that market using slurs and offensive language’.  AVN BBW of the Year nominee Courtney Trouble added, ‘The GLAAD media resources for how to speak about trans people in marketing and journalism has deemed the term ‘shemale’ as degrading and politically incorrect for over a decade. It’s time our industry matures to respect all of our workers in the same way that the rest of the entertainment and media industries do’…From a director’s perspective, Trouble added, ‘It is offensive to refer to a trans woman as a shemale, and enough trans-positive porn companies are proving already that you don’t need to use derogatory terms to sell trans porn’”.

Click here to watch Suzie Spindrift and Chelsea in ‘TS Bad Girls (2015)’ at TransSensual

As a direct result of Chelsea Poe’s petition and social media campaigning, the Tranny Awards were renamed the Transgender Erotica Awards in 2014. Speaking about these groundbreaking achievements in a March 2015 Autostraddle interview, Chelsea discussed how;

“A few sites changed their policy after the petition was launched in November. Right now only 3 major companies still use the term “shemale” and I think sites like Trans 500 are the future of trans porn. That is high quality, mainstream porn that just happens to be of trans women without the offensive terms. I’ve been working with Nica Noelle and Courtney Trouble a lot lately and I think they are also bringing an entire new view of trans sexuality from a really artistic place. Their porn is also going to bring a lot of changes to what the state of trans porn is in the future…

I am all for trans women using any words they want to market themselves. Who the petition is targeting is non-trans owned sites who use transphobic language without the consent of the community. GLAAD has ruled the term “shemale” as a slur and the trans community has been extremely outspoken about the term. (Ru Paul had a bit on his show that was removed because of the use of “shemale”.) I don’t think it’s my place –or that of anyone– to judge other sex workers’ choices, nor do I want mine judged”.

Whilst discussing the success of her petition during her 2015 TransEthics interview, Chelsea also highlighted the immense power of social networking channels in helping to raise awareness towards transgender issues;

“Social Media has been a really great tool for me. It’s really allowed me to be more than just a performer and really get on the activism side of things. I think it’s extremely important for trans women to talk about their sexual experiences rather than be on film or in the bedroom and being outspoken I think leads to more demystifying of trans women’s sexuality”.

Strongly influenced by fellow transsexual performer and adult film industry pioneer Venus Lux. Chelsea discussed how;

Venus Lux wrote an article about the treatment of trans women by mainstream porn, and her experience at AVN. I really hope that trans women get more visibility within mainstream porn, and at the AVN Expo next year. I think trans inclusion is going to keep happening, and I think the terms like “shemale” are going to keep getting slowly phased out as their customers get more education about trans women…I think the biggest thing is the isolation of trans porn from mainstream porn. I feel once you see big name performers shooting with trans people and actually talking to them on set, they’ll see that there is no reason for the exclusion of trans people. Trans women being visible in places like AVN and making in-life connections is what’s going to change people’s view of why trans women can’t be in mainstream porn”.

Despite her fervency to campaign for transgender rights, Chelsea Poe still remains humble and is eager to convey that;

“I think a lot of other voices need the national dialog before me. I –as a white passing trans woman– do have a lot of privilege and I think others need that voice more than I…

I haven’t really experienced that so I can’t give much advice. I think it’s important to not try to conform to any gender or sexual binaries and just let yourself become the person you are”.

In 2015, Chelsea was rewarded for her campaigning efforts by being included within the Trans 100; an organisation that honours transsexual and gender non-conforming people for their services to the community. Humbled by her inclusion amongst this distinguished list of people, Chelsea enthused during her March 2015 TransEthics interview how;

“It really meant a lot to me. Being recognized by the trans community for my activism is extremely humbling. I think for myself it validates what I have been doing in the industry thus far and really makes me motivated for the future”.

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Chelsea Poe : Tackling Gender Identity Misconceptions

Chelsea Poe has always been confident in her own gender identity and has used her prominent status within the adult entertainment industry to give back to the LGBT community who have supported her over the years. As such, Chelsea has often used her adult entertainment interviews to raise awareness towards the issues that aspiring performers, seasoned pros and members of the LGBT community in general face on a daily basis. For instance, Chelsea took the time during her March 2015 Autostraddle interview to tackle the issue regarding transsexual women being told by society that they cannot identify as lesbians. As Chelsea ardently explains;

“if you identify as something, no one can tell you anything that can take that away from you. I’m a dyke because I know I’m a dyke, not because someone is telling me I am. I really think anytime you’re trying to question someone’s identity you’re probably on the wrong side of things. Trans women being dykes is an intersection of homophobia, misogyny, and transphobia. It’s completely ridiculous that so many people –even LGBT people– will overlook transmisogyny…

I think it has to do with the evolution of the LGBT movement where particularly, as of late, it is extremely about gay capitalism and issues like gay marriage that get mainstream acceptance. While issues like Trans Women of Color being murdered, or trans women being kept of women’s spaces doesn’t fit into the mainstream view of Gay Rights in 2015. I think the depictions of trans women in the media is still pretty limited to the point where any comedy show will [make] a transphobic joke and there isn’t any real backlash”.

When asked during this Autostraddle interview about how she responds to claims that transsexual women are too sensitive, Chelsea argued;

Over the last year I learned you can’t respond to those people. I am from the Midwest, and I know how much queer porn and hearing about trans issues matter to queers in isolated areas. I mean, I go all around the country and the first thing people bring up if they know me is my activism. Porn is great and I love performing, but I think what I as a trans queer woman has to say is just as important as how big of a cock I can take”.

However, Chelsea did endeavour to highlight during this interview how the prejudice towards transsexuals has been a driving factor in her career choices. As Chelsea concludes;

“It kind-of affected it. I was a concert promoter before I started doing porn, so I was basically a broke kid from the punk scene in the Midwest. I think if, let’s say, I did get a regular job I was interviewed for, I would probably be working at Hot Topic in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So everything kind of worked out for the better for me”.

Click here to watch Chelsea at Grooby Girls

Chelsea Poe : Online Articles & Public Appearances

Over the course of her three year adult film career, Chelsea Poe has participated in numerous panels at adult film conventions and porn festivals. For instance, in 2014 Chelsea participated in a panel titled “Images of the Feminist Future: a Panel on Feminist Porn” which was hosted by the Centre for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California. Alongside fellow panellists Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble, Princess Donna of Tobi Hill-Meyer of Handbasket Productions and fellow performer Cinnamon Maxxine, Chelsea and her peers discussed the various ways in which porn can be used to progress feminist movements as well as delving into deeper topics such as feminist praxis, queer world-building and the politics of representation. After all, Chelsea has often discussed via online articles how performers;

“can be more true to yourself in feminist porn”.

Similarly, in June 2015 Chelsea attended a screening and participated in a talk titled “Trans Feminist Porn” alongside Tobi Hill-Meyer. Once again organised by The Centre for Sex & Culture as part of Pride Month, Chelsea and Tobi discussed their experiences working as transsexual performers within the adult industry, answered questions from fans about their recent projects, and divulged the goals that they would both like to achieve with regards to tackling transgender and feminist issues facing the adult entertainment industry and society in general.

Following these successful panels in 2014 and 2015, in January 2016 Chelsea was invited to participate in a panel titled “Ask a Niche Performer” which was held at the iconic AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moderated by Glenn King within the Vinyl Nightclub, Chelsea joined fetish performers Daisy Ducati and BBW Busty Cookie in answering questions about the challenges that niche performers often face, the advantages of performing within an alternative genre, and offered advice for aspiring performers looking to become involved within a niche genre of porn.

As well as attending adult film conventions and participating in panels, Chelsea has also been invited to collaborate with her fellow performers on various literary projects and documentaries. For example, Chelsea was one of a select few transsexual performers invited to collaborate on photographer Dave Naz’s Trans project; a groundbreaking production which evolved into a 63 minute documentary titled “Identity: In and Beyond the Binary”. You can learn all about this exceptional documentary by checking out our Eva Lin bio.

In 2015, Chelsea Poe also collaborated with her idol Jiz Lee on the anthology Coming Out Like A Porn Star. Released in October 2015, this literary work featured the personal stories of over 50 transsexual performers as they divulged the ways in which they came out to family and friends, the reception that they received, and how each of these performers established themselves within the adult film industry.

In 2015 Chelsea also attended the first ever “Queer Porn Festival” in New York City. Appearing alongside Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee and numerous fellow transsexual performers and directors, Chelsea hosted all manner of panels, screenings and parties throughout the festival. As AVN reported within an April press release;

“The Queer Porn Film Festival has been built on values centering around trans-feminism, accessibility, intentionality and community based social justice. The events and films shown will reflect that foundation through careful curation and thoughtful party planning in the hope this event serves as a starting point for others to get involved in queer feminist art and sex positive community”.

In addition to these public appearances, Chelsea is also a talented blogger who has  promoted her articles via The Daily Dot, Autostraddle and Xojane amongst other online publications. Chelsea has used these literary platforms to raise awareness for transgender rights and her various social media campaigns throughout her career. Fans of Chelsea’s work should check out her 2014 Xojane article “I’m a porn star asking the industry to stop using the term ‘shemale'” which was also featured in The Daily Dot, as well as her 2015 Autostraddle article “5 Ways To Support Ethical Porn (Even If You Can’t Afford It)”.

Image Sourced from Adult DVD Empire

Chelsea Poe : Upcoming Projects And Chat Sessions

When asked about her plans for the future during her 2015 TransEthics interview, Chelsea Poe discussed how she remains committed to tackling the prejudice and discrimination that members of the transgender community face whilst working within the adult entertainment industry. In her own words, Chelsea Poe explained;

“I really want to try to bring what I’m doing to a more mainstream level where you see trans queer performers working with mainstream lesbian companies. I really feel like I am a lesbian performer who just simply doesn’t fit into the current mould of lesbian porn and that is really the next place I want my career to go…

I’m shooting a lot of three/more somes and really hoping to focus on more hardcore style scenes. I feel like it’s largely something that hasn’t been done for trans women in porn then I also go into Purgatory to become the first trans God’s Girl later this month…

I would really like to change the way trans women are depicted and marketed within mainstream trans porn. So many sites use the narrative of trans women having to trick men or seduce women (or relating it to hunting) then uses terms the trans community considers slurs in its marketing. I think the industry needs to wake up to effect this is having on the trans community at large”.

However, despite her mainstream aspirations Chelsea Poe has never lost sight of the fans who have supported her career over the years. During her 2014 Fleshbot interview Chelsea Poe expressed her immense gratitude to her fans and advocated how;

“I would really like to thank the fans who have supported my work. It is really amazing to hear back from trans people who may have never bought a DVD before mine because they never found any porn they could relate to”.

What’s more, fans of Chelsea Poe’s work will be happy to hear that this amazingly alternative performer shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Living in Oakland, loving life, and excited about her upcoming porn projects, Chelsea has divulged that;

The best thing about doing porn is the ability to wake up every morning and have a job I truly love and know I’m making a positive impact on the trans community. Getting to travel all around the country for work has been a dream come true and all the amazing people who I have met during those trips….My biggest goal as a porn performer is to normalize trans women’s sexuality and trans bodies so we aren’t thought of as a niche or fetish. I think pushing for inclusion within mainstream porn is the only real way to do that and that is the biggest thing I hope I can help accomplish…I feel like my biggest love at this point in my life is porn which is truly great to have my biggest passion at the moment being my job but besides porn I really love music and am looking to get back into recording/playing music in some capacity”.

Fans of Chelsea’s musical talents, online articles and pornographic productions can stay up to date with all of her latest projects by using the social networking links listed below. You can always rely on Chelsea to regularly update her Twitter and Tumblr profile with her latest content and notifications about her upcoming public and private chat sessions on Chaturbate. From her cam-sites to her blogging profiles, make sure you never miss a beat of this multi-talented transsexual performer’s ground-breaking career!

Chelsea Poe – Social Networks

Official Chat Room : laceylust666

Twitter : @ChelseaPoe666

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