Daisy Taylor Biography

TS Daisy Taylor Biography

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Daisy Taylor pornstar - TS pornstar Daisy Taylor posing and looking cute - TS Daisy Taylor XXXBios picsCumshot Monday: Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Daisy Taylor – Personal Info

Name : Daisy Taylor

Date of Birth : May 28th

Star Sign : Gemini

Hair Colour : Brunette

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : A flower on her upper right arm

Years Active : 2018 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Daisy Taylor is a stunning porn star, cam girl and model who took the adult film industry by storm when she made her debut in late 2018. In this short space of time, Daisy Taylor was named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for December 2018 and she won the coveted “Fan Choice Award” accolade at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards. Moreover, Daisy Taylor became the first ever Trans Angels contract star in 2019. Definitely one to watch out for in the near future!

Daisy Taylor XXXBios - hot TS pornstar Daisy Taylor in the kitchen - TS Daisy Taylor Grooby picsStunning Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Daisy Taylor : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Daisy Taylor first started working in the adult entertainment industry as an independent performer. Daisy Taylor quickly attracted an avid international fan following due the hardcore videos and sultry photo sets that she shoots with her partner as Here On Neptune. You can discover all of their compelling content via PornHub (Daisy Taylor) and ManyVids (HereOnNeptune). Daisy Taylor and her partner also host lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘HereOnNeptune’) and they share exclusive videos and daily photo sets via their official Patreon account (HereOnNeptune). As their Patreon account states;

“Hey there! We’re a couple making sexy videos of ourselves and sharing it all on the internet! We also make fools of ourselves on YouTube…Ultimately we’re looking to do this full time, and need to upsize to a bigger space to film, shoot and stream! Again, Daisy and I are endlessly grateful for our Patrons; none of this would be possible without you. Thank you so much for helping us make our lives just a little less stressful, and a little more joyful”.

Daisy Taylor - Hot trans pornstar Daisy Taylor hot sfw pics - TS Daisy Taylor biography XXXBiosCumshot Monday: Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Daisy Taylor made her official adult film industry debut in October 2018 when she filmed a sultry solo scene for the Grooby Network porn site TS-CastingCouch.com. Titled A Star is Born – Meet Daisy Taylor!, Daisy Taylor’s porn debut was directed by Buddy Wood who enthusiastically states via Daisy’s official TS Casting Couch profile that;

“A transsexual porn star is born!! Daisy Taylor is definitely something special and one of the hottest girls I’ve ever shot! And I’ve shot a lot! She has a bright future ahead of her if she wants! Pretty damn perfect from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, curvy body with perky tits, an amazing ass that just begs to get eaten or fucked…and a surprisingly big cock. And on top of it all she’s incredibly sweet, funny and charming. A great model! We’ll be seeing much more of Daisy Taylor!!”.

Daisy Taylor XXXBios - stunning Daisy Taylor TS in sexy black top and panties - Daisy Taylor pornstar bio picsStunning Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Daisy Taylor’s TS Casting Couch debut also received a rave review from prominent porn critic Caramel Black who stated in her October 2018 TS Dreamland review that;

Daisy has been having a lot of fun creating porn and her goal is to increase her fan base. That’s true with most models, yet I never thought I’d see her in a major studio video because she clearly does so well with her own productions. But his is fantastic – the best way to increase her current stardom. So let’s move on to how well Daisy performs with one of the most celebrated trans porn producers since its inception. If you’re expecting to sense any nervous tension, you’re most likely only going to feel sexual tension. Daisy masturbates with techniques I consider to be a bit rare. In other words, Daisy doesn’t need sex toys to make a fap session exciting. I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to spoil this update’s eroticism for you…

There are spectacular rear, aerial and full frontal views with Daisy jerking off with a look of tension on her face that reveal she’s most likely going to cum by the end of this shoot. Then it happens! A copious amount of cum fires from the head of Daisy’s big cock! If you get this TS-CastingCouch.com 16:39 minute HD video and 118 image hi-res photo set into your collection, they might make most of your others feel extremely jealous”.

Daisy Taylor - hot ts pornstar Daisy Taylor looking cute - Daisy Taylor TS pics - TS Daisy Taylor sfw pics - Daisy Taylor XXXBiosCumshot Monday: Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Following her successful porn debut, Daisy Taylor filmed a sensational solo scene for the Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls. Titled Stunning Daisy Taylor!, this sensual solo scene was directed once again by Buddy Wood and it was released via Grooby Girls with the tantalising description;

“Daisy Taylor is without a doubt one of the hottest new models this year…and quite honestly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever worked with! Absolutely stunning from head to toe! Drop dead gorgeous face, beautiful body with a killer ass and a really surprisingly big cock. She’s pretty damn perfect! And on top of it all she’s sweet and funny but knows how to work that camera like a true pro. When we shot for ts-castingcouch.com I proclaimed, ‘A Star is Born’ and I think her shoots here will only show how much that is true. Lots more of Daisy to come!”.

Daisy Taylor - hot TS pornstar Daisy Taylor looking good in the kitchen - Daisy Taylor striptease pics - Daisy Taylor TS Grooby picsStunning Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

Daisy Taylor also received an ardent endorsement from Grooby representatives who eagerly expressed in a December 2018 Grooby News press release that;

“Every so often a model comes along who has that something special, the “wow factor,” and Daisy Taylor definitely has that in spades and is going to skyrocket to fame as she makes her Grooby Girls debut with a set that is turning a lot of heads! It’s easy to see why Daisy was named December’s Grooby Girls Model of the Month with her drop-dead gorgeous looks featuring a lush mane of chestnut colored hair, an absolutely angelic face, a killer ass, voluptuous breasts, and a truly magnificent tgirl cock! After stripping off her skimpy outfit to revel her luscious body, Daisy gets busy stroking her meaty tgirl cock as she builds up to a satisfying orgasm and cums just for you! Daisy is a natural in front of the camera and knows all the right moves to show off every inch of her beautiful body, so stay tuned for a lot more from this sexy lady!”.

Daisy Taylor XXXBios - TS Daisy Taylor ass pic - sfw daisy taylor ts pics - Daisy Taylor in leopard print bra - Daisy Taylor TS pornstar photo setsDaisy Taylor Cums For You! – Grooby Girls

In fact, Daisy Taylor’s Grooby Girls debut proved so popular that she was named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for December 2018. What’s more, Daisy Taylor’s amazing solo debut was featured in the Grooby DVD Grooby Girls Model of the Month 2018 (2019) also starring sexy new TS pornstars Carrie Emberlyn, Ally Sparkles, Mia Bellamy, Melanie Brooks, Sylvie de Sade, Mohka Latte, Lexy Valentine, White Chinaa, Alethia Dreams, Gia Staxxx and Kendall Vuitton.

You’ll be happy to hear that Daisy Taylor has continued to collaborate with Buddy Wood on several Grooby Girls solo shoots including a seductive Daisy Taylor Cums For You! scene in December 2018 and a steamy Cumshot Monday: Daisy Taylor! scene in January 2019. During this time Daisy Taylor also filmed a saucy Pumping Like Daddy solo scene which was released via Bob’s TGirls in December 2018. Must see sex scenes for Daisy Taylor fans!

Daisy Taylor - Diasy Taylor TS porn pics - Hot TS Daisy Taylor posing on the pool table - Daisy Taylor XXXBios porn picsDaisy Taylor in Pumping Like Daddy – Bob’s TGirls

Most recently, Daisy Taylor has treated her fans to an immersive Deep Inside Daisy Taylor virtual reality experience that was unveiled via Grooby VR in March 2019. It’s like Daisy Taylor is in the room with you! Unsurprisingly, Deep Inside Daisy Taylor was highly recommended by Caramel Black who conveyed in her March 2019 TS Dreamland review how;

“I try not to use the term ‘impossibly good looking’ too often, but I can’t help it in the case of Daisy Taylor. I find it truly puzzling that a human can come so close to physical perfection that I’m always mesmerized by the sight of her. There’s no sense in getting jealous because she’s a bright light, too. If she has any competition, they must be from another planet… Watch the Daisy Hardcore Trailer to experiment with the VR process. It pretty much sums up the action of this update on a lower-res scale. In full HD, GroobyVR updates are incredible experiences not to be missed.

When first launched, I thought of Grooby’s TGirls.XXX as an upscale version of GroobyGirls.com. These days, I see GroobyVR.com as queen of the brand. Their mission statement says it all: GroobyVR brings you closer to transsexual sex than ever before with the hottest tgirl models on the scene right now. Our immersive virtual reality videos put you right into the action, in full high-definition and spacial binaural sound for a truly stunning sexual experience. Join NOW”.

Daisy Taylor XXXBios - TS Daisy Taylor is one cute hot ts pornstar - Daisy Taylor TS softcore sfw pic - Daisy Taylor TS Casting Couch picsA Star Is Born: Meet Daisy Taylor! – TS Casting Couch

Starring in so many popular porn productions earned Daisy Taylor many coveted industry accolades and award nominations including;

  • 2018: Grooby winner “Model of the Month – December 2018”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards winner “Fan Choice Award”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Cam Model”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Clipsite Star”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Website Model”

Daisy Taylor TS biography - TS Daisy Taylor bio - SFW Daisy Taylor posing softcore in the kitchen - Daisy Taylor solo scenes picsStunning Daisy Taylor! – Grooby Girls

As matters stand, Daisy Taylor continues to star in a wide range of popular porn productions as well as shooting her own exclusive web content with her partner. If you’d like to learn more about Daisy Taylor then you should also check out her YouTube channel (HereOnNeptune). We recommend watching the first episode of Daisy Taylor’s new podcast Bad Shit In A Car where she talks about everything from smoking weed to dependency issues and movies.

Keen to stay connected with rapidly rising TS pornstar Daisy Taylor? Then use the links provided below to discover all of Daisy Taylor’s hottest Trans Angels, Grooby, Gender X, Transfixed and TransSensual sex scenes, exclusive web content and upcoming projects!

Daisy Taylor – Social Networks

Twitter : @HereOnNeptune

Instagram : @hereonneptune

Chaturbate : HereOnNeptune

Grooby Girls : Daisy at Grooby Girls

Grooby VR : Daisy’s VR Scenes

ManyVids : HereOnNeptune

Patreon : HereOnNeptune

Pornhub : DaisyTaylor

TS Casting Couch : Daisy at TS Casting Couch

YouTube : HereOnNeptune

Babepedia : Daisy at Babepedia

Fapnado : Daisy Taylor

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  1. Hello Daisy,,
    My name is Wayne, I have been cruising/searching for girls like you FOR A LONG TIME!
    FINALLY, NOW I find you. SINCERELY, you are the first ive seen and fantasized about so much. I literally picture myself just kissing you all over just to get you warmed up. I definitely would love to meet you and just talk!!! MY GOD!!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUl!!!!!! my mouth waters and heartbeat raises just seeing your pictures!!! PLEASE are you ever planning to come to CHICAGO????? PLEASE IF YOU DO,,,,,, 773-708-2274

  2. How are you know as I am 56 years old and I’ve been following transactional porn since I was 15 and you are the most gorgeous transsexual woman I have ever seen I would love to know where you’re from and how I could possibly contact you and meet you love you honey God bless and stay safe

    • there is no way in hell an old fogey can meet a beautiful TS. just go in peace buddy.

      • Hi Daisy. I stumbled across your clips one day and now I’m hooked. You are a stunning woman. I love how soft your eyes are. I wish I could taste your sweet lips. Over the past month I’ve seen all your internet clips. I’m currently looking for all your videos. Only yours. My dream is to meet you one day, if you’re ever in Georgia.

    • Love you and your personality you are one of my favorite girls, wishing you good luck 👍 on your journey

  3. You have no idea how bad I wanna be with you omg I would so just worship you in every single way possible would do anything you wanted whenever you wanted me to

  4. Yes, I totally agree with all those other knuckle-heads that have written to the young goddess, Daisy Taylor! Not just a cute and sexy porn actress, but definitely an omg incredible walking, talking and living proof of transgender loveliness! I gush, I lust, and I stroke! Thank you my darling gurl, and best wishes for long and successful career, good luck! March 2020

  5. hi u Drive?can u come now? 2280 17st sarasota fL,Call now 941 259 9257 im Rahsaan

    • I will at least give you credit for not posting your home address.
      2280 17th St, Sarasota FL is a Salvation Army Family store.

      But did you really think Ms. Taylor was going to jump in her car and drive from LA to Sarasota??

  6. Some of you guys may want to reconsider posting your phone numbers not to mention your FULL address. Not a clever play.
    Oh, Daisy… I watched your podcast interview with Holly Randall and I loved it. I actually did not care at all that you were completely dressed for the full hour and 10 minutes. Just keep being yourself.

  7. Re TEA awards, the last one you got was equivalent to wining ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscar’s.
    WTG Ms. Taylor!

  8. Webmaster:
    Please update Ms. Taylor’s awards, I know she won 3 more at the 2021 Tea awards, I would be surprised if she did not garner more in 2020.

    Thank you,
    Tom H.

  9. Daisy has become the hottest TS actor in decades. Whoever writes her scripts has done a great job. She is a gift to the industry. I’d like to see her perform with more cis women.

  10. I fell in Love with Daisy Taylor the first time I laid eyes on her (yes, I believe in Love at first sight!) She is simply THE most Beautiful Woman I have ever seen bar none! I am 72 years old, and have been in Love with Transsexuals for a Very long time! She deserves All the Love she can get! I hope she a VERY long and successful career! Much Love and respect Daisy!!!

  11. Daisy…
    I’m a professional Artist who loves mostly doing comic art. One of the biggest things that porn stars love doing is having themselves made into a comic book superhero and publish comics with that. You are my utmost favorite star and I’d love to do this for you.
    Please contact me ASAP and I’ll show you some of my work and see what you and I can create for you.

  12. You are verey Beautiful indeed i love u and yuor body and all.i’m from Milan italy i hope to see yuo and Stay with yuo kisiss

  13. I’d like to point out two very funny things. The first is that I’m not a fan of pornographic movies. The second is that Ms Taylor will never read this. The internet information is too old. Anyway I just wanted to say that I came across her image in a random search for something else and I was stopped dead in my tracks. I know this sounds really weird but I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life. Then I found out that she was not in fact born a woman but was born a male. So enthralled with her was I that I began investigating transitioning. In 2020 I began my transition from male to female I’d always thought that something was wrong in my life something just didn’t click. I guess she was the angel that was sent to make me aware. I wish her all the best in her career.

  14. It would be a dream come true if I could meet Daisy and get to know each other. I know she would in a very short time, would like me, feel comfortable with me and know she could trust me in a very short time. There would be no doubt that our attraction for each other would be felt the moment we meet the first time. We will both know as we meet and take each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes. Soon after that, we will become lovers and start a relationship. These is hope, and passion and i know what I am saying is a little bold, but that’s my mind set

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