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AVN Awards Show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada on January 21, 2017

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Hitomi – Personal Info

Name : Hitomi Tanaka

Alias : Mingo

Date of Birth: July 18th, 1986

Home Town : Kumamoto (Japan)

Measurements : 34O – 23 – 32

Bra/ Cup Size : 34O

Boobs : Natural

Height : 5’1 (1.55m)

Hair Colour : Brunette

Eye Colour : Brown

Shoe Size : Women’s 6.5 (US)

Years Active : 2007 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Without a doubt Hitomi Tanaka is the most famous Japanese big bust porn star in the adult film industry. Widely regarded as the ‘Queen of busty AV stars’, Hitomi is internationally renowned for her amazing, all-natural, 34O bust which has earned her the coveted title of “Best Boobs (Fan Award)” at the 2016 AVN Awards!

Born and raised in Kumamoto, the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture on the Japanese island of Kyushu, Hitomi is a karateka; a black belt of Gōjū-ryū style. Hitomi’s big bust meant that she was soon approached by talent agents in Japan who were eager to sign her as an AV idol (aka a Japanese adult video actress) and gravure idol (aka a Japanese non-nude glamour model). In fact, Hitomi’s big bust has continued to grow throughout her adult film career and Hitomi saucily stated within her February 2014 Harvard Hard Hitters interview that;

“My breast have grown from 97J to 101K now and yes they are very sensitive. One little touch of my nipple and I get very horny”.

Despite her confident adult film persona, Hitomi can be incredibly shy in her day-to-day life. For instance, whilst she was discussing one of her recent sex scenes during her September 2014 My Dearest Desire interview, Hitomi revealed that;

“Maybe I’m a bit antisocial. Sometimes I rather just stay bottled up in private. I can be really shy when meeting people and this goes double if it’s our first encounter. However, the more I know someone, the friendlier I become. The role I had in this title was of a naughty bank teller which is pretty far from how I naturally act”.

However, once the cameras come on Hitomi’s confident and kinky alter ego emerges! As Hitomi herself revealed within this September 2014 My Dearest Desire interview;

“I definitely enjoyed the second half more, though I can’t say acting all submissive early on did not rile me up for later. The other side of the box art had a close-up of me covered with semen. Truthfully speaking, I did not like being shot like that too much so my sullen reaction was genuine. The second half of the movie was a blast to film. The sex scenes were great and I really enjoyed them through and through. I was not too happy when the time finally came for my co-worker to ejaculate on me because I wanted more. The director told me to act annoyed and I did because that’s how I really felt!”.

Hitomi Tanaka porn pics sfw

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Hitomi Tanaka : Adult Film Career

Hitomi first began working in the adult entertainment industry in November 2007 when she posed for Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki as a gravure idol. Hitomi also starred in the soft-core movies Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1 and Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2 that were both released in September 2008.

Hitomi made her official adult film industry debut in November 2008 when she was featured within the Soft On Demand porn production Hitomi – Celebrity Shock AV Debut (2008). Talking about shooting her first ever sex scenes within her March 2015 Boobs Realm interview, Hitomi divulged that;

“I love porn. I started several years ago…I was excited, but a bit nervous…Yes, I was doing solo and girl/girl but I will shoot hardcore again soon”.

These saucy video clips proved so popular that Hitomi ranked #6 in sales for all actresses on the Japanese adult video site DMM for the last half of 2008. What’s more, Hitomi remained one of the highest ranked actresses on DMM throughout 2009; ranking #27 in the first half of the year and #42 for the entire year.

Hitomi Tanaka porn pics sfw

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Many of Hitomi’s fan-favourite video clips have been those which she filmed with Japanese director Tameiki Goro. Hitomi loves collaborating with Tameiki Goro; especially when she gets to indulge her curious kinkster side! For instance, when Hitomi was asked to name one of her favourite sex scenes that she has ever filmed with Tameiki Goro during her September 2014 My Dearest Desire interview, she raunchily revealed that;

“There was one where I played a naughty teacher that I felt really good about making. It put me in a sadistic role and I relished every moment of it. However, it’s usually easier for me to act out submissive roles since there is less for me to do. With femdom roles, I’m the one in the driver’s seat so I have to stay focused and work. My second title with them was essentially the opposite with me being an extremely submissive mother-in-law. This was a tough one because I’m not married and not too familiar with the type of vocabulary my role demanded of me. The sex was good though. What you saw was me truly enjoying it”.

As Hitomi further elaborated within a May 2017 World Tips Club article;

“He really understands me…He always gets my best side…People will always want something they can’t have…I think the way we do it is responsible and fun, and I love to give it to them…

In a land where strange fetishes are king, she’s the queen of everything nasty and experimental. She only has one rule while filming: to push her body to the limits….As a result of her truly open attitude to the adult industry, Hitomi has participated in more than a few BDSM scenes. When she does, she says that she likes to be the dominant one. It’s harder work, she says, but the feeling of power really makes her wet…And when it comes to girls, Hitomi’s all over it. Literally. From the time that she started, she’s loved to participate in raunchy girl-girl scenes and wild three-ways, relishing every opportunity to have her bouncing breasts meet their matches”.

In August 2009 Hitomi began to shoot for the Hokuto Corporation porn production company Arashi-Supergirl and by 2010 she was filming several saucy videos for the popular Hokuto Corporation production companies Oppai and Moodyz. Many of Hitomi’s hottest solo shoots and sizzling sex scenes were featured within the Hokuto Corporation DVD compilation title Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours (2009). Talking about how her performance skills have changed since her AV idol days within her September 2014 My Dearest Desire interview, Hitomi highlighted how;

“I’m more in tune to how I can make myself look good. I make an effort to sleep in a good position as well in order to keep my body looking right”.

During this time Hitomi established a glowing reputation as of the most popular AV idols in the industry. Hitomi’s mesmerising big bust, coupled with her petite frame and fresh-faced beauty, earned her a loyal fan following within Japan, the United States and across the globe. After all, as one Hitomi website aptly puts it;

“The majority of Japanese women tend to be small breasted and girls with huge breasts are usually plumpers. Hitomi is a true rarity, a marvel of nature, a living doll. She actually looks like a living anime doll”.

Hitomi Tanaka porn pics sfw

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Hitomi Tanaka : Scoreland Porn Productions & Adult Film Awards

Ever eager to broaden her sexual horizons, in 2011 Hitomi began to shoot with the American porn production company Scoreland. Some of Hitomi’s best-selling Scoreland DVD titles include The Breast of Scoreland 2 (2011) also starring Angelina Castro, Eva Notty and Maserati, On Location Puerto Vallarta (2011) and Big Tit A-List (2016) featuring Amy Azurra, Lily Madison and Sheridan Love.

Due to her scene-stealing moments in these fan-favourite Scoreland porn productions, Hitomi was named as Score magazine’s “Newcomer of the Year” in 2012 and she went on to be crowned as Score magazine’s “Model of the Year” in 2013, 2014 and 2016. In fact, Hitomi was the first performer ever to win Score magazine‘s “Model of the Year” award twice!

Alongside her impressive trio of “Model of the Year” accolades, Hitomi has posed as a glamorous cover model for the March 2012, May 2013, February 2015 and September 2015 issues of Score magazine. What’s more, Hitomi was named by Scoreland‘s Voluptuous magazine as their “Voluptuous Model of the Year” in 2012 and 2014 during which time she posed for several saucy spreads that were featured within Voluptuous magazine.

Hitomi Tanaka porn pics sfw

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In recent years, Hitomi has been named as the “10th Best Score Girl Since 1992” in a contest voted for by Scoreland members and she was crowned as one of “The 50 Hottest Japanese AV Idols” by Complex magazine in July 2010. There’s just no stopping hardcore hottie Hitomi Tanaka! Complex magazine ardently endorse Hitomi within this July 2010 international article, advocating that;

“Some guys like large breasts. Other guys like HUGE breasts. Like, “help I can’t see!” breasts. If you are a HUGE breast guy, then Hitomi is worth checking out. Her cute face an unreal body are a rare, delicious combo anywhere, but in Japanese AV, even more so”.

In August 2015 Hitomi starred within her very own Scoreland signature showcase, simply titled Hitomi (2015). This sizzling star showcase treated Hitomi fans to a series of saucy solo shoots featuring their favourite big bust AV idol. As the DVD cover for Hitomi hotly hinted;

“There’s never been a girl like Hitomi, the Asian sensation with J-cup natural hangers. Now, see the most-famous Japanese model of all-time filmed like only the boob-worshipping guys at SCORE can. This sensuous Asian goddess shows off her enormous breasts in a tiny bikini, barely-there lingerie and tight tops. She oils up her pliable sucklers, gets messy with them and self-sucks her fat nipples, too. She’s Hitomi, and she’s 100% all yours!”.

Hitomi Tanaka porn pics sfw

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So if you love big bust beauties and want to learn more about this dream AV idol then why not explore Hitomi Tanaka’s official social networking channels online today? With just a few quick clicks you can discover all of Hitomi’s sauciest sex scenes and sizzling solo photo shoots!

Hitomi – Social Networks

Official Website : bigtithitomi.com

Twitter : @hitomi_official

Instagram : @official_hitomitanaka

Scoreland : Hitomi at Scoreland

IMDB : Hitomi’s Filmography

The Nude : Hitomi at Nude EU

Babepedia : Hitomi at Babepedia

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