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If you’re looking for a new premium chat service then you should check out Jerkmate. You’re probably already familiar with several freemium chat sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams but Jerkmate offers several unique features that set it apart from the rest. After all, many freemium sites offer a generic service to all of their users. On the other hand, Jerkmate offers a much more personalized experience with greater intimacy between performer and viewer.

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Now, we’re well aware that many chat services state that they offer personalized experiences but then fail to deliver. As a result, it’s natural to be skeptical about any new chat sites. However, what sets Jerkmate apart in this regard is that the site allows you to build real relationsips with the girls on the site. You can talk with them, build rapport and find a girl who is exactly your type by searching through a seeminngly endless database of performers from across the globe available. Once you find a girl who is your type, you can talk to her on a discreet one to one basis.

XXXBios Jerkmate review - Main user interface

With Jerkmate, you can spend time talking with your dream girl, finding out her likes and dislikes as you get to know each other better and share much more intimate experiences together. In this manner, Jerkmate offers a much more personal experience than other online chat services because you actually get to forge a lasting relationship with your ideal match.

Now, you probably have lots of questions. What is Jerkmate? What makes it so special? How did I get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. First things first, we’re going to answer any questions that might be on your mind. Moreover, we’ll show you exactly what Jerkmate is and how to get the most out of this premium chat service. After that, the choice is yours. You can decide whether you want to try Jerkmate yourself and have all the info you’d ever need about how to get started.

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Naturally, we recommend signing up for a Jerkmate account using this link. By doing so, you’ll have a Jerkmate account all set up and ready to use, pre-loaded with 10 gold tokens in it. In no time at all, you can start using the premium Jerkmate chat service the next time you are looking to chat with girls online. It doesn’t get much better than that!

1 – What is Jerkmate?

First things first, what actually is Jerkmate? Well, as mentioned briefly above, Jerkmate is a new premium adult chat service where you can talk directly to a performer who is live on their webcam. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘how is that different to any other cam site? Well, unlike most freemium chat services, Jerkmate offers a far more personal and closed expereince even from the main chatroom.

For instance, you can only keep one chat window open at a time on Jerkmate unlike most cam sites where users can open multiple tabs at the same time. As a result, most freemium chat services have overloaded chatrooms filled with other users that can completely dampen your experience and cut off any feeling of a real connection between you and your favorite camgirl. With Jerkmate, you can only keep one chat window open which inevitably results in fewer people in each chatroom thereby creating a far more intimate experience for you.

Now, once you are in your chosen chatroom, you can tip your favorite girls from their tips menu so that they perform certain actions that are listed on the tips menu. Some of these amazing actions include; blowing you a kiss, removing an item of clothing or flashing you. The list goes on! Moreover, the available actions differ for each girl so it is exciting discovering new performers and all of their unique actions!

On the other hand, if you are only interested in having a completely private experience with your favorite girl, then you can active ‘Jerkmate Gold’. This service provides you with a direct, one-to-one chat with your favorite girl in a private room. Moreover, Jerkmate enables you to activate your own webcam and microphone so you can connect with your favourite model directly via video chat.

But wait, there’s even more, When you open a girl’s page on Jerkmate, you have access to her live video feed found at the top of the page. If you scroll down on this page, you also receive exclusive access to information about her which enables you to form an even closer connection. You can find out your favorite girl’s star sign, what she is into, her shoe size and so much more. By having access to this personal info, you can find out which girl is right for you as well as learning all about her in order to make a personal, lasting connection.

Moreover, you can buy all of your favorite performers’ pre-made content and download custom videos that she has already made for you in advance for a fee. Say you are into the femdom niche; you can buy videos of your favorite performer talking into the camera, offering JOI clips and a wide range of other videos that are specifically related to your personal kinks.

On top of all of these exciting clips, Jerkmate girls often post even more exclusive content on their profile pages such as photo galleries and videos that you can watch and enjoy. Moreover, you can connect with your favorite girl’s other social media channels by checking out the links listed on their Jerkmate model page. You can use Jerkmate gold tokens to access your favorite performer’s private Whatsapp, Snapchat or phone sex services. You can even purchase items from their Amazon wishlist using Jerkmate gold tokens. Choosing a well thought out and personal gift can strengthen your bond with your favorite girl and lead to even more intimate chat room experiences.

2 – What makes Jerkmate special?

Now you know what Jerkmate is. However, you may still be wondering; what makes Jerkmate so special? Why should I bother signing up for Jerkmate when there are so many other chat services available? Well, there are many exciting services that are exclusive to Jerkmate that facilitate a highly personal experience between performer and viewer.

First things first, Jerkmate have far fewer users in each chatroom than most cam sites. You won’t hear endless irritating pinging noises when users tip $0.05 with a single token each time like they do on most cam sites. After all, there are usually large amounts of users in chatrooms for very popular girls on generic chat services. Users can buy tokens for as little as $0.10 and will often tip 1 token often in order  to try and grab the attention of their favorite camgirl.

The end result? Lots of constant, annoying, little pinging noises that suddenly occur all the time throughout your cam session. These noises can be incredibly distracting and can ruin your experience of trying to get to know your favorite performer. At Jerkmate, you can only talk to one girl at a time. As a result, chatrooms are less crowded. This is great because you don’t have to compete with the pinging noises of countless other users all vying for the same girl’s attention. Instead you can enjoy a more personal and intimate experience at your leisure.

Furthermore, Jerkmate accepts payments via Paypal, unlike many other cam sites and also enables you to set daily spending limits. Consequently, you have access to a wider range of payment options through Paypal. From credit cards to cryptocurrency, Jerkmate offers its members greater discretion with payment so you don’t have to worry about invasions to your privacy.

3 – How to get started with Jerkmate

It is incredibly quick and easy to start using Jerkmate. After all, you can start talking to your favorite models straight away for free. You can then gift them tips from their tips menu or pay for Jerkmate Gold which grants you acces to a two-way communication system. In this manner, you can have a one-to-one inimate chat experience that is hosted directly between you and your favorite girl.

So how do you get started.

Well, upon arriving at the Homepage, or whichever landing page you used to reach Jerkmate, you need to setup a new account in order to get started. Assuming you used the homepage, you’ll want to choose the action available in the top right corner of the screen:

XXXBios Jerkmate review - Jerkmate homepage

From the Homepage, you should find a pink and white button. Click this button to begin the account creation process:

XXXBios Jerkmate review - create accout box

Once you click on this button, it will take you to the signup form:

XXXBios Jerkmate review - Jerkmate signup form

From this signup form, all you need to do is fill in the following info;

  1. Your email address to use with the service
  2. The nickname you wish to use on the site to talk with your favorite girls
  3. The password you wish to use for your account

Important : Make sure not to forget to sign up using this link to get 10 gold tokens. You won’t be able to go back and add this exclusive offer later on. Don’t lose out on free money!

An example of our completed registration form is provided below:

XXXBios Jerkmate review - completed signup form

After filling in this first page,  you’ll need to enter your payment details in order to finish setting up your account. Just like Onlyfans, Jerkmate require you to enter a credit card in order to verify that you are over the age of 18.

You don’t actually have to spend any real money to try out Jerkmate; you can sign-up for free and just use the 10 gold tokens that you’ll receive by using this link!

But that’s not all. Unlike Onlyfans, Jerkmate offer many different payment options to suit your personal preferences. While Onlyfans only accept Visa, Mastercard or a few other credit cards, Jerkmate offer Paypal, Paysafe and bank transfer as well as the industry standard Visa and Mastercard. Moreover, you can pay for Jerkmate via American Express using Paypal. This may seem unimportant, but most adult services, including Onlyfans, are unable to process American Express payments.

These alternative options to Visa and Mastercard grant you alot more discretion, which is very important when using adult services. Onlyfans are notorious for literally charging your card as ‘Onlyfans’ on your monthly bill which can be difficult to explain if someone sees your bill! Fortunately, Jerkmate are alot more considerate of their users.

When you sign up with Jerkmate, they use the payment process to complete the age verification process. Again, many similar adult services such as Onlyfans will ask for a selfie, take your picture and scan your face when setting up your account. Jerkmate only require a credit card which preserves your privacy.

After entering your payment details, you are taken to page 3 and can begin exploring Jerkmate. The whole process should take less than a minute:

Once you have setup your account, you can access Jerkmate live at your leisure and choose from an incredible range of gorgeous models. Connect with your favorite girl and enjoy a personal, intimate experience unlike any chat service you’ve ever experienced before. And that’s all you have to do! Quick, easy, hassle-free and your privacy is protected. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!

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