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Lycha – Personal Info

Name : Lycha

Alias : LychaXO, Lycha Rose

Date of Birth : May 14th

Star Sign : Taurus

Measurements : 38A – 32 – 40

Height : 5’9 (1.75m)

Hair Colour : Red

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Two arrows facing each other on her right thigh

Piercings : Navel

Pets : None. Lycha highlighted in her XXXBios interview how; “I have had cats and other pets before, but I am actually a bit allergic to cats and dogs.  Plus, I tend to own the types of things which cats instinctively destroy; thus, I have decided not to have any long-term pets since transitioning”.

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Lycha is a ravishing redhead adult film star, producer, dancer and model who has been thrilling fans since 2017. Best known for her kinky custom videos and lusty live cam shows, Lycha has started to shoot some sizzling scenes for Femout.XXX. Definitely one to look out for in 2019!

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So where did it all begin? Hailing from Florida, Lycha is a natural born performer with a background in musical theatre. In fact, Lycha had her first paid acting role when she was 6! Lycha has discussed these early years in her December 2017 TS Dreamland interview, divulging that as a child she was;

“Mostly well-behaved. I was sometimes suspiciously mature (I got my first paid acting gig at age six, and was told that I was way easier to work with than children normally are), but other times I just enjoyed being annoying and inappropriate…Most of what I did with my time was music, math, and science. My parents were pretty selective about what friends I could have, and I was never allowed to freely roam the neighborhood. I did plenty of music lessons once it became apparent that I was musically inclined. I used to really like reading general-audience science literature when I was little, and then some of my dad’s textbooks from undergrad and graduate school when I was a teenager. I traveled to Philadelphia and Manhattan for show business stuff sometimes, which was pretty neat”.

Alongside her musical and performing talents, you may be interested to learn that Lycha worked in retail and food service before she made her adult industry debut. As Lycha revealed in her XXXBios interview;

“At the time that I had my first shoot, I was working in retail and food service.  I stayed with that job for a while longer.  I actually still have a non-porn job, but now I work in network operations for a large company”.

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Lycha first decided to pursue a career in the adult industry after she stumbled across some cam show postings on Craigslist. Intrigued by the possibility of camming, Lycha started to host some private live shows and found the process to be incredibly rewarding. Lycha worked as a webcam model for a while but ultimately took a break from performing in order to re-evaluate her career avenues. Much to the joy of her fans, Lycha decided to resume camming and she also began to branch out and shoot her own videos with the help of some members of her local BDSM community. Talking about this pivotal period of her life during her XXXBios interview, Lycha recounted how;

“While perving craigslist while bored years ago, I stumbled across some postings for doing cam shows on Streamate.  Though I had taken risqué photos of myself before (sometimes as part of being on Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casts), I thought anything more than that was out of reach.  However, I had just started transitioning my gender, and I was eager to experiment with anything and everything…

After I did my first few private cam shows, I realized it was something I found very rewarding.  I cammed for a while when I found the time, but at that point I did not do any filmed work.  I actually took a break from camming for a while after that in order to re-assess whether that sort of thing was healthy behavior for me or not; I had quit drinking for health and spiritual reasons not long beforehand, so I was trying to determine what ways I might need to alter my approach to life in order to avoid wanting to drink in the future…

I eventually returned to adult entertainment after meeting some very helpful people in my local BDSM community.  I find this type of work to be both enriching and empowering, so I would like to do as much of it as possible.  Additionally, my spirit guides seem to keep pointing me in the direction of erotic performance, so I suppose I am doing the right thing!”.

Lycha XXXBios - Lycha in Grooby Girl shirt - TS Lycha sfw picsLycha in Grooby Girl shirt

Lycha : Adult Film Career

Lycha first started working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model and you’ll be happy to hear that she continues to occasionally host lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘LychaXO’). When Lycha was asked about whether she prefers live shows or shooting her own content in her December 2017 TS Dreamland interview she mentioned that;

“I like the freedom that I’ve gotten with filming my own content. I get to create whatever I think might be fun or sexy. However, I really like the live feedback I get when camming. It’s useful to find out what people are enjoying, in real-time; in contrast to that, when filming, you can sometimes feel like you’re trying to paint a picture in a darkened room. I haven’t had much time to cam lately, though, but I feel like I’m enjoying filming more right now anyway”.

Lycha XXXBios - Lycha XO pics - Lycha Rose porn pics - TS Lycha in sexy shirt and booty shorts - TS Lycha feet picsHorny Lycha! – Femout.XXX

Lycha’s first ever porn production was a solo fetish scene for Ginary’s Kinky Adventures alongside a footjob scene with Sasha Foxxx. Spurred on by the success of these initial scenes, Lycha also filmed her first penetration scenes with Anal Adonis. These raunchy sex scenes have since been released via the Grooby Network porn site in April 2018 – titled  Cumming On Feet and Lycha Gets Fucked By Anal Adonis!. Talking about shooting her first ever sex scenes during her XXXBios interview, Lycha reminisced upon how;

“The first shoot I ever did was for Ginary’s Kinky Adventures.  It was some mixed solo fetish scenes plus a footjob scene with Sasha Foxxx (who was both wonderful and talented on set, by the way).  I was incredibly nervous yet excited beforehand.  Afterward I was riding a huge adrenaline high but also still nervous as to how I looked in the scenes!…My first penetration scenes were filmed shortly thereafter with a friend, Anal Adonnis, as part of some clip trade.  I ended up licensing some of that content to Grooby for their site T.Porn, something which thrilled me”.

Lycha XXXBios - Lycha at FetCon 2018 in sexy lace corset - TS Lycha XO pics - Lycha Rose TS porn picsLycha at FetCon 2018

During this time Lycha started to shoot a broad spectrum of solo, hardcore, fetish and BDSM videos which you can view via ManyVids (‘LychaXO’) and Clips4Sale (‘TG Fun With Lycha’). Lycha also started to attend adult film conventions such as FetishCon in 2017. When Lycha was asked to name some of the most memorable moments in her adult film career during her XXXBios interview she mentioned that she is particularly fond of;

“Some of my firsts, such as the first cam shows I did a couple years before doing any filmed work, the first big trade shoot I was invited to, and the first custom video order I got, are pretty memorable…One of the most memorable moments however has to be when I attended FetishCon in 2017; this was my first-ever adult industry convention.  I did not know many people yet, and had almost no shoots lined up; I ended up getting acquainted with some really genuine, lovely individuals, and I got to film a scene where I took a sizable strap-on worn by Mishka Valour for a fetish project (which has not seen light of day yet but was still an exciting thing on which to collaborate)…

My other most-memorable moments are probably some of the shoots I have done for Femout.XXX, one of which is being released on DVD (my first DVD appearance, in fact, on First Time Fuckers from Grooby) in early 2019…Maybe some of my favorite collaboration work has been with Vanya Vixen: we did a handjob clip where I pretended to be a cat, and I even climaxed while meowing”.

Lycha XXXBios - TS Lycha in sexy top and shorts - TS Lycha FemOutXXX porn picsHorny Lycha! – Femout.XXX

Lycha : Popular Porn Productions, Recent Releases & Future Plans

A landmark moment in Lycha’s adult film career occurred in September 2017 when she filmed her first ever solo scene for the Grooby Network porn site Femout.XXX. Titled Red-Haired Vixen Lycha Is Here!, this sultry solo shoot was directed by Jack Flash and released via Femout.XXX in September 2017 with the tantalizing description;

Lycha is here and she´s certainly beautiful enough to tempt any man to play. Her lingerie looks great on her and that naked body she flashes is a such a perfect treat. As she gives us a glimpse of her sexy body, she’s giving us a clue of what she can do and she can bring into the table. Let’s see where she is going to take us in her next performance”.

Lycha enjoyed shooting her Femout.XXX debut and recounted in her December 2017 TS Dreamland interview how;

“I had initially reached out to them before, earlier in my transition, but they hadn’t been interested. After some time, I was filming some trade/share content with a regular model of theirs, and a photographer’s assistant saw me and thought I might be a good fit. After some chatting with him, the photographer wrote to Grooby, and I got approved to do a set on Femout.XXX!”.

Lycha XXXBios - TS Lycha in sexy red corset, PVC skirt and high heels - TS Lycha Rose porn picsLycha Strokes And Cums! – Femout.XXX

You’ll be happy to hear that Lycha has continued to collaborate with Jack Flash on many sizzling solo scenes for Femout.XXX. We recommend checking out Lycha’s seductive Lycha Cums For You! scene in October 2017, her alluring Lycha Returns! shoot in February 2018 and her raunchy Horny Redhead Lycha Cums! scene in March 2018. In fact, this sizzling Horny Redhead Lycha Cums! bondage session earned Lycha an ardent endorsement from Caramel Black who highlighted in her March 2018 TS Dreamland review how;

“A funny thing happens with Femout.XXX producer Jack Flash and Lycha that I’ve experienced myself. In my TS Dreamland Interview with Lycha and my YouTube Interview with the central Florida ginger babe, I had the opportunity to take my own photos of her…Somewhere along the line, Lycha Rose produced some rope to turn our innocent photo session into a fetish set…Shibari (Japanese rope play) is indeed one of Lycha’s talents. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to present more of what she knows about it and BDSM in general. These sorts of conversations never get old to me…

If you’re interested in learning Shibari, see how easy Lycha makes it look. But believe me it’s far from easy. Lycha proceeds to talk dirty about how she’d like to be taken control of and fucked while tied up…This impending orgasm in progress is such a turn on for the viewer. The expression on Lycha’s face while she jerks off rapidly and her tits jiggling wildly are superb! This is one intense climax”.

Lycha XXXBios - Horny Lycha Femout XXX porn pics - Sexy TS redhead Lycha Rose sfw picsHorny Lycha! – Femout.XXX

Hold on, it gets even better. Lycha has also collaborated with Jack Flash on her professional hardcore debut. Titled Lycha & Smash…Smash!, this hot hardcore scene between Lycha and Smash was unveiled via Femout.XXX in June 2018. Jack Flash has enjoyed collaborating with Lycha on these sizzling scenes and mentions via Lycha’s official Femout.XXX profile that;

“Lycha is a wild one and is into all kinds of kinky sex, with this girl anything goes. Lycha gave a great performance and it was a ton of fun working with her…Look forward to lots more action from Lycha in the future”.

Most recently, Lycha has treated fans to a titillating Horny Lycha! solo shoot and a steamy Lycha Strokes And Cums! solo scene which were uploaded via Femout.XXX in December 2018 and January 2019. Lycha has also been featured in the upcoming Grooby DVD First Time Fuckers (2019) alongside fellow rising TS porn stars Crystal Thayer, Jessy Bells, Jenna Rose and Scarlet Rose. Not to be missed!

Lycha XXXBios - TS redhead Lycha in bed in sexy tshirt, skirt and high heels - Lycha Rose TS Dreamland interview sfw picsCaramel’s Interview With Lycha – TS Dreamland – December 2017

When she isn’t starring in these popular porn productions, Lycha enjoys playing and listening to music as well as broadening her field of knowledge by studying the sciences and humanities. Brains and beauty; Lycha has it all! In fact, when Lycha was asked to name her favorite hobbies and interests during her XXXBios interview she revealed that she has;

“Tons!  I will have to cull the list down to just some highlights, for I am wont to ramble about my many bailiwicks and endeavors…

The arts: I am a musician, with experience on guitars, brass, keys, and several other forms of percussion.  I also have some background in musical theatre; I actually had a career doing modern opera when I was a kid.  While I love most all music, I heavily favor punk rock, with leanings toward grunge and metal as well…

The sciences: At one point I wanted to study medicine, but I actually ended up getting a Bachelor’s in electrical engineering instead; I tend to tinker with digital logic, radiofrequency circuits, and high voltage.  I sometimes study computer history, emulation, and operating systems.  I used to have a working collection of second-hand servers spanning everything from heavily-modified Linux systems to commercial UNIX to OpenVMS, running on oddball systems from enterprise-level DEC, SGI, Sun, and IBM to embedded platforms and more.  Higher mathematics also intrigues me, and I have spent some time trying to grok set theory, propositional logic, and higher calculus…

The humanities: The evolution of language and human expression absolutely fascinates me.  I have taken some classes on linguistics as well as a few branches of philosophy.  The occult entrances me; I am a member of a Wiccan coven and have also studied a bit of Druidry”.

Lycha XXXBios - TS redhead Lycha in sexy purple top, black skirt and high heels - Lycha Rose TS pornstar pics - Lycha XO sfw picsLycha Returns! – Femout.XXX

Alongside these personal projects, Lycha strives to raise awareness around several topics including Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (ATN) having been a caregiver to a woman who suffered from this rare type of nerve pain. Talking about these important issues in her XXXBios interview, Lycha explained that;

“While I do not have the time for regular involvement in advocacy work, there are definitely some issues about which I care deeply.  I spent a number of years functioning as a caregiver for a woman who had a rare neuropathy (atypical trigeminal neuralgia).  I still try to raise awareness of this disease when I can.  I have also joined in petitions for LGBTQ rights, especially transgender rights and safety concerns.  I speak up about sex workers’ rights when the opportunity to do so presents itself…

Some charities and organizations to which I think people should give heed include Trans Lifeline, Southern Poverty Law Center, Free Speech Coalition, Narcotics Anonymous, TNnME, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Human Rights Campaign.  I have donated time and money to some of these groups; not that I need a pat on the back or any recognition for doing so, but I mention it in hopes that maybe it will inspire someone else to help, too”.

Wondering what the future holds for your favorite performer Lycha? Well you’ll be happy to hear that Lycha has no plans of slowing down anytime soon! In fact, Lycha revealed in her XXXBios interview that;

“I was one of two tops (the other being Morena Black) who double-penetrated Jacquie Blu for a scene we shot last year.  It is in the final editing phases now and should be released presently, so stay tuned!…Given enough time, I would like to do a lot more of my own productions.  I wrote a trans-on-trans scene where I mostly topped, and it came out pretty well when I filmed it.  It is no longer available for sale, though, as a courtesy to the other performer for reasons upon which I do not need to elaborate…I am locatable as @LychaXO (pronounced “like a ho,” by the way) on Twitter and Instagram. I can also be found as LychaXO, Lycha, TS Lycha, or Lycha Rose on many social media platforms”.

Keen to stay connected with ravishing redhead Lycha? Then use the links provided below to discover all of Lycha’s hottest sex scenes, exclusive web content and upcoming productions!

Lycha – Social Networks

Twitter : @lychaxo

Instagram : @lychaxo

Chaturbate : LychaXO

Femout : Lycha at Femout.XXX : Lycha at

Clips4Sale : TGFunWithLycha

ManyVids : LychaXO

Reddit : LychaXO

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