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Penny Flame – Personal Info

Name : Penny Flame

Alias: Jennifer “Jennie” Ketcham/ Penny Ings/ Penny Lane/ Dolly Wagner

Date of Birth: February 22nd

Star Sign : Pisces

Hometown : Aurora, Colorado (USA)

Measurements : 36C-25-35

Height : 5’2 (1.57m)

Hair Colour : Brown

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : A tribal heart on her back

Piercings : Navel

Years Active : 2002-2009 (retired)

Number of Scenes : 200+ (as an actress), 9+ (as director)

Although she officially retired in 2009, and continued working in the business up until 2012, Jennifer “Jennie” Ketcham aka Penny Flame remains an incredibly popular porn star. Whether she was performing in porn or working behind the camera as a director, Penny Flame has a unique style that earned her a wide network of avid fans. As such, despite her retirement, you can still view a variety of Penny Flame inspired content online.

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Born in Aurora, Colorado, but raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Penny Flame originally attended San Diego State to study business administration in preparation for a career in hotel management. However, after feeling unfulfilled with working a string of barista and waitress jobs to pay for her schooling, 18 year old Penny Flame discovered her talents for adult entertainment after responding to an advertisement placed in a San Diego paper. Inspired by the Beatles song ‘Penny Lane’ and her penchant for smoking marijuana, Jennifer Ketcham transformed into Penny Flame; a no-nonsense buxom brunette with freckles who went on to take the adult film industry by storm.

Penny Flame soon found that by appearing as an adult model in solo still photography she could earn enough money to focus on her studies and only have to work four days a month! This successful modelling career led to her first scene in an adult film in 2003 in Indian Givers; a Digital Playground production.

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Penny Flame : Adult Film Career

Between 2003 and 2005, Penny Flame only appeared in solo or all-girl sex scenes. It was her success and subsequent AVN Award for “Best Solo Sex Scene” for her appearance in Repo Girl which gave her the confidence to start to appearing in male-female sex scenes. In 2005, Penny Flame appeared in her first big-budget film Dark Side. This appearance earned Penny Flame even more AVN Awards and a huge fan following.

Throughout her career Penny Flame starred predominantly in gonzo films and reality porn productions. Penny Flame’s hardcore sex scenes usually demonstrate her advocacy for marijuana, involve frequent use of dirty talk, and reflect the playful attitude that she was known to have on set. Penny’s only requirements for a sexual position was that she had to look into her partner’s eyes during sex because she finds it erotic. Due to the fact that she wore brace for 7 years. Penny Flame also has a ‘teeth fetish’ and finds smiles on men to be her first major turn-on.

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Between 2002 and 2009, Penny Flame performed a variety of seductive and outrageous scenes in over 200 pornographic feature films. Penny Flame’s directorial debut occurred in 2005 via an instructional video for Shane’s World Studios. This production was a cinematic success which Penny Flame swiftly followed by directing a series of pornographic feature film trilogies including Shane’s World: Girls Night Out 1, 2 and 3, Blazed and Confused 1, 2 and 3 as well as Penny’s Out of Control.

Penny Flame’s talent for directing resulted in her signing a contract with Tristan Taormino and Vivid Entertainment in 2008 to direct her own series of feature films under the studio’s sex education imprint; Vivid-Ed. Many of these pornographic productions, such as Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Handjobs and Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Rough Sex, mirror the popular instructional style that was evident in the first few films which Penny directed for Shane’s World Studios.

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Throughout her career within the adult entertainment industry, Penny Flame’s collaborations with Naughty America, Shane’s World Studios and numerous other production companies earned her a broad range of acting awards. Among these accolades include;

  • 2005: AVN Awards winner — “Best Solo Sex Scene” — Repo Girl
  • 2006: AVN Awards winner — “Best Couples Sex Scene” — Dark Side
  • 2006: AVN Awards winner — “Best Group Sex Scene” — Dark Side
  • 2006: XRCO Awards winner — “Best Onscreen Couple” — Dark Side-Red Light
  • 2006: Adam Film World Guide Awards winner — “Actress of the Year” — Dark Side
  • 2008: AVN Awards winner — “Best Actress”— Layout
  • 2008: AVN Awards winner — “Best Couples Sex Scene” — Layout
  • 2008: F.A.M.E Awards winner — “Favourite Oral Starlet”
  • 2010: AVN Awards winner — “Best Supporting Actress” — Throat: A Cautionary Tale

Following her numerous AVN Awards and accolades, Penny Flame felt that she had reached the peak of her career as an adult film star and decided to pursue a career within the business side of the adult entertainment industry.

As such, Penny Flame’s last appearance in a pornographic production was Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw; a parody of the reality TV series Celebrity Rehab which had recently featured fellow porn star actress Mary Carey. Penny Flame filmed this production shortly before signing a deal to appear in the 2008 VH1 reality TV programme Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew; an opportunity which she originally intended as merely a marketing opportunity for increasing her status within the adult entertainment industry.

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Penny Flame : Life After Porn

Despite her original intentions to disrupt the rehabilitation process and garner some additional publicity for her brand, it was during her time on the show at the Pasadena Recovery Center that Penny Flame realized that she had been abusing drugs (specifically cocaine) and alcohol in order to ‘numb herself’ for her on-camera sex scenes which she found were becoming traumatic. During her time on the show, Penny Flame also faced the stark realization that she was a sex addict who was unable to form close relationships with partners, friends or relatives.

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After merely two weeks of psychological treatment on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, Penny Flame decided to leave the adult film industry for good. During her time on the show, Penny Flame revealed how she had become sexually active at merely 12 years old, and that she had practiced safe sex as a youth in order to receive the emotional validation that was missing from her relationships with her close friends and family members. On the show, Penny Flame discussed how her parents had divorced when she was 13 years old; during which time she ceased speaking to her father. It was not until she was 26 years old that Penny Flame started talking to her father again and mending her fractured relationships with her family.

Penny Flame’s psychological recovery process was also aired on the reality TV show Sober House; a spin-off from Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Since her appearance on these shows, Penny Flame has discarded her porn star alias and has resumed her life as Jennifer “Jennie” Ketcham. No longer affiliated with the adult film industry, clean from drugs and alcohol, and studying full-time, Jennifer has aspirations of attending grad school.

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Since April 2009 Jennifer has written a blog titled Becoming Jennie. She cites her participation in Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew as a driving influence for creating her blog, as can be seen in her first ever blog entry on April 29th 2009 which started with the declaration;

“My name is Jennie Ketcham, and I am a recovering porn star, and addict. This day, as every day, is the first day of the rest of my life, and I intend to live it to the fullest”.

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As of December 2009, Jennifer has also written for the Huffington Post; a job which commenced on the inauguration of their Los Angeles edition. Although Jennifer states that she does not regret her adult industry film career, her memoir I Am Jennie, which was published in July 2012, chronicled her struggles with sex, alcohol and drug addiction and discusses the stark realities of re-entering ‘the real world’ after a successful and prolific career in the adult entertainment industry. As she discussed in an interview, her inspiration for writing her memoirs;

“All started with my blog. I thought that if I made a public statement about how difficult it is to struggle with sex addiction, and focused as well on my struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, it would make me much less inclined to go back into the adult business…It was obviously cathartic to write about my past and know I can open and close that book. But the response I’ve gotten from people who have told me my blog really helped them was a big reason for writing it. The book could reach people on a much larger scale”. 

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Since her appearances on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House, Jennifer has also appeared on The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Life Changers, Entertainment Tonight and Extra among other TV talk shows in order to discuss sex addiction and the ways in which her memoirs have helped fellow addicts. Her blog has also been featured on Last Call with Carson Daly.

During an interview on TV talk show The View on March 17th 2010, Jennifer explained how she had taken a vow of abstinence for a year after completing her rehabilitation treatment at the Pasadena Recovery Center. It was nine months into this year of abstinence that Jennifer met a man who supported her recovery and attended twelve-step AA meetings with her. She is now in a committed, monogamous relationship with him. Jennifer has severed all ties with the adult entertainment industry; working instead as an author and practising artist. Jennifer creates paintings in her spare time, and pursues her lifelong interests of singing and ballet dancing.

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  1. Hello Penny Flame,
    Your great film “Meninpain” with fetish and your sweet mouth, brown hair, fetish clothing!
    I would like to get to know each other?
    I am hearing impaired.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hi, I’m another admirer of yours though, sort of a late bloomer. Here’s the deal. There’s a lot of reasons why I am acquainting myself with you and I will try to keep things brief because I can be a little wordy but, I like where you are right now and you work in a clinic, I met you, not literally but became acquainted with you on porn. That is a nasty past for you but, we all have our past and that is what helps us to learn and grow and if we’re smart enough and open enough to wake up and realize that something’s not quite right and deal with it and learn from it then we are that much further ahead. I discovered you on girl on girl type scenes. Like I said I’m going to try to keep this brief but the bottom line is I really would like to have conversation with you, even if it’s this way. So I hope that we can get responses going from time to time. A little bit about me, I’m a nurse, I’ve done a lot of things in my life besides nursing, nursing was a fall back but I worked with modeling, videography, and a few other things. To place myself in your previous category, I was even an out-call type of guy because my apartment rent was being raised and I was literally being scooted out by way of not being able to cover the cost because they were trying to turn Apartments into Condominiums at the time. Anyway, I will be called, go out and meet women as a sex partner and more than often meet men. I didn’t care much for the men but it was money and so I did what I could do without grossing myself out. I’m 74, I don’t look my age, 20 years younger by appearance and I carry myself that way, secondary to good genetics and lots of supplements. My dates are young. Thus a really a super brief synopsis of me. Main reason I’m writing this is because I would like to know if you enjoy working with women more than you do with men. I read your bio, the drugs and alcohol part, you are now, at least at the time of your bio, are working in a clinic, and you’ve also gone back to school. So, I’m not bringing up the past to criticize, I’m bringing it up because you’re the only one that I can talk to cuz I’ve a few questions. I am a perfectionist when it comes to love making. Currently I’m not totally attached, though I’ve got somebody on the wire that is looking like a good prospect, but my relationship with women is to be far different than the average guy. Thus, I watch a lot of lesbian or girl on girl videos because they are not distracted by a penis and girl-on-girl are a lot more intimate with each other and a lot more creative. To be really super brief, I would tell other guys to do this because they would surprised as to what they are not doing. You girls like to cum and you also like to have a good and fun and intimate relationships,  accomplished better with members of your own sex. With men, that penis distraction remove a lot of creativity. Personality wise I’m the fly on the wall that likes to learn what you are really all about and I don’t judge, I look at you, examine things about you which helps me to understand what you’re all about. I don’t share what you’re all about with others, because it’s not the point. The point is to understand where you’re coming from and to apply it or learn from it or whatever. I know you had some daddy issues, and you got them straightened out, do you find working with women a lot easier than working with men? One of the best scenes that really caught my eye was when you were sneaking in the bedroom to surprise your girlfriend who indicated that she was not sleeping but she had been waiting for you for an hour and you were watching TV and not being in there because you thought that she was sleeping. The room is highly decorated with major bouquet, a very long see through gown which I’m sure belonged to the co partner, and she squirts when she cums.  
    You purchased a bunch of surprises for her, a lot of toys, and she was surprised with a wand, a sibian, a cock to fuck you with which by the way I thought that was an excellent purchase because the part that sticks up in the user, I’ve always liked and when I watched it on some of the girls, that is the driving point to keep the whole thing going whereas they both get pleasure from the entire action. So, I just wanted to describe the scene so that you can understand my next question. I know there’s a lot of acting in there and that sort of thing but I saw it as very cute very fun and very creative as to how you guys related to each other. I was convinced that you two were in love. Thus your acting was spot on. My question is, after all of this, I was wondering if you work better with female actors then male actors. I really see and learn a lot more from girl on girl scenes that I do the mixed. The mixed will just keep things in perspective but really does lack. I know you’re with your guy that you met during your recovery meetings and all of that, so that’s cool. And I’m not trying to ask you for any preferences in relationship to your personal life. I was just curious as to what you found easier to work with on set. There seems to be a much smoother and interpersonal relationship with someone of your own sex as opposed to a male. I don’t watch the girl on girl for all the sexual parts and the pretty bodies and all that jazz, I’ll watch it to learn how I can be a better male lover with all the positions and everything that goes along with what you girls do and that guys don’t. So, while you have made an awful lot of pictures, for me, they are learning tools. And, I think I can be considered a big fan.

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