Yasmin Lee Biography

TS Yasmin Lee Biography

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Yasmin Lee – Personal Info

Name : Yasmin Lee

Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1983

Star Sign : Gemini

Hometown : Orange County, California

Measurements :  34C – 22 – 34

Height : 5’11 (1.80m)

Hair Colour : Brunette/ Black

Eye Colour : Brown

Years Active : 2004 – present

Number of Scenes : 40+

Few adult film stars, let alone top TS pornstars, have such an amazing story as Yasmin Lee. From her birth in the midst of a Cambodian jungle, to her thriving adult film career and cameo in the mainstream movie The Hangover, there seem to be no limits to Yasmin Lee’s talents!

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Before we delve into Yasmin Lee’s amazing adult film career we have to take it right back to the start. Believe it or not, Yasmin Lee was born whilst her family were hiding in the deep jungles of Cambodia. Yasmin has mixed Cambodian, Thai, Chinese and Brazilian heritage and she has revealed that her pregnant mother, father and seven siblings escaped from a concentration work camp in Cambodia. What’s more, Yasmin Lee was born in the midst of this chaos. In fact, Yasmin Lee’s birth name ‘Kosal’ means ‘to bless’ and she has divulged during a February 2015 Heroines of my Life interview that;

“There are so many life changing moments in my life but I would say the most dramatic chapter might be my birth. If only I’m a writer. My birth name is Kosal, meaning to bless or one who blesses. It’s a unisex name...For the first time, my mom and dad didn’t know what my sex will be at birth. They must have had clear dreams to guide them with the 7 siblings before me. Anyhow, my mom, along with my father, 6 sisters and brother, decided to escape from the concentration work camp in Cambodia. She was 7 months pregnant with me. I was birthed while in hiding in the deep jungle. My family told me bullets were flying, along with the white noise of chaos. It was a rainy night and my sisters gathered around holding banana leaves to help shelter my mom from the rain. Not many can say that their whole family helped to deliver them. One hour after the delivery, she got herself up and we kept on moving…She refused to let anyone help carry me. She couldn’t trust anyone. It’s not uncommon to kill the baby when in hiding for the sake of the whole family or fellow runaways. I was told that I was a good baby just as much as luck as I don’t make noise. The one time that I cried was when we sat on fire ants and they were biting me all over”.

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From these truly inspiring beginnings, Yasmin Lee travelled with her family from Cambodia to Thailand, then to the Philippines, before eventually settling in Orange County, California. Yasmin Lee has always been hardworking, ambitious and determined; traits which led her to sign up with the U.S. Navy when she was 18 years old. Unfortunately, Yasmin Lee faced ongoing harassment from fellow recruits and superiors due to her sexuality which ultimately led to Yasmin Lee leaving the military.

Undeterred by this adversity, Yasmin Lee pursued a successful career as a make-up artist and drag entertainer. Talking about this period of her life in previous interviews, Yasmin Lee has revealed that;

“When I first came to Los Angeles, I was a make-up artist and a drag impersonator showgirl along the coast by night. I enjoyed being on stage and performing. This was before I started my transitioning. I was fortunate enough to be in the right circle. Not many artists were fortunate enough to start right away working with Michelle Rodriguez, Paris and Nikki Hilton, Nicole Richie, Carmen Electra, Pussycat Dolls, etc”.

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Enthralled by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood movie studios and music video sets, Yasmin Lee grew more confident and decided to commence her transition process. When she was asked about her transition process within her February 2015 Heroines of my Life interview, Yasmin Lee highlighted how;

“When I started to transition, I started working less and less. Not because I wasn’t being hired but my own fear of facing people that knew me as a boy. Really wish I had role models or a support group to help guide me during that time. I was then introduced to a friend from the production company Anabolic. I started to do make-up for the girls and those extra money really help spring my transitioning. I was asked to help create their ‘Tgirls’ line for an otherwise straight company…One week, after dealing with the girls repeatedly flaking on my shoot, I decided to jump in front of the camera. I didn’t think much about it. I was comfortable after being around that world for some time now”.

In this manner, Yasmin Lee eventually decided to postpone her career as a make-up artist due to fears of transphobic discrimination. Instead, Yasmin Lee launched a career as an assistant working on pornographic productions. Yasmin Lee’s cinematic talents were quickly spotted and her role as assistant was soon upgraded to casting director.

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Yasmin Lee : Adult Film Career

Everything changed one fateful day in 2004 when assistant/casting director Yasmin Lee was asked to take the place of a woman who did not  show up for a scene. And the rest, as they say, is history!

From this point onward, there was no turning back. As of 2004 Yasmin Lee began to star in several best-selling porn productions including TGirls #2 (2004) for Anabolic Video featuring Wendy Williams, Joanna Jet and Danielle Foxxx, as well as Joey Silvera’s Evil Angel DVD sequel releases Rogue Adventures #26 and #28 (2005-2006) and Sammi Mancini’s fan-favorite DVD series SM Strokers #12 and #22 (2005-2007).

Eager to explore Yasmin Lee’s hottest hardcore collaborations? Then you have to check out her impressive collection of Devil’s Film sequel releases. As matters stand Yasmin Lee has starred in Transsexual Prostitutes #31, #35, #36, #43, #48 and #49 (2004-2007), Transsexual Babysitters #1 and #5 (2006-2007), Transsexual Gangbangers #12 and #14 (2005-2007) and Transsexual Cheerleaders #1 (2008). Yasmin Lee’s most recent Devil’s Film DVD has been the raunchy sequel release Transsexual Babysitters #14 (2011) also starring hot TS pornstars Khloe Hart, Madison Montag, Kimberly Kills and Morgan Bailey.

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It gets even better; alongside her daring Devil’s Films DVDs, Yasmin Lee has collaborated with award-winning porn director Buddy Wood on some of his best-selling Grooby Productions feature releases. Fans of Yasmin Lee will love viewing Buddy Wood’s Asian-American SM Invasion (2005), Buddy Wood’s SM Email (2007) and Buddy Wood’s SM Superstars (2008) within which Yasmin Lee shared a thrilling three-way with Joselyn Pink and Vin Deacon.

But Yasmin didn’t stop there. Over the years everyone’s favorite Cambodian cutie has filmed a wealth of sultry solo shoots with the help of Buddy Wood and Tom in SF for the Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls. As a matter of fact, Yasmin’s first ever Grooby Girls solo shoot, Yasmin’s Black Bikini, earned her their coveted “Model of the Month” title in April 2006.

Can’t get enough of Yasmin Lee’s steamy solo scenes? Then you have to check out her thrilling Yasmin Is The Boss femdom scenes that were first released in December 2006, her unforgettable Yasmin By The Pool outdoor romp in August 2008 and her feisty Yasmin Sexy In Leather fetish shoot which was unveiled via Grooby Girls in November 2008.

Here’s the deal; Yasmin Lee has always had a flair for femdom, BDSM and fetish content. In fact, many of Yasmin Lee’s hottest sex scenes has been those which she has filmed for Kink.com‘s TS Seduction web series. Yasmin Lee first showcased her formidable femdomme skills in a thrilling BDSM three-way with Natassia Dreams and Lobo that was promoted via TS Seduction in August 2008 and it quickly became a fan-favorite shoot.

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 Want to know the best part? From this point onward, Yasmin Lee started to appear in a steady stream of fantastic femdom shoots for TS Seduction such as Yasmin As Cleopatra – Special Feature in July 2011, her raunchy Yasmin Is The Bounty Hunter role-play in April 2014, her spectacular The Super Soldier femdom feature movie in May 2014, her captivating The West Wing – The Dirtiest Business Of All – Politics role-play in June 2014 and her unbelievable Close Encounters Of A Kinky Kind- Yasmin’s ALIEN ASS INVASION shoot in March 2015.

If you’re eager to discover Yasmin Lee’s devilish domme side up close and personal then you’ll be happy to hear that your favourite femdomme has filmed some immersive All For You: A Pleasure Filled POV Punishment and Yasmin POV Fucks You Into Oblivion! BDSM sessions that were unveiled via Kink.com in June 2015 and June 2016. Must see sex scenes for devoted Yasmin Lee fans!

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With so many saucy scenes to her name, it was only a matter of time before Yasmin Lee was nominated for “Transsexual Performer of the Year” at the AVN Awards; a feat which Yasmin Lee has repeated on numerous occasions. Listed below are some of Yasmin Lee’s most notable industry accolades to date;

  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2009: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2011: TEAs winner  “(Kink.com’s) Kinkiest TGirl Domme”
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee “Crossover Star of the Year”

What will Yasmin Lee do next? Well, in recent months she has continued to film some fantastic feature shoots for TS Seduction. Just take one look at Yasmin Lee’s The House Special shoot with Will Havoc in March 2017, or her Hot TS Summer Sex Parties collaboration with Jessy Dubai, Venus Lux, Honey Foxx, Jessica Fox and Delia DeLions that was released in July 2017, and it’s clear to see that Yasmin Lee remains just as feisty a TS mistress as ever!

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Yasmin Lee : Mainstream Movie Roles

Now that she has taken the adult film industry by storm, Yasmin Lee set her sights on the mainstream media. The bottom line? Yasmin Lee has appeared on several popular TV programmes including The Tyra Banks Show and The Maury Povich Show. Featuring as a guest on these prominent programmes has enabled Yasmin Lee to discuss transgender issues on a national platform and it has also introduced her stunning looks and amicable nature to a whole new audience.

As fate would have it, Yasmin Lee was quickly spotted by casting directors who offered her the role of ‘The Succubus’ in the 2011 independent horror/action film Red Ice. Succubus.net reported that Yasmin Lee played a demonic mistress who was;

“Born in Cambodia in 1528, the Succubus was a princess, one of the King’s sisters. Hounded by the King to help manage the country’s river commerce and, increasingly, its international trade through the Mekong Delta, the Succubus left the capital and settled in Angkor where, unencumbered, she could pursue her sexual interests… She died from the bite of a pit viper on her 29th birthday, at which time it was estimated her sexual conquests had exceeded 2000 men and women. In Hell, she soon discovered — much to her surprise — a talent for management, and quickly wrested control of the Tasmanian territory from a moribund demon. As she consolidated her power, she drove westward with her hordes, a travelling bacchanal which few mortals could resist”.

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The end result? This fan-favorite thriller was shot in San Francisco throughout 2009 and it was commercially released in 2011. Although Yasmin Lee was required to wear facial and torso prosthesis for her role as the Succubus (which took five hours to apply!), her previous career experience as a make-up artist meant that these special make-up effects did not phase her in the slightest.

Believe it or not, it was worth spending so many hours in the make-up chair. After all, it was Yasmin Lee’s role as the Succubus which led to her being discovered via IMDB by talent scouts who cast her in the 2011 comedy feature film The Hangover: Part II. Yasmin Lee discussed this fortuitous chain of events during her February 2015 Heroines of my Life interview, highlighting how;

“I was fortunate enough to run into these casting calls. Though I was living in Hollywood, I was not seeking out roles….I had nothing better to do and gave it a go. I walked in with no head-shot, resume, or expectation. A few days later they called me for a second reading, followed by the 3rd for the director Todd Philip. At the end of the reading, he asked me “so what do I do?” With a half a second hesitation I said I do domination porn. “I just can’t help wanting to make grown men cry.” Will never forget that awkward moment of why in the world would I say that…After that I received a phone call saying that it’s down to me and a few girls but they are not even sure about that until they audition the girls in Thailand. I should know in a few weeks”.

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Without a doubt Yasmin Lee’s role as ‘Kimmy’ in The Hangover: Part II has been her most high profile mainstream movie role to date. In fact, even The Huffington Post stated that;

“The highest profile fictional transgender film character of 2011 was the controversial role of Kimmy in the blockbuster The Hangover 2′”.

Although her appearance in The Hangover: Part II attracted criticism for its portrayal of the transgender community, Yasmin Lee has been very open about how well she was treated throughout the entire filming process. Unlike her previous career ventures where she was subject to prejudice and discrimination, Yasmin Lee has expressed in multiple interviews how;

“I was treated like a star. Everything from what was in my trailer to having it next to Bradley Cooper…The experience was amazing. It was in and out to wardrobe and hair to work on the looks before shooting. We pick the outfit that I looked the best in and based on that, manufactured the outfit for all the girls in the movie in my scenes. I get to say I help pick and design that pink and white outfit for the girls…

I had an amazing time hanging with all the boys and the crew. Everyone from the lighting guy to my people for hair, make-up, and wardrobe assistance, to the studio big fish treated me with love and respect. As a matter of fact, though I’m a very proud transsexual woman I didn’t feel like I was one on-set. I was there simply as an actress and they treated me as such. Not for one second did my gender become an issue. Can’t say the same for Crystal the monkey. She had to play the part as a male monkey but did so fiercely”.

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Keen to learn more about Yasmin Lee’s The Hangover: Part II role? Then you should check out the following interview which Yasmin gave to Translabyrinth.com. Within this insightful interview Yasmin Lee ardently advocated that;

“In my personal opinion, and by the way I was born in Thailand, I think that Kimmy is a very fair portrayal of a transsexual woman. Does she represent all transgender people of the world? No. Anyone that has gone to Thailand would agree that among the 300,000 transsexuals living in Bangkok, there are many who are working in the mainstream and are more accepted there than anywhere else in the world. But the majority of Thai transsexuals are sex workers. There are clubs after clubs of Go-Go dancing transgender women. Actually, it’s a very big part of Thailand’s economy, and these girls are loved, accepted and acknowledged by the people, the government…I feel that this movie has done a great deal for the LGBT community in terms of exposure. The role of Kimmy was never meant to be a role model, or someone that represents the community as a whole. For me it was a means of income as well as an opportunity to shed light on who I am, and more importantly our community and our struggle for equality. With all the hype and talk about my controversial scene, it will lead to open discussion and then even more opportunities to educate”.

The commercial success of The Hangover: Part II resulted in Yasmin Lee featuring in another mainstream feature film, Promoted, which was first released in 2015. Yasmin Lee starred as ‘Ying’ in this sexy comedy flick which parodied the inner workings of a chaotic Los Angeles Advertising Agency.

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Yasmin Lee : Advocacy Work & Recent Releases

When she isn’t thrilling fans with her femdom feature shoots, or taking the mainstream media by storm with her big budget movie roles, Yasmin Lee continues to work as a dedicated member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). A frequent feature at local community events, Yasmin remains dedicated to raising awareness towards important LGBT+ issues as well as combating incidents of trans prejudice and discrimination.

What does the future hold for TS porn superstar Yasmin Lee? Well, when she has been asked about her future plans, and whether she has any advice for aspiring trans actresses, Yasmin Lee has stressed that;

 “Just like anything, if you put in the time and effort to work, you will get paid. I was fortunate enough to be loved and desired. If you follow my career, you’ll realize that I attempt to reach for stardom. There was no promotion or networking to really play the game. My success truly came from fans and their marketing of me. I sure have. I think it is a great platform for the girls to celebrate their beauty, talent and intelligence. Not to mention the opportunity to come out and enjoy each other as a community”. 

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One thing’s for sure; Yasmin Lee’s immense gratitude to her fans means that, despite her successful mainstream media career, she has never neglected to interact with her loyal fan base via social media. So, if you just can’t get enough of Yasmin Lee, use the links provided below to catch up on all of her sauciest sex scenes and recent releases!

Yasmin Lee – Social Networks

Yasmin’s Twitter : @TSYasmin

Devil’s Film : Yasmin at Devil’s Film

Evil Angel : Yasmin at Evil Angel

Grooby Girls : Yasmin at Grooby Girls

Kink Profile : Mistress Yasmin’s Femdom, Fetish & BDSM Content

Facebook : yasmin.lee.507

Adult Empire : Yasmin’s DVDs

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