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Ashley at Brazzers

Ashley Sinclair – Personal Info

Name : Ashley Sinclair

Date of Birth : June 7th, 1991

Star Sign : Gemini

Measurements : 32DD – 23 – 34

Height : 5’5 (1.65m)

Hair Colour : Brunette

Eye Colour : Brown

Piercings : Navel

Years Active : 2011 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Ashley Sinclair is a sensational webcam model, adult film star, fetish performer, producer and model who has been working in the adult entertainment industry since 2011. Best known for her compelling custom content and saucy Brazzers Network scenes, Ashley Sinclair was named “Crossover Performer of the Year” and “Sexiest Adult Starlet” at the 2015 Cammy Awards and she has received several “Most Spectacular Boobs (Fan Award)” and “Biggest Web Celebrity (Fan Award)” nominations at the AVN Awards.

Ashley at Brazzers

So where did it all begin? You may be interested to learn that Ashley Sinclair’s father was in the Marines so she moved around a lot as a child before ultimately settling in Tennessee when she was in the 5th grade. Ashley Sinclair has always been a keen athlete who played volleyball, soccer and softball throughout her school years. In fact, Ashley Sinclair’s first job was working as a lifeguard at a water park during the summer. Talking about these younger years in her October 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, Ashley Sinclair divulged that;

“My dad was in the Marines so I grew up on a couple different military bases. We finally settled in Tennessee when I was in 5th grade. So I’m a country girl. I grew up pretty normal, I guess. I played volleyball and soccer when I was in school. I also played a little softball. Everything else I did was for fun, not as part of a team. Everybody always asks if I was a cheerleader but I was really, really shy. I thought about it and actually tried out when I was a freshman but I decided not to pursue it…

I did date. My parents were super, super strict growing up so I didn’t go on a lot of dates or to parties and stuff like that. But I would have boyfriends and when I was 16, my parents were gone for a little bit. I guess I’ve always been a little bit promiscuous. (laughs)”.

Ashley at Naughty America

Wondering how Ashley Sinclair first started working in the adult entertainment industry? It all began when Ashley Sinclair’s boyfriend submitted some pictures of her into an online contest. Despite her initial shyness, Ashley Sinclair was thrilled by the positive comments she received during this contest and it inspired her to become a webcam model. As Ashley Sinclair recounted within her October 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“Right before I started webcamming, I was in an online contest. A boyfriend had taken some naughty pictures of me and decided to enter me in this contest. Everyone was telling me how hot that was and I won a little money. I was shy at first but that lasted 10 or 15 minutes and I instantly loved it. I’m shy in person but on camera, totally not shy at all. As soon as I got in front of the camera, I knew I loved it and I have ever since…

I won money in that contest and I thought it was totally awesome. I liked how these guys, and girls, were telling me how hot I was and how I should do more. I thought I’d give it a try and it was pretty fun. I was a young girl and it was something to try. The first week I made some money and I liked doing it so I was fine with it”.

Ashley at Naughty America

During this time Ashley Sinclair also posed as a bikini/glamour model and her sultry shoots attracted the attention of prominent foot fetish producer Taylor Raz. In this manner Ashley Sinclair started posing as a fetish model and she has continued to shoot a broad spectrum of fetish content and custom clips throughout her adult film career. As Ashley Sinclair explained in her October 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview;

“I did fetish before I did porn. At the time I was doing some bikini modeling and some light nudity and somebody convinced me to give the fetish stuff a try. I scheduled a shoot and at first it was just silly stuff. I think I did a balloon shoot and some foot fetish stuff. It was fun and I decided to do it for a while. I started shooting more and since then I started my own website so I rarely shoot any fetish stuff for anybody but my own site. I do all the custom videos and stuff. I shoot and produce my own stuff. People will ask me to do a specific type of video for them. They tell me what their fetish is and I’ll shoot exactly what they want. Some people just tell me their fetish and let me kind of do my thing but there are people who want me to say things a certain way, wear certain clothes, and they want really specific stuff. Some will even give me a script”.

Ashley at Naughty America

Ashley Sinclair : Adult Film Career

Ashley Sinclair first began working in the adult film industry in 2011 whereupon she filmed some saucy sex scenes that were featured in the Bang Bros DVD compilation titles Bang Bros Tryouts 2 (2012) and Every Last Drop 20 (2012). Ashley Sinclair also filmed a kinky solo scene that was featured in the Morally Corrupt production Submit Your Bitch 3 (2012).

After filming these initial sex scenes Ashley Sinclair decided to return to webcamming and shooting custom fetish content, highlighting in her October 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview how;

“I shot probably around 6 [scenes]. I had been doing webcamming for awhile. It might have actually been 2011. I did 5 or 6 scenes, then I started doing the fetish stuff and ended up doing my own website”.

Ashley at Brazzers

For the next two years Ashley Sinclair performed exclusively as a webcam model and fetish performer -shooting custom clips and exclusive fetish content which she promoted via Talking about the progression of her fetish productions within her June 2015 AVN press release, Ashley Sinclair conveyed how;

“Until I started doing webcam at 18, I wasn’t that experienced other than vanilla sex with a few boyfriends…However, if it is someone I am attracted to, to be totally dominated — I have always loved the thought of that — it is a turn-on. I also think group sex is fun, so I am definitely on the open side…

There are so many things I have had the opportunity to try…Lots of humiliation, cuckold, goddess worshiping, foot fetish, and jerk-off instructions from a girl they will and can never have seem to be the most popular. One unique one is the pregnant fetish. I’m obviously not pregnant but I have a realistic fake belly prop that I use for those scenes…

One of the most interesting for me has been domination…I never thought I would be in a position to dominate a guy, but in videos and on live webcam I do it all the time and I love it. It’s always guys who I would never really be with and I like the control and power of it. I would never be with someone who couldn’t totally own me. So it’s a fun role to play…

I do a ton of customs. I shoot 50 to 100 videos a month, so to be able to do most things on my property is fantastically convenient. I’ve had the most fun with the pool and hot tub, but those are just the most obvious opportunities, and I never know what someone is going to request next”.

Ashley at Naughty America

Much to the joy of her devoted fan base, in October 2014 Ashley Sinclair announced that she would resume shooting hardcore scenes. Ashley Sinclair announced her return to the adult film industry within an AVN press release, commenting that;

“I’ve been really looking forward to shooting hardcore scenes again…It’s something cam fans are always asking for and I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. Everything finally came together, so I’m diving into it!”.

Ashley Sinclair discussed her reasons for resuming her adult film career in greater detail during her October 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, revealing how;

“I was thinking about it on-and-off for two years now and I decided I was ready for a change of pace. Other people may not have ever heard of me. I did very, very well in the fetish industry and had my own website but I’ve been thinking about getting back into it. I just want to expand my customer base and my fan base and get my name out there to all the other porn people”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Since resuming her adult film career Ashley Sinclair has starred in a saucy scene for Mofos’ I Know That Girl web series in October 2014, she filmed some sizzling Ashley’s Big Boob Gonzo Fuck and Ripe To Be A Pornstar scenes with Keiran Lee and Johnny Sins that were both promoted via Brazzers Network in November 2014 and she appeared in a thrilling three-way with Kimber Lee and Tony De Sergio that was released via Mofos in February 2015. Although Ashley Sinclair was initially nervous about resuming her hardcore porn career, she soon found that she enjoyed shooting these saucy scenes and eagerly expressed in her October 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview that;

“I was really excited. I got along with everybody. The first time I was really nervous but now since I’ve been around it was more exciting than anything. Being in front of the camera excites me. I love shooting all types of scenes so far. I did my first girl/girl scene just recently and I liked it more than I thought I would. I might even dare to say that I like girl/girl more but I love both. They’re both fun”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Fans of Ashley Sinclair will love viewing the sizzling scenes that she has filmed for the prominent porn network Naughty America. As matters stand, Ashley Sinclair has starred in a raunchy My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend role-play with Ike Diezel that was first released via Naughty America in December 2014, a I Have A Wife shoot with Levi Cash in February 2015, a steamy My Friend’s Hot Friend scene with Mark Wood in April 2015 and a sultry Tonight’s Girlfriend scene with Johnny Castle which was promoted via Naughty America in August 2015.

During this time Ashley Sinclair continued to shoot custom content and regular live cam shows for her devoted fan following. Talking about her favourite fetish custom clips within her Domme Addiction interview, Ashley Sinclair highlighted how;

“I actually prefer to work alone doing POV style where the end viewer is the other “party” to the video, if that makes sense. There have only been two people I’ve worked with that I didn’t care for. Everyone else has been a blast!…

The reason you have seen me in so many different genres of fetish & porn is because after shooting for several fetish producers and a porn company I decided I would start my own production company. I wanted to cater to specific niche videos that guys couldn’t find anywhere else. My passion is creating other people’s fantasies and making them come true. With that being said…I don’t actually find a lot of interest personally in any one fetish or even vanilla “porn scene”. I prefer learning what makes others enjoy and stepping up to the plate and trying it myself. That is why I shoot more custom videos than probably anyone else out there that I know of”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Since resuming her adult film career Ashley Sinclair has been featured The Daily Beast‘s December 2014 Year In Porn article which was written by former porn star Aurora Snow. In addition to her hot hardcore productions Ashley Sinclair also began to star in several best-selling all-girl productions. We recommend checking out Ashley’s saucy scenes with Abigail Mac in the production Lesbian Desires 3 (2015) which was nominated for ” Best All-Girl Movie” at the 2016 AVN Awards, as well as watching her kinky three-way with Addie Juniper and Coco in the Juniper Movies production Lesbian Tickling Orgies (2015) and her sizzling shoot with Carter Cruise that was released via Ashley Sinclair has loved shooting these girl/girl scenes and enthused within her January 2015 Fleshbot interview that;

“The two scenes I did with Abigail Mac were a lot of fun and our chemistry together was unbelievable. I’d love to shoot with her again. Carter Cruise and I shot some fetish scenes together for my production company before she ever really started with the big porn companies and I think with the right budget and now that we both have more experience a scene with both of us would be amazing. We got along really well…

I remember [Carter’s] agent contacting my partner at Fetishcon and asking if we would shoot her during the convention. He had said there was this really beautiful girl who was thinking of doing porn and he was bringing her to Fetishcon to maybe get her feet wet or something like that. I have a small production company that shoots fetish content and when I met her I was glad we had the opportunity. My partner shot her in a handful of fetish scenes and then at the end I came in and we shot a girl/girl type scene. Mainly just kissing and fingering, pillow humping and stuff. For not having been on film before she did great and seemed very confident at what she was doing. It wasn’t long after that she was shooting a lot for many of the big companies that shoot porn. The main thing I remember about her is that she was genuine and very polite. And she’s a great kisser!”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Ashley Sinclair : Popular Porn Productions, Award Nominations & Future Plans

In recent years Ashley Sinclair has continued to be featured within many best-selling DVDs including Busted Babysitters (2015) for Mofos and the Brazzers productions Double D-Tention (2016) and Breast Intentions (2016) that was nominated for ” Best Big Bust Movie” at the 2017 AVN Awards.

Ashley Sinclair has since shared a three-way with Jillian Janson and Johnny Castle that was featured in Moms Teach Sex 9 (2016) for Nubiles, she has starred in Teacher Fucks Teens 2 (2017) for Nubiles and many of her hottest web clips have been featured in the Naughty America DVD compilation titles My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 29 (2015) and Tonight’s Girlfriend 61 (2017) that was nominated for “Best Lewd Propositions Movie” at the 2018 AVN Awards. Ashley Sinclair’s stellar performance in Tonight’s Girlfriend 61 even earned her an ardent endorsement from Adult DVD Talk blogger Captain Jack who stated in his May 2017 online review that;

“This was another good edition of the series from Naughty America. Ashley is just smoking hot and put in a great performance. Abella is also very good and you can see why she is currently one of the top performers in the industry! Good release!”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Want to know the most impressive part? Ashley Sinclair’s captivating content has earned her some notable award wins at the Cammy Awards as well as several nominations at the AVN Awards. Listed below are some of Ashley Sinclair’s most impressive industry accolades to date;

  • 2015: Cammy Awards winner “Crossover Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: Cammy Awards winner “Sexiest Adult Starlet”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nomineeMost Spectacular Boobs (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Biggest Web Celebrity (Fan Award)”

Ashley at Brazzers

Ashley Sinclair was very grateful to receive these industry accolades at the 2015 Cammy Awards and stated in a January 2015 AVN press release that;

“I take great pride in my cam shows, so I’m really proud to have won this award…There was a lot of really solid competition and it’s a real honor”.

What’s more, Ashley Sinclair was thrilled to receive some notable nominations at the 2016 AVN Awards and enthused in a December 2015 AVN press release how;

“I love spending time on social media, connecting with fans from across the globe. I believe that is probably one of the reasons for the nomination. I appear in over 100 different porn and fetish genres that are streamed or downloaded on the web daily. That gives me a presence that the typical adult performer doesn’t necessarily have. I have a very diverse group of fans, but they’re all very special to me. I’m happy I’ve made the kind of impact on the fans and the industry to be nominated”.

Ashley at Brazzers

When she isn’t performing in porn Ashley Sinclair continues to shoot regular live chat sessions  via Camsoda (under the screen name ‘Ashley Sinclair‘) as well as hosting private Skye cam shows and posting all manner of thrilling fetish content and custom clips via her official websites. Ashley Sinclair has always loved interacting with her fans via social media and sincerely conveyed in her January 2015 Fleshbot interview that;

“I love interacting with my fans on Twitter. It’s a big part of my day – I’m constantly posting what’s happening in my personal life and what kinky scenes I have been working on. I really believe I’m successful because of the time I spend getting to know my fans. I do Skype shows almost every night with my favorites and I’ve gotten to know a lot of really cool people that way…

I love doing live shows because of the personal nature. It’s not just some guy buying a clip or watching a scene and jerking off. We almost always get to know each other first. I have a lot of repeat-long term clients. In their minds, I could be the girl next door. I could be the chick they saw shopping at the mall that caught their eye, or a girl from the nightclub. Maybe I remind them of a secretary at work or former student. It is exciting for them because they see I am a real girl much like those they see every day – only I’m willing to get kinky with them on Skype!…you guys really inspire me. Knowing that you take an interest in the films I create or play a part in really means a lot. Thank you so much!”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Alongside her adult industry projects, you may be interested to learn that Ashley Sincliar is a talented fitness competitor who won two trophies at the 2015 National Physique Committee’s (NPC) Kentucky Muscle competition. Upon winning these impressive trophies Ashley Sinclair explained in a November 2015 AVN press release that;

“I am now a Nationally Qualified Fitness Athlete…I just did it as a hobby to see how extreme I could go in conditioning my body and I had an amazing time. Next year I will be competing to obtain a pro card…I love the [fan] support on both the adult and fitness side of my career. It just makes it that much more fun to me”.

So what does the future hold for fan-favourite performer and producer Ashley Sinclair? Well, when Ashley Sinclair was asked about her future plans during her January 2015 Fleshbot interview she mentioned that;

“I’ve shot a lot of fetish content at this point and for years I’ve had some of the more mainstream porn companies asking me to come shoot, but I only shot a handful of porn scenes in the beginning of my career, the rest have been fetish for smaller companies. In 2015 I intend on shooting more mainstream porn scenes. I’m pretty selective and I don’t take every offer to shoot that I receive like many of the girls do. I have my own production company that I run and have thousands of clients I service with live shows and custom videos. Those are all my priorities, but there are a lot of fans that have been asking me to shoot with some of the bigger companies and I’ll do just about anything for them”.

Ashley at Brazzers

Keen to stay updated on all of Ashley Sinclair’s upcoming porn productions, thrilling fetish content and lusty live chat sessions? Then please feel free to use the links provided below to stay connected with the amazing Ashley Sinclair!

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