Chanel Noir Biography

TS Chanel Noir Biography

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Chanel Noir – Personal Info

Name : Chanel Noir

Date of Birth : April 10th

Star Sign : Aries

Hometown : Denver, Colorado (US)

Measurements : 34D

Height : 5’11 (1.80m)

Hair Colour : Brunette

Eye Colour : Green

Tattoos : ‘VIII – VII – MMVII’ Roman numerals on the back of her right shoulder and ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that’ script on the right side of her back

Piercings : Navel

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Chanel Noir is a beautiful brunette adult film star, cam girl and glamour model who has been performing in porn since 2017. A fan-favorite performer, Chanel Noir was nominated for “Best New Face” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards, “Best Girl/Girl Scene” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards and she was named as Grooby Girls “Model of the Month” for July 2017. Watch this space!

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Chanel Noir : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Chanel Noir first started working in the adult film industry in the spring of 2017 and many of her earliest sex scenes were released via Christian XXX’s popular and porn networks. We recommend checking out Chanel Noir’s hot Stunning New Model Gets Dicked Down hardcore scene with Christian XXX in May 2017, her immersive Stunning New Model Chanel Noir Jerks You Off POV shoot in June 2017 and her thrilling Surprising Your TS Girlfriend With Another Hot TS three-way with Cherry Mavrik and Christian XXX in June 2017. Many of Chanel Noir’s hottest scenes have even been featured in the CX Wow DVD compilation titles SM Threesomes #8 (2018) and Amateur Transsexuals #10 (2018) starring sexy TS pornstars Kayleigh Coxx, Autumn Fallen and Lily Demona. Chanel Noir has also received high praise from Christian XXX who enthusiastically stated via that;

“Chanel Noir is a stunning new model that is tall, thin, and perfect! She is absolutely mesmerizing in every aspect and her passion and energy while getting fucked hard bareback has to be seen. This starlet is going to be very popular, trust me!”.

Chanel Noir XXXBios - TS Chanel Noir in sexy dress and red lingerie - Chanel Noir Grooby Girls picsAmazing Chanel Noir Returns! – Grooby Girls

A landmark moment in Chanel Noir’s adult film career occurred in July 2017 when she made her adult film modelling debut via the Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls. Titled Stunning Chanel Noir! , this sultry solo shoot was directed by Radius Dark and it was such a hit that Chanel Noir was named as Grooby Girls “Model of the Month” for July 2017! As the description hotly hints;

“It’s “Model of the Month” time and we have an immense pleasure to present gorgeous Chanel Noir! Making her the Model of the Month was a very easy decision – this girl is really one of a kind! Nothing like her was seen before! Chanel is beautiful, tall, slim and she has amazing long legs! As a former gymnast, she’s very flexible (you’re going to see that in her videos)!…She arrived on the set looking beautiful in a red dress with no bra and no panties! She was horny and ready for fun!…Keep an eye on this future star for her next releases!”.

Hold on, it gets even better! Chanel Noir’s sensational Grooby Girls debut also earned her high praise from prominent porn critic Caramel Black who enthusiastically stated in her July 2017 TS Dreamland review that;

“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Chanel Noir before in an adult industry scene but I’m still stunned by how stunning she is. Radius Dark introduces her to us however all by herself, flipping one of her wedges against a bare heel and showing us she’s not wearing panties. It’s not an explicit revelation, just a flash of bare hip and pierced tummy. She says in her sultry voice that she’s also not wearing a bra…There’s a moment for admirers of legs that seem to go on forever and barefoot lovers and things quickly kick into high gear. With the somewhat slow stages of nudity in the photo set, you might not expect to see Chanel’s naughty bits so fast if you browse the pics first…This is one of the best debut sets ever!”.

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Want to know the best part? Chanel Noir has continued to collaborate with Radius Dark on many seductive solo scenes for Grooby Girls. You’ll love viewing her sensual Chanel Noir Cums For You! sophomore shoot in July 2017, her Amazing Chanel Noir Returns! scene in September 2018 and her kinky Superstar Chanel Noir Cums! shoot in October 2018.

During this time Chanel Noir also worked with Radius on a series of sizzling solo and hardcore scenes for the Grooby Network porn site TGirls.XXX. Our top picks? They’d have to be Chanel Noir’s hot Chanel Noir Fucked By Kai Donec! hardcore scene in July 2017, her titillating Oh So Tight Chanel Noir! and Stunning Chanel Noir’s Monday Climax! solo shoots in August 2017 as well as her intensely alluring Cumshot Friday: Chanel Noir! solo scene in January 2018 and her raunchy Chanel Noir, Aubrie Scarlett & D. Arclyte! hardcore romp in May 2018. Must see sex scenes for Chanel Noir fans!

Chanel Noir XXXBios - TS Chanel Noir in sexy floral dress and peeptoe heels - Sexy tgirl Chanel Noir TGirlsXXX porn pics - TS Chanel Noir sfw picsChanel Noir at TGirls.XXX

Many of Chanel Noir’s most popular collaborations with Radius Dark been those that she filmed for the Grooby Network porn site You’ll love watching Chanel Noir’s sultry scene with Natalie Mars in August 2017, her saucy shoot with Lianna Lawson in October 2017 and her scintillating scene with Janelle Fennec in January 2018. In fact, Chanel Noir’s compelling collaboration with Janelle Fennec was highly recommended by Caramel Black who stated in her January 2018 TS Dreamland review that;

“Watching the scene trailer on TGirls.Porn reveals mutual oral sex and Chanel fucking Janelle in two different positions. What the preview does not show is the build-up sequence in the hotel room where the girls come together and begin making out. From that moment until the closing make out scene with the girls standing naked, I feel that Chanel and Janelle share a chemistry that rivals any duo or threesome on this website. These models are exquisite separately but every time I see them together it’s a reminder of how amazing they are as a team”.

Most recently, Chanel Noir has filmed a steamy shoot with Sydney Farron in May 2018 that was nominated for “Best Girl/Girl Scene” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards and she shared a mesmerizing scene with Zyra Rose that was unveiled via in September 2018. With so many captivating collaborations to her name, it was only a matter of time before Chanel Noir was featured in her very own Grooby star showcase. Titled Chanel Noir: TS Superstar (2018), this sizzling star showcase treated fans to six of Chanel’s best scenes with some of the industry’s hottest TS pornstars Natalie Mars, Lianna Lawson and Janelle Fennec as well as fan-favorite performer Kai Donec. Not to be missed!

Chanel Noir XXXBios - TS Chanel Noir in sexy red lingerie, dress and high heels - Chanel Noir Grooby Girls porn pics - TS Chanel Noir sfw picsAmazing Chanel Noir Returns! – Grooby Girls

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Chanel Noir has started to shoot some amazing scenes for Mayumi Sparkles’ fan-favorite porn site We recommend checking out Chanel’s raunchy Getting Some Sugar And Dick and Fuck My Boss role-plays with Janelle Fennec in November 2017 as well as her intensely alluring A Sensual Bath and Boober Eats scenes with Melanie Brooks in April 2018. In particular, Chanel Noir’s romantic A Sensual Bath scene with Melanie Brooks was ardently endorsed by Caramel Black who conveyed in her May 2018 online review how;

“Director Mayumi Sparkles threw me for a loop with this scene that develops from a romantic trans lesbian bathing session. makes a departure from the usual camp humor to deliver a highly stylized production this particular week and I love it! I’d hate to see this site do away with a time-tested fun formula, but I’m not worried that’s ever going to happen. But it’s refreshing to see a different direction every now and again…

Chanel has appeared on twice already with Janelle Fennec in “Getting Some Sugar and Dick” followed up by “Fuck My Boss” and this is the debut performance of Melanie Brooks who smashes it! I’d be worried about anyone who has to keep up with a force like Ms Noir, but Melanie shows she can hang…Compliments roll off the tongues of both actresses naturally and the transition from the dimly lit tub oral sex sequence is an abrupt yet welcome switch to the brightly lit bedroom footage…There are position changes and as much roughness as there is intimacy. This is one of the most well-rounded and advanced productions to date and the chemistry between both actresses is sublime”.

Chanel Noir’s sensual scene with Melanie Brooks was so popular that it was showcased in the DVD compilation title Two TGirls #5 (2018) also starring Ally Sparkles, Aspen Brooks, Bailey Love, Chelsea Marie, Janelle Fennec and Kayleigh Coxx. When you watch scenes such as this, it’s clear to see why Chanel Noir was nominated for “Best New Face” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards!

Chanel Noir XXXBios - TS superstar Chanel Noir cums pics - TS Chanel Noir in sexy floral dress and high heels - Chanel Noir TS pornstar Grooby Girls sfw picsSuperstar Chanel Noir Cums! – Grooby Girls

When she isn’t starring in these popular porn productions, Chanel Noir enjoys chatting with her fans via social media, shooting custom videos via Many Vids and hosting lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (under the screen name ‘chanelnoirts’). Want to keep yourself updated on all of Chanel Noir’s hottest sex scenes and upcoming live cam shows? Then use the links provided below to stay connected with ravishing rising starlet Chanel Noir!

Chanel Noir – Social Networks

Twitter : @chanelnoirx

Instagram : @chanelnoirx

Chaturbate : chanelnoirts

Grooby Girls : Chanel at Grooby Girls

TGirls : Chanel at TGirls.XXX : Chanel at

Two Tgirls : Chanel at

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