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Lisey Sweet – Personal Info

Name : Lisey Sweet

Date of Birth : June 18th

Hometown : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US)

Measurements : 32C – 24 – 35

Height : 5’6 (1.68m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Kanji text on her left wrist

Piercings : Navel

Shoe Size : Women’s 8.5 (US)

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 30+

Lisey Sweet is a rapidly rising starlet who has been performing in porn since 2017. A multi-talented porn star, fetish performer, glamour model and cam girl, Lisey has already been nominated for “Hottest Newcomer (Fan Award)” at the 2018 AVN Awards and she won “Most Photogenic ‘Nether Region'” at the 2017 Spank Bank Technical Awards.

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Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but currently based in Los Angeles, California, Lisey Sweet comes from a large family – in fact she is a twin and has three sisters in total. A natural born performer, Lisey was drawn to theatre and chorus clubs in school. However, Lisey never quite felt as if she belonged during her high school years. As Lisey puts it in her own words during her May 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I grew up outside of Pittsburgh. A real small town. I have a twin sister, 3 sisters total actually. We’re all very, very different. In school, I was all sorts of things. My sisters were homecoming queen, prom queen, all the girly stuff. I was like, ‘that shit doesn’t interest me!’ I was into theatre and I was friends with a lot of different groups of people. I was pretty slutty too in high school. (laughs) I told somebody the other day, if some bitch messes with my twin sister, I was going to fuck her boyfriend… that’s the type of person I was. High school wasn’t a super great experience for me because I was always a lot more mature than people my age. I didn’t feel like I belonged”.

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After graduating from high school, blonde bombshell Lisey Sweet attended college in Pittsburgh where she initially majored in Sports, Art and Entertainment Management. Unfulfilled by this course, Lisey soon switched to Mathematics and Secondary Education with plans of becoming a high school teacher. However, Lisey ultimately decided against a career in teaching and switched majors to Biology whereupon she secured an internship at an infectious diseases lab at the University of Pittsburgh. As Lisey explained in her May 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I went to college in 2007. I went to a small university in Pittsburgh. I started out in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major and that was boring as hell. So then I switched to mathematics and secondary education and I was going to be a high school math teacher. I got all the way done with most of my courses and most of my teaching courses and I was getting ready to student teach and I said, ‘Fuuuuck! I hate kids!’ I don’t want to teach high schoolers and deal with parents and shit like that. This was going to be terrible and I started to realize the constraints they put on you to really follow the curriculum. I just had this panic and was trying to figure out what to do. I was in a biology class at that time. I really liked it and I was doing really well so I switched my major to biology. Just before that, I got an internship at a science lab at the University of Pittsburgh. It was an infectious diseases lab that does vaccine work. I did a summer internship and I stayed there as a part time employee as a tech. Then I got hired on full time once I graduated”.

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Upon graduating from University, bubble butt beauty Lisey Sweet secured a full time job as a research scientist at this microbiology lab where she continued to work for the next seven  years. Lisey was charged with running experiments for vaccinations against infectious diseases. Lisey’s lab was ultimately relocated to Florida and she rose to the rank of manager. Lisey’s lab later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and it was here that Lisey began experimenting with nude modelling and shooting some raunchy content for the Clips4Sale store Lazy Cat Studios. Lisey and her husband had previously attended adult themed events such as Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida, where Lisey first caught the eye of erotic photographers. Lisey has discussed her progression from modelling to performing in porn during her September 2017 AIP Daily interview, explaining  how;

“My husband and I have always enjoyed adult friendly atmospheres and lifestyles. We attended Fantasy Fest in Key West for the first time in 2014 ,hence my social media handles “2014”, and some pictures surfaced of me from the festival and had people asking who I was. I had no idea until some of the photographers there tracked me down and asked to do an erotic photo shoot at Fantasy Fest 2015. My response was, “Who, me? Do I have to pay you?”. Believe it or not, I was pretty shy during this photo shoot, but I enjoyed it and pursued nude and erotic modeling as a side hobby when I lived in Atlanta. I was getting pretty steady gigs on the side when a local Clips4Sale company contacted me and asked me to do some films with them. My husband and I decided to try it and if I didn’t like it I never had to do it again. However, that was not the case. I got such a rush from performing in front of a camera and I craved it from that moment. I could have never dreamed of doing this full time let alone mainstream at the time, that would have been so unbelievable to me”.

Lisey Sweet’s scientific background dispels the common perceptions that many people have about porn stars being ‘airheads’. Talking about this issue during her February 2018 Adult DVD Talk interview, rising starlet Lisey highlighted how;

“I do recognize that as an issue but I feel like one of the main reasons I’m in the industry is because I want to use this as a chance to educate people. There’s a lot of us who are really smart and educated. We’re confident, sexy women and we like to do this because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us. It’s not because of whatever reasons people think. Come to this show like AVN and you’ll see that. There are a lot of girls here doing it because they’re doing what they want to do and they’re not apologetic”.

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Lisey Sweet : Adult Film Career

Blonde beauty Lisey Sweet made her mainstream porn debut in Los Angeles, California, in 2017 and she recounted within her May 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview how;

“The first time I did it, I figured I could try it because it sounds like fun and if I don’t like it, I’ll never have to do it again. When I started doing it, I really, really loved it. It was so much fun. So exciting. Then I got more and more into it and it became a bigger part of my life. I found myself becoming disinterested in the stuff I was doing at work. I was thinking about porn all day. Every time I was in a meeting, I was thinking, ‘Why am I here? Why am I doing this?’ I was going out to LA for stretches of time and I didn’t have that much vacation time. I had to make a choice and I chose porn. I can also technically go back to science if I want to. That’s always there but I don’t really want to. I love porn…

My very first scene, I was really a little bit nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect. I really wasn’t once we started because I was always theatre so I’m used to performing in front of a lot of people. That didn’t bother me. And, once we got started, I knew I wasn’t going to totally mess it up and look stupid. It was awesome. It was a rush! You have to be aware of where the camera is to make sure your arm isn’t in front of something or you’re facing the right direction. Keeping my eyes open is something I have to keep reminding myself of. (laughs)”.

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Represented by OC Modelling, from this point onward Lisey Sweet began to star in a wide range of raunchy web clips and best-selling DVDs including Anal Couples Swap (2017) for Evil Angel within which Lisey shared an amazing group sex scene with dynamic directing duo Francesca Le and Mark Wood, Cum Eating Cuckolds 28 (2017) for Kick Ass Pictures, Mike Adriano’s Evil Angel sequel release Deep In That Ass 3 (2017) and Ménage A Tranny (2017) for Devil’s Film that showcased Lisey in a thrilling three-way with Jenny Flowers and Pierce Paris.

Fans of Lisey Sweet will also love viewing her saucy scenes with Mark Wood in Open My Ass (2017) for Evil Angel, her raunchy shoot with Mike Hunt in Thumper In The Dumper (2017) for Lethal Hardcore which was nominated for “Clever Title of the Year” at the 2018 AVN Awards, her sizzling scenes with Mick Blue in Maestro Claudio’s Evil Angel DVD Gape Tryouts 2 (2017) and her three-way with Sadie Santana and Jovan Jordan Hustler Video DVD Teens Swing With Couples (2018).

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Lisey Sweet : Popular Porn Productions

Many of Lisey Sweet’s most popular porn productions were filmed in collaboration with award-winning director Aiden Starr. As matters stand Lisey has starred in the Aiden Starr Corp./Evil Angel DVDs Anal Cheaters (2017), Stepsister Creampies (2017) and Please Creampie Me! (2018) featuring Chloe Cherry, Kira Noir and Kimber Woods. Lisey enjoys shooting these raunchier DVDs and she saucily stated in her XCritic column interview that;

“I do have a certain look and I do get cast a lot of times in this “girl next door” sort of thing, especially when people think that they know me. I have this light, pink, gentle look about me and then I end up surprising the directors by how nasty I am. The directors that bring me back three or four times know. Perv City and Maestro Claudio have shot me four times. I will be shooting with Aiden Star for the third time. I believe that I am getting something scheduled with LeWood for a third time. I think these amazing directors keep bringing me back because they see, deep down, it is not just an act, I am truly a dirty, nasty girl and these are the things I love to do. (We share a laugh)”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet in Thumper In The Dumper – Lethal Hardcore

As well as her ongoing collaborations with Aiden Starr, Lisey Sweet has filmed some sensational scenes in collaboration with critically acclaimed director Maestro Claudio. Thus far, Lisey has starred in an epic oral shoot with Blair Williams that was featured in the Perv City production Deep Throat League 4 (2017), she was featured in Perv City’s Anal Creampies (2017) and she filmed her first ever double anal scenes with John Strong and Bill Bailey for Perv City’s Department Of Double Penetration (2017). Lisey Sweet explained how she came to shoot her first double anal within her February 2018 Adult DVD Talk interview, revealing that;

“Perv City’s Department of Double Penetration, I did my accidental double anal for that one and that’s a really, really hot video. I’m so excited about that…(laughs) Well, it was supposed to be a regular DP. I was in cowgirl on Bill Bailey and he’s fucking my ass. So John Strong comes in to do the double penetration for the first time. I’m thinking, “Hold on a second! If Bill’s in my ass, are they going to cross swords or what?” And all of a sudden, he slides in and I’m ‘Ahhhhhh. Is this really happening?’ I could have stopped it but I decided to go for it because this is going to take me to the next level. So before we even do DP, we’re doing double anal. And Bill had his balls in my asshole, it was crazy! The chemistry was great, it was such a fun time”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet – OC Modelling Profile

Another landmark moment in Lisey Sweet’s adult film career occurred in December 2017 when she filmed her first ever gangbang with Donny Sins, Isiah Maxwell, Ricky Johnson, Justin Hunt and Nathan Bronson, titled Caged Gangbang Slut: Submissive Lisey Sweet Gets Holes Cracked Open, which was promoted via as part of their Bound Gangbang web series. Talking about shooting her very first gangbang during her February 2018 Adult DVD Talk interview, Lisey conveyed how;

“I was a slave to Mr. Ricky Johnson. He was my Master and locked me in a cage. He gave me a little cup to piss in. I was so embarrassed because I spilled a little and so I licked it up. I licked it up off the floor! So, to reward me, he decided to grant my biggest fantasy which was a gangbang and to be airtight. He brings all his friends over and there are 5 of them in total. They take turns, I’m in a leather hood, I’m in a swing and I’m bound every which way. It’s really crazy! I love gangbangs! I got double penetrated and it’s hot! It’s a good one…

I’m actually naturally dominant. When I go to Fantasy Fest, I’ve had a slave there before. Throughout my life, I’ve had a shoe slave…He buys me shoes and he buys videos of me dominating men with my shoes”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet in Gape Tryouts 2 – Evil Angel

Lisey Sweet : Fan-Favorite Sex Scenes

Never one to rest on her laurels, Lisey Sweet has continued to shoot many sensational sex scenes. Fans of Lisey Sweet will love viewing her steamy Girly Anal shoot with Chloe Cherry which was released via in January 2018 and her thrilling The Family Platform BDSM three-way with  Angel Allwood and Ramon Nomar that was promoted via in February 2018 as part of their Families Tied web series. Lisey has also starred in, and posed as the DVD cover model for, the Devil’s Film production We Swing Both Ways (2018) and the Kick Ass Pictures production Kick Ass Chicks 101: Hardcore Foot Fetish (2018). Talking about her personal sexual preferences during her May 2017 Fleshbot interview, Lisey hotly hinted that;

“Within reason, I like to take the attitude of ‘don’t knock it until you try it.’ I would have never thought that I would enjoy foot fetish until I started doing it on camera. I discovered that due to my flexibility and a joint disorder, I can give a footjob and a blowjob at the same time. My toes are also extremely dexterous which makes for a very sensual and mind-blowing footjob. I love feeling hot cum dripping on my soles and rubbing it between my pretty little toes”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet – OC Modelling Profile

When she isn’t performing in these popular porn productions, Lisey Sweet enjoys interacting with her fans via social media and her saucy solo site Lisey enjoys communicating with her fans via these multimedia platforms and conveyed within her May 2017 Fleshbot interview that;

“One of the reasons I love doing porn is to be sexy and to turn other people on and I want them to wank to me! I think it’s so great to hear all the things that the fans have to say. I love their input and suggestions. It turns me on to think that my porn is the porn they choose to get off to so it’s awesome that I have the opportunity to find out what they like to see”.

But hold on, it gets even better! In fact, Lisey Sweet hosts regular lusty live cam shows with her fans via Camsoda under the screen name ‘liseysweet‘ and she has recently unveiled her new Streamate chat room ‘Lisey Sweet’ through which she continues to stream some saucy live chat sessions with her fans. When she was asked about her kinky cam shows during her September 2017 AIP Daily interview Lisey explained how;

“I currently cam on and when I’m not shooting and occasionally on I also have a voyeur cam on Camsoda so you can creep on me while I get ready naked! I do custom videos through as well as put an assortment of my own videos on my ManyVids page for people to buy. I would love to do some feature dancing! I have not done it yet but I am available for it and I love to dance. Strip clubs have always been a place where I got jealous of the girls on stage dancing while I just sit there with clothes on. I always want to join the fun!”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet in Stepsister Creampies – Evil Angel

You’ll be happy to hear that Lisey Sweet has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Lisey has already filmed some saucy new scenes in Prague for Legal Lisey’s first scene, a thrilling double anal gang bang with Ennio Guardi, Neeo and Ricky Silverado, was released via in February 2018 and she has hotly hinted that she has filmed another two double anal gang bangs for – one of which was a sensational triple penetration scene!

When beautiful big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet was asked about her future plans during her May 2017 Fleshbot interview she commented that;

“I really want to make an impact on the industry and to show that you can embrace your sexuality as a woman without fear of judgment from others. Coming from the scientific world, I am a huge advocate for sexual health and awareness. I want to help educate those outside of the porn industry as well as within and be a spokesperson to people who may be misinformed about certain topics regarding sexual health and push to preserve our rights as performers”.

Lisey Sweet XXXBios - Blonde big booty pornstar Lisey Sweet porn pics sfwLisey Sweet in Gape Tryouts 2 – Evil Angel

Keen to stay updated  on all of Lisey Sweet’s recent releases, exclusive web content and upcoming live cam shows? Not to worry – simply use the links provided below to stay connected with your favourite captivating kinkster Lisey Sweet!

Lisey Sweet – Social Networks

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Twitter : @lisey_2014

Instagram : @lisey2014

Streamate : Lisey Sweet

Camsoda : liseysweet

Kink : Lisey Sweet BDSM & Fetish Content

Evil Angel : Lisey Sweet at Evil Angel

IMDB : Lisey Sweet Filmography

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