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Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr : Personal Info

Name : Aiden Starr

Alias : Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Lola, Mistress Lolila, Lolita LeMarchand

Date of Birth: August 27th

Home Town :  New Milford, New Jersey (US)

Measurements : 34D – 25 – 34

Height : 5’0 (1.52m)

Hair Colour : Blonde/ Red

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Four finger hand design and two Japanese characters on the right side of her upper back and the left side of her torso, Japanese character on the right side of her navel and a scorpion on her upper left thigh

Years Active : 2002 – present

Number of Scenes : 500+ (as a performer) , 65+ (as a director)

Whether you know her Mistress Lolita or Aiden Starr, this Sicilian-American beauty is one of the most formidable femdom performers and directors within the adult entertainment industry! In 2002 this blue eyed, blonde haired beauty transformed into the captivating professional dominatrix Aiden Starr whilst working as a phone girl for a prestigious fetish dungeon in New York City. Since then Aiden Starr has received countless awards nominations for her groundbreaking fetish porn productions and she has earned herself a place within the heralded AVN Awards “Hall Of Fame”.

Aiden Starr


Before she discovered the NYC fetish scene, Aiden Starr grew up in New Milford, New Jersey. Brazen, beautiful and intelligent, Aiden Starr has always been a confident woman with an interest in BDSM. In fact, during her July 2007 Luke is Back interview Aiden divulged that her BDSM were evident even when she was growing up;

“I was into BDSM way before I had regular sex. I used to tie boys to trees…When I took my first job as a dominatrix, my mother said she was surprised it took me so long”.

After graduating from high school Aiden Starr moved to New York City in order to study Biology at NYU and then transferred to a school in New Haven to study Computer Science. Commenting on this period of her life during a Men’s Mag Daily interview, Aiden Starr stated that;

“I enjoyed the challenge of juggling school and work. Domination is like a science to me. Learning it in a professional environment is very much like studying”.

Aiden Starr


It was during this time that Aiden Starr started working within the Manhattan fetish scene as a phone girl for a professional fetish dungeon. Whilst discussing her pro-domme career with Autre blogger Audra Wist in February 2016, Aiden Starr explained how;

“My first sex worker job was a phone girl in a dungeon. What a phone girl means is the girl who picks up the phone, who books the sessions for the other girls and who preps the equipment in the room and who keeps the time. And working on the magazine that the dungeon put out at the time cause this was the 90s…And also working on the website, updating. But most of what I did and what I was really good at was managing the clients. I really liked submissive girls – that’s why I started working there. My buddy was a bottom and we played together and she started working there and she asked me to work there with her because she wanted me to work on her shifts, be the phone girl, and book all of her sessions. Get her guys that she liked and make good matches for her. So, my initial interest in the adult industry was making good matches between clients and providers to make the job enjoyable – to make the experience enjoyable for not only the clients, but also for the providers. Not only was a monetary exchange, but an exchange of a good time and a good energy”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr originally began working as a phone girl in order to pay for her university tuition and was tasked with booking appointments for the dungeon’s resident Mistresses, subs and switches. Although Aiden Starr enjoyed working in this important position, she soon discovered the even greater thrill of working as an exhibitionist and thus began fetish modelling and performing for cam-sites in the late 1990s. Known among members of the Manhattan fetish scene as Mistress Lolita, Aiden Starr was soon hired as the head manager for the prominent NYC fetish dungeon The Den of Iniquity.

In previous interviews Aiden Starr has conveyed how her pro-domme persona Miss Lolita has always been a part of her even from a very early age. As Aiden Starr revealed during an interview with Men’s Mag Daily in November 2014;

“Well, like everyone, the realization of my sexuality has been an evolution over time.  The first intimations showed themselves during advanced game of hide and seek called manhunt that I played as a child.  In manhunt, each team had a jail. I was always the jail keeper. In order to keep the other kids from escaping, I would tie them up. I distinctly remember one young boy who got caught on purpose so that I would tie him up every time we played. This was the first time I felt the attraction to bondage from another person. I loved the attention. Who wouldn’t?…

I got into the scene when I was a young teen, hanging out in fetish and Goth clubs. I turned pro during college and did end up paying for school that way. I went to NYU; no one would have batted an eye if they knew I worked at a dungeon. It’s a very liberal school. I was a phone girl at first and then became a Mistress. It’s always what I’ve been into. I hung out with the same people I did before I started college”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr : Professional Dominatrix & Adult Film Career

After graduating from university in 2003, Aiden Starr moved to the West Coast and opened her own branch of The Den of Iniquity in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Although Aiden Starr received a negative reception from fellow dommes upon first arriving within Los Angeles, her private domination dungeon soon became increasingly popular amongst both the fetish and mainstream porn markets;

“When I first moved here, all the other blonde dominatrixes said hellaciously mean things about me. That I abused men. That I took their money. That I was evil”.

Aiden Starr


As Aiden Starr elaborated within her Men’s Mag Daily interview;

“Since there were several highly skilled staff members available to flesh out the franchise, it was relatively easy actually. The rules of the game were the same. The weather, however, was much nicer…The fetish scene is really about community. It is comprised of the personalities and players who frequent play clubs and dungeons. One becomes big in the scene by garnering a reputation among the other patrons for being a stand up character who poses honesty, skill and integrity”.

Aiden Starr’s branch quickly became a highly sought after filming location for fetish porn and straight porn producers as well as representatives from the mainstream media. Spurred on by the success of her own Den of Iniquity branch, Aiden Starr began producing her own Vicious Vixxxens videos for Julie Simone Productions from 2006 onwards. Aiden Starr had been friends with Julie for many years and the pair both agreed that their video series should authentically portray the fetish lifestyle with respect and knowledge of the genre itself in order to please hardcore fetish fans. Combining this type of content with their own brand of glossy eroticism, Aiden Starr and Julie were able to transform Vicious Vixxxens into an extremely popular video series that captivated mainstream porn fans as well as avid fetish followers.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr has attributed the success of these Vicious Vixens videos to her ongoing love of directing erotic content. During her 2016 Autre interview with Audra Wist, Aiden Starr revealed that she had actually been directing video content since her early teenage years. As Aiden Starr described in her own words;

” I didn’t start working in that kind of adult film until I was working in the dungeon for a couple of years and then I only did it with women who were my lovers in real life. Before I graduated high school, I thought about applying to Tisch [School of the Arts, at NYU] and had prepared an application, so I was familiar with video medium and had directed stuff before. In fact, the very first thing I directed, I was a twelve-year old and I directed a mockumentary on date rape…It was a dramatization. It was a girl and a guy going back and forth, talking about their experiences, like a he said/she said re-enactment of it with a party scene: people drinking too much and the concept of date rape. She didn’t know why they were going into the bedroom because she’s young and didn’t have the experience… and he didn’t understand that she didn’t know why they were going into the bedroom because why would she go into the bedroom if she didn’t want to be there? That kind of scene. I wrote these scripts out for my friends, who were twelve, and I made them do it…

And it was also kind of a porn, a soft-core porn. Now, my version of this was them getting under the covers and moving under the sheets because when you’re twelve you think that’s what sex is. You just pull the sheets over your head and move around…But that, theoretically, is a soft core porn. So, I guess if you look back early enough, I was always going to end up where I ended up but that’s not what initially sparked my wanting to be a sex worker. It’s like a spa, going to see a provider. It’s beautiful and it’s fantasy and it’s like watching one of those movies from the 80s like Legend or Labyrinth where everybody is amazing and is in a castle and there’s a princess. And to me, it was helping people with their castle fantasy”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr : Evil Angel Collaborations

Following the success of her collaboration with Julie Simone Productions, Aiden Starr was hired as the sole website mistress of and was also recruited by and various other niche content distributors in order to direct and produce a wide range of BDSM, BBW and LGBT porn productions.

In March 2014, Aiden Starr signed an exclusive directing contract with leading pornographic production company Evil Angel. Commenting on her upcoming Evil Angel collaborations during a 2014 AVN press release, Aiden Starr stated;

“I’ll be making porn that reflects my sexual tendencies, which are very rough…I’m a lifestyle fetish player with a walk-in closet full of exotic sex toys. I love submissive girls. There’s nothing hotter than watching a pretty girl orgasm-overload while she’s getting whipped or fucked…[Starr said she’d like her Evil Angel movies to be known for] real female orgasms, anal domination, extreme fetishes, hand-picked casts…There are very few places that my particular style of work fits. I really feel at home at Evil Angel with the other perverts… I’ll be performing in most of my films. Having sex is still a big part of why I enjoy being a pornographer. I plan on living out my dream scenes. I get really close to my performers while they’re fucking. No one seems to mind that my tits press against them while I’m getting a good shot!”.

Aiden Starr


Evil Angel‘s founder John Stagliano praised her directing talents during this 2014 AVN press release, exclaiming that;

“Aiden is smart, tough and sexual in ways I rarely dare to think about…She knows her way around a camera, pussy and asshole as well as anyone. I was working with her on Evil Angel Radio and I just wondered out loud to her why she wasn’t directing. She told me she was and had a movie she was about to give me. Here it is”.

Aiden Starr’s first directing project for Evil Angels was Pussy Whipped, a raunchy BDSM movie that was distributed across the US in April 2014. Aiden Starr teased at the content within this lesbian femdom series to AVN during a 2014 press release, hinting that the inspiration for this shoot;

“sprang from the idea that if a girl loved you enough, she would do anything in bed that you wanted her to. This movie is about pushing the limits and popular conception of girl/girl sex and fem domination. Metal eggs are laid, tentacle strap-ons are brandished, dominatrices frighten submissives with their prolapsed assholes, and so on”.

Aiden Starr


In June 2015 Aiden Starr was featured within an AVN article titled “Women On Top : What’s Coming In Femdom”. During this featured article Aiden Starr discussed the overall aim of her various directing projects and enthused about her ongoing collaborations with Evil Angel representative John Stagliano and the company’s CFO Adam Grayson. Aiden Starr expressed how;

“They’re both really open to alternative sex. And they also like that I don’t want to make things too nichey…I want to open up the fetish to the mainstream…I only hire lifestyle players to do this stuff—fetish models and bondage models really understand…People don’t want to see contrived porn; they want to see real people having a real experience…I still draw on the pool of girls I’ve worked with multiple times … girls I already know can do that genre. And we take it to another level”.

Aiden Starr


From her lesbian erotica series Lesbian Anal Sex Slaves and Pussy Whipped to her femdom strap-on release Knock You Down a Peg and her “age and power play” content titled Evil MILFs, Aiden Starr’s directing talents and prominent pro-domme reputation have enabled her to collaborate with a wide range of fetish porn stars and popular mainstream adult film performers including; Bonnie Rotten, Riley Reid, Maitresse Madeleine Marlowe, Alexis Texas, Asa Akira, Belladonna, Daisy Ducati, Penny Flame and Veronica Avluv. During the aforementioned AVN femdom feature article Aiden Starr hinted at a new movie and advocated the important of authenticity with regards to fetish porn content;

“I’m going to be doing cuckold. … It’s made for the straight market for guys who want to explore the dark side of the fetish…People trying to fake it looks fake. … It’s not fair to the fan. We need to give them a top-quality product because they can get stuff for free”.

Aiden Starr


In August 2015 Aiden Starr released Bisexual Pick Ups; an innovative straight/gay DVD feature release that marked the first pornproduction released by Evil Angel ever to show ‘equal opportunity’ sex scenes between two men and a woman. Each of the four sex scenes showcased within Bisexual Pick Ups featured three-way sex scenes that incorporated a mix of gay, straight and anal content. Starring Mona Wales, Daisy Ducati, Ciccle Cixx, Tony Orlando , Jasper Stone, Eli Hunter and many more fetish, bisexual, gay and straight porn stars, Aiden Starr enthused about this groundbreaking pornographic production in an AVN press release. Aiden Starr stated that;

“Performers in today’s porn culture are told what is gay, what is straight, what is good and what is bad too often. I choose not to define my performers’ sexuality. I let them tell me who they want to fuck… “I wanted to show how my friends get down in real life…I set up role-play scenarios that reflected the personalities of the participants, resulting in on-camera displays of how these beautiful people fuck at home”.

Enthusing about Aiden Starr’s directing talents, Evil Angel’s Domestic Sales Manger Justin Rich also commented;

“The bisexual market is growing, and we’d never tapped into it…glad Aiden decided to leap in. With her contacts in that lifestyle, she’s uniquely positioned to capture true bisexual play”.

Aiden Starr

In December 2015 Aiden Starr released another groundbreaking Evil Angel porn production titled I Fucked My Black Stepbrother. This controversial DVD feature release tackled taboo relations and featured a range of interracial sex scenes as yet unseen within the mainstream porn market. Aiden enthused about the opportunity to work with her friend and rising female porn star Riley Reid, commenting how this production;

“was my chance to work with several ingenue starlets that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing but never had the opportunity to shoot…Riley Reid is a friend of mine. I tied a custom bondage ‘dress’ on her for the last AVN Awards, and we became friends. She has a raw, untamed sexuality that belies her young age”.

Similarly, Evil Angel’s Domestic Sales Manager, Justin Rich, praised Aiden Starr’s audacity during an AVN press release and stated;

“Taboo relations is the big niche across the adult industry right now, and the ones we’ve released have done really well…Interracial is always huge, and Aiden’s IR titles are strong sellers. Plus, I Fucked My Black Stepbrother has Riley Reid, who is hot in the market”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr’s most recent DVD feature release was distributed in July 2016. Titled Fucking Teens, this Evil Angel production featured Aiden Starr as both director and performer. Alongside Tommy Pistol and Robby Echo, Fucking Teens depicted Aiden Starr and her hired male switches enacting punishments upon female porn star millennials Joseline Kelly, Sydney Cole, Kira Noir and Anna De Ville. Speaking about this hardcore DVD feature release via an AVN press release, Aiden Starr confessed;

“It makes me feel so dirty as I realize I’m now twice as old as the entry age for porn girls…The original title for this movie actually was She’s Half My Age. Sounds like a romantic comedy, doesn’t it? This movie is closer to the horror genre…Replete with humiliation, rough sex and the level of perversion my fans have come to expect, Fucking Teens is one of the most hardcore movies I’ve ever directed”.

As matters stand, Aiden Starr has produced and directed over 40 DVD feature releases for Evil Angel and has also performed within several of these popular pornographic productions. From fetish porn to BBW, transgender, lesbian and bisexual themed erotica, no niche is off limits for Aiden Starr! Some of Mistress Lolita’s most popular directorial works include Marshmallow Girls 1, 2, 3 and 4, Hot for Transsexuals, Black Snake Oil, Supernatural, Treacherous and Fucking Hostile.

With regards to her ongoing directing projects, Aiden Starr has stated that she hopes to eventually emulate her fellow directors and adult film idols;

“I started doing porn as a way to have sex with pretty girls…I aspire to have the light, playful heart of Joey Silvera, the lush creativity of John Stagliano, the darkness of David Aaron Clark and the overt perversion of Jamie Gillis”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr : Adult Film Award Wins & Notable Nominations

In addition to directing and producing her own fetish porn video series, Aiden Starr has also performed in a wide range of DVD feature releases and website sex scenes for many leading production companies and online distributors including , Evil Angel, Vivid, Hustler, Penthouse and Wicked Pictures. During her 2007 Luke Is Back interview Aiden Starr confessed that;

 “I actually did my first boy/girl scene in a movie to get a girl/girl scene with a performer that I had a crush on…Having the pedigree of formal training in a Dungeon in NYC, I always adhere to the principles of SSC: Safe, Sane, Consensual. So, I would never play with a girl in that fashion when it was inappropriate to do so”.

Aiden Starr


It is this sexually adventurous yet eminently professional nature which has earned Aiden Starr multiple adult film award wins and nominations throughout her thirteen year femdom porn star career. Some of Aiden Starr’s most prestigious adult film accolades to date include;

2009: AVN Awards winner “Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene” Belladonna’s Girl Train (with Belladonna & Kimberly Kane)

2012: AVN Awards winner “Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release” Beggin’ For A Peggin’

2012: AVN Awards winner “Clever Title of the Year” Beggin’ For A Peggin’

2013: AVN Awards nominee “Unsung Starlet of the Year”

2013: Sex Awards nominee “Porn Star of the Year”

2013: XRCO Awards nominee “Unsung Siren of the Year”

2014: AVN Awards nominee “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” Fluid 1 (with Chad Diamond, Dana Vespoli and Justine Joli)

2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene” Orgy University (with Dana DeArmond, Sarah Shevon, Skin Diamond, Veruca James, James Deen, Jon Jon, Mr. Pete and Tommy Pistol)

Aiden Starr

2015: Femdom Awards winner “Professional Domme of the Year”

2015: Femdom Awards winner “Girl/Girl Femdom Scene/Clip of the Year” Pussy Whipped Scene 1: Aiden Starr

2015 Femdom Awards winner “Femdom DVD of the Year” Treacherous

2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress” Pornocopia

2015: AVN Awards nominee “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” Treacherous (with Anna Valentina, Dana DeArmond, Jay Taylor, Kiki Daire, Maia Davis, Megan Coxxx and Slut Bottom Chris)

2015: AVN Awards nominee “Kinkiest Performer (Fan Award)”

2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release” Pussy Whipped

2015: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Best Hands (aka Puppeteer of the Year)”

2015: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Fetish Virtuoso of the Year”

2015: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Pussy Eating Princess of the Year”

2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Boobs (Fan Award)”

2016: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Puppeteer of the Year (aka Best Hands/Fister)”

2017: AVN Awards nominee “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” Horny Cuckold Bitches (with Jovan Jordan and Slave Fluffy)

2017: XBIZ Awards nominee “Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release” Anal Sex Slaves 2

2017: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Puppeteer of the Year (aka Best Hands/Fister)”

2017: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Sovereign Dom of the Year”

2018: AVN Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee (Video Branch)”

2018: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Transsexual Director (Editor’s Choice)”

2018: XBIZ Awards nominee “Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release”

2018: XBIZ Awards nominee “Trans Director of the Year”

2019: XBIZ Awards winner “Trans Director of the Year”

2019: Transgender Erotica Awards winner “Best Scene Producer”

Aiden StarrAiden Starr in Pinup Perversions With Roxy Jezel – Club Jenna – Adult Empire Galleries

Aiden Starr : Thoughts On Feminism & The Rise Of Femdom

Due  to her natural confidence and extensive experience working as a professional dominatrix, Aiden Starr has never been afraid to speak her mind about important issues impacting the fetish porn genre and the adult film industry as a whole. For instance, during her 2016 Autre interview with Audra Wist, Aiden Starr was candidly honest regarding her remarks on porn stars who allege to have been raped and advocate that they are ardent feminists via social media platforms. Using the James Deen scandal as an example, Aiden Starr commented how;

That’s a great example of sex workers espousing feminism in social media. The fact that, to these women, you always take the side of a woman whenever she claims to have been raped, that is part of their perceived definition of feminism. Which is interesting, because for me rape is not a gender-based issue. I know just as many men, or trans, or otherwise gendered people, who are sexually assaulted as I do women. So, I don’t see rape culture as a feminist issue. I see it as a humanist issue. And it’s interesting because it’s being ascribed to a feminist issue. People claiming “women get raped, women get raped, women get raped.” People get raped. Human beings get raped. And I think that’s kind of getting lost while people are espousing the idea of rape culture and the knowledge that this does exist. A man was trying to convince me the other day that rape culture doesn’t exist and I said “God bless you that you don’t know that that exists…

Seriously, bless your existence and that you don’t act that way towards people. Bless your parents for not fucking you up the way that a lot of other people are fucked up. It’s a thing, it’s a real thing. But I don’t think that it has to be under the feminist banner and I think that it is being ascribed to the feminist banner by sex workers or sex positive people in social media. It’s interesting to see the dynamic of where feminism was in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. Today it’s all about preventing victimization and I feel like many many years ago it was about empowerment and equality. I’m not sure how that happened…

I think for me feminism, at its core, is about equality. It’s about people being equal to people. You obviously could go into the history of it and it’s present-day application and the issue, be they American, Central American, South American, African, European, Australian, Asian, whatever pocket of the world, and how feminism plays out in certain area, but for me, it’s about everybody being equal to each other…That’s kind of how I’ve always seen it. Everybody deserves common human rights…Feminism has definitely become more anti-male. Feminism looks closer to female supremacy than it does feminism”.

Aiden Starr

Following these sincere statements about feminism, Aiden Starr and blogger Audra Wist also discussed the increasingly popularity of femdom porn within the adult film industry and how this sudden success may be attributed to cultural changes such as the changing face of feminism. Aiden Starr suggested that;

“Why there’s been a rise in femdom porn is such an interesting fucking question. It’s one of my favourite subjects to talk about. When I talk to clients about porn and why they watch it, I always pick their brains and it’s so interesting to see that side where subs have no control and they like having no control. Whereas, if you play with a girl and it’s a girl/girl situation, the girls like “you can do this to me, you can do that to me, but I don’t like that and I don’t like this, period.” Whereas, guys just want to be this rock bottom. It’s so different between the two genders and their perception of being submissive. It’s fascinating! I have no fucking idea why except that money is so important in today’s society that I’m sure it has something to do with the burden that men are supposed to be the primary breadwinners…findom [financial domination] is huge…

I think men also feel like the pressure is on them in social situations to engage women and do they like the sexually aggressive archetype because it takes the pressure off of them. So, why I think that any kind of porn rises, any kind of art rises, any kind of entertainment rises, at all in any medium, is culture. The pervasive language of the culture directly affects femdom. What that language is debatable but definitely male responsibility and that they feel burdened by society in some way, shape, or form to still be the sexual aggressor or monetary provider affects femdom. And going back to feminism, maybe that’s why all these girls are angry on the internet because their realities are not pleasing to them”.

Aiden Starr


For her part, Aiden Starr has always taken her work as a professional dominatrix very seriously and is incredibly scathing of fellow dommes who do not treat their clients with the respect they deserve. Whilst talking with Audra, Aiden Starr exclaimed;

“You can really give yourself serious psychological damage with bad experiences…It’s intense. A lot of pro dommes are really bad. Really bad where I’m like what the fuck am I looking at right now?..If you are a pro domme and I see you do a scene with no aftercare, you suck. Period. If you are too fucking cool to get them a glass of water… if you are too fucking good to realize that you’re playing with a human being, I don’t like you. We’re not cut from the same fabric…

And you know what it is? It stems from insecurity because cruelty stems from insecurity and that’s what that is. That’s not BDSM, that’s cruelty. It’s true, man. And girls think it makes them look like a badass”.

A common theme to which Aiden Starr alluded throughout this interview was the importance of producing high quality fetish content whilst remaining respectful to her clients. In order to convey this point, Aiden Starr used the raw, majestic nature of David Bowie’s as an analogy for porn. Having been an avid David Bowie fan for many years, Aiden Starr conveyed during her 2016 Autre interview how;

“Porn is like David Bowie because David Bowie was majestic and sexual and fantastic. And tight shiny clothing and shoes you can’t really walk in. David Bowie is like porn because of the sexuality that is so raw and potent that it makes people nervous. The most popular comment on all of the stories on my Facebook feed about David Bowie on Facebook were “speechless.” He renders people speechless. Porn renders people speechless. When guys come up to us at AVN, they often cannot articulate themselves. You’re activating the part of your brain that does not recognize language as a form of communication, the animal or primal part of your brain that is activated by symbolism, colours, tarot cards, crosses, shit like that. That is how porn is like David Bowie”.

Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr: Co-Host Of  The 1st Annual Femdom Awards

Due to her broad spectrum of adult film achievements and her prominent reputation amongst the NYC and LA fetish scene, Aiden Starr was naturally chosen to be the co-master of ceremonies for the 1st Annual Femdom Awards alongside Glenn King, head of The King Adult Broadcast Network.

Held on in Los Angeles on February 28th 2015, this landmark awards ceremony was aired on several days later and featured 16 categories praising the work of femdom porn stars such as Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline Marlowe as well as numerous professional dommes working within the fetish lifestyle market. Ecstatic about this momentous occasion, Glenn King enthused to AVN in a 2015 press release how;

“It’s about time we had an award show for the Femdom genre…The Femdom Industry has been a huge part of adult entertainment for many years, with very little publicity. Producers have been creating tremendous content and we want to start recognizing them for their achievements. This will be the first of what will be an annual event”.

In addition to hosting the Femdom Awards ceremony, Aiden Starr also continues to host two live radio talk shows on SiriusXM 102. Her most popular talk show is titled “Diary of a Dominatrix”. Airing on Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm via, the SiriusXM app and Channel 791, Aiden has explained during a 2014 AIP Daily interview that;

“The show is meant to be a chronicle of my adventures as a fetishist. I talk about my sessions, parties and shoots. I also do “creative” interviews with hot girls that include fetish play. I’m interested in sexuality and expanding the horizons of my guests and my listeners”.


Dana Vespoli and Aiden Starr at 2016 AVN Awards – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Aiden Starr : Official Opening Of The Starrlight Gallery

In November 2010 Aiden Starr oversaw the creation and official opening of the Starrlight Gallery; a multi-purpose film studio, fetish dungeon and performing space in Los Angeles. Created in collaboration with fellow adult star Bobbi Starr and Bobbi’s artist boyfriend, the official opening of the Starrlight Gallery was dedicated to the memory of David Aaron Clark, Aiden Starr’s close friend and a renowned adult film actor, director, author and musician who tragically died in November 2009 of a pulmonary embolism.

Many of Clark’s close friends and adult film collaborators attended the opening of the Starrlight Gallery in order to celebrate his life and promote his substantial contribution to the adult entertainment industry. Amongst these attendees included distinguished adult film directors Joey Silvera, John Nystrom, Glenn Baren and Kimberly Kane as well as the owner Video Team, Christian Mann, amongst others.

Aiden Starr

Throughout the evening of its official opening the Starrlight Gallery was adorned with photos, books drawings, video presentations and illustrations showcasing Clark’s life and his published works. Aiden Starr created the centrepiece for Clark’s memorial; an altar featuring a large iron cross that was adorned with Clark’s signature leather duster. This altar was decorated with props from Clark’s prolific porn star portfolio as well as devotion candles and many of his personal effects. Behind this centrepiece was a large Iron Man movie poster. Aiden Starr explained during an AVN press release how;

“It was one of David’s favourite new movies…We stole it from a bus stop on Wilshire in the middle of the night, like two children. John Nystrom was our lookout; David pried the glass plate open and I pulled it out, without ripping it!”.

Many of Clark’s literary works were also scattered throughout the gallery, with Aiden Starr enthusing how;

“His books are fantastic; that’s how we bonded…Particularly with Into the Black, which is about the domination scene in New York City in the late ’90s, and that’s how I realized we were going to connect, because he had written a book about how I lived every day. It was very accurate, and it turned out that he lived that way every day also, and was a large part of the fetish scene. … I think people in society at large will begin to enjoy his books and movies, and that there will be a renaissance of erotic art in the 21st century. We hope that his stuff will be a vintage inspiration to people”.

Following this official opening, Aiden Starr conducted private tours of the Starrlight Gallery via appointment-only bookings and continued to use the gallery as her private fetish dungeon. Bobbi Star also used the gallery as a studio from which to direct her pornographic productions and fetish crossover videos for

Aiden Starr

As matters stand, Aiden Starr continues to use the Starrlight Gallery as her own private fetish dungeon. Although this personal domination studio is based within the West Coast of Los Angeles, Aiden Starr will also see her fans on a one-to-one basis within private fetish dungeons across San Francisco, Chicago and New York. If you’d like to like to learn more about this Sicilian beauty, participate in her public  and private live chat sessions online, or reserve a private meeting with Aiden Starr in person, then please feel free to use the social networking links provided below!

Aiden Starr : Social Networks

Twitter : @AidenStarr

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Brazzers : Aiden Starr at Brazzers

Burning Angel : Aiden Starr at Burning Angel

Divine Bitches: Aiden Starr at Divine Bitches

Evil Angel : Aiden Starr at Evil Angel

Naughty America : Aiden Starr at Naughty America

New Sensations : Aiden Starr at Digital Sin/New Sensations

The Nude : Aiden at Nude EU

Fapnado : Aiden Starr

Babepedia : Aiden at Babepedia

Amy Stone


  1. Ms. Aiden Starr has recently been directing some really hot and ground-breaking transsexual pornography featuring girls, guys, and transsexual porn stars! Keep up the great work, Aiden!

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