Mia Isabella Biography

TS Mia Isabella Biography

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Mia Isabella – Personal Info

Name : Mia Isabella

Alias : Isabella Green

Date of Birth: July 30th, 1985

Star Sign : Leo

Hometown : Chicago, Illinois (US)

Measurements : 34C – 23 – 34

Height : 5’5 (1.65m)

Hair Colour : Black/ Brunette/ Red

Eye Colour : Blue/ Grey

Tattoos : Design on her right wrist and to the side of her navel

Years Active : 2005 – 2014 (as performer) 2010 – 2014 (as director)

Number of Movies : 26+ (as performer) 1+ (as director)

Stunningly beautiful with an intelligent mind and musical talents to match, Mia Isabella is one of the most well-known TS pornstars in the world. Whether you are familiar with her porn productions, her mainstream media projects or her involvement in recent tabloid relationship scandals, once you’ve encountered the beauty that is Mia Isabella you’ll never forget her! As Mia Isabella describes in her own words via her official solo site;

“I’m Mia Isabella known as the “Cutest Little TS Chick with the Biggest Candy Stick”…I’m a polished, sophisticated and feminine girl, who’s refined, smart as a whip and at times, shy with a demure confidence”.

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Born in Chicago, Illinois, Mia Isabella actually spent her early childhood in Tennessee. Mia Isabella’s mesmerising beauty and exotic appeal comes from her rich American, French, Puerto Rican and Jamaican heritage. When Mia Isabella was a teenager she moved back to Chicago where she ended up graduating high school at 16 years with aspirations of becoming a doctor;

“I finished school early because I was going to be a doctor…I wanted to go to nursing school first, because I knew that career could give me good financial backing so that I could afford to go to medical school”.

However, Mia Isabella eventually decided to switch interests and pursued a career in fashion by attending the Art Institute of Chicago. Mia Isabella has talked about her motivations in making this decision within previous interviews, stating that;

“I wanted to do so many things…I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to be an archaeologist, I wanted to do fashion”.

In her twenties Mia Isabella went on to receive a fashion degree from the Paris Fashion Institute and even owned her own luxury boutique. As well as her passion for art and fashion, Mia Isabella is a keen musician. In fact, Mia Isabella played the violin for at least two hours a day since she was 8 years old up until she turned 18.

In interviews Mia Isabella has looked back fondly at this academic era of her life, being quoted in a Broadly VICE interview as commenting that;

“Oh god, I was a little academic,” she laughed, adding that she’s always loved being in a leadership position. “I was forced to perform and excel,” she said. “My family expected a lot of me, especially being trans. My grandmother put it in my head early that because I am different I have to be extraordinary…

When the orchestra program was first introduced in her school, she says she was the first to sign up. ‘I told my mom, ‘They’re having an orchestra, and I’m going to play the violin!’ She paid me no attention’. According to Mia, her mother didn’t take her seriously, so she signed the form herself and brought it to school the next day. That choice proved to be characteristic of her personality…It was so great to get lost in the music”.

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As well as pursuing her academic interests, Mia Isabella was also undergoing monumental changes in her personal life with regards to her gender identity. In a Broadly VICE interview Mia Isabella described how her transition process was;

 “very fluid…I knew very early that I was trans…As a child…you speak what you feel”.

During this Broadly VICE interview Mia Isabella discussed how, despite the fact that she felt confident in her own gender identity, there was little information around at the time regarding non-binary gender identities;

“There was nothing. Back then, when we were growing up, there wasn’t anything for people to understand about us…[My parents] took me to a specialist and he told them, ‘Your child is transgender.’ My father was really, really protective of me. He wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t live a life that I wasn’t supposed to live”.

Although Mia Isabella had accepted her true gender identity as a young child, she did not fully embrace all aspects of her sexuality until her later teenage years. During her Broadly VICE interview Mia Isabella commented how;

“I didn’t really dress the part all the way until high school. I got bolder, and I was in the North. It was different than in the South, with the Bible Belt…I didn’t do any hormone therapy until I was 18, just to have enough breast tissue to have my first breast implants”.

In this manner, Mia Isabella has attributed her adult film career as being a main factor in her eventual acceptance of her own body, expressing that;

“Initially, I had shame about having a penis…But that feeling didn’t last. The porn industry was a catalyst to self-acceptance…I was so praised for that aspect of me. Before, I would have had the surgery immediately…I wouldn’t have regretted having it. It just would have been a different journey”.

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Mia Isabella : Adult Film Career

Mia Isabella’s porn star career actually began out of an act of rebellion in 2005! On the day she turned 19 years old Mia Isabella shot her first sex scene simply to shock her family. However, her experience of her first shoot soon opened her eyes to the possibility of pursuing a thriving porn star career. Upon describing her first ever pornographic production shoot, Mia Isabella has conveyed how;

“I thought I was doing a photo shoot, and I got all the way to LA and they asked me to star in the movie…I was in this big mansion in the valley, and my best friend was with me…There was this big crew and makeup artists. I’d never seen anything like this in my life…They cut me this check. It was when porn paid really good. I got $3,000 a scene…I turned from my normal self into that character I created”.

And so Mia Isabella was born! Mia Isabella soon found that her porn star persona was a way of shedding her social anxiety issues and achieving things that she had previously never thought possible;

“She’s bold, she’s sexual. She’s all the things I’m really not. I’m a shy person in real life, who really prefers to be reclusive and be by myself”.

Consequently, what was intended to be a small-scale modelling shoot ended up becoming a scene in the pornographic production T-Girls 3 for Anabolic Videos. Mia Isabella starred alongside Yasmin Lee and Kayla Coxxx; both of whom she went on to collaborate with in numerous pornographic productions over the years. For the next two years Mia Isabella appeared in several adult films, modelling shoots and magazines before taking a two year hiatus when she was 21 years old.

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Mia Isabella: Marriage & Industry Hiatus

During her hiatus from the adult film industry Mia Isabella underwent facial feminisation surgery which involved  a series of procedures to reduce her chin, jaw-line and nasal bone as well as undergoing a mid and upper facelift. In 2012 Mia Isabella underwent another mid and upper facelift, had her right breast augmentation corrected following healing complications after her initial surgery, and had rhinoplasty, cheek implants and another facial feminisation procedure to shave down her chin.

Beautiful TS pornstar Mia Isabella poses in her black dress | TS Mia Isabella SFW pics | XXXBios TS Mia Isabella biographyMia Isabella in Rogue Adventures 36 – Evil Angel

When Mia Isabella was 20 years old she became married; a relationship that would last for four years. During her in-depth Broadly VICE interview Mia Isabella revealed that her husband was three decades older than her. Speaking about this relationship, Mia Isabella divulged that;

“Her family supported the relationship and encouraged the marriage, and her husband, who was very wealthy, ensured she was well cared for. Mia had her own luxury designer boutique in Chicago and attended the Paris Fashion Institute in France. Even though that was nearly a decade ago, her teacher there still remembers her, telling Broadly that she remembers Mia as a “wonderful person” and a phenomenal “straight-A student” that she’ll never forget…

At twenty-two years old, halfway through Mia’s four-year relationship with her former husband, she knew she needed to get out of it. But it would take her two more years to leave. “I had many houses, cars, and millions in jewels,” she said. “My family was happy because I was taken care of, but they didn’t realize that I wasn’t happy. I had to make a decision and I realized that money didn’t matter to me. I left everything behind in the middle of winter. I just got in my car and drove to Vegas”.

Mia Isabella became engaged again in her mid-twenties to a man a few years younger than her. Describing this relationship in previous interviews, Mia Isabella has revealed that;

“When I met him he had literally nothing, a duffle bag with dirty clothes…No education, no job, nothing. Just a broken heart and broken dreams and I felt I could love him back to life…I became his drug and his addiction…Some guys can’t handle their women having fame or their partners being lusted after and [becoming] sex symbols. It becomes a fight for position of ego, even if you’re willing to concede it”.

In an attempt to salvage her relationship, Mia Isabella turned down job offers and lucrative career opportunities. However, this attempt at submission did not resolve her fiancé’s insecurities and, following numerous attempts to mend the relationship, Mia Isabella eventually decided to break off their engagement;

“It’s almost like you can’t do enough when you’re the breadwinner in a relationship as a woman, or the powerful person in a relationship, as a woman. Sometimes it’s difficult for a man to accept it. Even if you give until there’s nothing left to give. They’re intimidated and it becomes this struggle for power…For the better of myself, I had to, even if it hurt, step away from that relationship. I didn’t want to, but at some point, you have to choose yourself. I’d given up so much of myself that at some point I’d forgotten who I was”.

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Mia Isabella : Comeback Career & Industry Accolades

Mia Isabella returned to the adult film industry when she was 23 years old. Despite her hiatus, Mia Isabella soon feel back into the swing of things and went on to appear in a series of successful productions including; Transsexual Babysitters 13, SM Strokers 17, 19, 40 and 43, American Tranny Party, America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 7 and 15, Buddy Wood’s SM Pornstars 1 and 2, Full Service Transsexuals 9, Rogue Adventures 36, Switch, Mia Isabella Want Some Honey?, Black SM Idol: The Auditions, Transsexual Prostitutes 65 and Transsexual Superstars: Mia Isabella SMClub.

During this time Mia Isabella collaborated with most of the major TS pornographic production companies including Evil Angel, Juicy Entertainment, Rodnievision, Devil’s Film, Grooby Girls, SMC Network and Kink.com. This impressive list of cinematic appearances enabled Mia Isabella to work with some of the most popular transsexual performers, directors and photographers within the adult entertainment industry. By collaborating with these stars Mia Isabella was able to hone her own skills and amass a wealth of adult film award wins and nominations including;

  • 2010: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2010: AVN Awards nominee “Best Alternative Website”
  • 2010: Urban X Awards nominee “Best Ethnic Transsexual Site”
  • 2011: XBIZ Awards winner “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2011: Urban X Awards winner “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2011: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Hardcore Model”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Hardcore Performer”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Scene” Switch
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Site of the Year”
  • 2012: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Transsexual Performer (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2013: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Site of the Year”
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Site of the Year”
  • 2014: The Fanny Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”

In addition to receiving numerous adult film award wins and nominations, Mia Isabella also established an ardent fan following with whom she kept in close contact via public appearances at Venus Lux‘s TS booth at adult entertainment expos, guest appearances at popular transsexual nightclubs, and live chat sessions hosted on the adult cam-site Chaturbate.

Throughout her adult film career Mia Isabella achieved landmark successes for transsexual performers and launched several charitable initiatives. Her first groundbreaking achievement came in Autumn 2010 when Mia Isabella launched her Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection , the world’s first ever transsexual toy line in collaboration with Pipedream Products. Speaking in an 2011 AVN press release, Pipedream Products CEO Nick Orlandino exclaimed that;

“Since it showcased at eroFame and Venus in Berlin last October, we’ve been getting E-Mails almost every day asking when the line will be available…Emails from customers have only increased in frequency since we unveiled the Big Secret Collection here in the states at the ANME Founders show in January…Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection has something for everyone’s budget from beginner to high end…This niche in the DVD market has been gaining momentum for years and has never been more popular. Now is the time for retailers to jump on the bandwagon and give tranny fans what they want.”

This transsexual toy line won the “Best Alternative Product” award at the 2011 XBIZ Awards. Mia Isabella’s transsexual toy line continues to be extremely popular amongst her fans due to the fact that it offers men 11 amazing ways to live out their wildest TS fantasises via a variety of beginner’s, intermediate and high end love dolls, cosmetics, lifelike masturbators and other novelties.

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In 2011 Mia Isabella was a panel member on the “Product Diversity and Niche Markets” seminar at the Adult Entertainment Expo. Mia Isabella also appeared on the live broadcast of Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, and made a guest appearances at ANME in Los Angeles, the largest toy event in the country, in order to meet her adoring fans and promote her immensely popular transsexual toy line. Talking to AVN about this action paced week, Mia Isabella exclaimed that;

“I’m so excited about AEE and the AVN Awards…I get to play many roles—industry professional at the seminar, superstar meeting my fans and glamorous multi award nominee at the awards. Last year, I was merely walking around attending both events, but this year I will be an integral part of it all, which is a great feeling. I know all of my hard work in 2010 is coming to fruition. I hope I take home the statue (or statues), but I know that it’s truly an honour to be nominated and be in the presence of such talent”.

In the months that followed, Mia Isabella made several guest appearances on radio talk shows and within transsexual nightclubs. Amongst the appearances included her attendance at Mickey’s nightclub to feature in Scotty B’s seasonal “Cocktails with the Stars Super-Month”; a series of events which included a children’s charity shoe drive amongst other festivities. An AVN press release which covered this exclusive event highlighted how Mia Isabella has;

“made it her goal to volunteer and assist in as many charities as she can, including taking a special interest in helping young gender-confused people make the same transition that she has gone through as smoothly and as painlessly as possible”.

In fact, in Mia Isabella’s own words she has explained how;

“I started my career in adult entertainment when I was 19 and I want to be a role model for the TS community because I know firsthand how extremely hard and brave it is to put yourself out there into the mainstream world and not back down from being who you are,” said Isabella, a Chicago native who currently resides in Los Angeles. “There’s a lot in the community I want to be a part of. And it’s not because I’m a porn star, but because I’m a TS first and foremost. Being in the adult industry didn’t exploit who I am; it only made me more confident to be the person I always knew I could be”.

In September 2013 Mia Isabella host a special party for Kink-E Magazine’s “Who’s Hot in the Adult Industry” issue at the Gaslight nightclub in New York City. Speaking about Mia Isabella’s interview and her role as host, Editor-in-Chief of Kink-E Magazine, Marabelle Blue, expressed that;

“Mia’s interview comes from a candid perspective. Mia is all woman. I asked her about how she handles her personal relationships away from cameras, and she told me how she keeps her circle extremely tight,” says Blue. “Mia shows that her line of work doesn’t take away from her sense of smarts or her business savvy. Mia, as well as the other wonderful people that were interviewed in this issue, have all kept the industry alive with their sensuality and their sexual freedom of expression. As long as we have that, Kink-E Magazine will be right there, featuring all of these beautiful people”.

TS Mia Isabella porn pics SFW | XXXBios TS Mia Isabella biographyMia at the AVN Awards, sourced from Mia-Isabella.com 

Over the years Mia Isabella has worked with famous adult film photographers such as Dave Naz, whose groundbreaking “Trans” project you can read about in our other XXXBios TS pornstar biographies, Barry Kelsall and Se7en. In fact, in September 2013 Mia walked an exclusive runway show for SOLD OUT Clothing at Mickey’s nightclub in West Hollywood. Mia has always been enthusiastic about pursuing her passion for modelling. As such, when speaking to AVN in a press release, Mia Isabella ecstatically explained how;

“I want to show younger transsexuals and transgenders that you can be as fabulous, glamorous and sensual as you want to be…I’m so proud to be chosen to walk the runway for David and Keith on behalf of SOLD OUT Clothing”.

Similarly, SOLD OUT Clothing owner David Kahauolopus and partner Keith Webb both expressed that;

 “We are beyond excited to welcome international TS entertainer Mia Isabella to the runway. The crowd is sure to be wowed by her presence on the catwalk, not to mention that body!…

We started promoting ourselves within the gay porn realm, and we are geared to an adult/fetish audience…This show will have that ’70s disco-funk soundtrack; it’s guaranteed to be a blast”.

Another ground-breaking achievement was made in October 2013 when Mia was recruited to provide the voice for “Prostitute #1” in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. This role was a landmark achievement because it marked the first time that a transgender performer had ever provided the voiceover content for a video game.

Unfortunately, although Grand Theft Auto V was a huge commercial success, it received criticism from journalists, such as feminist Anita Sarkeesian, due to the violence depicted against women and in particular sex workers. Rebuffing this argument in a Reason.com article, Mia Isabella was reported as stating;

“Isabella saw her work as providing a fantasy for teenage boys, and she didn’t see it as necessarily exploitive. Instead, she said she was honoured to be asked, in part because few, if any, transsexual women have been included in video games. ‘For me it was an opportunity to cross boundaries’, she told me. Isabella saw voicing a character in a game as a way to contribute to diversity in gaming”.

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Within this article its writer Noah Berlatsky commented;

“I thought Mia Isabella made the important point that there are real women involved in the production of the games, and that critics should take their voices into account. I thought it was important to realize that for her, as a transgender woman, being asked to participate in the game was a step forward in terms of trans representation”.

Swiftly following this mainstream media success, in November 2013 Mia Isabella made her hardcore film comeback with Cliff Jensen in a three part miniseries. Mia Isabella divulged how;

 “Cliff and I have had a crush on each other for a long time. Because of that, we both pulled out all the stops for these scenes…He’s a pro and at the top of his game, and to have him guest direct me was perfect, because he showed me a man’s point of view with desires and the mindset…Cliff hadn’t performed hardcore scenes in a long time, just like me, so we enjoyed having the chance to get creative with the scenes and bounce ideas together…We come from the same place, professionally, plus, we have this amazingly hot chemistry. We worked non-stop for three days and loved every minute of it!”. 

In December 2013 Mia Isabella co-hosted the 2nd Annual Christian Owen’s Birthday & Children’s Shoe Drive at the West Hollywood club Revolver alongside adult performers Brandon Moore, Angelo and Jimmy Durano. This was Mia Isabella’s second year collaborating in this charitable initiative which continues to actively benefit underprivileged children living in West Hollywood. Attendees to this event each brought a pair of new, unwrapped children’s shoes to donate. When asked about this charity drive Mia stated;

“The best gift anyone can receive during the holidays is being able to give back, and know you’ve made someone smile…I look forward to being a part of it again this year”.

Around this time Mia Isabella began to feature in more and more mainstream media projects such as her role in the season 7 premiere of the popular TV show Sons of Anarchy. The episode aired on September 9th 2014 and featured Mia Isabella alongside her fellow transgender performers at a welcome home party for Charlie Hunnam’s character Jax Teller after he was released from prison. Being contacted for these mainstream media roles is a monument to just how successful Mia Isabella had become during her 9 year adult film industry career.

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Mia Isabella: Mainstream Media Projects

In January 2014 Mia Isabella decided to officially retire from the adult entertainment industry to pursue more of these mainstream media projects. Speaking about this departure from the adult film industry Mia Isabella commented fondly that;

“Porn was my business. It was my brand…I got so many amazing opportunities. I had the world’s first transsexual toy line sold globally. I ended up doing Grand Theft Auto. I did a television show, Sons of Anarchy. I kept getting these amazing opportunities and I dated some famous people here and there throughout my life. I got to have some really cool experiences”.

Following her departure from the adult film industry in 2014, Mia Isabella dedicated herself to rebranding her name and reputation. This rebranding process involved creating a new website which incorporated her writing, her  poetry and the content she had created whilst directing her own photo shoots with adult stars Misty Stone and Penthouse Pets Natasha and Natalia Starr. During this time, Mia Isabella also participated in a photo series with Ty Roderick that was shot by renowned photographer Josh Darling. When asked about this seductive shoot, Josh Darling exclaimed that;

“It was a real treat to photograph Mia Isabella & Ty Roderick…In addition to their obvious beauty, it’s rare when natural grace coincides with good looks. This results in every frame being made into easy magic. I appreciate their company, their trust in me, and the endlessly gorgeous photos. Hopefully you’ll see more from us soon”.

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Speaking about the shoot herself, Mia Isabella enthused how;

“Shooting with a great fashion photographer like Josh Darling is one of the many things I love about my job…This is the most exciting time for my career; with my rebranding, art directing photo shoots allows me to get back into fashion, as well as working on one autobiographical book and one TS erotica book. I’m really thankful for the technical assistance I’m receiving from Ty during this transition”.

In September 2014 Mia Isabella announced that she was planning to launch a new media site that would be devoted exclusively to glamour photography and art direction. This announcement was coupled with the release of photos taken within a private mansion in Las Vegas during a new glamour and erotic photo shoot. Commenting on this experience and her aspirations for the future, Mia Isabella stated;

“It was a wonderful experience. We rented a fabulous estate for the shoot…After the amazing images created with Misty Stone and Penthouse Pets The Starr Sisters, I was dying to get back to my modelling roots and reunite with Barry Kelsall of Ant-Man Photography. I couldn’t wait to rock the lens and have a blast. It was a fun week, with some great production”. 

In November 2014 Mia Isabella was featured in EthnicKink.com‘s podcast, Kinky News and Views where she talked about transgender issues, her love life and all things kinky! Speaking about this opportunity in an AVN press release, Mia Isabella was reported as enthusing how;

 “It was a wonderful interview,” said Mia, whose own exotic background is French, Puerto Rican and Jamaican. “I really enjoyed the fact I could reach out to my fans of different ethnicities, and share a side of me that has yet to be explored. Allowing my fans into my world has been an incredible feeling”.

Talking about her career successes in a January 2015 Daily Dot interview, Mia Isabella attributed her string of career successes to the momentous progress made by her role models; the transgender rights activist Janet Mock and the mainstream media actress Laverne Cox. Mia Isabella stated that;

 “The number of mainstream opportunities offered to me, and my level of exposure in the mainstream industry, has increased dramatically…The increasing popularity of TS porn has led to more freedom for performers in the niche as well; while the niche has traditionally been operated by males and targeted to a straight male audience, girls now have their own sites and branding. We have more room to do our own thing”.

This Daily Dot interview also featured Mia Isabella’s friend and co-star Venus Lux. Mia Isabella and Venus have collaborated together on a wide range of adult film scenes, guest host appearances at nightclub events and have both made frequent appearances at Venus Lux‘s TS booth during adult entertainment expos.

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In addition to reinventing her brand outside of the adult film industry, Mia Isabella has also been extremely vocal about raising awareness towards transgender issues in the mainstream media. For instance, in June 2014 she wrote a rebuttal against a Wall Street Journal guest editorial that dismissed the need for gender reassignment surgery. Posting her response on Eros.com, Mia Isabella ardently argued that;

 “Referring to true identified transgender individuals as ‘confused’ or ‘under the wrong assumption of their core selves’ is a blatant showcase of how so many look at the [transgender] community as less than human beings. For those who are living their adult lives bold enough to be who they are, knowing the backlash and limitations they must fight through every day based on … physical appearance … clearly betraying the affected person’s sense of self, confidence, and inner emotional struggles … surgery in various forms can absolutely have positive life changing effects, where it concerns something as simple as depression and as complex as body dysmorphic disorder”.

When asked about her own transition process in previous interviews, Mia Isabella has always taken the time to thank her mentor Dr. Kaleita, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Bio-behavioural Sciences and Psychiatry Researcher in the Department of Neurology at UCLA. Mia Isabella has sincerely expressed thanks for how;

“My friend and mentor, Dr. Kaleita, had a great impact in my development when it came to education, and we attended many medical galas, functions, and philanthropy trips to broaden my views on the world, regarding issues he passionately believed in. He didn’t feel medical advancements concerning hormone therapy and surgical operations regarding sexual reassignment had reached a pinnacle of success a decade ago,” said Isabella. “He absolutely believed that true transgender individuals did, in fact, contain core essentials chemically and hormonally found in the opposite sex or identified gender, and conservative surgical changes after puberty were necessary to transition socially into adulthood”.

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Mia Isabella: High Profile Relationships & Tabloid Coverage

In 2015, Mia Isabella became the subject of scandalous media coverage following revelations that she had been involved in a romantic relationship with the rapper Tyga. Various mainstream media publications reported on the full frontal nude photos that Mia Isabella claimed Tyga had sent her, within which the rapper can be identified by his distinctive tattoos. Tyga commented on social media that these claims were part of a conspiracy against him. Moreover, Tyga’s lawyer released a statement citing that someone had stolen the photos and released them in an attempt to “maliciously shame” the rapper. However, as the scandal unfolded it was revealed that Tyga had allegedly exchanged amorous texts with Mia and had given her gifts; including a diamond ring similar to the one which Tyga had given his current girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

These public revelations surrounding Mia Isabella’s alleged relationship with Tyga and the barrage of comments made by the mainstream media and via social networking channels proved to be a pivotal moment in Mia Isabella’s life. In fact, during an in-depth Broadly VICE interview titled “Beyond The Tyga Sex Scandal: The Real Life Of Trans Porn Star Mia Isabella”, Mia Isabella revealed how deeply the scandal affected her. Within this article Mia was quoted as stating that;

“When you read a thousand [hateful] comments a day, every day, for six months, it starts to make you believe it a little bit,” she said. “No matter how strong you are as a person. Not even the most experienced, high profile people are trained to deal with that kind of public scrutiny…

Because Mia was raised in such a supportive environment, and because she found both professional and personal acceptance from a young age, she feels like she was isolated from the discrimination that trans people commonly experience in the US. Reading the hateful comments that people posted online at the height of the Tyga scandal forced her to confront that reality for the first time. “It hurt me because I realized I had never truly experienced what other trans people go through,” she said…Mia told me that six months ago, amidst paparazzi and media attacks, she left her Hollywood home and moved permanently to Las Vegas. In part, she hoped to remove herself from those closest to her. “I didn’t want to see them be shamed and publicly humiliated just because I’m different. Well, doesn’t that hurt to know that this is just all about who you are?”.

Mia Isabella on the lookout - TS pornstar Mia Isabella poses with binoculars | TS Mia Isabella porn pics SFW | XXXBios TS Mia Isabella biography

Mia on the lookout at TS Seduction

As such, until 2015 Mia Isabella was based in Hollywood but she has since moved into a luxurious desert complex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout the Tyga relationship scandal Mia Isabella has commented on how she and her publicist were approached by countless major TV networks and magazine publications who offered her lucrative deals if she would agree to share her kiss-and-tell story. However, Mia Isabella and her publicist turned down all of these offers, with Mia citing her reasons in her Broadly VICE interview;

“If I were any less of a woman, I would have went at it for self gain and wouldn’t have cared about his heart…They wanted me to] perpetuate that sense of shame against a trans-attracted person. I wasn’t going to do that”.

The mainstream media coverage on her relationship with Tyga also led to another of Mia Isabella’s past relationships being exposed by the press; her long term relationship with San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Sources close to Mia Isabella were reported as stating;

“With all this publicity about Tyga and Trans hooker Mia Isabella, what’s been hiding below the radar is a real relationship between Mia and SF 49er’s QB Colin Kaepernick. This is a long and serious relationship”.

In an International Business Times (IBM) interview, Mia Isabella discussed her relationship with Kaepernick, revealing that;

“I loved him very much and he cared for me greatly, but in order to protect his brand I made him walk away from me”.

In fact, although Kaepernick himself did not address these comments, Mia Isabella conveyed during her Broadly VICE interview how she had;

“spent thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to protect the men who were being targeted by salacious articles last year. I was paying for attorneys and hiring people to protect other people’s images…I was behind the scenes having my attorney email every writer and blog to take down their stories, to do whatever I could to protect him. I didn’t want to enable the public shaming of a trans-attracted man in any way“.

When asked about her reasons for investing thousands of dollars in these legal proceedings, Mia Isabella stated that;

“I wanted to show the man that I loved that I wasn’t going to make it okay to shame a trans-attracted person…there are many celebrity men who are privately dating trans people and that she’s been in relationships with men of higher profile than either Tyga or Kaepernick…They’re not ashamed of their partners…I understand that more than ever…I don’t think it’s an ‘I’m ashamed of you’ situation. It’s that ‘I know what the world will do to you’…It’s not a bad thing for a man to be afraid of being judged…All human beings are afraid of being judged. I have a lot of empathy for what is expected of men by the world. It’s a lot of pressure for men…I love bold men that don’t give a fuck…When you live in your truth, people cannot use your truth to hurt you. Maybe it’s not shame, maybe you just haven’t come into your own sense of power…It takes time…Men are not generally equipped for that. They’re not generally equipped for being judged based on their sexuality”.

During this tumultuous period of her life, Mia Isabella often used social media to speak out against the harsh media coverage that she continued to receive. Moreover, in an interview with VH1 she stressed how;

“It’s very sad that the idea of a man loving a trans person has to be considered a scandal when all people are equal…If a celebrated man loves a transgender woman or possibly did, that’s news? It shouldn’t be news. It should be normal for anyone and everyone to be allowed to love who they choose”.

Never one to be deterred by harsh media criticism and discrimination, instead of releasing a kiss-and-tell story Mia Isabella decided to use her platform as a transgender performer to raise awareness towards transphobia and to fight back against this widespread prejudice. In interviews Mia Isabella ardently stated;

“In order for me to come out eventually, to speak and be a role model, I needed to absorb every bit of that hate so that I could truly speak for people like us and understand…”.

As a result, in a bold move to stand up for transgender rights Mia Isabella announced that she was launching her own signature t-shirt line with Profane Clothing in September 2015. 20% of all profits from the sale of these shirts was donated to a trans-youth scholarship created by Mia Isabella . Speaking about her motivation for creating this signature t-shirt line, Mia Isabella explained;

 “I was overwhelmed during those moments, as a young person dealing with their gender identity; I realized why so many young trans people take their lives,” Isabella said. “But instead of crumbling, I decided to stand with those who stand for freedom, hope, and love”.

During a photo shoot to promote this new t-shirt line, Mia Isabella collaborated with victims advocate Christy Mack who helped to direct and style Mia Isabella. Enthusing about her friendship and professional collaboration with Christy in an AVN press release, Mia Isabella expressed how;

“She was my art director and stylist…In fact, she was the person who was there for me when I was all alone, and gave me the confidence to shoot again”.

Profane Clothing designer and photographer Se7en orchestrated the entire shoot and mentioned within this AVN press release how;

 “Everyone should be proud to be who they are, and be the best person they can be. Profane Clothing supports all groups and supports diversity”.

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Mia Isabella : Recent Appearances & Upcoming Projects

In October 2015 Mia Isabella launched a New York City media tour in order to move on from the scandal and to focus on promoting her upcoming projects. During this media tour Mia Isabella moderated sssh.com’s “Sex Talk Tuesday” radio talk show, hosted both the “T-Girl Anniversary Party” with Amanda Lepore and the “Club Anniversary Party” with Christy Mack at the renowned Headquarters Gentleman’s Club , appeared on “The New York Crime Report” podcast with Pat Dixon, featured in a live interview for Sirius XM’s “The Opie and Jim Show”, the taped podcast “Lip Service” with Angela Yee, a live in-studio interview for “Sin Censura” and a live interview for RiotCast.com’s “The Black Phillip Show”.

As part of this media tour, in November 2015 Mia Isabella was interviewed by TransGlobal magazine, wherein she tackled the issue of tensions that have been directed towards the transgender community. Mia Isabella was brutally honest in her comments regarding the amount of progress that has been achieved for transgendered people in recent years, divulging that;

 “I don’t feel we have made any progress, frankly…We are simply being given what was our right all along. Basically, we’re being told ‘Oh yeah, sorry we forgot about you, and your basic human rights.’ I think in the next five to ten years, we will see actual progress, but for now, everyone is simply catching up with the times…I’m glad to see we are taking our power back by making ourselves visible; that is the first step towards true progress, as it is our responsibility to represent and stand up for ourselves,” she continued. “We must teach the next generation what it means to simply just be, with no difference or abnormality, and they will create a sense of normality in their own lives”.

It was during this time that Mia Isabella used her Broadly VICE interview with Diana Tourjee to speak candidly about the mainstream misconceptions surrounding gender identity and the differences between gay and transgender relationships. Mia Isabella addressed how she disagrees with tabloids who label straight men as gay simply because they are attracted to trans women. As Mia Isabella was quoted as saying in her Broadly VICE interview;

“We’re built specifically to appeal to a man’s sexual senses…If you are not attracted to a trans woman, who is built specifically to arouse your sexual interest in women, then you’re gay…The stigmas that exist around being trans or loving trans women make no sense to Mia. She hopes that one day a bold man will finally stop giving a fuck, and break the silence about loving transgender women. Today, as always, self-preservation is the key to her survival. “You have to ultimately choose you,” she said. “My job is to take care of this girl. Me. And only I am going to be able to take care of her the way she needs”.

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Putting this scandal behind her, in March 2016 Mia Isabella attended the post-Oscars event “Night of 100 Stars Gala” where she was pictured with Gloria Allred and Beverly Johnson. Speaking about this event in an AVN press release Mia Isabella revealed how she had previously reached out to Gloria as a potential mentor;

“I reached out to Gloria because I needed to find a mentor who understood civil rights, and, more importantly, someone who has championed for LGBT rights,” Isabella said. “Someone who could give me guidance with what I’ve been going through, as a trans woman in the 21st century, dealing with the media due to my high profile relationships. Her strength in the pursuit of justice is what has inspired me most, and has given me strength during these last few months…

When Gloria invited me to attend the Night of 100 Stars Gala, I was thrilled and honoured…As we waited in the press line, Gloria said her long-time friend and client, supermodel Beverly Johnson, wanted to meet me and walk the carpet with us. When the night starts out like that, while already standing in line with actress Bai Ling, you know it’s going to be a great evening. To be standing beside these powerful women, unafraid to stand up to injustice, and for women and LGBT rights, was inspiring. I felt I was exactly where I’m meant to be. It was an elegant night full of champagne networking with Hollywood execs and insiders I won’t soon forget”.

Ever loyal to her ever-expanding fan base, Mia Isabella continues to keep her dedicated followers updated regarding her latest projects and public appearances via her Twitter and Instagram profiles. Currently working on her autobiography and directing porn stars such as Misty Stone and Penthouse Pets Natasha and Natalia StarrTS porn superstar Mia Isabella shows no signs of slowing down!

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