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Lexi Barbie Is Back! – Grooby Girls

Personal Info

Name : Lexi Barbie

Date of Birth : January 19th

Hometown : Alameda, California (US)

Height : 5’7 (1.70m)

Hair Colour : Brunette/Black

Eye Colour : Brown

Shoe Size : Women’s 8.5 (US)

Years Active : 2013 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Lexi Barbie is a fan-favorite adult film star and glamour model who first started performing in porn in 2013. Over the years Lexi has attracted an avid international fan following due to her impressive collection of solo shoots and hardcore scenes for Grooby Girls and TGirls.XXX.

Lexi Barbie’s Amazing Cumshot! – Grooby Girls

Lexi Barbie : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Alameda, California, Lexi has Asian heritage and made her adult film modelling debut in March 2013 when she filmed a sultry Strikingly Hot Lexi Barbie solo scene for the Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls. Lexi’s porn debut was directed by Radius Dark who enthusiastically stated via Lexi’s official Grooby Girls profile that;

“After spotting Lexi Barbie online, I contacted her about doing a shoot. As good as I thought she looked online, she looked even better in person…She already had modeling experience, but this was the first time she’s done anything adult in nature. She gave off the right amount of attitude in her pictures…She has a great smile and amazing curves…She’s also got all kinds of outfits, but at the end of the day, that sexy body wasn’t about to be covered up. Next time, she’s promised to do a naughty homemaker look. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to that!”.

Lexi Barbie Is Back! – Grooby Girls

You’ll be happy to hear that Lexi has collaborated with award-winning photographer Radius Dark on several sizzling solo scenes for Grooby Girls. We recommend checking out Lexi’s saucy Lexi Barbie Jacks Off shoot in May 2013, her steamy Fiery Lexy Barbie scene in December 2013 and her seductive Lexi Barbie Teases scene in March 2014. Fans of Lexi Barbie will also love viewing her raunchy Lexi Drives Christian Crazy hardcore debut with Christian XXX in May 2013 and her hot Lexi Barbie Enjoys Fucking Rain! romp with Rain in April 2016. Must see sex scenes for Lexi Barbie fans!

In addition to her sensational Grooby Girls scenes, Lexi has filmed some titillating Meet Lexi Barbie! and Sexy Barbie Jacks Off! solo scenes which were released via TGirls.XXX in March and April 2015. Once again, these saucy scenes were directed by Radius Dark who highlighted how;

“Lexi has a great personality. Absolutely no going through the motions with her and it made for a really fun shoot. All positive things to say about this girl, no negatives! She was a blast to work with”.

Lexi Barbie’s Amazing Cumshot! – Grooby Girls

Want to know the most impressive part? Lexi’s solo scenes have proved so popular among fans and film critics that she was featured in the Grooby DVD compilation title Radius Dark’s TS Starlets (2016) also starring Cherry Mavrik, Evie Eliot, Lusinda Devine and Treasure Barbie. Not to be missed!

Following a brief industry hiatus, Lexi returned to Grooby Girls in fantastic fashion when she filmed a Heritage Girl #6 Lexi Barbie solo scene with Radius Dark. This scintillating solo shoot was released via Grooby Girls in February 2016 with the tantalizing description;

“Phew. When Lexi’s model application came through, I rushed it to Radius Dark asking him to get her in. When he eventually tied her down (not literally) the sets were fantastic as Lexi’s look seemed perfectly framed with Radius’s aesthetics. She’s hard to get a hold of for shoots even though we’ve tried, but Radius used his wily ways to bring her back in for the 2016, 20th year anniversary heritage shoot. As far as I am aware she’s never worked for another company – and she’ll always be associated for me, as being a Grooby Girls debut model”.

Lexi Barbie Is Back! – Grooby Girls

Want to know the best part? From this point onward Lexi treated her fans to some more sizzling Grooby Girls solo shoots. Our top picks? They’d have to be her titillating Lexi Barbie Strokes Her Cock! scene in June 2016, her seductive Lexi Barbie Strokes Her Cock & Shakes Her Booty! shoot in December 2016 and her saucy Lexi Barbie Spreads Her Cheeks! solo scene in January 2017.

Fans of Lexi Barbie would have to wait another year until their favorite performer graced our screens again. But don’t worry – you don’t have to wait that long! Instead, you can enjoy Lexi’s sensational Lexi Barbie Is Back! solo scene which was first unveiled via Grooby Girls in February 2018. As the description hotly hints;

“Guess who’s back! After a year, gorgeous Lexi Barbie returns and she looks hotter than ever! We are always excited to have beautiful Lexi back with us and we can’t wait to see what she’s got for us this time! She goes out on the balcony at night for a little bit, showing off her nice body. Then she walks back in shows off her ass, gets hard and strokes for you – all in this hot brand new scene brought to you by Radius Dark!”.

Lexi Barbie’s Amazing Cumshot! – Grooby Girls

Most recently, Lexi has treated her fans to a captivating Lexi Barbie’s Amazing Cumshot! solo scene that was first promoted via Grooby Girls in February 2018. Lexi remains a fan-favorite Grooby Girl, as  the scene’s description aptly states;

“Lexi Barbie has been with is for almost five years and we are always happy to have her back! Two weeks ago, she made an amazing comeback with Radius Dark. Today, she returns for more!”.

Eager to explore all of Lexi’s hottest sex scenes and exclusive web content? Then use the links provided below to rediscover your favorite brunette beauty Lexi Barbie!

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