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TS Evie Eliot Biography

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Evie Eliot

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Evie Eliot – Personal Info

Name : Evie Eliot

Alias : Evie Elliot, Evie Elliott

Date of Birth: March 4th

Star Sign : Pisces

Hometown : South West Wales (UK)

Measurements : 36B – 30 – 38

Height :  6’0 (1.83m)

Hair Colour : Black/Red/Blue/Rainbow

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : Multi-colored star design on both sides of her neck, hieroglyph on her upper right arm, ‘Hard Femme’ script across her knuckles with the ‘Fe’ of femme representing the periodic table symbol for Iron, a series of hearts and symbols on her other fingers, a multi-colored floral design across her left hand, as well as intricate black ink floral designs across her left and right shoulders and collarbone

Shoe Size : Women’s 12 (US)

Years Active : 2014 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Instantly recognizable by her ravishing rainbow locks and vibrant body art, Evie Eliot is a pioneering TS pornstar, performance artist, producer and director. Over the years Evie Eliot has attracted a devoted fan following due to her sensational TGirls XXX and SM Strokers solo scenes, her thrilling Tgirls.porn collaborations and her award-winning porn production Twitterbating that was filmed by Evie Eliot’s very own production company Clever Girl Pictures.

So where did it all begin? Born and raised in South West Wales but currently living in Seattle, Washington, Evie Eliot had an unconventional upbringing as she was raised by agnostic pagan Buddhist parents who never imposed strict gender roles upon Evie Eliot or her sister. As Evie Eliot herself explained within her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview;

“As a child I grew up in a profoundly magical environment, and I felt very strongly connected to the world around me. My parents were agnostic pagan Buddhists I suppose, and my sister and I never had any formal religious upbringing. We grew up with folktales and fantasy stories, and I think we developed out own sort of spirituality. I spent a whole summer inventing a religion with a friend when I was like 7…  holy scriptures, rituals, the whole lot…

I also never had strongly enforced gender roles growing up, so it wasn’t until I hit puberty that being trans ever really felt like a problem. Once I did hit puberty I began to realize that I wasn’t just going to wake up in the right body one day, and ended up doing a lot of drugs to cope with that. There was no LGBT community in rural Southwest Wales, so I really didn’t have the language to know what was going on. Eventually that disillusionment killed my sense of magic in the world. I became firmly atheist, and spent the next 17 years trying to “fix” my brain through intellectualizing all my problems away. That really didn’t work. I was diagnosed bipolar, had alcohol and drug abuse problems, developed chronic pain, and was often suicidal”.

During her teenage years Evie Eliot found it difficult to embrace her true gender identity and subsequently struggled with substance abuse for many years. Evie Eliot conveyed within her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview how commencing HRT enabled her to finally attain a sense of clarity in her life and retain the ‘magical connection to the world’ that she had experienced during her childhood years. As Evie Eliot puts it in her own words;

“When I finally came out as trans (actually, it was the 6th time I’d come out, but apparently each time I’d told someone previously, I’d then get blackout-drunk and couldn’t remember ever having done so) and started on HRT, for the first time in probably twenty years I started to feel that sense of magical connection to the world again. I’d always felt a little sour that science seemed to rob the world of magic, but since I embraced science, and science allowed me to embrace myself, that part of me that I’d been missing for so long started to come back…

Since I switched over to an Estrogen based OS my bipolar episodes have stopped, 90% of my chronic pain has gone, I can think more clearly (my short-term memory is demonstrably better, it’s almost scary), and most importantly I have my emotions back. So when I talk about magic, that’s what I’m talking about. For me it’s that sense of connection to the universe: it’s not metaphysical. It’s very real, it’s measurable, it’s profound, it is magical”.

Evie Eliot at T Girls Porn

Evie Eliot : Adult Film Career

Evie Eliot initially began working within the adult entertainment industry as a nude art, fashion and fetish model before she decided to pursue a career as a porn star. An ardent exhibitionist with a fascination for the fetish lifestyle market, Evie Eliot has discussed in previous interviews that she hopes to use her porn star experiences in order to launch her very own kinkster and fetish clothing line in the future. As Evie Eliot notes via her tgirls.porn profile;

“What started out for me as an interest in nude and fetish modeling has now grown into a serious passion to work in porn, which I feel will be complimentary to my building a new kink and fetish clothing line…The intersection between sex and exhibitionism has become the center of my sense of personal growth and discovery…I’m currently very into BDSM, pain and submission, although I generally consider myself switch…I also have a clothing fetish, and enjoy working on elaborate costume pieces…I can perform auto anal (is that even a term?) well anyway, I can stick my cock in my own ass. It’s just lovely, you should see it”.

Evie Eliot further elaborated upon her porn star beginnings during her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview, explaining that;

“The very short version is that I just sort of woke up one morning and said ‘I’m going to make porn’. The longer version is that about seven years ago, I saw a film called the Third and the Seventh, by Alex Roman. It was the first time I’d ever seen something that fit the description ‘fine art cinema’ or me, and at the end of it, the first thing I thought was, ‘I want to make porn that looks like this’. Back then though it was just ‘something I’d like to do’, in the same way as I wanted to say, travel to South America. If someone had offered me an all expenses trip then I’d take it, but I wasn’t actually very serious about turning the idea into reality…

Fast forward five and a bit years: I was early in transition, and I had started documenting my body in a series of nude shoots –purely artistic stuff, not erotic at all. I found that I was really enjoying modeling. I know a lot of photographers from when I worked in fashion, so I decided to do some pin-up style shoots and fashion shoots with people –which started getting more and more exhibitionistic– until I woke up one morning and said ‘I’m going to make porn’. I’m the sort of person who’ll just let an idea percolate for a while and then at a certain point, I just commit 100% to it…I mean those were the photo’s I had on hand when I started contacting companies about shooting with them. I also took some more porn oriented shots as I needed full body shots. Those are actually the very first post on my Tumblr”.

In this manner, Evie Eliot began filming some saucy solo sex scenes for the popular Grooby Network porn site TGirls XXX from May 2014 onward. Evie Eliot’s Shemale.XXX adult film modelling debut was titled Evie Eliot Pumped Up and it was filmed by famous porn cinematographer Radius Dark. Over the next few months Evie Eliot proceeded to film a wealth of show-stopping solo shoots and hot hardcore sex scenes with Radius Dark for TGirls XXX including Evie And Krys and Evie Eliot And Her Dildo that were both filmed in June 2014, Evie Eliot Loves Her Buttplug and Evie Eliot Solo that were both unveiled in October 2014, Evie Eliot and Cat Tayler in December 2014, Evie Eliot & Brock Avery’s Hardcore! in April 2015, Evie Eliot Tries Out Dildos in October 2015, Evie Eliot Jacks Off in November 2015, Stunning Evie Eliot Strokes Her Big Dick in February 2016 and Stunning Evie Eliot Plays With Herself in March 2016.

Evie Eliot quickly began to garner a devoted fan following due to these sizzling solo sex scenes which showcased Evie engaging in a wide range of scintillating sex-toy themed scenarios. Evie Eliot’s raunchy solo scenes and hot hardcore content have even been featured within the Grooby DVD compilation title Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 1 (2016) featuring sexy TS pornstars Treasure Barbie, Lusinda Devine, Cherry Mavrik and Lexi Barbie.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 Evie Eliot continued to participate in a diverse array of exciting adult film projects such as appearing within Issue 91 of Transformation Magazine in September 2014 and filming her first ever solo scenes for Sammi Mancini’s fan-favorite porn site SM Strokers in January 2015. Over the years Evie Eliot has featured within many of Sammi Mancini’s most popular Rodnievision/Mancini Productions DVD titles such as SM Strokers 72 (2015) and 74 (2015) for which she posed as their DVD cover model, as well as SM Strokers 76 (2015), 78 (2016) and 80 (2016), and most recently Bang My Tranny Ass 14 (2016) with hot TS pornstars Korra Del Rio, Chanel Santini, Isabella Sorrenti, Joe Hammer and Christian XXX.

Evie Eliot at Shemale XXX

Evie Eliot at TGirls XXX

 In addition to her captivating solo shoots, Evie Eliot has collaborated with a wealth of terrific TS performers and famous female porn stars on some scintillating web content. Fans of Evie Eliot will not want to miss out on viewing her sizzling sex scenes with Oxcetalene Lane that were filmed by Radius Dark for tgirls.porn in December 2015 as well as her raunchy transbian sex scenes with Freya Wynn that were also filmed by Radius Dark for tgirls.porn in May 2016. Many of these saucy transbian scenes have been featured within the Grooby DVD compilation title TGirls Porn Volume 5 (2016) also starring Freya Wynn, River Stark, Lilith Lovett, Sarah Webb, Oxcetalene Jane, Amarna Miller, Mona Wales and Taurus. Evie Eliot loves working on these raunchy porn productions and has explained within her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview how shooting sex scenes has enabled her to tackle her gender dysphoria and bolster her self confidence;

“If you’ve listened to Brene Brown’s talks on shame and vulnerability, doing porn has been instrumental for me in addressing my own sense of shame around being trans. It’s also helped me a lot with my dysphoria, and while there’s a lot of things I’d change if I could afford it, I’m a lot more comfortable with my body now than I was before I started doing porn. The other way it’s been liberating is in the doors it’s closed. Maybe I don’t trust myself, but I’ve always been drawn to do things that I can’t back out from once I commit. I never want to work in a cube again. I don’t even want the option. Doing porn has been a way for me to burn bridges behind me. No retreat!…

I actually exist at the center of myself for the first time in my life. I’m not so foolish as to claim I know who or what I am, but I do know where I am. I have a foundation now that I never had before. That’s been huge for me. For the first time I feel that I have direction. I still get lost, but know it’s actually possible for me to get unlost! I still get scared, but for the first time I actually know how to be brave. I’m not sure contentment is on the cards for me. I’ll settle for not being in constant pain”.

Evie Eliot at TGirls XXX

Evie Eliot : Clever Girl Pictures & Twitterbating

In addition to her captivating porn performances, Evie Eliot is a multi-talented producer, director and performance artist who founded her very own production company Clever Girl Pictures in late 2014. Upon being asked about Clever Girl Pictures during her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview, Evie Eliot expressed that;

“Clever Girl is my artistic vision. The type of porn I want to watch, and create, needs to have a certain meditative quality to it. Not that it needs to be calm or peaceful, but it needs to keep the viewer fully present in the moment. It struck me that most porn is so formulaic: there are definite spots which are almost labeled “You can orgasm now” and that always really bothered me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our attitude towards sex in America is extremely goal oriented, to the point where arousal is almost seen as an inconvenience to be overcome through orgasm. I know this is true for men. It’s something that’s part and parcel of the way patriarchy controls men through sex: that the idea of arousal without resolution is abhorrent (and if you can’t get off, blame a woman), as female sexuality is commercialized and sold back to us. I fear this is becoming the case for women too. I want to create porn that allows people to fully, consciously, inhabit a state of sexual arousal and to feel comfortable in that place…

I just want to get away from destination (orgasm) focused sex. Of course, my feelings about this have been influenced by having to entirely re-learn my own erotic stimuli since I started transition. It took a good year to relearn how to have an orgasm, and that gave me a lot of time to learn how to enjoy things I’d not previously focused on. I can say without a doubt, the best sex I’ve ever had would have passed muster for a PG13 rating, and my partner and I never even took our clothes off. It was completely fucking sublime. I want to show that experience in porn, and still have the viewer walk away feeling breathless. As to whether it’s a hard sell? I honestly have no idea. I’m doing this because I have to. The porn I make for myself is always a labor of love. I’ve never cared about whether it will be popular or not”.

In December 2014 Evie Eliot made her directorial debut with Twitterbating; a scintillating  Clever Girl Pictures production within which Evie starred alongside Krys Noir and Jenny Minx in some sultry POV, oral, femdom pegging and sex toy fuelled scenarios. Filmed in collaboration with PinkLabel.TV, Twitterbating was a smash hit among fans and film critics which resulted in Evie winning “Best Newcomer” at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards. In fact, Evie Eliot has been nominated for several coveted adult film awards titles throughout her porn star career including;

  • 2015: Feminist Porn Awards winner “Best Newcomer”
  • 2015: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best New Face”
  • 2016: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Solo Model”

Evie Eliot enthused about working with Krys and Jenny on Twitterbating during her December 2014 PinkLabel.TV interview, highlighting how;

“The three of us knew each other through the poly community in Seattle. Krys and Jenny are partners, and he and I had filmed together in the first hardcore scene I ever shot. I’d put out a general ask for people who thought they might be interested in shooting a film with me, and they were really into the idea…They’re both such incredible people, and we were all already really comfortable with each other as friends, so it made shooting the scene a ridiculous amount of fun…

I still have a bunch of outtakes that I’ll probably make a reel of, and there were some funny moments, but no real bloopers. The most surprising thing to me was that I actually didn’t think the film had a strong ending when we wrapped! I was pretty sure I was going to have to edit the whole thing out of order to get a good ending because I’d got totally lost in the moment while filming and had no idea what was going on outside of my own body. When I watched the footage back the next day I was like ‘Holy crap! This is really good!'”.

Evie Eliot at Shemale XXX

Evie Eliot at TGirls XXX

Evie Eliot remains committed to utilizing her own porn productions to present a more realistic and emotional side to transsexual porn as opposed to the hyper-sexualized images that perpetuate the adult film industry as a whole. Evie Eliot further elaborated upon these views during her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview when she was asked about the representation of trans women within the adult entertainment industry;

“I’m so bored with ejaculation. Not just in trans porn, but in any porn. My feelings about the porn industry as a whole is that 99% of what’s being made is fast food. It tastes good in the moment, satisfies the appetite, but it’s not nutritious. I think there should be less focus on ejaculation for everyone’s well-being…

I went off spiro for the first ever shoot I did. I hated it, and I’ve been back on blockers ever since. All my pop shots are faked (sorry folks), and I’d rather they didn’t have to be a part of my scenes at all because they are a misrepresentation of my sexuality. I think more harmful than being on or off blockers is how mainstream trans porn portrays trans women in general. It perpetuates stereotypes of trans women as over sexed predators, which has much more serious real world health consequences…

From my perspective as a producer, I want the performers in my films to be able to answer that question for themselves. In Queer porn, and feminist porn, that’s kind of the standard now. We let people have sex the way they want to…

The porn industry as a whole is incredibly conservative. It’s totally focused on “male sexuality” and I use scare-quotes because that concept itself is a lie. Men’s sexual expression is incredibly boxed in. –again, this is how patriarchy controls men– it denies men any expression of their sexuality other than a few narrowly prescribed options. It shames men who venture outside of those socially sanctioned norms. It’s a failure of the imagination…

I think the conversation that you’re seeing about how trans women’s sexuality is presented is happening because when our sexuality is only presented as a fetish, and when that fetish feeds into existing stereotypes and prejudice, it is literally killing us. If you listen to the dialogue amongst sex workers, you realize that whorephobia is a major cause of violence against women. People of color are treated as a fetish in porn too. That plays into cycles of violence, especially for women of color, and trans women of color most of all. Look at the places where we are dying and this conversation is going on. It’s been going on for a while, but for some reason there are voices coming out of queer trans porn right now that are getting attention from the Industry. I’m not sure exactly why this is the case, but it’s happening, and I think it’s a very good thing”.

Evie Eliot at TGirls XXX

Evie Eliot : Transgender Advocacy Work & Future Plans

Throughout her career, Evie Eliot has used her porn star status to raise awareness towards issues which adversely impact upon TS stars and LGBT+ performers as a whole. For instance, when she was asked to convey her opinions regarding the use of the terms ‘tranny’ and ‘shemale’ within the transsexual porn genre during her February 2015 Trans Ethics interview, Evie conveyed how;

“There is still a definite financial incentive to use those terms, and if people are comfortable with those terms, or identify in that way, that’s fine. I think a lot of the rhetoric surrounding the use of those words is less about the words themselves, and more about long-standing divides within the LGBTQ community. Trans women are perhaps the least cohesive group imaginable so I’m [reluctant] to generalize, but straight-identified and queer-identified trans women tend to be two different communities politically speaking. So I try not to look at the conversation as being so much about those words as it is about broader views about business practices in general. If you don’t think business should have any particular social responsibility, then using those words will appear harmless to you. Or if not harmless, then justifiable in the pursuit of market advantage”.

Evie Eliot at Shemale XXX

Evie Eliot at TGirls XXX

In fact, in September 2015 Evie Eliot was one of a select few adult film stars invited to feature within Dave Naz’s groundbreaking documentary Identity: In & Beyond The Binary which interviewed a broad spectrum of adult film stars and industry leading professionals about their personal experiences with sexuality and gender identity. Dave Naz initially started this project as an art book in April 2014 but it soon evolved into a 60 minute illuminating documentary that revealed exclusive industry insights on gender identity, sexuality and the various trials and tribulations that LGBT+ performers have had to face during HRT, upon coming out to their families, friends and loved ones, as well as when they began to forge careers within the adult entertainment industry.

Evie Eliot was one of the adult film stars interviewed as well as Buck Angel, Michelle Austin, Birdmountain, Matty Boi, Jonelle Brooks, Eva Cassini, Colten, James Darling, Afro Disiac, Jade Downing, Jenny Elizabeth, Michelle Firestone, Foxxy, Jamie French, Khloe Hart, Mia Isabella, Tara Jolie, Tasha Jones, Riley Kilo, Kristel, Jiz Lee, Eva Lin, Kelli Lox, Venus Lux, Mandy Mitchell, Chelsea Poe, Andre Shakti, Shawn, Kendra Sinclaire, Stefani Special, Tiffany Starr, Wendy Summers, Tristan Taormino, Courtney Trouble and Wolfe Moon.

By continuing to be involved within a far-reaching scope of transgender advocacy work and LGBT+ fundraising projects, Evie Eliot has become a role model for many young members of the LGBT+ community as well as for many aspiring transsexual performers. Despite this prominent status, Evie Eliot has stated that she does not feel comfortable imparting advice to others due to the fact that each person’s ‘coming out’ experience is unique. For instance, when she was asked about what advice she would give to a trans woman who is still in the closet during previous interviews, Evie Eliot has sincerely expressed that;

“I couldn’t possibly know what to say. Our lives, our circumstances, we’re all so different. I never want to offer advice without having some idea of a person’s situation, and even then I don’t feel I’m qualified to weigh in on another’s situation. I can speak to my own experience, and if some of that rings true to someone else then I’m happy, but shit…

I guess all I really have to say is do whatever you have to survive. So long as we’re alive, we still have options. Don’t come out if you don’t feel safe, but do everything you can to get yourself to a safe space. The world can be really shit to trans people, but it’s getting better and there are places where you will be able to thrive. You just have to do everything you can to keep yourself alive long enough to get there”.

Speaking more generally about her own experiences of oppression as a trans woman, Evie Eliot highlighted within this February 2015 Trans Ethics interview that there is a fundamental need for the LGBT+ community to fight against the narrative, promote a dialogue with cisgendered persons and challenge their own assumptions on gender identity and sexuality. As Evie puts it in her own words;

“What I would like to say, more generally, is that some of the oppressions I experienced a year ago I don’t experience now because I stopped looking for them. I think when we first come out, we’re looking for identity, we’re looking for a narrative. Oppression, injustice, and discrimination are all part of the trans experience, but they don’t need to be a part of our narrative. Being trans is not the most interesting thing about you…

When I feel isolated, or I feel that some aspect of my experience is so unique to being trans that my cis friends could never understand, I make a point of challenging that assumption in myself. I always try to reach out to my friends with the assumption that they may have experienced something very similar. I truly believe that for it to do us any good, empathy must be a dialogue. I take it as my personal responsibility to extend trust to people when I need emotional help, and what I’ve found is that nothing I have experienced as a trans woman was so wholly unique as to be unrelatable to my cis friends…

We need community, because we will always have a greater interest in our own needs than our cisgender friends and family, but I see too many people depending wholly on the trans community for their emotional support and I think that leads to an isolationist and tribal mentality. We’ve got to learn to give others the benefit of the doubt, because if we don’t it not them who suffer, it’s us”.

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