Treasure Barbie Biography

TS Treasure Barbie Biography

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Treasure Barbie – Personal Info

Name : Treasure Barbie

Date of Birth: July 1st

Star Sign : Cancer

Hometown : Orem, Utah (US)

Hair Colour : Brunette/ Black/ Auburn/ Lilac

Eye Colour : Green

Tattoos : Treasure Barbie is famous for her vibrant body art which includes matching ‘Wild’ and ‘Heart’ text on the back of her thighs, a pair of scissors design on the side of her left foot, script on the left side of her neck, a face with a floral headdress design on her upper left arm accompanied by an intricate heart design and various symbols, a large bird design underneath her breasts, a skull and cross bones design on the back of her left shin, a series of diamond designs on the side of her rib cage, a series of small designs on the left side of her lower abdomen, script across her collarbone, an intricate spiral design on her right hand and a series of small symbols across the fingers on her left hand

Piercings : Nose and multiple ear piercings

Years Active : 2015 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Introducing Treasure Barbie; a rising TS starlet who was nominated for “Miss Unique” at the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Treasure Barbie attended high school in the neighboring city of Orem. Talking about these early years in her November 2016 Fleshbot interview, Treasure Barbie revealed that;

“I was definitely not popular. I was always the outspoken ‘gay’ kid and I graduated high school in Orem, Utah, so you can imagine what school was like being around all the church goers. I actually didn’t date through high school, drink, or even have sex! I was a virgin until my 18th birthday!”.

After losing her virginity, Treasure Barbie decided that she wanted to become an adult film star and she made a video following a night out advocating how she was going to become a porn star. As Treasure explained in her November 2016 Fleshbot interview;

“I made a video when I was 18 after a night out at the club saying in it that I’m going to be a porn star and I made that happen. I pushed my way into the industry and didn’t take no for an answer so here I am!”.

Treasure Barbie highlighted in her November 2016 Fleshbot interview how working within the adult entertainment industry has worked wonders for her self esteem by enabling her to realise;

“That I am beautiful the way I am. That I don’t need to change, that I should love the body I’m in and be comfortable as myself. Doing porn has helped me find myself and for that, I am so thankful!”.

Welcome Treasure BarbieTreasure Barbie at Grooby Girl

Treasure Barbie : Adult Film Career

In July 2015 Treasure Barbie made her adult film modelling shoot for the Grooby porn site Grooby Girls. Treasure Barbie’s first ever solo scene was filmed by famous director Radius Dark in July 2015 and it was titled Introducing Treasure Barbie. Treasure Barbie received a rave review for this saucy Grooby Girls solo shoot from adult film blogger Caramel Black who enthused in her online review that;

“Treasure Barbie of Salt Lake City, Utah…for the first time at 21 years old in a spectacular photo and video shoot by Radius Dark… Watching Treasure Barbie talk is as mesmerizing and sexy as the things she has to say about herself…This is an incredible debut and there’s no doubt in my mind that Treasure Barbie is going to be a major porn star. It’s already happening for her so freaking quickly”.

Treasure Barbie has since filmed a variety of solo shoots and hardcore sex scenes for the Grooby porn sites Grooby Girls, TGirls XXX, Tgirls Porn, TGirl Pornstar and TGirl Sex. Fans of Treasure Barbie will love watching her sizzling Treasure Barbie and Ruckus Fuckfest scene for Grooby Girls in July 2015, her collaboration with Chelsea Marie for TGirls.Porn in December 2015 titled Beach Babes Chelsea Marie and Treasure Barbie, her  raunchy Treasure Barbie and Dizzy Dixxon’s  Fuckfest! hardcore sex scenes for Grooby Girls in February 2016 and her steamy Treasure Barbie Shakes Her Booty! solo scene that was first distributed via TGirls XXX in November 2016.

Welcome Treasure Barbie

Treasure Barbie at Grooby Girls

Treasure Barbie discussed filming these various online sex scenes during her Fleshbot interview in November 2016 and advocated how much she loves filming solo shoots;

“As I’m growing, I love doing solo shoots. I feel like I can connect more and make it more and make it more personal for the viewer. I hope as I grow and learn, I can get better! I do have some shoots in the works that I’m super excited about”.

During this insightful interview, Treasure Barbie also took the time to highlight how much she has enjoyed filming with male performer Ruckus and her fellow sexy TS pornstar Chelsea Marie, highlighting how;

“Ruckus would have to be my favorite male model, alongside Chelsea Marie. I love them both and have had such a good time with them. They make it easy to just be myself, have fun and love doing what I’m doing! They are both super respectful and laid back but let’s be honest, Chelsea Marie is crazy fun. If you ever get to hang with her, you’re lucky!”.

As well as her sizzling Grooby Network scenes, Treasure Barbie has also collaborated with Christian XXX on some raunchy scenes for his popular porn site Treasure Barbie has filmed many hot hardcore scenes with Christian XXX for including Pervy Stepdad Seducing Teen Stepdaughter in June 2015, Creepy Christian Sneaks Into Treasure’s Room For Some Anal Sex in September 2015, Young TS Treasure Barbie  jerks Off A Lucky Cock in November 2015, Young TS Starlet Gets Down On Her Favourite Cock in December 2015 and Beautiful Young TS Treasure Barbie Makes Out With Christian in March 2016. In fact, Treasure Barbie revealed within her Fleshbot interview that Christian XXX was one of her favorite porn stars to watch before she became an adult film star. As Treasure Barbie conveyed in her own words;

Kimber James was always my icon! I feel like I always would watch her and be like, ‘damn’ I wanna be like her one day’! I’ve always been a porn junkie. I remember getting caught in like the 9th grade watching one of Christian XXX’s pizza delivery videos! Then, getting to actually shoot with him in my adult life was pretty epic!…I love watching Christian XXX’s website. He always has something new, fresh, and hot waiting for me!”.

Treasure Barbie at Grooby Girls

Hold on, it gets even better. During this time, Treasure Barbie began to feature within several best-selling DVDs. One of Treasure Barbie’s best movies has been the Grooby compilation title TGirls Porn: Volume One which showcased Treasure in a saucy scene with Chelsea Marie. Featuring hot TS pornstars Sasha Skyes, Cherry Mavrick, Athena Addams, Emy Amethyst, Kaylee Kuddlez, Lexi Cooper, and Sabina Sinn, TGirls Porn Volume One was directed by Radius Dark who had collaborated with Treasure on many of her fan-favorite Grooby Girls scenes. Radius enthused about filming TGirls Porn: Volume One during a Grooby News press release, eagerly expressing that;

“These lovely Starlets got what they wanted during these scenes and it showed on their faces…From Lexi Barbie getting lift fucked by a strong man, to Evie Eliot getting fucked hard and fast by an Adonis, to Cherry Mavrick throating a cock so big she can’t get to the base! First timers and Utah natives Treasure Barbie and Lusinda Devine massively enjoyed taking it from their tall dream man as well. It was an all-around great time”.

Keen to catch up on more of Treasure Barbie’s best-selling movies? Then we recommend viewing her sizzling scenes in Radius Dark’s TS Starlets 1 (2016) which featured Treasure Barbie alongside Evie Eliot, Lusinda Devine, Lexi Barbie and Cherry Mavrik, as well as the CX WOW Studios DVD titles Tranny Handies 2 (2015) and Tranny POV 1 (2015) also starring famous TS pornstars Delia DeLions, Kylie Maria, Alexa Scout, Joanna Jet, Korra Del Rio, Harper Kelly, Sienna Grace, Mia Maffia, Robbi Racks, Ariel Everitts, Amanda Jade and Tasha Jones. Not to be missed!

Treasure Barbie Shemale Pornstar

Treasure Barbie TGirl Pornstar

As a result of her amicable personality, raw sexuality and impressive porn performances, Treasure Barbie has amassed a devoted fan following across the globe. Treasure Barbie has been extremely grateful to her fans for their ongoing support and she sincerely stated within her November 2016 Fleshbot interview that;

“I love my fans and I’m lucky to have such an amazing support group!! I’ve gained over 20K followers in a little over a year, and I’m so thankful for all the love and support you have shown me!…Thank you all again. Stay true to you and thanks for all the gifts, love, and support!! I promise I’ll keep you wanting more!”.

In her spare time, Treasure Barbie loves honing her hair stylist and makeup skills. In fact, one of Treasure Barbie’s tattoos is a pair of scissors that she acquired in order to symbolise her passion for pampering. Within her November 2016 Fleshbot interview, Treasure Barbie revealed that when she isn’t filming her saucy sex scenes;

“I love doing hair and makeup!!! I’m obsessed. I also have two beautiful nephews I enjoy playing with! I love to cook and dance and I can make a killer martini. I love hiking. I’m from Utah and my backyard is the mountains!”.

Moreover, when she was asked about her future career plans during this November 2016 Fleshbot interview, Treasure Barbie hinted that;

“I guess you will have to wait and see. I do have a few things coming my way…I’d love to work with Bailey Jay, I mean, who wouldn’t? I just feel our styles and bodies would mesh so well. (: Then there’s Mara Nova who I’m obsessed with!! I wanna do more fun shoots like slumber party interactive stuff!! Oh, and I’d like to work for Bob’s T-Girls, I’ve been waiting and messaging for a year so he’s on my list!!…I wanna win an award and make movies people love. I want my fans to know that I’m so thankful for them and that I love my job!”.

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