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Misty Foxx Enjoys Hard Fucking! – Black TGirls

Personal Info

Name : Misty Foxx

Date of Birth : May 7th

Hometown : Atlanta, Georgia (US)

Hair Colour : Black

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : Japanese characters on the insides of her forearms (just below her elbows), a spiral tribal design on her upper left arm and a skull with a rose in its mouth on her upper right arm with ‘Loved ones’ script underneath it

Piercings : Septum

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 5+

Misty Foxx (formerly known as Fuchsia Foxx) is a fan-favorite adult film star, cam girl and glamour model who has been performing in porn since early 2017. Over the years Misty has attracted a keen fan following due to her lusty live cam shows and sizzling sex scenes for Black TGirls and Two Tgirls. Watch this space!

Fuchsia Foxx’s Breakout Debut Scene! – Black TGirls

Misty Foxx : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Misty first started working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model and you’ll be happy to hear that she continues to host intimate live chat sessions via Chaturbate under the screen name ‘Fuchsiafoxx’. Misty made her official adult film modelling debut in February 2017 for the Grooby Network porn site Black TGirls under the stage name ‘Fuchsia Foxx’. Titled Fuchsia Foxx’s Breakout Debut Scene!, Misty’s seductive solo debut was directed by KilaKali and released via Black TGirls with the hot description;

“One of the hottest tgirls to watch out for here in Grooby is Fuchsia Foxx. She has more surprises prepared for all of us to look forward to. And for her first scene, watch as she strips off her clothes and naughtily plays…Enjoy!”.

From this point onward, Misty started to collaborate with prominent photographer KilaKali on several saucy scenes for Black TGirls. We recommend checking out Misty’s alluring Pretty And Flirty Fuchsia! solo shoot in March 2017 and her raunchy Fuchsia Foxx Gets Her Ass Pounded! hardcore scene with Mini Stylez in June 2017. Misty’s sizzling Black TGirls scenes have earned her an ardent endorsement from KilaKali who conveyed via Misty’s official Grooby profile how;

“Misty Foxx is a woman that I have known for a while now. She has a webcam show that I moderate for her. She has the longest tongue that I have seen this year…Her sex drive is non-stop! Misty likes guys, cis gender and other TS girls. Hopefully we can make that happen with her in the near future. A real laid back and awesome new find that I am sure you guys will enjoy”.

Pretty And Flirty Fuchsia! – Black TGirls

Following a brief industry hiatus, Misty resumed her porn career in fantastic fashion in April 2018 by shooting a sensational Misty Foxx Is Back! solo scene for Black TGirls. Misty’s comeback shoot was directed by Omar Wax and it was unveiled via Black TGirls with the tantalizing description;

“After almost a year, gorgeous Misty Foxx is back! We were definitely waiting for this! Looking more beautiful than ever, Misty can’t wait to strip down and show off her amazing body to you again! She brought her dildo with her too and she’s about to give that tight ass of hers some nice pounding!…Nice to have her back!”.

Want to know the best part? Misty has continued to collaborate with critically acclaimed cinematographer Omar Wax on many fan-favorite Black TGirls shoots. Fans of Misty Foxx will love viewing her kinky Misty Foxx Cums For You! solo scene which was uploaded in April 2018 and her hot Misty Foxx Enjoys Hard Fucking! hardcore scene with Adonis that was promoted via Black TGirls in October 2018. Not to be missed!

Misty Foxx Enjoys Hard Fucking! – Black TGirls

Eager to explore even more of Misty Foxx’s hot hardcore collaborations? Then you’ll love watching her raunchy Bed and Breakfast with Extras and Who Needs Boys? Let’s Fuck! role-plays with Kira Crash that were released via TwoTgirls.com in January 2018. These saucy scenes earned Misty and Kira some rave reviews from adult film blogger Caramel Black who highlighted in her January 2018 online review how;

“This is the follow-up to “Bed and Breakfast with Extras” where Chaturbate trans webcam model and TwoTgirls.com newbie Misty Foxx gets railed by Kira Crash! I raved about it on TS Dreamland saying, ‘The seduction sequence is cute and strangely awkward which makes the scene even hotter to me. You might see what I mean. If there was any nervousness however, I think it dissipated by the time Kira was half into sucking Misty’s cock. My favorite aspect of this update is the full nudity! Bravo director Mayumi Sparkles and thank you for presenting these models at their finest and so vividly. Great job right down to the big cumshot finale’…

So now it’s time to talk about “Who Needs Boys?! Let’s Fuck!” The most obvious difference is that Kira is the top in this update. Now Kira and Misty are even Steven. Kira is known as the most prolific top on TwoTgirls.com and if Misty becomes a regular, it’s logical to think that Kira’s duty for the site to do almost all the fucking won’t be so necessary. There are however other actresses to pick up the slack in that area meanwhile like Chanel Noir, Chelsea Marie, Coco Dahlia, Kayleigh Coxx, Chloe Wilcox, Valentina Mia, Bailey Love, River Stark and others who are also versatile. But if there’s an elephant in the room, let’s address it now. There’s now a black model that’s not mixed-race. To a lot of fans, that’s important…I can never get enough of Kira Crash and she kills it in this scene once again with Misty. I mean she fucks her silly! Misty hangs with her like a champ too!”.

Fuchsia Foxx’s Breakout Debut Scene! – Black TGirls

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Twitter : @FoxxSkye

Instagram : @tsmistyfoxx

Chaturbate : Fuchsiafoxx

Black TGirls : Misty Foxx at Black TGirls

Two Tgirls : Misty Foxx at TwoTgirls.com


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