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Arielle Aquinas – Personal Info

Name : Arielle Aquinas

Date of Birth : August 28th

Star Sign : Virgo

Measurements : 30B – 26 – 34

Height : 5’4 (1.63m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : A heart wrapped in chains in the centre of her chest, a design on the back of her neck, script across her right hip, a butterfly on the inside of her left forearm (just below her elbow), a butterfly on the outside of her left forearm, a religious design across her right thigh, a dog on the outside of her left calf and rosary beads around her left ankle and foot

Piercings : Navel and tongue

Shoe Size : Women’s 8½ (US)

Years Active : 2016 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Arielle Aquinas is a popular adult film star, fetish performer and cam model who has been thrilling fans since 2008. Best known for her compelling web clips and raunchy fetish collaborations, Arielle Aquinas is a fan-favorite performer who starred in a wide range of Kink, Pixel Vixens and WoodRocket porn productions.

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So where did it all begin? Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arielle Aquinas first started working in the adult entertainment industry in 2008 as a model. Arielle Aquinas initially posed as a cosplay and nude model before gradually progressed to hosting live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘ReverendFetish’) and MyFreeCams (as ‘RevArielle’) from 2013 onwards. From here, Arielle Aquinas also started shooting fetish productions before making her hardcore porn debut in 2016. And all whilst studying for a degree in Philosophy! As Arielle Aquinas explained in her 2018 Ask A Porn Star interview;

“I started modeling in 2008…I started as a model and worked my way up through nude modeling, fetish work, up to hardcore porn”.

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Arielle Aquinas : Adult Film Career

Arielle Aquinas made her official adult film industry debut in the summer of 2016 and many of her earliest sex scenes were cosplay-themed shoots for Over the years Arielle Aquinas has filmed an impressive collection of cosplay-themed videos for and she actually became the co-owner of in 2017. As Arielle Aquinas explained via her official Pixel Vixens profile;

“Hi! I’m Arielle Aquinas (formerly Rev. Arielle on here) and as of 2017 I am the co-owner of! I’ve been attending conventions and cosplaying since 2006. I specialize in found item cosplay and ruining your childhood (or maybe I’m making it better). Outside of the cosplay and convention world I’ve been modeling since 2008 and have been doing hardcore porn since I joined PV. I have worked extensively in the fetish industry as a model, Professional Dominatrix, and performing in fetish troupes at events all across the country! When I’m not busy working online being a sex vixen, I’m in school working on a degree in philosophy, going to kink events, and being a trophy wife/girlfriend”. 

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One of Arielle Aquinas’ initial hardcore sex scenes was an epic Spunky Cheerleader Gets All Her Holes Stuffed!! group sex scene with Gage Sin, John Johnson, Mickey Mod, Small Hands and Will Havoc which was released via’s Hardcore Gangbang web series in October 2016. Arielle Aquinas enjoyed shooting this raunchy five-man gangbang and enthusiastically stated in her 2018 Ask A Porn Star interview that;

“I think my 5-man gangbang for is going to be really hard to top! That was a dream cum true!”.

You’ll be happy to hear that Arielle Aquinas has continued to shoot some scintillating BDSM scenes for throughout her prolific porn career. We recommend checking out Arielle Aquinas’ thrilling Chelsea Marie Pounds Strong Willed Arielle Aquinas Into Submission femdom shoot with Chelsea Marie that was released via TS Pussy Hunters in April 2018 as well as her raunchy Blonde Slut Arielle Aquinas Ass Fucked and Abused like a Punching Bag BDSM scene with Tommy Pistol that was filmed for’s Brutal Sessions web channel in February 2019. Must see sex scenes for Arielle Aquinas fans!

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Over the years Arielle Aquinas has filmed a broad spectrum of hardcore, fetish and BDSM scenes for many fan-favorite porn networks including Strokies, Deep Throat Sirens and Harley Fire Productions. You’ll love viewing Arielle Aquinas’ saucy Fucking Machine Anal scene with Nadia White which was shot for Intimacy Productions in January 2018 and her titillating Football or Anal? Scene with Connor Coxxx that was filmed for Intimacy Productions in December 2018. Not to be missed!

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Arielle Aquinas has also showcased her saucy submissive side in 5 thrilling BDSM scenes for Pascal’s Sub Sluts in May 2018. In fact, Arielle Aquinas’ scintillating scenes have even been featured in the Pascal’s Sub Sluts DVD Breathless (2018) also starring Rhiannon Ryder, Piggy Mouth and Madison Stuart. Arielle Aquinas also received a rave review from Andy of Pascal’s Sub Sluts who stated via Ariella’s Pascal’s Sub Sluts profile;

“Welcome to our last Vegas scene, everyone. It stars the utterly scrumptious and very naughty Arielle Aquinas, who indulged in the following for us: Anal & vaginal fucking- Physical & verbal domination- Deepthroat & face-fucking- Choking- Punching- Spanking- Toy- Cumshot (CIM)… And again we’ve got a really interesting interview this week. I love shooting interviews with girls who’ve got a lot to say and Arielle’s may be the best we’ve done. She talks in depth about her religious background and the affairs she has as a highly-sexed woman in a loving and open marriage, who gets her kicks playing the ultimate bimbo whore with whoever she’s with. Enjoy”.

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Hold on, it gets even better. Alongside her compelling fetish clips, Arielle Aquinas has starred in some popular porn parodies. We recommend watching Arielle Aquinas’ raunchy romp in the WoodRocket & Pornhub parody movie Tugrats (2018). Directed by April O’Neil and Vuko, this kinky Rugrats inspired romp also starred Lena Paul, Robby Echo, Daisy Ducati, Shawn Fox and Joeydotrawr. You can watch the uncut Angelica & Cynthia version of Tugrats at Pornhub Premium. It’s the porn parody you never thought you’d see!

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During this time Arielle Aquinas continued to collaborate with many industry-leading fetish performers on some sizzling scenes for the Clips4Sale stores Kai Bailey and Ageplay 247. Arielle Aquinas also shoots all manner of compelling videos and photo sets for her ManyVids profile (‘ArielleAquinas’). You should also check out Arielle Aquinas’ immersive POV scene with Miles Long that was featured in his Fallout Films DVD Miles Long’s Full Service POV #4 (2018) starring Alix Lovell, Cherie DeVille, Jay Taylor, Lucky Starr, September Reign and Silvia Saige.

But what have been Arielle Aquinas’ favorite scenes to shoot? Well, when Arielle Aquinas was asked to name her favorite co-stars during her 2018 Ask A Porn Star interview she highlighted how;

“I don’t think I could choose, I’ve met so many amazing people in this business. But I have a special affinity for crossover talent (male pornstars who shoot straight and gay porn). They always seem to know just what my body likes!…It’s usually pretty casual and fun. Lots of joking around and being silly. Sometimes you have just incredible chemistry with your scene partner and the whole set is just sexually charged. In that case, even if we’re fucking for hours sometimes we’ll still fuck once the cameras are off. Sex on camera is a lot different than regular sex so sometimes you still need to scratch that itch”.

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Arielle Aquinas : Workshop Appearances & Advocacy Work

Arielle Aquinas is a multi-talented performer, producer and model who continues to make regular appearances at adult film conventions, industry talk shows and sexuality skills workshops. For instance, in January 2019 Arielle Aquinas modelled for three intensive sexuality skills workshops which were held at the 7th Annual Sin in the City convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Held between January 31st and February 3rd, these workshops were led by Danarama, the internationally renowned BDSM educator and former Director of Kink University. These three workshops were named ‘Catholicism Kink’, ‘Fingerbanging/Squirting’ and ‘How to Fuck Like a Porn Star’. Arielle Aquinas enjoyed modelling for these workshops and conveyed in a January 2019 AVN press release that;

“These classes are more than fun; they actually improve people’s lives. I’m especially proud we are sharing the ‘How to Fuck Like a Porn Star’ workshop, because beyond dispelling the myriad myths about porn shoots, we reveal secrets that can make anyone more confident at sex, more attentive to their partners, and much safer—even in rough acts of passion”.

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What’s more, Arielle Aquinas and Danarama received high praise from Jazz, the organizer and promoter of Sin in the City, who highlighted in this January 2019 AVN press release how;

“Danarama and Arielle have become a treasured part of the Sin in the City family. Last year’s ‘Rough Sex’ and ‘Dollification’ workshops with Arielle were the talk of the conference (and the inspiration for many hot scenes). Each year, attendees excitedly plan schedules around their workshops and it has gotten to the point where we schedule them in a 13,000 square foot ballroom so that we don’t have to turn attendees away!”.

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After all, throughout her adult film career Arielle Aquinas has endeavored to dispel the numerous misconceptions that the mainstream media and society in general has towards sex workers. For example, when Arielle Aquinas was asked about what needs to be discussed more in the media during her 2018 Ask A Porn Star interview, she sincerely stated;

“Happy stories about sex workers. Good things they’ve done, success stories, and most importantly letting sex workers share their own experiences. Let sex workers make documentaries, write articles, etc and not just having other people talking about OUR experiences. So many negative stereotypes and problematic myths about us come from people outside our industry trying to talk about us *cough cough* Hot Girls Wanted *cough cough*…[Porn] certainly can be [feminist] and more so now that more female talent (like me) are becoming producers, directors, and agents. I’ve basically made it my mission to help women interested in sex work do so in a positive and empowering way and I’ve seen countless woman’s lives change for the better. They have more confidence, independence, and strong network of peers. It’s awesome”.

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Alongside her ongoing porn productions and public appearances, Arielle Aquinas enjoys interacting with her fans on social media, hosting lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘ReverendFetish’) and going to festivals and conventions. Arielle Aquinas is also an ardent advocate for the charitable organization National Eating Disorders and she strives to take part in several charitable events each year. As Arielle Aquinas mentioned in her 2018 Ask A Porn Star interview;

“I work all the time so I don’t have time for many hobbies. But I love planning and hosting parties and events. I also go to a lot of festivals and conventions, mostly nerdy ones…I try to do several charity events throughout the year. Mostly events with that give money to…I’ve even shaved my head a few times for I was also recently a guest lecturer for a Human Sexuality class at UNLV. I just try to do whatever I can to help. I think a life of service is the best life”. 

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