Mia Maffia Biography

TS Mia Maffia Biography

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Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at Bob’s TGirls

Mia Maffia – Personal Info

Name : Mia Maffia

Alias : Mia Maffia XXX

Date of Birth: March 29th, 1991

Star Sign : Aries

Hometown :  Huddersfield, England (UK)

Bra/ Cup Size : 34D

Height : 5’7 (1.70m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Brown

Tattoos : A cross necklace design across her chest, leopard print across the top of her right shoulder, script on her upper back, tribal designs across her right shoulder and upper arm, Disney‘s Ursula design around her right forearm, Disney‘s Maleficent design around her right hand, a butterfly on her upper right forearm, text on the inside of her left wrist, ‘Porn’ vertical script with a small black star underneath it on the left side of her torso, a demon’s tail design on her lower back, a tribal design on the side of her right hand and script on the inside of her left wrist

Years Active : 2014 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

There’s no doubt about it; Mia Maffia is one of Britain’s most popular TS pornstars. But don’t worry, this busty British babe has already begun to take the US adult industry by storm! Growing up in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England, Mia Maffia yearned for the big city life so she moved to Blackpool when she turned 18 years old. Mia Maffia has mixed English and Thai heritage and has discussed her upbringing within her April 2016 Porn OCD interview. As Mia Maffia puts it in her own words;

“It wasn’t that bad! A couple of lads used to take the piss at school, but I generally got on with everyone! I couldn’t wait to move away though! I grew up in Huddersfield which I believe is the biggest town in the UK, but it was still too small for me. I needed to live in a big city with bright lights and opportunities and that, and Huddersfield wasn’t ever going to be that place. But hey, the lads who took the piss out of me at school are all up in my DM’s now trying to get some Mia luvin’, so all’s well that ends well”.

During this Porn OCD interview Mia Maffia explained how she started to realise that she was different from the children in her neighbourhood when she was 5 years old. Unfortunately, Mia Maffia’s mother was not accepting of her true gender identity and strongly discouraged Mia Maffia from publicly embracing her femininity;

“I remember when I was about five or six, I used to go to bed wishing that I’d wake up as a girl, so deep down, I guess I’ve always known. Growing up I was always more in to Barbie’s than football and all my friends were female. I used to put my pajama bottoms on my head and pretend I had long pig-tails! But my mum didn’t understand. She’d tell me dressing up and acting like a girl wasn’t acceptable for a little boy and it was something I should be embarrassed about. Eventually I stopped dressing up. I put it all to the back of my mind and convinced myself I was gay.

During High School I made the decision to come out as gay. Once I turned eighteen, I got a job working at a cabaret bar in Blackpool called Funny Girls where the bar staff would dress in drag – the “bar trannys”. This was when I got chance to learn about hair and make-up and I soon realized I felt most at ease when dressed up… With that, ‘Mia’ was born…My mum doesn’t speak to me anymore. She’s not a bad person. She’s just got some deep issues. I used to get upset about it, but there’s nothing I can do, so I’ve built a bridge and I’m getting on with the rest of my life. The rest of my family are all really supportive though, in particular my Grandma. Granny Maffia is the best”.

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at TGirls.XXX

Despite her strained relationship with her mother, Mia Maffia has been able to rely upon the support of her grandmother and extended family as well as a close knit group of friends from her hometown who are all members of the LGBT community. Mia Mafia expressed her immense gratitude to this group of friends within her Porn OCD interview and conveyed how it was their ongoing support which has helped her to embrace her true gender identity;

“Yes, thankfully I had a group of older friends who were all LGBT and they really helped me to understand that what I was feeling wasn’t ‘strange’ or ‘abnormal’. A big part of who I am today is thanks to that group of friends and I’m forever grateful”.

Mia Maffia has never been shy about discussing the cosmetic procedures which she has undergone to achieve her captivating curvaceous figure. To date, Mia Maffia has undergone breast augmentation surgery to grant her buxom 34D assets as well as multiple butt implant procedures. Unfortunately, following her first butt implant surgery at the Beau Clinic in Belgium Mia Maffia suffered a dangerous infection which caused her implants to burst. Mia Maffia explained within a February 2015 interview with British newspaper The Mirror how;

“The first time I had the surgery on my bum, the surgeon examined me and measured me up and said I would need bum implants of 350cc, only 5cc bigger than my breast implants…I pleaded with him for a bigger implant but he refused, saying that it would be impossible to put a bigger implant into a woman my size – so I accepted it…

I thought that the operation would complete my life, but I didn’t realise what could possibly go wrong…For ten days after I got home, I put myself to bed and rested…Travelling home from Belgium had been a nightmare because it was impossible to sit and put any real weight on my bum…I found myself waiting an hour to catch both trains, feeling weak and lying on the platform on my front just to rest and feel comfortable…Then on the tenth day after my operation, I woke up from an afternoon nap after taking painkillers to feel my mattress was absolutely wet all the way through….

I didn’t think I’d wet the bed, so couldn’t understand what was going on until I put my hand underneath me….It was then I discovered the litres of blood and pus oozing out of me…I tried to move but it was impossible, so I called an ambulance who took me to Leeds Royal Infirmary…I begged with the ambulance crew, ‘please don’t let them take my implants out, anything but that,’ but they told me that my implants had ruptured and I may not have a choice…They were right. Doctors told me that to save my life, my implants had to come out…My friends told me it wasn’t worth the risk but I was determined to have the implants and didn’t listen”.

Undeterred by the complications from her first surgery, Mia Mafia underwent a second butt implant procedure at the Beau Clinic in Belgium in December 2014. Mia Maffia has also stated that she would like to undergo hip implant surgery which would make her the first woman to undergo both butt implant and hip implant procedures. However, Mia Mafia has learned from her previous ordeal and stressed within her Mirror interview that;

“This time I rested properly and did everything to let my body heal, I even put myself on a self-imposed sex-ban for six weeks because there was no way I was going through that again…I wasn’t going to let my implants get infected for a second time and risk my life like a few months before…I am totally obsessed with having a big bum. I look at women with ‘bubble butts’ in total envy and don’t think I can ever be truly happy until I’ve got one…I knew how much happier my life will be if I had a nice round bum like Kim’s and now, I couldn’t be happier”.

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at Bob’s TGirls

As well as discussing her various cosmetic procedures, Mia Maffia has never been afraid to speak her mind regarding important issues that impact the British transgender community. For instance, Mia Maffia took some time during her Porn OCD interview to highlight how;

“Whilst I do think the UK girls are very lucky to live in a country where there aren’t high amounts of trans phobic related attacks or murders (compared to others!), it still saddens me that transphobia is shrugged off. Prejudice is unacceptable whichever form that may be in. And it’s almost impossible to find a guy willing to openly date a trans girl due to how he thinks his friends or family will react. Which is funny because SO MANY guys love TS girls – I was once fucking a guy and he told me he only liked trans girls, but he felt he couldn’t do anything about it because of how his family and friends might react. He didn’t know though that I was fucking his cousin at the same time and I’d had a similar conversation with him?!

If someone makes a snide comment about me, my reaction can vary from being able to ignore them and walk away with my dignity still intact, to having a slagging match in the middle of town screaming at someone telling them to go suck their mum’s dick! Haha, but I generally don’t let ignorant people affect me. At the end of the day I’m happy with who I am. I know I’m a good person. And I know that if it’s a lad saying something shitty, it’s because he can’t handle the fact he wants to fuck me. And if it’s a lass, I’ve probably fucked her fella anyway. So who’s really winning? hahaha…no particular motto’s. I just try to be a good person and live and enjoy my life the best I can”.

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at TGirls.XXX

Mia Maffia : Adult Film Career

Although Mia Maffia did not film her first hardcore sex scenes until 2014, Mia Maffia has been considering working within the adult entertainment industry since she was 20 years old. Having worked as an escort as well  as performing at the Blackpool cabaret bar Funny Girls since she was 18 years old, Mia Maffia was eager to pursue a career as a porn star but lacked the necessary connections and industry insights. As Mia Maffia explained within her Porn OCD interview;

“I was seventeen when I did my first client! It’s not a tragic story though. I found a website where you could list yourself as an escort. I wanted some money to get a tattoo (The hideous devil’s tail that comes out of my ass crack), so I gave it a go! It was easy money and I’m a sexual person anyway so I enjoyed it! I didn’t see any other clients after that for a while though until I was living in a shared house where one of the other girls happened to be escorting at the time. She told me there was a big market for TS girls and she was right! I’ve been escorting on and off ever since…

I’d been wanting to get in to porn since I was about twenty. I just didn’t know how to go about it. Then a few years ago, I began emailing a few companies trying to get my first shoot lined up, but I never heard anything back! Eventually Fiona Cooper (A British company) gave me an opportunity, which I’ll be eternally grateful for, and offered me my first shoot. Then I got shoots with Grooby (who are amazing for giving trans girls the opportunities they do!) and the legendary Joanna Jet, and the rest is history.

It actually worked out pretty well that I was knocked back when I originally started applying – I was a different person back then- I was a full time party girl and really in to my party drugs and the chances are I would have messed up any opportunities of a career in porn before I even started! My look wasn’t as polished back then either, so I doubt I would have done as well as I have”.

From June 2014 onward, Mia Maffia began filming for leading TS porn sites such as TGirls.XXX, T.Porn and TGirls.com. Mia Maffia quickly began to amass an ardent fan following due to such saucy scenes as her debut Meet Mia! solo shoot in June 2014, her July 2014 Kitchen Slut! photo set and her Mia & Big Johnny XXX hardcore scenes that were unveiled in November 2014. Mia Maffia has since filmed the fan-favorite solo shoots Stunning Brit Mia Maffia in June 2016 and Mia Maffia Fucks Her Fleshlight in July 2016. Not to be missed!

It gets even better; Mia Maffia’s busty beauty was also showcased via Joanna Jet‘s official website in a series of June 2014 and July 2014 photo sets titled Mia Maffia, Mia Maffia: Dinner Date and Mia Maffia: Casual. Mia Maffia has since collaborated with British porn superstar Joanna Jet on a series of exclusive video clips titled Mia Maffia: Cute and Dirty, Mia Maffia: Evening Wear and Mia Maffia: Lingerie.Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at Bob’s TGirls

Mia Maffia : Popular Porn Productions

A bona fide Grooby Girl, Mia Maffia was one of the first TS pornstars to be featured on the Grooby Network porn site UK TGirls when it launched in the summer of 2015. After all, as a July 2015 Grooby Network press release reported;

“It’s long been known that the UK has its own little hot bed of trans girls just waiting to show themselves to the world. It’s not a secret, after all Jordan Jay, Sammi Valentine, Liberty Harkness & Joanna Jet all hail from those shores, so here at Grooby we decided it was about time to develop a new site, aimed at the UK scene. When we started shooting for this late in 2014, we first brought in models that Kalin had shot, girls like Mia Maffia, Red Vex & Jazmin but quite quickly, we heard from other models so we’re really excited to be able to start the site with a larger spread of brand new models including Alexa Angel, Isabelle, Alicia Snow, Bonnie, Lexus Bradbury and Larissa Arazi. We even managed to get the awesome Evain Diamond in”.

Mia Maffia loves working with UK-TGirls and has enthused within her Porn OCD interview how;

“It’s great! I get on really well with Kalin the photographer @Ineedescort, so our shoots are always easy and relaxed. I think the site’s a great idea. There are some really pretty, talented UK girls who would unfortunately fade in to the background next to some of the bigger names from the US on some of the other sites, so it’s great that Grooby have given us our very own platform to showcase ourselves on! But yeah, I love shooting for UK-TGirls and can’t wait to get back in front of the camera for you boys!”.

Mia Maffia made her official UK T-Girls modelling debut in May 2015 with a saucy solo session titled Leeds Wild Child Mia Maffia and she has continued to shoot all manner of UK T-Girls sultry solo sessions and hardcore scenes such as Leeds Superstar Mia Maffia! in October 2015, Mia & Her Purple Pal in November 2015 and Merry Christmas from Mia! in December 2015. Fans of Mia Maffia’s kinky web content will also love viewing Miss Maffia Rides Again which was promoted via UK TGirls in February 2016, Grooby Loves Mia Maffia in December 2016, When Mia Met Jak in January 2017 and Mia Being Bad in February 2017.

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at UK TGirls

Alongside her sizzling Grooby Network web collaborations, Mia Maffia has teamed up with leading male porn star Christian XXX in order to shoot some steamy scenes for his popular production company CX WOW Studios and his trans-friendly porn site Pure-TS.com. Our top picks? Mia Maffia’s Busty Blonde British Bird Mia Maffia Gets Loved Up And Banged scenes in August 2015, her sizzling scenes in Popular T-Girlz 3 (2015) alongside fellow rising starlets Sienna Grace, Luna Rose and Morgan Bailey, as well as her Perfect 10 Brit Blonde Mia Maffia Loves Americans shoot in October 2016 and her appearance within Tranny Handies 2 (2015) featuring hot TS pornstars Joanna Jet, Treasure Barbie, Tasha Jones, Korra Del Rio, Sienna Grace, Robbi Racks, Amanda Jade, Harper Kelly and Ariel Everitts.

Want to know the best part? This string of successful DVD performances and sizzling web collaborations resulted in Mia Maffia being nominated for “Best Non US Performer” at the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards. Mia Maffia has been nominated for several prestigious adult industry accolades over the years including;

  • 2015: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Non US Performer”
  • 2017: Transgender Erotica Awards winner “Best International Performer (West)”
  • 2017: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Solo Website”
  • 2018: XBIZ Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards winner “Best Solo Site” MiaMaffia.XXX

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at TGirls.XXX

Mia Maffia : Official Website & Recent Releases

Spurred on by this adult film industry success and her ever-expanding international fan following, Mia Maffia teamed up with the Grooby Network in order to launch her official solo website, MiaMaffia.XXX, in July 2016. Ecstatic at this exciting new opportunity to manage, design and shoot her very own unique web content, raunchy photo sets and real life sex tapes, Mia Maffia eagerly enthused via a Grooby Network press release how;

“Hey boys! Allow me to introduce myself for those who don’t already know who I am – I’m the notorious Mia Maffia and I’m the UK’s finest transsexual cock hungry whore!” said star Mia Maffia. “Today I’m launching my brand new website with the Grooby Network where you’ll be able to see exactly why I’ve earned my title!”.

Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn had high praise for Mia Maffia and further elaborated within this July 2016 Grooby Network press release how;

“Mia caught our eye since her debut on UK TGirls and we’re thrilled to see her branch out to launch her own website…Her popularity stretches across continents, so I think this is a great for both fans and affiliates alike”.

As matters stand, Mia Maffia continues to shoot an exciting variety of soft-core, hardcore and fetish content for her saucy solo site. Fans of Mia Maffia will love viewing her Mia’s Fuck Boys: Mia In The Middle Parts 1 and 2 shoots that were both released in July 2016, Fucking Bonnie Addison and Getting Fucked By A Horny Squaddie that were both filmed in August 2016, 4 Cocks 1 Slut that was posted in September 2016, Rip My Fucking Clothes Off which was uploaded in October 2016 as well as Blowing In Barcelona and Water Sports that were both distributed via MiaMaffia.xxx in November 2016.

Mia Maffia | XXXBios Mia Maffia TS Pornstar biographyMia at TGirls.XXX

Mia Maffia continues to post exclusive photo sets onto MiaMaffia.XXX and fans of this British blonde bombshell will not want to miss out on viewing such scintillating shoots as “Fuck me boots”, “Can you help me with my homework?”, and “Mia Maffia, Smoking hot!” but to name a few. What more could you ask for?

When she isn’t filming new and exciting web content for MiaMaffia.XXX, you will most likely find Mia Maffia watching WWE and discussing the latest fights on Twitter. In fact, throughout her entire life Mia Maffia has been an avid WWE fan who has often stated that her dream one night stand would be with Roman Reigns and Randy Orton! Mia Maffia has always been inspired by strong, confident female WWE athletes, in particular Trish Stratus whom Mia regarded as her role model growing up;

“My room was completely plastered in posters of WWE Diva Trish Stratus! I loved her growing up. My mum thought I fancied her, but she was everything I wanted to be – a confident, sexy, blonde bombshell!”.

Currently living in Leeds, Mia Maffia continues to embark upon her #FuckAPornStar UK tours and she was nominated for “Trans Performer of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. We also recommend checking out Mia Maffia’s Grooby Productions star showcase Mia Maffia TS Superstar (2017) as well as her Naughty Mia Is On Fire!  and Mia Maffia’s Creamy Cumshot solo shoots that were both directed by Kalin for TGirls.XXX in September 2017 and October 2017.

Just can’t get enough of beautiful British babe Mia Maffia? Not to worry; you can catch up on all of Mia Maffia’s exclusive Grooby Network, Pure-TS.com and MiaMaffia.XXX web content by checking out her official social networking channels online today. All of the links you need to keep up close and personal with your favourite English rose Mia Maffia have been provided below!

Mia Maffia – Social Networks

Official Website : MiaMaffia.xxx

Twitter : @Mia_Maffia

Instagram : @mia_maffia

UK T Girls : Mia at UK TGirls

TGirls XXX : Mia at TGirls XXX

Babeapedia : Mia at Babeapedia

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