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Helena Locke in The Femdom Lifestyle: Real Couple Plays Hard – Divine Bitches – Kink.com

Helena Locke – Personal Info

Name : Helena Locke

Alias : Domina Helena

Date of Birth : July 8th

Measurements : 34B – 27 – 37

Height : 5’3 (1.60m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Hazel

Tattoos : A design in the centre of her lower back

Shoe Size : Women’s 7½/8 (US)

 Years Active : 2016 – present

Number of Scenes : 30+

Helena Locke is a fan-favorite adult film star, professional dominatrix and fetish performer who has been thrilling fans since late 2016. Best known for her formidable femdom scenes, Helena Locke has starred in a broad spectrum of Kink, Devil’s Film and Severe Sex productions which have earned her a “Sovereign Dom of the Year” nomination at the 2018 Spank Bank Awards as well as a “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” nomination at the 2018 AVN Awards.

Helena Locke in Gold Digging Anal Teen Learns The Old Fashioned Way – Families Tied – Kink.com

So where did it all begin? Born overseas but raised on the East Coast, Helena Locke grew up in the Washington DC area and in northern Virginia. The youngest of 4 siblings, Helena Locke has always had a dominant, confident nature and revealed during her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview that;

“When I was in high school, I was really that tease and style girl. It was all fetishes that developed along the way. So in high school, I liked to work up the boys and get them nice and hard. I would get them excited then say, (sexily) ‘Ahhh, I have to go!’ I would just get off on that. I would get so wet that I would be dripping and it was such an erotic experience. I just really enjoyed that sensual power. And I really loved playing with people’s minds and their heads and it was really erotic for me. That definitely developed in high school. Some of the people I played with, they always wanted to try different kinks. When I met my husband, he really enjoyed strap-on play so we always played with that. Orgasm control and just talking and teasing each other. Different types of bondage…we just really enjoyed exploring. Watching each other hook up with other people because I’m part voyeur too. My whole thing was I really wanted to watch him hook up with an extremely hot person”.

Helena Locke in Cuck ‘Em All #3 – Devil’s Film

Helena Locke first started working in the adult entertainment industry when she moved to Austin, Texas, in her late 20s/early 30s. Helena Locke initially started performing as an exotic dancer in local Austin strip clubs before travelling and performing across the United States in clubs in New Orleans, Houston and Las Vegas. In fact, Helena ended up moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, a few years later. As Helena Locke explained in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I grew up on the East Coast, DC area and northern Virginia. I was actually born overseas so I was part of a whole military family. When I became an adult, I moved out to Austin, Texas, probably late 20s, early 30s and that’s when I got into the adult industry. I started working in the strip clubs in Austin. I started to travel and went to different areas like New Orleans, Houston and Las Vegas. And then I moved to Vegas a couple of years later”.

Helena Locke at Kink.com

Although she enjoyed working as an exotic dancer, Helena Locke ended up taking a corporate job in 2008 when the economy declined. In this manner Helena Locke started working as a recruiter. Although she thrived in this recruitment position for 4 years, Helena Locke soon found the job to be incredibly draining and she longed to return to a more creative role. Consequently, Helena Locke started taking classes through Tara Indiana on the psychology of BDSM, fetishes and kinks. Helena Locke ultimately quit her recruitment job and started working as a professional dominatrix at the Den of Inequity (now known as DTLA Dominas) fetish dungeon. As Helena Locke mentioned in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I always played with different fetishes and kinks and when I was in the corporate world, I started taking classes because we wanted to do stuff more in our personal life. Taking classes and learning about the psychology, that was kind of the catalysts that made me realize how much I missed the adult industry. After I left the corporate world, I went to work for a dungeon. It was called Den of Inequity at the time. It’s now called DTLA Dominas. That was where I worked as a Mistress. That’s where I realized I enjoyed being in front of the camera as well”.

Helena Locke in Cuck ‘Em All #3 – Devil’s Film

During this time Helena Locke and her husband (adult film star D’Arclyte) also started shooting their own femdom clips. Helena Locke found that she loved performing in these videos and she wanted to collaborate with different production companies. And so began Helena Locke’s adult film career! Talking about this pivotal period of her life in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview, Helena Locke recounted how;

“I was there [Las Vegas] for about a year and, after the economy fell out, I thought that maybe I should get a regular job. (laughs) I entered the corporate world and I became a recruiter. I did that for four years and was pretty successful at it but I was really getting burned out and it really felt like a hamster on a treadmill. I thought that I enjoyed life more and it was more fun and it was more creative back in the adult industry. I went back as a Pro Dom because I played with kink in my personal life. My husband left the corporate world too and he started performing. We did some FemDom clips together and I saw all the great scenes he was doing with Kink and other companies. I realized that I enjoyed being in front of the camera as well and wanted to work with all these different companies. So in December, I started filming porn. I started with cuckold scenes and just recently filmed two scenes with Kink. That was a really good experience for me”.

Helena Locke in Fucked and Cucked – Divine Bitches – Kink.com

Helena Locke : Adult Film Career

Helena Locke made her adult film industry debut in December 2016 when she started shooting some cuckold scenes for the popular porn site CumEatingCuckolds.com. Helena Locke also filmed two sizzling scenes for the internationally renowned fetish lifestyle network Kink.com. Helena’s Kink.com debut was a raunchy Helena Locke Takes Down The Douchebag femdom scene with Lance Hart that was released via Divine Bitches in March 2017. Helena Locke also filmed a thrilling Anal Initiation: Aspiring Nun Gets Beaten & Fucked! BDSM three-way with Mona Wales and Charlotte Sartre which was unveiled via Whipped Ass in May 2017. When Helena Locke was asked about shooting her porn debut in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview she highlighted how;

“Once I make a decision, I’m good with it. I wasn’t nervous about people seeing me. It was definitely a rush for me. You’ll always have a little bit of nerves going into things because I always put pressure on myself to do a good job. So if I had nerves, it was for that. But once there, I was just excited and wanted to play with some amazing people. I had the opportunity this past week to work with Lance Hart, Mona Wales and Charlotte Sartre and they are all just amazing, incredible performers.  They are amazing in their sexual energy and once I go for it, I’m fully committed”.

Helena Locke in Lesbian Orgasm Clinic – Whipped Ass – Kink.com

You’ll be happy to hear that Helena Locke has continued to shoot a broad spectrum of femdom, BDSM and fetish scenes for many of Kink.com’s most popular web channels. Fans of Helena Locke will love watching her raunchy The Making Of A Good Girl femdom pegging session with Kacie Castle in July 2017, her titillating Captured Cougar bondage session with The Pope in July 2017 and her solo Fucking Machines shoot in September 2017. We also recommend viewing Helena Locke’s scintillating Hush Episodes 4 and 6 BDSM sessions with Ana Foxxx and Mia Li in January 2018, her Firm Appreciation scene with Jessica Fox in August 2018 and her titillating Fucked and Cucked latex-clad femdom session with Tony Orlando which was released via Kink.com’s Divine Bitches web series in September 2018. Talking about her dominant/submissive preferences in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview, Helena Locke divulged that;

“I’ve always been naturally dominant ever since growing up. I never liked the word ‘no’. (laughs) I always had a different outlook on things and I don’t know where that came from because I did come from a really conservative family. I was the last of my siblings, there were 4 of us total. I think I come from the philosophy of curiosity killed the cat. I always wanted to try things a few times to see what I liked and what I didn’t. I was always fascinated by people and seeing how they enjoyed themselves. I always wanted to explore…

I don’t do anything with animals or anything like that. I’ve never had anything too crazy but, then again, I’m a very open person. There are always different levels of Mistresses and what somebody will find offensive. I don’t have a high sensitivity level. (laughs) Except for animals. A lot of it is very mental. I play extremely light and sensual because I always play off the other person or something very heavy because I have a sadistic side as well. But, what also gets me off, it’s all about the power and submission, so I’m not going to force somebody into a foot fetish that’s not into it because that doesn’t do it for them. I like working within what their interests are and exploring that. Seeing them go into subspace is a big rush for me so that gets me off as well”.

Helena Locke in Hush Episode #6: An 8-Part Lezdom Blackmail Series – Kink.com

Hold on, it gets even better. Helena Locke has also filmed a series of thrilling three-ways for Kink.com’s taboo relations-themed series Families Tied. You have to check out Helena Locke’s Daddies Little Angel Turned Out By Repressed Step Mommy role-play with Maya Kendrick and Xander Corvus in November 2017, her titillating Gold-Digging Anal Teen Learns The Old Fashioned Way three-way with Chloe Cherry and Tommy Gunn in February 2018 and her compelling New Boyfriend Roped into Anally Punishing Mommy’s Bad Girl scene with Kacie Castle and Rob Piper in October 2018. In fact, Helena Locke’s three-way with Maya Kendrick and Xander Corvus has even been featured in the Kink compilation title Families Tied (2018) which was nominated for “Best Taboo Relations Movie” at the 2019 AVN Awards.

But what have been Helena Locke’s favorite scenes to shoot? Well, when Helena Locke was asked to name her favorite scenes so far in her May 2017 Fleshbot interview she highlighted how;

“That is always such a really tough question, but I guess I really enjoy scenes where it pushes me as a top. Learning or doing more sadistic stuff is fun because it can really bring in a technical aspect that challenges you…I haven’t shot a lot outside of my own clips so it’s really hard to who is my favorite [performer]. What I can say is that I have been extremely blessed to have worked with some really talented performers”.

Helena Locke – Fucking Machines – Kink.com

Many of Helena Locke’s raunchiest sex scenes have been those that she has filmed with her husband D’Arclyte. We recommend watching Helena Locke and D’Arclyte’s compelling The Femdom Lifestyle: Real Couple Plays Hard shoot for Divine Bitches in December 2017 and their scintillating Kinky JOI: Helena Locke’s Cum Eating Cuckold session for Filthy Syndicate in December 2018. You’ll also love viewing Helena Locke’s raunchy three-ways with D’Arclyte and Slave Fluffy in the Devil’s Film movie Cuck ‘Em All #3 (2017) and in the Kick Ass Pictures sequel release Cougars & Cuckolds #2 (2017). Most recently, Helena Locke has shared a thrilling three-way with D’Arclyte and Ruckus XXX in the Devil’s Film production We Swing Both Ways (2018) also starring Lisey Sweet and Liv Revamped. Helena Locke enjoys collaborating with D’Arclyte and mentioned in a September 2017 AVN press release for Cuck ‘Em All #3 that;

“It’s always fun when you can be in a scene that is sexy, deviant and comedic rolled into one…Hot fucking mixed with blasphemy and my partner D’arclyte is such a turn on”.

Alongside her hot hardcore scenes, Helena Locke is a talented girl/girl performer who has appeared in an impression collection of femdom BDSM scenes which have been released via Kink.com’s Whipped Ass web channel. Diehard Helena Locke fans will love watching her Lazy Mechanic Nikki Hearts Gets Tag Teamed By Boss & Client three-way with Nikki Hearts and Lea Lexis in February 2018, her raunchy Lesbian Orgasm Clinic medical role-play with Nikki Darling in March 2018 and her captivating Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke femdom session with Syren de Mer in June 2018. Helena Locke has since shared an unforgettable One Tough Slut shoot with Ana Foxxx in September 2018 and a sensational Riley Nixon’s Late Slave Redemption scene with Riley Nixon in January 2019. Many of these sizzling scenes have been showcased in the Kink DVDs Whipped Ass #27: It Came Upon A Midnight Rear (2018) and Shush Episodes 1-8 (2018).

Syren de Mer Submits Every Hole to Helena Locke – Whipped Ass – Kink.com

Helena Locke : Popular Porn Productions & Recent Releases

One of Helena Locke’s most popular porn productions has been the Severe Sex movie Corrupted By The Evils Of Fetish Porn (2018). Directed by Dee Severe, this fantastic fetish release featured Helena Locke in an epic group sex scene with Cybill Troy, Hannah Hunt, Mona Wales, Marcelo and Valentine that was nominated for “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” at the 2018 AVN Awards. This raunchy release was also nominated for “Best Comedy” at the 2018 AVN Awards, “Best Comedy” at the 2018 XRCO Awards and it received numerous “BDSM Release of the Year” and Fetish Release of the Year” nominations at the 2018 XBIZ Awards.

Also starring Kasey Warner, Nina Hartley, Charlotte Sartre, Chanel Preston, Bella Bathory and Aiden Starr, Corrupted By The Evils Of Fetish Porn was highly recommended by XCritic column writer Apache Warrior who stated in his October 2017 film review that;

“Dee Severe’s screenplay is the most creative of her career since her collaboration with Aiden Starr for the movie Treacherous. There are a good number of non-sex acting scenes that provide context to Kasey’s character’s inner world. Outstanding acting performances go to James Bartholet and Tarantino XXX. Many of the sex and fetish activities are sexy, pretty kinky, playful, and intense. Kasey Warner is cast perfectly. She is amazing. The dommes show very good confidence, stature, and sex appeal. This film deserves to be nominated for Best BDSM Release. The moments of tenderness and intimacy among several of the more personal BDSM performances are major highlights as in the cases of Chanel Preston, Helena Locke, and Bella Bathory. I highly recommend this film”.

Helena Locke in Cum ‘Em All #3 – Devil’s Film

Eager to explore even more of Helena Locke’s hottest sex scenes? Then you have to check out her saucy scenes in the Reality Studio productions Beg To Cum #1 and #2 (2017-2018) and Sissy Boys Good Gurls Serve (2018) which was nominated for “Best BDSM Movie” at the 2019 AVN Awards, as well as experiencing her immersive Unorthodox Therapy virtual reality experience which was unveiled via KinkVR in January 2019. It’s like Helena Locke is in the room with you!

When she isn’t performing in porn Helena enjoys working out, travelling and exploring the great outdoors. As Helena conveyed in her April 2017 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I’m definitely a very outdoorsy girl and grew up snowboarding and skiing. Hiking, camping, things like that. A few years back, I got into scuba diving. Being under the water and seeing everything is like a whole other world. It really gives you an appreciation for our planet, being able to see those creatures. I love it, I think it’s absolutely incredible. Anytime I can get out and do things, I love that. My goal is to just retire one day and have a simple backpack and travel the world, just explore and see how other people live. I’m also a big foodie girl too”.

Helena Locke in Unorthodox Therapy – KinkVR

Helena Locke also enjoys interacting with her fans via Twitter and she commented in her May 2017 Fleshbot interview that;

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with all different walks of life on more of a global aspect. It can give you a unique perspective to someone’s reactions or what they gravitate toward. Also, it is a fantastic way to connect with other sex workers…Thank you for all of your support and you can follow me on Twitter”.

Kinky JOI: Helena Locke’s Cum Eating Cuckold – Filthy Syndicate – Kink.com

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