Kelly Quell Biography

TS Kelly Quell Biography

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Kelly Quell – Personal Info

Name : Kelly Quell

Alias : Kelly-Marie, Kelly Marie Quell

Date of Birth: August 24th

Star Sign : Virgo

Hometown : Providence, Rhode Island (US)

Measurements : 36DD – 34 – 43

Height : 5’7 (1.70m)

Hair Colour : Light Blonde / Dark Brunette / Brightly Coloured

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Large Koi sleeve on her right arm. Traditional Americana sleeve on her left arm incorporating various snake charmer, girl, pizza slice, Too Cute For You Valentine’s candy heart, booty in the shape of a heart and old school stove designs. Femme Lipstick tube on her left hip. Self-done diamond on her right thigh. Flesh-coloured hearts over her nipples. Upside down cross and pink heart on her left ankle. Red umbrella and queer triangle on her right ankle. Claw hammer of hope with three flying kittens design across her left foot

Years Active : 2014 – present

Number of Scenes : 40+

Kelly Quell is a multi-talented adult film star, producer, director, content creator and webcam model who first began thrilling porn fans in 2014. In the years that followed, curvy cutie Kelly continued to appear in many fan-favorite Grooby, GalPal Productions and TroubleFilms sex scenes as well as self-producing her own content. Consequently, Kelly Quell received numerous nominations including “Favorite Trans Porn Star (Fan Award)” at the 2020 AVN Awards as well as “Best Producer” and “Best Self-Producer” at the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 TEAs. Watch this space!

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Kelly Quell : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Kelly Quell first started working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model. You’ll be happy to hear that inked angel Kelly Quell continues to host lusty live cam shows on Chaturbate (as ‘Kellyquellts’). Kelly Quell loves webcamming and highlighted how;

“I started transitioning in December 2014 and within a few months decided to start doing webcam shows. Camming helped me feel attractive and desirable during the beginning of my transition. It was very affirming”.

Wondering how Kelly Quell progressed from camming to performing in porn? Well, it all started when curvy cutie Kelly Quell met fan-favorite TS performer Tiffany Starr on OK Cupid. Kelly Quell soon became close friends with Tiffany Starr and they started to host cam shows together. As Kelly Quell herself explains;

“I met Tiffany Starr on OK Cupid (who lived in my city). And found out that she was a pretty popular TS Pornstar.  I had not watched trans porn up until this point…I ended up becoming close friends with her. And I would help her from time to time as a cam partner for her bi-weekly cam show on Cam4”.

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Performing alongside Tiffany Starr enabled Kelly Quell  to learn more about the adult industry and she soon discovered a passion for queer porn. Subsequently, Kelly Quell attended the Queer Porn Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York, in 2015. In fact, it was here that Kelly Quell met the producer of Heartless Productions who put her in contact with popular TS performer Chelsea Poe. Before you know it, Kelly Quell was helping Chelsea Poe to set up film screenings as well as producing her own porn scene – Warehouse Slutz. Talking about this pivotal period of her life, Kelly Quell highlighted how;

“At first, I gravitated towards ‘queer porn’, because of its DIY and punk rock ascetic.  I grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands and setting up DIY shows. It seemed like the punk rock of porn to me at the time it was very appealing to me…I attended the ‘Queer Porn Film Festival’. Which was held in Brooklyn, NY and was organized by Jacqueline of Heartless Productions and TroubleFilms. I have always been very good with networking and I viewed this as a good opportunity…

I eventually became close with the producer of Heartless Productions. Who at the time, was good friends with Chelsea Poe…I kept in touch with her and helped her and Chelsea by setting up a film screening at the large warehouse arts space I was living at. After the screening I maintained contact with both Heartless productions and Chelsea…I began self-producing a porn scene on my own called ‘Warehouse Slutz’. Which was shot in the art space in Olneyville Providence I was currently living at”.

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Kelly Quell : Popular Porn Productions

A landmark moment in Kelly Quell’s porn career occurred in June 2016 when she filmed a saucy sex scene with Marina Lee for Queer Porn Americana. Filmed in collaboration with sexy TS pornstar Chelsea Poe and released by TroubleFilms, this steamy shoot was the first scene of Kelly Quell’s that was produced by another company other than her own. During this time, Kelly Quell continued to produce her own content and host captivating live cam shows on Chaturbate. Moreover, Kelly Quell filmed some sizzling sex scenes with Ophelia Switch which were bought by TroubleFilms in August 2017 and released via QueerPorn.TV.

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But hold on, it gets even better. Everything changed when Kelly Quell met her girlfriend Xena Kitty. Kelly and Xena officially began dating in October 2017 and Xena was instrumental in helping Kelly Quell with the filming and post production aspects of creating her own content. As cute curvy and thick pornstar Kelly Quell puts it in her own words;

“I continued to push forward doing my own thing and shooting my own scenes. It wasn’t until I met Xena Kitty online until things really started picking up momentum for me…Xena was from Michigan and recently moved to Providence RI to be closer to her friend Tiffany Starr. She met her online and flew out twice to shoot for Tiffany’s website.  Tiffany convinced her to move to RI.  Once I realized we had a mutual friend, it was a total ice breaker…

Xena went to film school and had a lot of experience with filming and post production. Xena really enjoys the technical side to porn.  At the time Xena was no longer involved with sex work.  Xena and I began dating (Oct 12th, 2017) and pretty soon after that, we moved in together. Xena decided to come out of retirement from sex work and porn and we ended up becoming a pretty strong team…

With a girlfriend who could film, I was able to shoot more and more content…I decided to move away from queer porn. And start shooting more hardcore, mainstream content…I was heavily influenced by the production quality of LegalPorno and Evil Angel, I loved the super polished production quality…I became fascinated with DAP and large anal toys, I began anal training and pushing my limits. Now I own over 20 anal toys in various sizes and shapes…I am known for being a size queen and being able to take fists, large cocks and large toys”.

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Interested in checking out some of Kelly Quell’s hottest sex scenes? Then you’ll love viewing Kelly Quell’s steamy sex scenes with Brittney Jane, Plushy Dolly and Jen Damage which were filmed for GalPal Productions in November 2017. Kelly Quell enjoyed shooting these sensual lezdom sex scenes and she mentioned that;

“I really enjoyed working with them. I shot a one on one toy and fisting scene with Brittney Jane. A strap on penetration scene with me as the bottom with Brittney Jane. And a threesome with Plushy Dolly and Jen Damage. In the threesome scene, we attempted double anal with me as the bottom. It was successful, but only for a few minutes”.

Kelly Quell’s adult film career started to soar to new heights in 2018 after she attended the annual XBIZ conference in Los Angeles, California. Attending this vast industry event sparked Kelly Quell’s passion for starring in, and producing, more porn productions. As busty beauty Kelly Quell herself explains;

“In January 2018, I attended Xbiz in LA. Queer Porn Americana was nominated for ‘Best Trans Picture’.  We didn’t win, but it was a big accomplishment. I decided I really wanted to get more serious with porn at this point…Xena and I started planning more shoots with other models we met on Twitter…We have been working on launching a website called TSGirlsClub and have been filming as much as we can”.

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Kelly Quell : Fan-Favorite Sex Scenes

Over the years, Kelly Quell collaborated with the critically acclaimed TS porn network Grooby on several fan-favorite solo shoots and hot hardcore sex scenes. For example, Kelly Quell made her official Grooby debut in the summer of 2018 when she filmed some sizzling sex scenes for their and Grooby Girls porn sites. Our top picks? They’d have to be Kelly Quell’s kinky Kellycake and Two Queer Cuties lezdom sex scenes with Ophelia Switch in June 2018. Moreover, Kelly Quell shared a raunchy Kelly, Xena & The Stunt Cock romp with Xena Kitty in June 2018.

But that’s not all. For instance, curvy cutie Kelly Quell has released several saucy scenes via including her titillating Kelly’s First Porno – Warehouse Slutz shoot with Megan Young in July 2018 and her saucy Fucking My Stepsister role-play with Suzie Scissors in August 2018. Furthermore, you’ll love viewing Kelly Quell’s steamy Kelly Toys Her Slut Ass solo shoot in August 2018 and her sizzling Gina Fucks Kelly girl/girl sex scene with Gina in October 2018. Not to be missed!

Subsequently, Kelly Quell shot some seductive Try Out Tuesday: Kelly Quell! and Try Out Tuesday: Kelly Quell Cums! solo scenes in collaboration with Amy Spackitten for Grooby Girls in July 2018. Moreover, Kelly Quell collaborated with ravishing redhead Shiri Allwood, Dom Rystan and Daniel Sevareid on some compelling content including an epic Anal Trainer Threesome shoot for in November 2020. Kelly Quell particularly enjoyed shooting for Grooby Girls and she expressed that;

“I am hyper-sexual and I love producing videos with my beautiful girlfriend Xena Kitty. I have always wanted to shoot for GroobyGirls. And I’m glad I had the chance to work with such an amazing producer, Amy Spacekitten…I shot for GroobyGirls in the summer of 2018”.

During this time, Kelly Quell also shared a sizzling Kelly Quell Gets Buttfucked And Loves It sex scene with Christian XXX for Pure TS in November 2018. In fact, this raunchy romp was showcased in the CX Wow Studios DVD Trans Escorts (2020). It also features popular curvy and thick TS pornstars Carleigh Stacks, Mackenzie Rae, Triniti York and Trixxy Von Tease. Kelly Quell enjoys shooting these amazing porn productions and she conveyed how;

“I shot a second time for GalPal during the same summer of 2018…In October 2018, I went to Las Vegas NV to shoot content with Dom Rystan, and Shiri Allwood. I shot a shower sex scene with Rystan and a threesome with Shiri and Dom Rystan…While in Vegas, I shot an artistic solo scene, directed and produced by Daniel Sevareid…I also shot with Christian XXX in a hardcore scene for”.

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Kelly Quell : Tgirls Hookup Producer & Director

A landmark moment in Kelly Quell’s career occurred in early 2021 when she collaborated with the internationally renowned TS porn network Grooby on producing some sensational sex scenes for their exciting new web channel Tgirls Hookup. Moreover, Kelly Quell received high praise from Grooby founder Steven Grooby who eagerly enthused in a January 2021 AVN press release how;

“I had seen Kelly’s self-produced content and I was a fan of how she got the girls into really harder sexual scenes than most producers. Especially the BDSM, gaping, big toys and hard fucking. She’d presented a very thorough business plan for the site early in 2020, and I believe there is a gap in the market for a paysite for this type of content. Our paysites have performed extremely well in 2020, and we believe partnering with Kelly on this site is a perfect match. We can give her the platform and support she needs, and she can concentrate on producing the hardest, nastiest scenes for the site!”.

Tgirls Hookup showcases the hottest trans pornstars in the industry ‘hooking up’ with other performers in a series of spectacular story-driven sex scenes based upon the concept of a fictional dating app. Some of the most popular Tgirls Hookup performers thus far include Ava Holt, Dahlia Crimson, Erica Cherry, Natalie Stone, Flowergoth Roze, Lily Petals and Penny Peacock. The list goes on! Kelly Quell discussed the launch of Tgirls Hookup in a January 2022 AVN press release, divulging that;

“The majority of trans girls I’ve worked with over the years prefer very rough, very kinky sex. So I figured it was about time that our industry should have porn that actually showed the kind of sex we want to have. I figured it would be fun to combine gonzo porn, BDSM, and reality porn, as there was nothing in the trans space that did that. evolved into something where the performers get to bring their super intense sexual fantasies to life. At the end of the day, it’s really all about having fun first and making porn second. And I believe there are people looking for this fun, light, story-driven, hardcore trans scenes”.

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Some of Kelly Quell’s must-see Tgirls Hookup porn productions include her saucy Raver Girl Needs Her Cock Fixed! girl/girl shoot with sexiest inked starlet Sky Burrito in January 2021. Moreover, Kelly Quell shared a sizzling Insatiable Slut Gets Drilled lezdom sex scene with brunette beauty Kerri LaBouche in January 2021. Consequently, this raunchy romp was featured in the Tgirls Hookup porn production Tgirls Hookup Volume #1 (2021). It also showcases hottest trans pornstars Penny Peacock, Roxi Heart, Nikki Jaee, Lily Petals, Gina James, Dahlia Crimson, Erica Cherry, Sarah Fauna and Kerri LaBouche. Subsequently, Tgirls Hookup Volume #1 received a nomination for “Best DVD” at the 2022 TEAs. Kelly Quell enjoyed starring in (and directing!) Tgirls Hookup Volume #1. As Kelly Quell enthusiastically stated during a May 2021 AVN press release;

“I’m super excited about the release of TGirls Hookup: Volume 1. Both the DVD and the website have been in the works for some time now. The scenes on this super hardcore DVD are essentially the first six scenes that we ever shot for this project. I shot as a bottom for the first scene we ever did. It was the prototype for the entire brand. Kerri Labouche fucked my brains out for it. It was a ton of fun. I sent that scene to Steven at Grooby for his constructive criticism and opinion, and he pretty much told me it was great and I should run with it. This DVD showcases what TGirls Hookup is all about: hot slutty trans girls with extreme kinks getting fucked really hard and rough.

If a performer is into cum swapping, then we shoot it, if a girl is into getting slapped across the face and called a whore, then we do that…TGirls Hookup is all about producing the roughest, filthiest, dirtiest, most hardcore trans porn on the market. Our performers have so much fun on set and you can see how super charged the chemistry is. By creating and fostering an environment where the performers are directly involved with the scene writing and decision-making process, the scenes just come out better. If you build scenes around consent, chemistry and the performers’ fantasies, you will just simply have a better product. If you like watching the hottest tgirls get their brains fucked out, lots of face fucking, cum swapping, piledrivers, verbal degradation, and spread gapes, then this is the DVD for you!”.

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But wait, there’s even more. For instance, Kelly Quell shared a steamy Do What You Want To Me! BDSM sex scene with brunette stunner Roxi Heart in June 2021. Furthermore, Kelly Quell shot a saucy Kelly Shares Her Birthday Cake With Nicole! girl/girl sex scene with blonde beauty Nicole Cheshire in August 2021. Subsequently, Kelly Quell filmed a fantastic Xmas Eve Bonus! Wreck My Gape! festive shoot with Roxanne Rom in December 2021. In fact, Kelly Quell also produced and directed the Tgirls Hookup sequel release Tgirls Hookup Volume #2: Neon Fuckdolls (2022). It features fan-favorite trans starlets Luci Belle, Nyxi Leon, Nicole Korsakova, Sarina Havok, Pixi Lust, Roxi Heart, Sabina Steele, Ana Andrews, Serena Bubbles and Avery Angel. Talking about Tgirls Hookup Volume #2: Neon Fuckdolls in an August 2022 XBIZ News release, Kelly Quell highlighted how;

“This is the second hardcore release we’ve done and I think this one is even better than the last one. This DVD is one of a kind, and I can’t wait for you all to see what is packed into it. Each scene is ultra-high-energy and showcases a variety of kinks and porn antics you won’t see in any other trans porn to date!”.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Kelly Quell shared an amazing Wreck My Gape 6! all-girl group shoot with Delilah Darling and Flowergoth Roze for Tgirls Hookup in May 2022. Moreover, Kelly Quell shot a sizzling Kelly Pushed To Her Limits By Smash! BDSM sex scene with Smash Thompson for Tgirls Hookup in August 2022. Most notably, Kelly Quell directed the Tgirls Hookup porn production Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies (2021). It features popular TS pornstars Dahlia Crimson, Daisy Chainsaw, Flowergoth Roze, Lily Petals, Natalie Stone and Pixi Lust. Furthermore, Kelly Quell enjoyed shooting Tgirls Hookup: Slut Fantasies and she ardently expressed during a November 2021 AVN press release that;

“The Slut Fantasies series was born out of a dilemma. Before I launched, I was talking with Steven Grooby and he suggested that I shoot solo content for it as well. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the idea because I wanted Tgirls Hookup to be strictly a hardcore XXX site. On top of that, TGHU is story driven content. I didn’t know how I could even make solo scenes work with the general theme of the website. After months of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of Slut Fantasies. This series is very different from traditional solo content. Every scene begins with each girl writing in her diary about her most recent, super-hot, steamy, erotic lesbian encounter…

It’s these world building, character developing erotic stories that get the viewer pulled in. As the model is writing about her hot erotic encounter, she becomes visibly aroused and begins to play with herself. The energy builds up through the story to the end, when each girl puts her pen down and closes the book. As soon as the diary is closed, the model goes right into vigorously pleasuring herself, each bringing themselves to a very real, and very powerful orgasm. The girls really enjoy doing these scenes. We write the stories together. These are the first six solo scenes we shot under this series and Xena and I are very proud of it. I’m very happy to have had the chance to work with each of these amazingly talented performers and I can’t wait to work with them all again”.

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Kelly Quell : Industry Accolades & Award Nominations

Starring in, producing and directing so many popular porn productions continues to earn curvy cutie Kelly Quell many notable award nominations. Listed below are some of inked angel Kelly Quell’s most impressive industry accomplishments so far;

  • 2019: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Self-Producer”
  • 2020: AVN Awards nominee Favorite Trans Porn Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2020: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Self-Producer”, “Ms Unique” and “Best Producer” (with Xena Kitty)
  • 2021: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best Self-Producer” and “Best Scene Producer” (with Xena Kitty)
  • 2022: XBIZ Awards nominee “Director of the Year – Trans”
  • 2022: Transgender Erotica Awards nominee “Best DVD” Tgirls Hookup Volume 1 and “Best Scene Producer” (with Xena Kitty)

Another definitive moment in Kelly Quell’s career occurred in the summer of 2022 when Tgirls Hookup launched its official channel on Adult Time in the summer of 2022. As a matter of fact, Tgirls Hookup became the first trans-owned and operated studio to be featured on the Adult Time network. Bubble butt beauty Kelly Quell was thrilled to collaborate with Adult Time and she enthusiastically stated in an August 2022 XBIZ News press release that;

“I’ve always thought Adult Time was really sleek and had a lot of great content on it. We’re glad to get to be a part of it, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to bring them the rough, over-the-top, trans lesbian hardcore content the network seemed to be missing. It’s fantastic that Adult Time is continuing to take more and more steps to be inclusive, and we are honored to get to be the first trans-owned-and-operated studio on the network. Stay tuned!”.

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Kelly Quell : Recent Releases

You’ll be happy to hear that Kelly Quell continues to star in, produce and direct many amazing productions. Our top picks? They’d have to be Kelly Quell’s  steamy Sophie Ladder Wears Out Kelly Quell’s Stupid Asshole lezdom shoot with brunette beauty Sophie Ladder in October 2020. Moreover, Kelly Quell shared some sizzling Kelly Quell’s NYC Hookup and Kelly Meets Daisy Blaze sex scenes with popular pornstars Black Pipe and Daisy Blaze in December 2020 and April 2021.

Subsequently, Kelly Quell shot some saucy Movie Date For Slutty TGirls and Supermarket Anal Sluts girl/girl sex scenes with sexy rising starlet Gina in March and May 2021. Furthermore, Kelly Quell filmed some fantastic Anal Princess Teaches Newbie How To Take It Hard and The Return Of Jaxi Pup lezdom porn scenes with blonde bombshell Jaxi Pup in April and December 2021.

But wait, there’s even more. For instance, Kelly Quell shared some kinky Naptime For Two Slutty T-Girls and Feet Loving Slut Gets Creampied fetish sex scenes with fan-favorite TS starlets Skylar Adams and Kerri LaBouche in June and October 2021. Moreover, Kelly Quell shot a trio of terrific Insatiable Slut Needs Discipline, Anime Kitty Tgirl Fucks Machine and Adorable Anal Sluts Switch Fuck girl/girl porn scenes with bubble butt stunner Kerri LaBouche in August, September and October 2021.

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Furthermore, Kelly Quell filmed some terrific Kimberly Fucks Kelly’s Ass Hard and Cute Girlfriends Take Turns Pounding lezdom porn scenes with blonde stunner Kimberly in November and December 2021. Moreover, you’ll love viewing Kelly Quell’s saucy Sky Burrito & Kelly Quell Take Turns girl/girl shoot with statuesque stunner Sky Burrito in December 2021. Subsequently, Kelly Quell starred in a raunchy Fucking My Stepsister taboo relations roleplay with sexy inked starlet Suzi in May 2022. Kelly Quell enjoys shooting these epic productions and she mentions via her official profile how;

“Hi, my name is Kelly Quell and I am an artist , musician , classically trained chef, porn star and VIP companion. Based in New England. I am hyper-sexual and I love producing videos with my beautiful girlfriend Xena Kitty. I’m really into anal stretching. And rough anal gang bangs. I can take two cocks in my ass at once easily. And enjoy playing with multiple, large dildos at the same time. I’m very slutty and submissive, I identify as queer and polyamorous. I have four great girlfriends and I live with my partner Xena Kitty, I am also a musician and play several instruments. Stay tuned to my twitter and my website for more updates from your favorite TS anal princess!”.

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When she isn’t creating critically acclaimed porn productions, Kelly Quell enjoys playing music, cooking and interacting with her fans via social media. In fact, you may be interested to learn that Kelly Quell is a classically trained chef who can play several instruments! Eager to discover all of Kelly Quell’s hottest sex scenes, exclusive web content and upcoming live cam shows? Then use the links provided below to stay connected with your favorite TS pornstar Kelly Quell!

Kelly Quell – Social Networks

Official Website : /

Twitter : @KellyQuellTS

Chaturbate : Kellyquellts

Grooby Girls : Kelly at Grooby Girls

ManyVids : KellyQuell

Tgirls Hookup : Kelly at Tgirls Hookup : Kelly at

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