Sarina Havok Biography

TS Sarina Havok Biography

Sarina Havok Twitter : @SarinaHavok   Chaturbate : Sarinahavok   Canada TGirl : Sarina’s Sex Scenes

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Canadian TS pornstar Sarina Havok in bed in sexy black dress, stockings and suspenders - Redhead tgirl Sarina Havok Grooby Girls picsCumshot Monday: Sarina Havok! – Grooby Girls

Sarina Havok – Personal Info

Name : Sarina Havok

Date of Birth : November 8th

Star Sign : Scorpio

Hometown : Ontario (Canada)

Measurements : 36B

Height : 6’3 (1.91m)

Hair Colour : Red/Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : ‘Never lose your flame’ script across her upper chest, Kjaerlighet’ script on the left side of her neck, a Hylian crest from The Legend Of Zelda on her lower back, multiple designs on her ankles and a symbol in the centre of her upper back

Piercings : Navel, nipples, vertical labret (lower lip), multiple ear piercings and left nostril

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Sarina Havok is a fan-favorite performer, director and producer who has been performing in porn since 2017. Best known for her kinky custom videos and sizzling Grooby web clips, Sarina Havok has been nominated for “Best New Face” and “Ms. Unique” at the 2018 Transgender Erotica Awards as well as “Best Non-US Performer” and “Best Self-Producer” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Redhead tgirl pornstar Sarina Havok in bed in sexy lingerie, stockings and suspenders - Sarina Havok Canada Tgirl porn picsSarina’s Tempting Cock Play! – Canada TGirl

Sarina Havok : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Sarina Havok first started working in the adult entertainment industry as a cam girl and you’ll be happy to hear that she continues to host lusty live chat sessions via Chaturbate (under the screen name ‘Sarinahavok’). During this time Sarina Havok started to shoot her own amateur videos with her sexual partner Robin Coffins which they have released via ManyVids. Over the years Sarina Havok and Robin have also become business partners and together they run the popular porn site

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Redhead tgirl Sarina Havok in sexy black dress, stockings and suspenders - TS Sarina Havok Grooby Girls sfw picsCumshot Monday: Sarina Havok! – Grooby Girls

A landmark moment in Sarina Havok’s adult film career occurred in the spring of 2017 when she filmed her first ever sex scenes for the Grooby Network porn site Canada TGirl. Titled Metal Queen Of The North Is Here!, this sizzling solo scene was filmed by prominent photographer Vee Soho and it was released via Canada TGirl in May 2017. Sarina Havok has worked with Vee Soho on an impressive collection of Canada TGirl solo scenes including her sensual Come Play With Sarina On Bed! scene in May 2017, her kinky Sarina’s Tempting Cock Play! shoot in January 2018 and her formidable Mistress Sarina Fucks Her Ass! femdom scene in February 2018. As the description raunchily reveals;

“Sarina is so cute and this red haired vixen is rather hot and horny. And I think she is just so incredibly fucking sexy as well. And when this horny mistress started to take some tempting poses it’s really a no surprise that you’ll be turned on. Watch and you will be amazed how passionately Sarina went after her ass using her long red toy”.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Redhead TS femdom Sarina Havok in black lingerie, nipple tassels, stockings, suspenders and thigh high boots with riding crop - TS Sarina Havok Canada TGirl sfw picsMistress Sarina Fucks Her Ass! – Canada TGirl

One of Sarina Havok’s most popular Canada TGirl scenes has to be her compelling Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins collaboration with Robin Coffins that was first released in July 2017. This scintillating scene earned Sarina Havok a rave review from prominent porn critic Caramel Black who sincerely stated in her July 2017 online review that;

“If Canada-TGirl producer Vito ever moves on to mainstream filmmaking, “Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins” will be one of those remember when he did porn moments. This isn’t a scene, it’s a 21:05 minute short film that happens to be XXX-rated. “Epic” is such an overused word that should be reserved for great productions like this one. I actually got creeped out for a moment and I do not scare easily at all. There’s nothing gross at all – it’s eerie that’s all, like effective old school horror…

Any time someone enters an abandoned building, there’s a good chance something spooky is going to happen. When Sarina starts hearing a voice leading along, it would be terrifying if you weren’t so anxious to see her get some pussy. Then comes a scary flash moment of beautiful ghost Robin scantily clad in an off-white lace robe. Is it Goth? Hell yes! But so were Sarina’s debut and encore performances on the multi-site before this hardcore feature with her real life significant other was released…I feel connected with the first sentence the most. It blows my mind how such an ethereal movie can evolve into full raunchiness in under a half hour and sealed with a voracious cummy kiss. This is one of the most brilliant scenes ever and one of the best of 2017, Period”.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Sarina Havok and Robin Coffins picsSarina Havok and Robin Coffins –

Eager to explore even more of Sarina Havok’s captivating Grooby collaborations with Robin Coffins? Well you’re in luck! Sarina Havok has treated fans to a hot hardcore scene with Robin Coffins that was filmed by Vito for in June 2017. Sarina Havok loved shooting with Robin and eagerly expressed that;

“This shoot was fantastic, I had a wonderful time working with Grooby again! It was a fun new experience that I will get to look back on forever! (An addition to my mental Spank Bank. ;p ). It was really nice to get to do a real shoot with Robin, she has this passion that lights a fire inside of you that I just love and I think you’ll really be able to feel it!”.

Robin Coffins had similarly high praise for Sarina Havok, highlighting how;

“It was like a dream. Perfect, enchanting, blissful…Sarina just fills the bed room with her presence. Leaving you begging for more. In a sense that, she just captivates you and you have centered all of your attention on her and can’t focus on anything else but her aura. My climax wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite part though… Clearly I get more gratification when she does. So what turns me on the most is to excite her and make her desire me”.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Sarina Havok and Robin Coffins picsSarina Havok and Robin Coffins –

You’ll be happy to hear that this sultry scene earned Sarina Havok and Robin Coffins another rave review from Caramel Black who conveyed in her June 2017 TS Dreamland review how;

“If you’re okay with people who pretend to be Goth, go somewhere else. These girls are the real deal. I’ve been deeply engaged in the Fetish and BDSM worlds for many years and these two even scare me a little bit! In a good way. Their beauty is frightening. Is this TGirls.Porn packed with dialogue that tells us more about Sarina? No, not verbally. But this bareback blowout tells me a hell of a lot about Sarina I didn’t know and a lot about Robin too!…I’ve seen all of Vito’s work and this is his most cinematic production to date and you can watch a free teaser trailer on TGirls.Porn”.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Redhead TS Sarina Havok in bed in sexy red dress, stockings and suspenders - Canada Tgirl Sarina Havok Grooby Girls sfw porn picsCumshot Monday: Sarina Havok! – Grooby Girls

Just can’t get enough of captivating kinkster Sarina Havok? Then you’ll love viewing her titillating Cumshot Monday: Sarina Havok! solo scene that was released via Grooby Girls in September 2018 and her saucy Self Facial and Gothic Anal Toying solo shoots which were promoted via the Grooby Network porn site in July and September 2018. Most recently, Sarina Havok has filmed a Kinky Hikers Get Their Rocks Off At Grand Canyon outdoor romp with Robin Coffins that was unveiled via in October 2018. Not to be missed!

Hold on, it gets even better! In addition to her ongoing Grooby collaborations, Sarina Havok has started to shoot some raunchy role-plays for Mayumi Sparkles’ popular porn site Fans of Sarina Havok will love watching her fun Fan Of DJ Gets Multiple Facials flick with Korra Del Rio and her steamy Bikini Virgin Gets Fucked shoot with Casey Kisses that were both released via in September 2017. In fact, Sarina Havok’s saucy scene with Korra Del Rio has proved so  popular among fans that it was featured in the TwoTgirls DVD compilation title Two TGirls #4 (2017) also starring beautiful TS pornstars Bailey Love, Chelsea Marie, Chloe Wilcox, Coco Dahlia, Kira Crash and Sydney Farron.

Sarina Havok XXXBios - Redhead TS Canadian pornstar Sarina Havok in sexy lilac lingerie, corset, stocking and suspenders - TS Sarina Havok feet pics - Sarina Havok Canada-TGirl porn picsSarina’s Tempting Cock Play! – Canada TGirl

Eager to explore all of Sarina Havok’s sauciest sex scenes, exclusive web content and upcoming live cam shows? Then use the links provided below to stay in touch with gorgeous goth girl TS pornstar Sarina Havok!

Sarina Havok – Social Networks

Twitter : @SarinaHavok

Chaturbate : Sarinahavok

Canada TGirl : Sarina at Canada TGirl

Grooby Girls : Sarina at Grooby Girls

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ManyVids : Sarina Havok

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