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Stormy Daniels – Personal Info

Name : Stormy Daniels

Alias : Stormy Waters, Stormy Davis, Stormy Day

Hometown : Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US)

Date of Birth: March 17th, 1979

Measurements : 36DD – 24 – 36

Height : 5’7 (1.70m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Tiara on her right wrist, designs on the back of her neck and a large floral and watch design across her lower abdomen

Pets : A dog (Yorkshire Teacup Terrier named Munch) and a horse (Irish Sport Horse named Bailey). Stormy Daniels has a passion for  horse riding and continues to take part in jumping, cross country and dressage events with her Irish Sport Horse Bailey

Years Active : 2002 – present (as a performer), 2004 – present (as a director)

Number of Scenes : 210+ (as a performer), 85+ (as a director)

Stormy Daniels is a popular porn star, director and producer who has been working in the adult film industry since 2002. Best known for her Wicked Pictures feature movies, Stormy Daniels continues to attract an avid international fan following with her sizzling sex scenes and feature dancing shows.

Stormy Daniels | hot pornstar Stormy Waters sexy office pics sfw | Stormy Daniels biographyStormy in Stormy’s Secret – Brazzers

So where did it all begin? Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Stormy Daniels has always been extremely driven, even during her high school years. As Stormy Daniels stated in her April 2015 Fleshbot interview;

“I was pretty antisocial. All I cared about was writing (I was editor of my high school paper) and horses. I guess not much has changed there. I dated older guys who usually didn’t go to my school”.

In fact, Stormy Daniels graduated in the top 10% of all high school students in the country. As Stormy explained in her November 2002 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I actually went to a Magnet School. I don’t know if they have those here but in Louisiana you actually have to be accepted, you have to have a certain grade point average or they kick you out. I also graduated in the top 10% in the country of all high school students and I had several college acceptances. I was smart but I hated school though that was the weird thing. I wonder how well I would have done if I had actually tried because I had really good grades without even trying. Did you get a scholarship to any place prestigious? Texas A&M, Mississippi State for Veterinary Medicine but it was based off my ACT scores not my grades. I guess when you take your ACT you have to pick three schools to send your scores to and I just randomly picked them and they all called me back”.

Although she excelled in her studies, Stormy Daniels has discussed in previous interviews that she always felt like she was an outcast during her high school years. As Stormy Daniels conveyed within her November 2009 Inner View interview;

“I was pretty different. I was very smart and made good grades but was definitely an outcast. I liked it though. I never had that urge to be just like everyone else…I never felt sex and/or nudity was a bad thing. I guess I WAS pretty sexual. I just had a difficult time getting others to join in with me!”.

Stormy Daniels in Las Vegas | pornstar Stormy Daniels | Stormy Daniels biography | stormy waters sfw pics

Stormy in Las Vegas, 2010, Attribution :  © Glenn Francis,

Wondering how Stormy Daniels first discovered her porn star potential? It all started in 2000 when Stormy Daniels started working as an exotic dancer (during her senior year of high school!). Stormy Daniels quickly discovered her passion for performing and has stated in her August 2012 AIP Daily interview that;

“I needed a way to make money to pay rent without having to drop out of high school during my senior year. Dancing was the perfect way to do that. I was able to work Friday and Saturday nights and make enough without having to give up on school…About a year later, I moved to a club that had feature entertainers and I just knew that was what I really wanted to do”.

After a couple of years of touring as a feature dancer with the Continental Theatrical Agency, Stormy Daniels was asked by her friend and fellow feature dancer Devon Michaels if she would like to travel with her to Los Angeles, California, whilst she filmed two scenes for Wicked Pictures and Sin City. Although she only originally intended to keep Devon company, this trip actually resulted in Stormy Daniels shooting her first ever girl/girl scene with Devon Michaels for the Sin City porn production American Girls 2 (2002).

This trip ended up being a pivotal moment in Stormy Daniels’ life; she met Wicked Pictures director Brad Armstrong who invited her to stay in LA and continue shooting porn productions. And the rest is history! As Stormy Daniels recounted during her May 2009 FreeOnes interview;

“I was a touring burlesque performer or more commonly referred to as a feature dancer. My fellow feature dancer, Devon Michaels, was making the trip to LA to shoot a G/G scene for Wicked Pictures and asked if I like to come along to keep her company. A week later she got on a plane to head home and I never left…”.

Stormy Daniels | hot pornstar Stormy Daniels at AEE expo 2010 | Stormy Daniels biography | Stormy Daniels pics

Stormy at the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, Attribution :

Stormy Daniels : Adult Film Career

Stormy Daniels filmed her first ever sex scenes in 2002 with Devon Michaels for the Sin City porn production American Girls 2 (2002). For the first few months of her porn star career Stormy Daniels only filmed girl/girl scenes. Some of Stormy’s earliest porn productions include Class Act (2002) for Wicked Pictures wherein she shared a saucy sex scene with Julia Ann, Hot Showers 6 (2002) for Hustler Video which enabled Stormy Daniels to share a steamy sex scene with Mary Carey and Naughty Pink (2002) for Jill Kelly Productions that showcased Stormy Daniels in a thrilling three-way with Ashton Moore and Jessica Drake.

In July 2002 Stormy Daniels filmed her first ever boy/girl sex scene with Randy Spears for the Wicked Pictures feature release Heat (2002) and by September 2002, Stormy Daniels had signed an exclusive performing contract with Wicked Pictures. Pornstar Stormy Daniels soon began to land starring roles in such best-selling Wicked Pictures feature releases as Space Nuts (2003) also starring Jessica Drake and Kaylani Lei, Not A Romance (2003) that earned Stormy Daniels a “Best Actress: Video” nomination at the 2004 AVN Awards, Without You (2003) that featured Stormy Daniels in a sizzling three-way with Jessica Drake and Monique Alexander, and Beautiful (2003) which was honored at the 2005 AVN Awards as one of their “500 Greatest Adult Films”.

Stormy Daniels pornstar | Pornstar Stormy Daniels biography | Stormy Daniels wearing a tigh black dress | Stormy Daniels sfw picsStormy at the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago – July 2013, Image Sourced from Wikimedia Commons, Attribution : Adam Bielawski

But that’s not all! Stormy Daniels is also one of a select few Wicked Pictures contract girls to be immortalised as a life-sized silicone mannequin by RealDoll. Stormy Daniels’ stunning silicone sister was unveiled at the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) alongside those of Asa Akira and Jessica Drake.

Stormy Daniels was thrilled to be presented with her very own RealDoll but her boyfriend was completely blown away! In fact, Stormy Daniels and her boyfriend were so pleased with her RealDoll replica that they filmed a thrilling three-way together that was featured in The Real Thing (2014). As Stormy Daniels raunchily revealed in her January 2015 Crave Online interview with Ela Darling;

“I’m pretty jazzed but I’m not as jazzed as my boyfriend, he was like obsessed, he was like ‘I gotta have sex with it’ so he tried to get me to buy him one…I was like I’m not buying you another me you have enough problems with the one of me! So I ended up writing it so that I came to life and he was able to have sex with the doll, cos I’m an awesome girlfriend!”.

Want to know the best part? Stormy Daniels teamed up with her fellow Wicked Pictures contract girls Asa Akira and Jessica Drake to shoot Sexbots: Programmed For Pleasure (2016). This futuristic flick showcased Stormy Daniels, Asa and Jessica in some thrilling three-ways and epic gangbangs with their silicone sisters. As director Brad Armstrong eagerly explained in a January 2016 AVN Magazine interview;

“See, originally, I wanted to do a gangbang…so we started it as a gangbang, and then we wanted a gangbang with a bit of story and art so it wasn’t just another gangbang, so then we came up with the doll theme, because Asa’s doll came out a little while ago, so it’s kind of like a big doll commercial, and [Wicked owner] Steve [Orenstein] goes, ‘While we’re at it, why don’t we add Jessica and Stormy because then we can advertise all the dolls?’ So this scene has kind of a deus ex machina vibe, which is an old 2040 vibe”.

If you’d like to own your very own Stormy Daniels silicone sister then please feel free to use our exclusive ‘xxxbios‘ promo code to receive a 5% discount off all orders.

Stormy Daniels sex robot | Stormy Daniels Realdoll | Stormy Daniels sex doll | Stormy Daniels love doll | Pornstar Stormy Daniels sex robot

Stormy Daniels : Adult Film Award Wins & Notable Nominations

Over the past 15 years Stormy Daniels has remained an extremely popular Wicked Pictures performer, writer and director. It all started when Stormy Daniels won “Best New Starlet” at the 2004 AVN Awards, “Best Actress (Editor’s Choice)” at the 2004 Nightmoves Awards and “Contract Babe of the Year” at the 2004 AFWG Awards. You’ll be happy to hear that Stormy Daniels has continued to receive many more coveted industry accolades including;

  • 2004: AVN Awards winner “Best New Starlet”
  • 2004: AFWG Awards winner “Contract Babe of the Year”
  • 2004: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Actress (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2005: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best New Director (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2005: CAVR Awards winner “Star of the Year”
  • 2005: CAVR Awards winner “Best Feature Director”
  • 2006: AVN Awards winner “Best Screenplay” Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre (with Jonathan Morgan and August Warwick)
  • 2006: AVN Awards winner “Best Supporting Actress: Video” Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre
  • 2006: AFWG Awards winner “Crossover Female Performer of the Year”
  • 2006: XRCO Awards winner “Mainstream Adult Media Favorite”
  • 2006: F.A.M.E. Awards winner “Favourite Breasts”
  • 2006: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Actress (Fan’s Choice)”
  • 2006: Nightmoves Awards winner “Triple Play Award (Dancing/Performing/Directing)”
  • 2007: Nightmoves Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee”
  • 2007: AVN Awards winner “Contract Star of the Year”
  • 2007: F.A.M.E. Awards winner Favourite Breasts
  • 2007: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Feature Dancer (Fan’s Choice)”
  • 2007: AEBN VOD Awards winner “Performer of the Year”
  • 2007: Penthouse Magazine cover model “Pet of the Month” February 2007
  • 2008: AVN Awards winner “Crossover Star of the Year”
  • 2008: XBIZ Awards winner “Crossover Star of the Year”
  • 2008: XRCO Awards winner “Mainstream Adult Media Favourite”
  • 2008: XRCO Awards winner “Best Director – Feature Release” (shared in a tie with Brad Armstrong)
  • 2008: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Director (Fan’s Choice)”
  • 2008: F.A.M.E. Awards winner “Favourite Director”
  • 2008: AFWG Awards winner “Actress of the Year”
  • 2009: XBIZ Awards winner “ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) Service Recognition Award”
  • 2009: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Director (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2009: FSC Awards winner “Positive Image Award”
  • 2009: F.A.M.E. Awards winner “Favourite Breasts”
  • 2010: XRCO Awards nominee “Mainstream Adult Media Favorite”
  • 2011: AVN Awards nominee “Crossover Star of the Year”
  • 2012: Nightmoves Awards winner “Best Director – Non-Parody (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2012: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Boobs”
  • 2013: The Fannys Awards winner “Best Director”
  • 2013: Sex Awards nominee “Sexiest Adult Star”
  • 2013: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Female Performer”
  • 2014: AVN Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee (Founders Branch)”
  • 2014: XRCO Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee”
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Safe Sex Scene” First Crush (with Brendon Miller)
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Female Performer”
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Adult Film Star Feature Dancer”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress” Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Favourite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Social Media Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress” Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
  • 2015: XRCO Awards nominee “Best Director – Feature Release”
  • 2015: XRCO Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Female Performer”
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards winner “Director of the Year – Feature Release”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Actress” Wanted
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Favourite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Actress – Feature Release” Wanted
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene – Feature Release” Wanted (with Brendon Miller)
  • 2016: XBIZ Awards nominee “Screenplay of the Year” Wanted
  • 2016: XRCO Awards nominee “Best Actress” Wanted
  • 2019: AVN Awards winner “Mainstream Star of the Year”
  • 2019: XBIZ Awards winner Crossover Star of the Year

The list goes on!

Upon receiving these coveted adult entertainment accolades, Stormy Daniels has always taken the time to thank her global fan base. As Stormy Daniels sincerely stated in her May 2009 FreeOnes interview;

“Thanks for all the support. Without the fans I would not be where I am today and I want them to know I do acknowledge and appreciate them”.

After all, as Stormy Daniels enthusiastically stated in an April 2015 Fleshbot interview;

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve had a beautiful and amazing career and it is thanks to everyone that has BOUGHT one of my movies. And for those who steal my content, I hope you step on a…in the dark…every single night”.

Stormy Daniels hosting the 2010 AVN awards | Rocco Siffredi and Stormy Daniels on stage at AVN 2010 Awards show | Stormy Daniels biography | Stormy Waters pics

Rocco Siffredi and Stormy Daniels at the 2010 AVN Awards

Stormy Daniels : Directing & Writing Career

Over the past fifteen years Stormy Daniels has established herself as one of the most talented performers, directors and writers in the adult film industry. Stormy Daniels wrote her first ever adult film screenplay for the saucy serial killer themed thriller Kink (2003). It wasn’t long before Stormy Daniels made her directorial debut with One Night In Vegas (2004) which Adult DVD Talk film critic Ruby Rose praised as;

“A very tight little adult film, and a very promising start for Stormy as a director. The story is light, and fun, and the sex is hot, and perfect for a couple to watch. The movie doesn’t hold back, and has a very attractive cast, and in the end, becomes one great little release from Wicked. Check it out”.

Stormy Daniels is a natural born writer and has conveyed in her XCritic column interview that;

“I love the creativity of writing and directing. I’ve always been a writer. I started writing short stories in middle school and have just continued to do so. When I write a script, the movie actually plays out in my mind as I’m typing. I started by writing for other directors and it bothered me that their interpretation of my story wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned it. The first movie I directed was really just an experiment. I wanted to see if I could make the story playing in my head come to life. I had no idea that I’d fall so in love with directing”.

Stormy Daniels backstage at AVN 2012 | pornstar Stormy daniels in a sexy dress | Stormy Daniels bio pic

Stormy Daniels backstage at the AVN Awards 2012, Attribution : Michael Dorausch

As matters stand, Stormy Daniels has directed and over 80 phenomenal porn productions for Wicked Pictures. Keen to discover some of Stormy’s sauciest directorial projects? Then we recommend viewing Three Wishes (2006), Operation: Tropical Stormy (2009) featuring Shyla Stylez, India Summer, Mia Lelani, Mikayla Mendez, Nina Hartley and Nikki Rhodes, Whatever It Takes (2010) also starring Lisa Ann, Tori Black and MacKenzee Pierce which was nominated for “Best Feature Release” at the 2010 XRCO Awards and at the 2011 AVN Awards, Partly Stormy (2010) that was nominated for “Best Comedy” at the 2011 AVN Awards and Switch (2013) which earned Stormy Daniels multiple “Best Director: Feature” and “Best Screenplay” nominations at the 2015 AVN Awards. Stormy Daniels has always been grateful for the ongoing support and guidance that Wicked Pictures have given her over the course of her adult film career, highlighting in her April 2015 Fleshbot interview how;

“I appreciate all the support and faith the company has given me over the years. There have been so many times that I’ve gone into the office with a crazy idea and Steve [Orenstein]has trusted me to pull it off. My biggest fear is letting him down. It’s also pretty awesome that my checks are on time and always clear”.

Stormy Daniels posing with Wicked Girls at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 | pornstar Stormy Daniels biography pics

Stormy Daniels : Operation: Desert Stormy & Other Popular Productions

One of Stormy Daniels’ most popular Wicked Pictures feature movies has been Operation: Desert Stormy (2007) starring Kaylani Lei, Jenna Haze, Nicole Sheridan and Tory Lane. This saucy spy comedy was a smash-hit success among fans and film critics alike, with XCritic column writer Don Houston enthusing how;

“In Operation Desert Stormy, Stormy Daniels proves that she’s in an extremely small group of individuals who can write, direct, and perform in a mainstream-quality comedy. Yes, we all know that Stormy is a drop-dead-gorgeous blond who’s an incendiary performer. However, you may not know just how talented this multi-faceted star really is. Once you see Operation Desert Stormy and its accompanying Extras, you’ll know exactly what I mean”.

Stormy Daniels | Stormy Daniels pornstar biography | Stormy Waters wearing a hot tight dressStormy in Dallas Texas – August 2015, Image Attribution : © Glenn Francis,

Stormy Daniels performed, directed and wrote the screenplay for Operation: Desert Stormy so it was no surprise when she received multiple nominations for “Best Director – Video” and “Best Screenplay – Video” nominations at the 2008 AVN Awards as well as being nominated for “Single Performance – Actress” at the 2008 XRCO Awards. Stormy Daniels loved shooting Operation: Desert Stormy but it was not without its problems! As Stormy Daniels highlighted within her XCritic column interview;

“The best part [of her career] was signing with Wicked and shooting Operation Desert Stormy. The least pleasurable was also shooting Operation Desert Stormy. That movie gave me an ulcer. I did all the pre-production by myself. I worked for almost a year on that movie. I was told it was “un-shootable” which just made me want to do it even more. Every detail and every shot of that movie was planned out by me. I’ve never been so driven in my life”.

In fact, whilst being asked to name the funniest experience that she had ever experienced on-set during her January 2010 Luke Is Back interview, Stormy Daniels revealed that;

“The cops raiding Operation Desert Stormy, thinking I was really under attack. In reality, the permit office forgot to let the sheriff’s office know we were doing gunfire”.

Stormy Daniels 2007 pic | Stormy Daniels biography | Stormy Daniels meeting and greeting her fans in ChicagoStormy in Chicago – January 2007, Image Attribution : Wikimedia Commons

Another of Stormy Daniels’ most popular feature releases has been her Wicked Pictures and Adam & Eve big budget blockbuster Wanted (2015). This epic Wild West themed feature release was shot in Diablo City, Arizona. Wanted showcased Stormy’s love of horses and enabled her to draw upon her knowledge of action scene set-ups that she had picked up during her mainstream acting career. Also starring Allie Haze, Anikka Albrite, Amber Rayne, Cassidy Klein, Chanel Preston, Jessica Drake, Jodi Taylor, Mia Li and Stormy Daniels herself, Stormy Daniels has stated in previous interviews that Wanted was most difficult feature release she has ever directed. As Stormy Daniels puts it in her own words;

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done by far. There’s no running water, no electricity, it’s 115 degrees…There was fire, a flash flood, grip truck broke down, prop truck broke down, camera truck got stuck in the sand, the cameras went down, I was robbed, 16 people cried”.

Fortunately, Stormy Daniels’ hard work paid off. Wanted was a smash-hit success which won “Best Drama” and “Best Soundtrack” at the 2016 AVN Awards as well as “First Choice Winners” at the 2015 Nightmoves Awards, “Best Epic” at the 2016 XRCO Awards and multiple “Best Music”, “Best Actor – Feature Release” (Steven St. Croix), “Feature Movie of the Year”, “Best Art Direction” and “Director of the Year – Feature Release” accolades at the 2016 XBIZ Awards. Naturally, Wanted received rave reviews from adult film critics such as XCritic column writer Apache Warrior who stated in his October 2015 film review;

“This film is going to be one of the leading contenders for Best Feature for the AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO awards. The storyline is captivating and the cinematography is amazing. The acting performances are very good. I like the feel of the Old West from the camera shots to the costuming. The film did not feel long even though it is close to three hours. There are a good amount of spacing between sex scenes and plotline dialogue…I give much credit to Stormy for writing a super script and directing a great film. Her screenplay, her directing skills, and her acting performance deserves nominations for Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actress respectively. Amber Rayne should receive a Best Supporting Actress nod while Steven St. Croix should get a Best Actor nom. The song “On The Run” is so good that it will receive a Best Original Song nomination. Brendon Miller and the Wicked Outlaws perform it. I congratulate Stormy Daniels on one of her best films ever. I highly recommend it”.

Stormy Daniels loves creating these feature movies and has eagerly expressed in her June 2010 MadeMan interview that;

“I absolutely LIVE for writing and directing.  For me, there is nothing more magical than seeing one of my ideas come to life in front of me.  It is also a lot more stressful because you are responsible for everything, not just your personal performance”.

As Stormy Daniels further elaborated in her August 2012 AIP Daily interview;

“I’m a control freak so it is the perfect job for me. Also I really love the creative aspect. It is so exciting for me to take something from my mind to paper to screen. For me, it is much more rewarding that just showing up and performing. But keep in mind that I star in a lot of the movies I direct. That way, I get the best of both worlds”.

Stormy Daniels 2005 | young Stormy Daniels posing in a sexy white dress | Stormy Daniels pornstar biography | Stormy Daniels bio pics

Stormy in 2005

Stormy Daniels : Draft Stormy Potential Political Campaign

In the summer of 2009 a group of Stormy Daniels’ fans encouraged her to run against Republican Senator David Vitter in Louisiana in 2010. In fact Stormy Daniels’ fans even created the website,! Upon being asked about her candidacy within her May 2009 FreeOnes interview, Stormy Daniels divulged that;

“It’s not a rumor and it’s actually Senator of Louisiana. This is something that a group of Louisiana citizens came up with unbeknownst to me. Once I was made aware of how a number of Louisianans felt about their current Senator, David Vitter, and thought ANYBODY would be better them him even me I started to explore different options. I am currently consulting with family and friends to see what my next move will be. Regardless of my decision a listening tour of Louisiana is being planned now so I can come face to face with the folks in Louisiana and find out firsthand what concerns them the most now and see what I can do to help. Check out for all the details”.

Stormy Daniels announced in April 2010 that she would not be running for Senate due to the fact that she could not afford to run for the Senate seat. Stormy Daniels also pointed out that many mainstream media outlets continued to disregard her candidacy as a serious political campaign. Talking about her reasons for not running in greater detail during her 2010 Man Jr. interview, Stormy Daniels conveyed how;

“It was eye-opening and a bit depressing, honestly. The system is just a mess, and people are so disheartened. The average person feels like they don’t have a voice. It was my goal to give them one… and then I discovered how expensive it is to campaign. An elected official is supposed to represent the majority, but no average person could ever afford to run. I believe this keeps the best people for the job from even attempting it. I have no clue if I’d ever try it again… but never say never”.

Stormy Daniels wearing a very low cut dress meeting fans in 2007 | young Stormy Daniels pics | Stormy Daniels biography with sfw pics

Stormy at the AVN Expo 2007, Attribution : Luke Ford at

Stormy Daniels : Mainstream Movie Roles & Upcoming Projects

In addition to her Wicked Pictures feature releases, Stormy Daniels has appeared in multiple mainstream movies, TV series and music videos. Stormy Daniels has starred in a fantasy scene for the comedy feature film The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) after the main character, played by Steve Carrell, watches her performance in Space Nuts and then dreams about her. Talking about her mainstream movie performances in her June 2010 MadeMan interview, Stormy Daniels commented that;

“I just take them as they come.  I loved working on these films, but it wasn’t something I set out to do when I entered the adult industry.  I am not stupid enough to believe that porn would be a stepping stone into becoming the next Julia Roberts”.

Stormy Daniels has since appeared in an episode of the Comedy Central TV series Mind of Mencia (2005), she played a lap dancer in the comedy movie Knocked Up (2007) featuring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, she appeared as a stripper in the FX Network TV series Dirt (2007) starring Courtney Cox and she has performed as a pole dancer in the music video for Maroon 5’s single “Wake Me Up” (2007). Stormy Daniels was also credited as ‘Macy’ in an episode of the comedy TV series Party Down (2009), she played herself in the romantic-comedy movie Finding Bliss (2009) starring Denise Richards, Matthew Davis and Leelee Sobieski, and she has recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2018) and Saturday Night Live (2018). Is there anything Stormy Daniels can’t do?!

Stormy Daniels at AVN 2009 wearing a tight low cut dress signing autographs for fans | pornstar Stormy Daniels biography | Stormy Daniels bio with sfw pics

Stormy at AVN 2009, Las Vegas Sands Convention Center

As well as her mainstream acting roles, Stormy Daniels has published her memoirs, titled Naked Ambition, which detail her successful transition from actress to director. Stormy Daniels has also written for FHM magazine as well as posing for Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, High Society and GQ. Upon discussing her hectic work schedule during her February 2015 AVN interview, Stormy Daniels revealed how;

“I never get a break. I write a script, break it down, do the shoot schedule, do the prop list, do the wardrobe list, book everyone myself on my productions—I do it 100 percent myself; I make every phone call. I book all my own locations. I type everything myself, send everything out. Budget, shoot schedule, everything. I star in half of what I shoot. And I do my own stunts. Then I come here and I shoot the movie…

Yelling at naked people is fun, but I consider myself first and foremost to be a writer…It all starts with that seed. And when I write a movie it plays in my head. I’m pretty confident saying that ninety percent of the time the movie that’s here [pointing to her head] is what I end up with in the end”.

As matters stand, Stormy Daniels continues to write, direct and perform in a wealth of thrilling feature releases for Wicked Pictures as well as treating her loyal global fan base to some sizzling solo website content and fantastic feature dancing tours. Want to keep yourself updated on all of Stormy Daniels’ upcoming projects? Then use the links provided below to stay connected with porn superstar Stormy Daniels!

Stormy Daniels – Social Networks

Official Stormy Daniels Website :

Stormy Daniels Twitter : @StormyDaniels

Instagram : @missstormydaniels

Brazzers : Stormy’s Secret

Digital Playground : Stormy Daniels Sex Scenes

Camster : stormydaniels

Babepedia : Stormy at Babepedia

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