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Alana Evans – Personal Info

Name : Alana Evans

Date of Birth : July 6th

Measurements : 38DD – 28 – 40

Height : 5’6 (1.68m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : A butterfly on her left hip, a flaming heart and banner with ‘Christian’ script on it across her upper right arm, a symbol on the inside of her right wrist, a heart on her left ring finger and a vibrant skull design on her right hip

Pets : Alana mentioned in her November 2013 Barelist interview that; I have 3 pit bulls, 1 pug, 1 tarantula, 1 bearded dragon, and 8 frogs. basically a mini zoo”.

Shoe Size : Women’s 8 (US)

Years Active : 1997 – present

Number of Scenes : 400+

Alana Evans is a gorgeous former porn star turned gamer girl who has been thrilling fans since 1997. Over the years Alana has received many “Best Supporting Actress”, “MILF Performer of the Year” and “Unsung Siren” nominations at the AVN, XBIZ and XRCO Awards. A fan-favorite performer, Alana Evans was inducted into the AVN Awards “Hall Of Fame” in 2015, she won “Gamer Girl of the Year” at the 2015 Alt. Awards, she was inducted into the XRCO Awards “Hall Of Fame” in 2019 and she is the President of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG).

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So where did it all begin? Born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Alana Evans has Welsh heritage. Alana moved to San Jose, California, with her mother and sister when she was a few months old. A natural born performer, Alana took part in various youth choirs and community plays throughout her childhood. Alana is also a highly intelligent individual who was in her school’s Gifted and Talented Education program. As Alana recounted in her XCritic column interview;

“I was always looking to be the center of attention. I spent my youth in choirs and community plays. While most kids were playing outside, I was at rehearsal. In school, I was in the GATE program, Gifted And Talented Education program. Basically, the smart kid class. That was fun. Not really”.

You may be interested to learn that Alana’s first job was working at the Round Table pizza parlor and she mentioned in her November 2013 Barelist interview that;

“My first job was making pizzas for Round Table pizza, lol. I actually discovered my favorite kind of pizza during that job and it’s the only kind I eat…pepperoni and mushrooms”.

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Alana married her first husband when she was 18 and they had a child together. Alana married her second husband Chris Evans in November 1999 and they have been happily married ever since. When Alana was about her relationship during her May 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview, she explained how;

“I’ve been in the same relationship for 14 years. We’re a crazy porn couple [Laughs]. We have an open relationship which is probably the best way to survive in porn. There’s no jealousy and no drama…My husband is straight so there aren’t any three ways or anything. But I’ve had one boy toy and he’ll be in the house and I may just disappear for an hour. I think the idea of me being with other women just turns him on. I love that so we share a lot of different things. We have women that we share too so it’s a lot of fun…See, my husband calls me a ‘chude’ meaning that I look and dress like a woman but I totally think like a dude. All my male friends come to me when they need advice and I know that we as women are all crazy. I’m more likely to tell a guy that his girlfriend is fucking things up. I like to keep an open mind”.

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Alana first started working in the adult entertainment industry as an exotic dancer. In fact, Alana first started dancing at a Northern California club for where she and her husband were part owners. Alana loved performing on stage and she wanted to become a headline dancer. However, Alana knew that she needed to build up a greater fan following before she could become a feature dancer so she decided to start working in the adult film industry. And the rest is history! Talking about these early years during her 2004 Porn Star Empire interview, Alana highlighted how;

I wanted to be a Feature Dancer. I like being naked and I am a very sexually active person. So since I needed to build up some sort of fan base, porn was a lot easier than doing magazines. Magazines felt like I had been swimming all day after the photo shoots”.

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Alana has always been open with her family and friends regarding her career choices and she divulged in her November 2013 Barelist interview that;

“My family is very supportive. Being in the business for 15 years now, I have become an advocate for sex workers and performers. I enjoy being a positive figure in our business. I have made my family proud. My husband, Chris Evans, is incredibly supportive…I have been in a solid relationship for 14 years. We met while I was in the industry, raised a family as porn stars, and are looking forward to the future. The openness of my relationship has kept us strong. My husband works as an editor, photographer, and director in our business. We love being able to share our jobs”.

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Alana Evans : Adult Film Career

Alana made her official adult film industry debut in the spring of 1997 (March 24th to be exact) when she filmed a sizzling scene with Mr. Marcus for the Legend Video production Reel Sex Magazine #11 (1997). Wondering about the origins of Alana’s porn star stage name ‘Alana Evans’? Well, Alana’s  stage name is actually based on her first husband. As Alana revealed during her November 2013 Barelist interview;

“My ex’s name was Alan. He gave me the name. I kept it after our divorce simply because he didn’t want me to continue doing porn, lol. I was always just ALANA. I added the name Evans a few years into my career and I’ve watched the name grow ever since. There’s a whole family of Evans’ pornstars now. I’m proud to be the first”.

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Upon making her industry debut, Alana was represented by Reb Sawitz of Pretty Girl International. Alana quickly started to appear in a wide range of popular porn productions such as the Vivid release Tight Shots The Movie (1998) which was nominated for “Best Comedy” at the 2000 AVN Awards, Archer’s Last Day (1999) for Extreme Associates that was nominated for “Best Video Feature” at the 2000 AVN Awards and the Odyssey movie Shane’s Slumber Party #8 (1999) which was nominated for “Best All-Girl Feature” at the 2000 AVN Awards. Alana was even featured in her own Extreme Associates star showcase Extremely Yours, Alana (1999). Talking about these early days of her porn career during her XCritic column interview, Alana highlighted how;

“I got started in the business working with Reb Sawitz at Pretty Girl International. Reb was great at holding my hand and watching out for me, keeping me safe and out of trouble. I wanted to be a feature dancer, but once I started shooting scenes, I didn’t really stop…I love being in the industry. Having fun and working with people I love like Pink Visuals and Xplay has made my stay in the industry quite pleasurable”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Mother Lover’s Society #12 – Sweetheart Video – Mile High Media Galleries

Fans of Alana Evans will love watching her raunchy romp with Earl Slate in Lizzy Borden’s Pornoflick (1999) which was nominated for “Best Comedy” at the 2000 AVN Awards, her thrilling three-way with Chandler and Tasha Hunter in the Vivid movie Artemesia (2000) that was named as one of “AVN’s 500 Greatest Adult Films” in 2005, her sizzling scene with Billy Banks, Dwayne Cummings, Shane Diesel and Valentino in the Pink Visual production Gangbang Squad #1 (2004) and her saucy three-way with Devinn Lane and Chris Evans in the Wicked Pictures release Road Trixxx #1 (2004). You may be interested to learn that Alana watches her own scenes. As Alana saucily stated in her May 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview;

“I used to watch it before so I could learn things and kind of critique myself. But now I watch it because it’s hot and I’m a pervert [Laughs]. When you’re younger you’re more insecure about yourself but now I’m just so comfortable in my own skin”.

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Most notably, Alana shared a sensational group shoot with Claudia Adkins, Dasha, Raylene, Renee LaRue and Venus in the Vivid production Paying The Piper (2002) which was nominated for “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Film” at the 2003 AVN Awards. Directed by Paul Thomas, Paying The Piper was a critical and commercial success that was nominated for “Best Film” and “Best Box Cover Concept” at the 2003 AVN Awards. Not to be missed!

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Mother Exchange #3 – Sweet Sinner – Mile High Media Galleries

You’ll be happy to hear that Alana has appeared in many critically acclaimed movies throughout her prolific porn career. For instance, Alana shared some sizzling scenes with Hillary Scott, Tyler Knight and Eli Cross in the Sex Z Pictures production Corruption (2006) which won “Best Epic” at the 2006 XRCO Awards. Alana also received some notable “Best Solo Sex Scene” and “Best Supporting Actress: Video” nominations at the 2007 AVN Awards. Directed by Eli Cross, Corruption was an instant hit which was named as “One of the Greatest Adult Films of All Time” in a 2015 Showtime X-Rated documentary. Corruption also received rave reviews from many prominent porn critics including Adult DVD Talk blogger Astro Knight who highlighted in his November 2006 film review how;

“I can’t help but recommend Corruption…It all works extremely well with the sex and the story blending in a way that they almost rely on each other and more often than not, strengthen each other. It’s like what might happen if somebody like David Fincher decided that he should try porn rather than limiting himself to mainstream movies. Although the sex is dark, it also has some good heat, and there’s fantastic performances from the entire cast throughout the entire movie. Corruption is definitely a movie that won’t be for everybody, but if it interests you at all, make sure you check it out”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Suck Fuck Select Start Tits – Brazzers

Never one to rest on her laurels, in September 2006 Alana and her husband Chris Evans founded their own production company CreamWorks Films. Their first film was Pick ‘Em Young (2006) which showcased Alana performing with new male talent that had been recruited via MySpace. In November 2008 Alana and Chris launched another production company, Royal X Films, and their first film was Super Pink Holes (2008). Talking about her career longevity during her XCritic column interview, Alana stated that;

“The biggest surprise for me in the adult industry is how long I have managed to stay in it! I never really thought my career would have lasted this long, but I am loving every minute of it!…My favorite thing about being an adult performer is all the cool stuff I’ve done in my life thanks to porn. I have sex in every place imaginable, I’ve met some of the most interesting people, and I love being able to just be myself no matter who or what that is”.

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Alana Evans : Popular Porn Parodies

Over the years Alana has attracted a vast international fan following due to her sizzling scenes in many best-selling porn parodies. It all started in 2006 when Alana shared a raunchy group sex scene with Melissa Martinez, Victoria Sweet and Johnny Castle in Will Ryder’s X-Play/Hustler Video pop-star spoof Britney Rears #3: Britney Gets Shafted (2006) which won “Best Comedy or Parody” at the 2006 XRCO Awards.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Teacher’s Got A Tight Pussy #5 – Devil’s Film

Alana was subsequently cast as ‘Mrs Brady’ in Will Ryder’s X-Play parody movie Not The Bradys XXX (2007) within which she shared a saucy scene with Mike Horner. Not The Bradys XXX was a smash hit success that earned Alana a “Best Supporting Actress: Video”  nomination at the 2008 AVN Awards and the film itself won “Best Comedy or Parody” at the 2008 XRCO Awards. This raunchy release also received a rave review from XCritic column writer Don Houston who stated in his September 2007 film review that;

Not The Bradys XXX by director Will Ryder for X-Play was the kind of porno so many companies have abandoned in favor of cheaply made crud that is tossed together without regard for those who want something different, and better, than the latest gonzo splooge-fest. In that sense, Not The Bradys XXX was another wonderfully silly but strokable fuck flick that the director can be proud of and well worth a rating of DVD Talk Collector Series. The sex was as good as you will find in a feature, the casting of the roles particularly inspired, and the technical qualities substantially above the rest of the parodies I’ve watched in recent times.

The story, visual, and musical elements so closely matched the original television show that it is no wonder it took so long to be released but this is clearly the comedy porn feature of the year to beat; proving that extra effort can make a porno that is different, and better, than the thousands of other titles tossed off to consumers by uncaring production companies…It set a new standard for such releases, elevating the bar so high that few others need bother. “Parody porn at its best” should probably be the leading quote when offering this one to newcomers; the movie almost certainly a shoe in for awards and top of the year lists in the coming months”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Not The Bradys XXX (2007) – X-Play

Naturally, Alana was cast in many of Will Ryder’s Brady Bunch themed porn parodies including Not The Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! (2008) that was nominated for “Best Parody: Comedy” at the 2010 AVN Awards, Not The Bradys XXX: Pussy Power (2009), Not The Bradys XXX: Bradys Meet The Partridge Family (2010) which was nominated for “Best Parody: Comedy” at the 2011 AVN Awards and Not The Bradys XXX: Marcia Goes To College! (2013) that was nominated for “Best Parody: Comedy” at the 2013 Nightmoves Awards and “Parody Release of the Year: Comedy” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Must see movies for Alana Evans fans!

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Alana & Veronica’s High School Reunion – Brazzers

In addition to her Brady Bunch inspired porn parodies, Alana has starred in a wealth of critically acclaimed parody releases such as Will Ryder’s X-Play spy spoof Not Charlie’s Angels XXX (2010) which was nominated for “Best Parody: Drama” at the 2010 AVN Awards and Jim Powers’ Dream Zone Entertainment production E.T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody (2013). Also starring Capri Anderson, Jodi Taylor and Veronica Radke, E.T. XXX was nominated for “Best Parody” at the 2015 AVN Awards, “Best Parody: Drama” at the 2014 Nightmoves Awards, “Best Porn Parody” at the 2014 TLA Raw Awards and “Parody Release of the Year: Comedy” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Alana also received a “Best Supporting Actress” nomination at the 2015 AVN Awards due to her scintillating scene with Will Powers. Alana reflected upon her porn parody roles and how they framed her adult film career during her XCritic column interview, highlighting how;

I have become the ‘go to mom’ for top acting roles. Playing as Mrs. Brady in the Not the Brady XXX parodies really launched my career as a MILF. Will Ryder and Scott David helped me establish myself as a strong actress in this business. I will always be thankful to those two men for everything they have done for me. More recently, I played the mom in ET XXX for DreamZone, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the third time in my career. Jim Powers directed the film, and he has always been one of my favorite people to work with”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in E.T. XXX:  DreamZone Parody – Dream Zone Entertainment

Alana Evans : Best-Selling MILF Movies & Girl/Girl Releases

Following her definitive role as ‘Mrs. Brady’ in Not The Bradys XXX, Alana started to appear in a wide range of MILF/cougar themed porn productions. We recommend watching Alana’s kinky group shoot with Ariella Ferrera, Persia Pele and Seth Gamble in the production Cougar Sex Club #5 (2012), her titillating Alana And Veronica’s High School Reunion romp with Veronica Avluv and Johnny Sins which was released via Brazzers in March 2013, her raunchy scene with Mark Zane in his Hustler Video release LA MILF Truck (2013) that was nominated for “Best MILF Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards and her sizzling scene with Anthony Rosano and Romeo in the Jules Jordan Video production Fitness MILFs (2013) which was also nominated for “Best MILF Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Teacher’s Got A Tight Pussy #5 – Devil’s Film

But that’s not all. Fans of Alana Evans will love watching her saucy role-play with Kris Slater in the Devil’s Film DVD Teacher Gave Me An F #5 (2013), her seductive scene with L.T. in the Elegant Angel movie White Mommas #3 (2013) that was nominated for “Best MILF Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards and her seductive scene with Tyler Nixon in the Sweet Sinner release Mother’s Exchange #3 (2015) starring Ariella Ferrera and Samantha Rone. Alana even received a recommendation from XCritic column writer Apache Warrior who conveyed in his June 2015 film review of Mother’s Exchange #3 how;

“This film is a pretty good one when it comes to the sexual performances. Alana Evans and Tyler Nixon have the outstanding scene with Ariella Ferrera and Xander Corvus close behind. Samantha Rone’s performance with Xander Corvus and Ariella’s with Steven St. Croix provide solid replay value and excitability…I recommend this film and this series continues to be a worthwhile one”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First #13 – Devil’s Film

Hold on, it gets even better. In addition to her hot hardcore scenes, Alana is a talented girl/girl performer who has starred in many fan-favorite lesbian releases. You’ll love viewing Alana’s steamy scene with Julia Ann in the Wicked Pictures movie Internal Affairs (2005), her sizzling group shoot with Ariana Jollee, Felony, Kaylynn, Nikki Nievez, Phyllisha Anne, Sindy Lange and Venus in the Pure Play Media DVD Pussy Party #16 (2006), her scintillating group sex scene with Flower Tucci, Luscious Lopez and Richelle Ryan in the Pure Play Media DVD Pussy Party #24 (2008) and her kinky group shoot with Allison Moore, Jessica Bangkok, Josi Valentine, Missy Martinez and Odette Delacroix in the New Sensations release Against Her Will (2012) that was nominated for “All-Girl Release of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mom #6 – Devil’s Film

Wait, there’s even more. Alana filmed a sultry scene with Trinity St. Clair for the Lethal Hardcore production Cougars Crave Young Kittens #8 (2011), she starred alongside Adriana Chechik in the Sweetheart Video release Mother Lover’s Society #12 (2014) and she shared a sultry scene with Penny Pax in the Sweetheart Video movie Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls #5 (2014) which was nominated for “Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Release” at the 2015 AVN Awards. This amazing all-girl movie was ardently endorsed by XCritic column writer Don Houston who conveyed in his August 2014 film review how;

Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5 by director Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video had an appealing cast of attractive ladies with the requisite experience for the older ladies and youthfulness for the cuties that they prowled upon. The levels of chemistry and fun factor boosted this one up to merit a rating of Recommended, from me, others might want to elevate the movie another notch for particular performers included in the cast. In short, Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5 provided an appealing entry level movie for those wanting to see ladies lick each other all over, the production relying heavily on Dana’s excellent technical skills and eye for what works, the talented director working with a wonderfully diverse cast to make this a winner”.

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Alana Evans : Industry Accolades & Award Nominations

Starring in so many popular porn productions has earned Alana a wealth of coveted industry accolades. Listed below are some of Alana’s most impressive award wins and notable nominations to date;

2002: XRCO Awards winner “Unsung Siren”

2003: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Film” Paying The Piper (with Claudia Adkins, Dasha, Renee LaRue, Raylene and Angelica Costello)

2007: AVN Awards winner “Best Solo Sex Scene” Corruption

2007: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress: Video” Corruption

2007: AVN Awards nominee “Underrated Starlet of the Year (Unrecognized Excellence)”

2007: XRCO Awards nominee “Unsung Siren”

2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress: Video” Not The Bradys XXX

2008: XRCO Awards nominee “MILF of the Year”

2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”

2015: AVN Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee”

2015: Alt. Awards winner “Gamer Girl of the Year”

2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress” T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody

2019: XRCO Awards winner “Hall Of Fame Inductee”

Alana EvansAlana Evans Anal Comeback! – Bang Bros

Alana has been thrilled to receive these prestigious industry accolades – especially when she was inducted into AVN Awards “Hall Of Fame” in 2015. As Alana sincerely stated in her XCritic column interview;

“I am so pleased to be honored by AVN and inducted into their hall of fame. It’s fair to say I’ve been campaigning for that slot for the last couple of years. Not only because of my work in front of the camera and behind the camera, but I feel that my Hall of Fame induction was important because of who I am all around. I’ve managed to survive this industry for 18 years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. While I may be outspoken, and an activist for women in our industry, my love for our industry has turned me into a lifer. While some people jump into our industry for a short spell, I feel that I will always be here.

I am thankful that AVN gave me this honor first, because I’ve actually had people within other organizations try to tell me I don’t deserve it…Now that I am a Hall of Famer, I am focusing this year on filming more, and reminding my fans why I am such a dirty girl. Taking a break off from filming these last couple of years, to focus on other endeavors, has really given me a boost to return to filming! I actually fantasize about some of the crazy sex I used to have, and it’s time to get some action!”.

During this XCritic column interview Alana was keen to thank her fans for their ongoing support and praise. As Alana puts it in her own words;

My fans have been a solid force behind me since the beginning of my career. I always enjoy seeing them. I have many fans who  became friends, and those are the relationships I treasure the most. We’ll have dinner, hang out, and generally enjoy each other’s company”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mom #8 – Devil’s Film

Alana Evans : Mainstream Projects & Business Ventures

Alongside her thriving adult film career, Alana has collaborated on various mainstream projects. For instance, Alana was interviewed for a Hustler magazine article in October 2001 (“Our Lives in the Skin Trade: Fifteen XXX Actresses Reveal the Ups and Downs of Their Career Curves”) and she was interviewed for a New York Post article in January 2018 (“Why are porn stars dying? Brutal competition, no exit plans – & 5 deaths in 7 months”). In January 2018 Alana also appeared on Megyn Kelly Today and The Today Show. Appearing on these mainstream talk shows has enabled Alana to dispel many of the misconceptions that society in general has towards adult performers. As Alana explained in her XCritic column interview;

“The industry has been filled with many surprises since day one. I’ve always been open sexually, so being in front of the camera having sex came naturally to me. What surprised me is the relationships and love that I could find within the industry. It’s not easy being with an adult actor or actress, because of those private things we share. I feel lucky that in the current times, I have been accepted by the media as a strong mother and advocate. I’ve appeared on CNN and Headline News more than other adult stars in our business, all because I can perfectly juggle being a porn star and a mother”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Teacher’s Got A Tight Pussy #5 – Devil’s Film

As mentioned above, Alana has made multiple appearances on CNN, Headline News (HLN) and Dr. Drew. As Alana mentioned in her May 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview;

“I’ve kind of become the go to girl for CNN and HLN so I’ve done his show a couple of times. When it’s Dr. Drew it’s always based on me being a parent in the adult industry and I like that because I’ve been given a hard time at private schools for being a porn mom. At the public schools though I’m very well accepted. I take that experience with me to Dr. Drew. I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to let people know how my choices have benefited my family…I don’t have pornography in my house. I do my best to keep my kids sheltered. I play the traditional role of a mom”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mom #6 – Devil’s Film

A multi-talented performer and presenter, Alana hosted a segment on KSEX radio until June 2005, she hosted the Spice Radio program All Wives Cheat on Sirius XM 103 and she hosted the Playboy Radio talk show Private Calls. Alana has hosted various Playboy Radio talk shows over the years and she divulged during her XCritic column interview that;

“I have been hosting within the Playboy Radio family for over six years. I love to talk. It is easy and fun for me. Plus, the fact that I can put some proper sentences together works in my favor. I have gone from Privates Calls, Music to Fuck By, to the Jerk Box, and now my newest show is called All Wives Cheat. I am live every Monday night from 7-9pm PST.. I actually host segments of the show with Chris Evans, my husband. I have loved having transsexuals on in the past because my listeners enjoy hearing them. Domino Presley is one of my favorite guests. She is quite beautiful and a lot of fun”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Moms Just Wanna Have Fun – Brazzers

Alana Evans : Music Career

Throughout her life Alana has always had a passion for music – whether she is performing on stage or writing her own songs. For example, in 2012 Alana was the lead singer for the Lords of Acid song ‘Pop That Tooshie’. This was the lead single from the Lords of Acid album Deep Chills (2012). Alana loved collaborating with Lords of Acid on this single and she mentioned in her XCritic column interview that;

“I have always been a huge fan of Lords of Acid. Upon meeting members of the band and the band’s manager, they felt it was a perfect match to add me to the album. Praga Khan, the mastermind behind Lords of Acid, created this incredibly fun song and I was honored when they asked me to sing it…I have spent my life singing and having many years of musical training. I have never professionally sung until now. This experience has been very inspirational and a huge confidence booster. I love to sing, but I never expected an opportunity like this to come my way. It is seriously a once in a lifetime opportunity and a dream come true”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mom #8 – Devil’s Film

Alana also danced in the music video for ‘Pop That Tooshie’ alongside Missy Martinez, Daisy Dare and Anjanette Astoria. Talking about shooting the video and the lyrics of ‘Pop That Tooshie’ during her XCritic column interview, Alana eagerly expressed that;

“Missy Martinez and Daisy Dare are very good friends of mine. They are my gamer girls on my topless gaming site, I love having them around me as much as I can! Anjanette and I have met in the past. She is a nice lady and did a great job…I remember the first time I heard the song. I was so excited to hear the beat and the rhythm kick in. I literally started jumping up and down because I felt so honored that they gave me such a great song to sing! Praga is simply brilliant. The lyrics are fun and the song makes you want to dance”.

Alana has since released some of her own singles including ‘Make You Love Me’ and ‘Perfect’ in June 2014. Talking about her song-writing skills during her XCritic column interview, Alana conveyed how;

I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 years old LOL. I’ve always loved to sing, and it’s been a big passion in my life. I never expected that my journey into the adult industry would actually give me the ability to fulfill my dreams as a singer. I love to write, and I enjoy sharing my feelings, so music just makes sense. Working with Lords Of Acid changed my life”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in That Cougar Fucks Like An Animal #4 – Devil’s Film

Alana Evans : Gamer Girl, APAG President & Recent Releases

In addition to her prolific porn career, mainstream projects and music ventures, Alana has always been an avid gamer girl and she streams on Twitch as ‘AlanaEvans’. In fact, Alana even founded her own topless gaming website,, in 2011. This innovative gaming website offers fans live streaming, video game reviews, coverage from comic culture conventions as well as cosplay content and a weekly podcast. Pwned By Girls covers video game releases across every platform as well as delving into the wonderful world of retro games. Alana is a regular contributor to Pwned By Girls alongside Penny Lane, Annie Cruz and Lil Blue Box among many others. Alana has discussed her love of video games within various XCritic column interviews, divulging that;

“I love to play video games. If I’m not working, I’m playing on my Xbox360. I’m a RPG and first person shooter kinda girl. It’s kind of an obsession. My GamerTag on XBL and PS3 is superpinkninja…I have been playing video games since I was a child. I have always been obsessed with technology and gaming. I had an Atari as my first system, so my roots run very deep…You can find me on my website…Girls always love to do what boys do. I was a tomboy as a child, and I know many other girls were exactly the same. In any industry that is competitive, you will always find women who can hang with the guys! Gaming is a huge stress relief and a great hobby. For me, it’s an obsession”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Mommy And Me #13 – Filly Films – Vivid Galleries

As well as playing video games, Alana has written a column for High Times since February 2014 titled ‘The Stoned Gamer’. It’s no wonder why Alana was named “Gamer Girl of the Year” at the 2015 Alt. Awards! When Alana was asked about her gaming column during her May 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview, she explained how;

“It’s called The Stoned Gamer. I actually had an opportunity to be in the most popular issue years ago, the Pot and Porn issue. I made great friends with the editor. I approached them about doing a column and they liked the idea. I try to review one game a week. It could be for PlayStation or even an iPhone game. I like to smoke weed and I have for a long time. I’ve always been an advocate for the legalization…I play every single day. And I play so many different types of games that when people ask me what my game is I have to name like 5 different games so I don’t leave any out…The games that I’m in line for the second they come out are the Grand Theft Auto games. I do play Call of Duty. I like first person shooter games, fighting games, like I said I play everything”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Teacher’s Got A Tight Pussy #5 – Devil’s Film

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, in 2017 Alana collaborated with SinVR and created a new character for their VR adult gaming platform. This was the first time that SinVR ever used a 3D scan of an actress to generate an in-game model. Alana’s new character was called ‘Alana Quinn’ and she is modelled on the iconic DC Comics character Harley Quinn. You can interact with Alana within the new ‘Gates Penitentiary’ environment; an abandoned prison where Alana and the Joker live out their wildest fantasies.

Released in October 2017 as a SinVR Halloween Special, Alana Quinn was created by recording Alana’s body using a series of cameras. The footage was then uploaded into SinVR’s unique software in order to generate a digital representation of Alana’s appearance. Due to the fact that Alana Quinn is based on Alana’s own recordings, she is more realistic than any previous SinVR characters. Add in some exceptional voice recordings from Alana herself and you have an immersive VR cosplay experience like never before!

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Mother Lovers Society #12 – Sweetheart Video – Mile High Media Galleries

Even though she no longer performs in porn, Alana continues to be featured in many best-selling DVD compilation titles such as The Best Of Alana Evans (2014) for Legend Video, The Best Of CNFM Secret (2016) for Reality Kings and My Boss Is A MILF (2019) for Evolution Erotica which showcases Alana alongside fellow porn superstars Lisa Ann, Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Mika Tan, Zoey Holloway and Raquel Devine but to name a few.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Housewife 1 On 1 – Naughty America

What’s more, Alana Evans remains an ardent adult film industry advocate. As a matter of fact, in February 2018 Alana Evans became the President of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG). Alana Evans had previously been Vice President whilst Sean Michaels was President. This federally recognized union endeavours to make the adult industry a better place for performers now and in the future. As their website states;

“The needs of performers in the adult industry are understood better by the men and women who have worked in the trenches, as performers in front of the camera.  The demands of any industry can be difficult to understand by outsiders, but in the adult industry, actors and actresses are put into difficult situations every day.  Members of A.P.A.G., including our officers and board, have made the decision to work together to make the adult industry a better place for performers now, and in the future.  Coming together as one voice, the Adult Performers Actors Guild, we are able to create a plan to legitimize our industry…

We are working to ensure that performers are treated as employees.  We will be helping to set up proper pay and benefits structures so that every performer has access to health insurance, disability, social security, and the means to see a financially secure future.  While these issues may seem simple, a formality that most of today’s society enjoys with their employment status, performers have been robbed of these basic necessities…We are organizing to give performers a voice and support from their industry peers, and to create a better performer, and a stronger industry.  The goal of the Adult Performers Actors Guild is to earn employee rights, set performer responsibilities, negotiate fair practices, and help performers provide themselves with a better future”.

Alana EvansAlana Evans in Serving Up Finger Food – Brazzers

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