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Personal Info

Name : Aaliyah Love

Date of Birth : June 11th

Hometown : Illinois (US)

Measurements : 32A – 22 – 34

Height : 5’2 (1.57m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Hazel

Shoe Size : Women’s 6 (US)

Years Active : 2011 – present

Number of Scenes : 250+

Aaliyah Love is a beautiful all-natural adult film star and webcam model who has been performing in porn since 2011. Best known for her sultry girl/girl scenes, official website content and fantastic feature movie roles, Aaliyah has attracted an avid global fan base and she was named as Twistys “Treat of the Month” for April 2012. Aaliyah also won “Best Solo Website” at the 2015 AVN Awards, “Best Scene – Parody Release” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards and she continues to receive numerous “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Actress” nominations at the AVN, XBIZ and XRCO Awards.

Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love (2015) – AE Films

So where did it all begin? Hailing from a small cornfield town in Illinois, Aaliyah is an intelligent individual who was in advanced classes throughout her school years. You may be surprised to learn that Aaliyah was initially very shy as a child – that is until she went through a rebellious streak in high school! As Aaliyah revealed during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview;

I was always dorky. I honestly was the kid who always got picked on for whatever reason like not wearing the right type of jeans. My parents gave me haircuts like those hideous bowl cuts. So I was always shy and quiet and totally dorky. I didn’t have a lot of friends. I was in all advanced classes and when high school rolled around, I went through a bad streak. And I admit, I was a really bad kid. Still to this day, I’ll apologize to my parents once a week. So I became a stoner and hung out with the mystic stoner kids. But I still wasn’t sexual. I wanted to fall in love and have a long term boyfriend. I lost my virginity to my high school boyfriend, we were together for like 2 years”.

Aaliyah Love: Sexy Girl – Spizoo.com

Aaliyah has always been a hard-working individual whose first job was babysitting when she was in the 5th grade. Aaliyah also worked at her local pet store when she was 15 and she mentioned in her January 2011 Barelist interview that;

“I started babysitting when I was in 5th grade! I found a bike abandoned in the woods near my house and I took it home and cleaned it up and rode around my neighborhood putting up flyers I had made advertising my “professional and affordable babysitting services”. I used to run home from the bus stop after school and jump on my bike and ride off to my jobs! I think I charged $4 an hour. That was big bucks to me back then!! I also started working at a local pet store when I was 15 years old. The youngest age to work there was 16, but I have always been very convincing and charming I guess:)”.

Aaliyah Love in Tombois #3 (2014) – Sweetheart Video – Mile High Media Galleries

After graduating from high school, Aaliyah moved out to Baltimore, Maryland, where she attended college. Aaliyah majored in Elementary Education and she intended to become a pre-school teacher. In fact, Aaliyah already had a teaching job whilst she was in college and she explained in her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview how;

“I grew up in Illinois in a really small cornfield town. Moved out to the east coast, Baltimore area, went to some college there. I was actually on track to be a pre-school teacher. I was currently teaching and going to college and, long story short, I was going broke because teachers don’t get paid much [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love: Love Pink Bed – Spizoo.com

Aaliyah first started working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model when she was 18 years old. You’ll be happy to hear that Aaliyah continues to host intimate live chat sessions via Camsoda (as ‘AaliyahLove’). Aaliyah quit her teaching job when the webcamming network that she was performing on offered her the chance to be their full-time spokeswoman. As Aaliyah recounted during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I discovered webcam and immediately fell in love. My first time ever touching a dildo was my first time on webcam. The studio owners thrust a dildo at me and I put my hands up because I was too embarrassed to touch it! I said to him, ‘What am I supposed to do with this?’ [laughs] I was really shy, I wasn’t that sexual. I was outgoing and silly but probably only had sex with about 4 or 5 guys at that point. So, anyways, I discovered webcamming and slowly fell in love with it. After a few months, I became the spokeswoman for the webcam company I was working for. Back then, webcams were fairly new. There were only about 25 girls online and only 2 or 3 of them were American. So it didn’t take much for me to become the top webcam girl [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love – Glamour – Girlsway

Working as the spokeswoman for this webcamming network led to Aaliyah attending parties at the Playboy Mansion and visiting adult film conventions. It was here that Aaliyah met industry professionals who opened her eyes to the possibility of performing in porn and launching her own website. As, such, after four years of webcamming Aaliyah launched her official solo website AaliyahLove.com. Talking about this pivotal period of her life during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, Aaliyah highlighted how;

“As the spokeswoman, I got to go to parties at the Playboy Mansion and went to porn conventions. That’s when I met porn people and they started telling me about websites. I thought maybe I should get one of those and started my solo girl website. I started shooting amateurish content, mostly solo. That was 5 ½ years ago and I slowly progressed into porn. My progression has always been slow. About 3 years ago, I started shooting girl/girl for other companies, mostly Twistys and Girlfriend Films and that’s how the porn world discovered me. I enjoyed that and about a year ago, I started doing boy/girl. And the rest is history! [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love Blows Her Fan – Spizoo.com

Aaliyah Love : Adult Film Career

After several years of webcamming and shooting solo scenes for her website (AaliyahLove.com), Aaliyah made her official adult film industry debut in 2011. For the first two years of her porn career, Aaliyah was an exclusively solo and girl/girl performer. As Aaliyah explained in her July 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview;

“My progression into porn was slow. I started with my own little website which was mostly solo scenes and things that were my idea of sexy like wearing bunny ears or a schoolgirl skirt. It was just really basic stuff. It was really amateur. After that I started doing girl/girl and then years later I started doing guys. I’m not one of those girls who feels the need to outdo herself and do crazy gangbangs and physical shit. I’m also not the girl who feels that she has to do a scene or else I won’t be able to pay my rent. I always did what I enjoy and what I feel comfortable with and because of that I love porn and the industry. I have nothing bad to say and it’s made my life great”.

Aaliyah Love in Facial Fantasy (2016) – Evil Angel

Some of Aaliyah’s earliest sex scenes include her sultry solo scene in the Kick Ass Pictures production ATK Solo Sensations (2011) which was nominated for “Best Solo Release” at the 2012 AVN Awards, her sensual scene with Aryana Augustine in the SunLust Pictures movie Home Alone (2012) that was nominated for “Best Scene – All-Girl” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards and her steamy scene with Veronica Avluv in the Girlfriends Films movie Girls In White 2012 #2 (2012) which was nominated for “All-Girl Release of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards.

Over the years Aaliyah has starred in a wealth of critically acclaimed Girlfriends Films releases. We recommend viewing Aaliyah’s saucy shoot with Dani Daniels in Me And My Girlfriend #1 (2012) that was nominated for “Best All-Girl Release” at the 2013 AVN Awards, her titillating three-way with Abigail Mac and Marie McCray in Me And My Girlfriend #9 (2014), her steamy solo scene in Glamour Solos #4 (2015) which won “Best Solo Movie” at the 2016 AVN Awards and her sensational scenes with Veronica Avluv, Cherie DeVille, Valentina Nappi, Anikka Albrite, Aryana Augustine, Vanessa Veracruz, Deauxma and Elexis Monroe in her star showcase Aaliyah Love & Her Girlfriends (2018). The list goes on!

Aaliyah Love in Tongue In Cheek #2 (2014) – Evil Angel

Many of Cherie’s hottest Girlfriends Films movies have been those that she has filmed with Cherie DeVille. You’ll love watching Aaliyah and Cherie’s steamy scene in Women Seeking Women #83 (2012) that was nominated for “All-Girl Release of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards, their sultry scene in That’s So Lesbian (2013), their raunchy role-play in Newswomen #3 (2013), their thrilling three-way with Kendall Karson in Lesbian Touch #1 (2014) which was nominated for “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” at the 2015 AVN Awards and their scintillating scene in Lesbian Sex #19 (2018). Cherie loves shooting with Cherie DeVille. In fact, when Aaliyah was asked to name her ‘ultimate scene’ during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview she divulged that;

“The first thing that comes to mind, is any of the scenes I’ve shot with Cherie Deville. She is my all-time favorite…Cherie and me have probably shot 40 scenes together, maybe more. There’s about 20 or so on my website. I always joke that Aaliyahlove.com should be renamed AaliyahandCherie.com [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille in Merry DP Christmas – Spizoo.com

A landmark moment in Aaliyah’s adult film career occurred in April 2012 when she was named as Twistys “Treat of the Month”. You’ll be happy to hear that Aaliyah has continued to shoot a wide range of steamy solo and girl/girl scenes for Twistys and she has been featured in many of their best-selling DVD compilation titles. You have to check out Aaliyah’s sultry scene with Dani Daniels in Wet Lips (2016), her sensual scene with Cherie DeVille in Melts In Her Mouth (2017) and her saucy scene with Khaleesi Wilde in Tasty Treats #3 (2017). Talking about these early days of her adult film career during her August 2014 Fleshbot interview, Aaliyah highlighted how;

“I got my start with Twistys and then Girlfriends Films, and I will always be grateful to them…Every day is a new adventure. I’ve NEVER had a boring or dull day on-set. Plus, getting paid to have mind-blowing orgasms, while fucking some of the hottest people in the World, is pretty exciting. I love my job. I wake up every single day asking myself, ‘Is this real life?’…I just want to have fun with it! I’d like to be able to continue to explore my sexuality, push mine and others’ boundaries, and continue to expand upon AaliyahLove.com”.

Aaliyah Love: Sexy Girl – Spizoo.com

Aaliyah quickly attracted an avid international fan following due to her all-natural beauty, amicable nature and phenomenal petite frame. Talking about her petite nature during her June 2013 Luke Is Back interview, Aaliyah conveyed how;

“There are some people who appreciate it, sure. And there are some people who don’t. There are going to be super fans and haters and everything in between no matter what you do in life, which is why I only choose to do what makes me happy. I live for myself and what I want, not what others want me to be. I’m just grateful that I do have fans who love my body and my work and don’t want me to change. When I first started webcams and porn was when I learned that there were men who not only liked my petite body type, but PREFERRED it. Porn taught me to except my body just the way it is, and to love myself. And nope, I’ve never been tempted to get breast implants”.

Aaliyah Love: Stripper Times – Spizoo.com

Aaliyah Love : Hardcore Debut

A definitive moment in Aaliyah’s adult film career occurred in the summer of 2013 when she shot her first ever boy/girl scenes for Brazzers. Aaliyah shot a sizzling Such A Dirty Little Whore scene with and Keiran Lee and a saucy Aaliyah Fucks Her Biggest Fan scene with Johnny Sins that were both unveiled via Brazzers in July 2013. Aaliyah has continued to shoot some sensational hardcore scenes for Brazzers including a kinky Tie Me Up, Dick Me Down shoot with Keni Styles in August 2013, a raunchy Panty-Sniffer Gets Caught! fantasy shoot with Johnny Sins in September 2013 and a thrilling Calling In A Cock three-way with Cherie DeVille and Danny Mountain in October 2013. When Aaliyah was asked about shooting her boy/girl debut during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, she mentioned that;

“My first two scenes, I was so nervous but my two scenes for Brazzers, they were both with Johnny Sins. One of them I wrote the script and the other one was simply awesome. Those two are good. I’ve also gotten into features lately. So for those that don’t fast forward through the acting part to get to the sex part, I think I’ve done some awesome features lately. I don’t know if I’m a good actress or not but I try! (laughs)…It’s funny because had I not chosen porn, I probably would have never tried some of the things that I’ve tried and found that I truly love them! That’s the great thing about porn, discovering new things about yourself!”.

Aaliyah Love in Panty-Sniffer Gets Caught! – Brazzers

Aaliyah discussed her reasons for progressing to boy/girl scenes in greater detail during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, highlighting how;

“I eased into everything. I wish I could say it was a calculated business move but that’s not true at all. [laughs] Lot of people tell me how it’s smart how I did it but it just happened. I started out shooting solo, masturbation stuff. Then I dipped my toes in the girl/girl waters and fell in love with that. But swear, I thought I was never going to do boy/girl. It wasn’t something I was interested in. It’s not because I had a boyfriend or a husband, I’ve been pretty much single since I got into porn. I don’t know why, it’s not one thing. I just made my mind up that it was something I was never going to do. There’s even recorded webcam shows of me swearing I would never do that. Some guys said I would change my mind and I yelled at them! It was just a natural progression where I thought, ‘It looks like fun!’ I was at AVN two years ago and looked around and most of my friends did boy/girl and were having fun and a switch went off in my head. It’s like there was some fun to be had that I was missing out on. I thought in 10 years, would I regret not having that fun. So I thought about it and thought about it and now I wished I had done it sooner [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love: Sexy Girl – Spizoo.com

From this point onward, Aaliyah started to appear in a wealth of best-selling hardcore movies. Our top picks? They’d have to be Aaliyah’s sensual scene with Bill Bailey in the Wicked Pictures movie Star Kissed (2013) which was nominated for “Best Romance Movie” at the 2015 AVN Awards, her steamy scene with Marcus London in the Wicked Passions production New Beginnings (2015) that earned Aaliyah a “Best Supporting Actress” nomination at the 2017 AVN Awards and her scintillating scene with Derrick Pierce in the Wicked Pictures feature release Inner Demons (2016) which earned Aaliyah a “Best Supporting Actress” nomination at the 2018 AVN Awards.

Aaliyah has starred in several critically acclaimed Wicked Pictures/Wicked Passions movies including Hollywood Ending (2017) that was nominated for “Best Feature” at the 2018 XCritic Awards and “Best Drama” at the 2019 AVN Awards, From Beyond (2017) which was nominated for “Best Action/Thriller” at the 2018 AVN Awards and Too Little, Too Late (2018) that earned Aaliyah a notable “Best Actress – Feature Movie” nomination at the 2019 AVN Awards due to her scintillating scene with Tommy Pistol. Not to be missed!

Aaliyah Love: Casting Day – Spizoo.com

Another landmark moment in Aaliyah’s porn career occurred in 2014 when she filmed her first interracial scene with Prince Yahshua for the Elegant Angel movie Pretty Petite (2014). Directed by MimeFreak and also starring Ashlee Graham, Casey Calvert, Penny Pax, Riley Reid and Veruca James, Pretty Petite was an instant hit that was nominated for “Best Interracial Release” at the 2015 AVN Awards and “Interracial Release of the Year” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards. Aaliyah enjoyed shooting her interracial debut and she mentioned in her July 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview that;

“My first interracial scene is coming out soon, in August. It’s through Elegant Angel and directed by MimeFreak. I picked my male talent, his name is Prince. It’s probably one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever done. It’s called Pretty Petites. It’s so fucking hot; I can’t wait for everybody to see that one”.

Pretty Petite (2014) – Elegant Angel

Aaliyah Love : Popular Porn Productions

One of Aaliyah’s most popular porn productions has been the Smash Pictures parody movie American Hustle XXX: A Porn Parody (2014) within which she shared some sizzling scenes with Tommy Gunn and Tommy Pistol. Aaliyah won “Best Scene – Parody Release” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards due to her scintillating scene with Tommy Pistol and she also received multiple “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Actress – Parody Release” nominations at the 2015 AVN and XBIZ Awards. Directed by Will Ryder and featuring Luna Star, Penny Pax, Carter Cruise and Rio Lee, American Hustle XXX was a critical and commercial success which received numerous “Best Parody”, “Parody Release of the Year: Drama” and “Best Parody: Drama” nominations at the 2015 AVN, XBIZ, XRCO and Nightmoves Awards. Aaliyah loved shooting American Hustle XXX and she recounted in her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview how;

“This was a super awesome project to be a part of. I play Rosalind. She is kind of annoying but lovable. It was just so much fun to play the character. The hair! The clothes! And the script was amazing! It was a movie I saw long before Will pulled me aside and said you have to be in this movie and you have to play this part. I was like, ‘Oh my God! Me? Really?’ I have to say, it did wonders for my ego when Will and my agent put side-by-side pictures of me with my hair up at AVN and her with her hair up in the movie. I was walking on clouds for a week after that. I’m proud to be a part of it. It was an awesome project. The crew was great. I was really happy to be a part of it and I can’t wait for it to come out”.

Aaliyah Love in Tie Me Up, Dick Me Down – Brazzers

But that’s not all. Over the years Aaliyah has starred in several popular porn parodies including Game Of Bones: Winter Is Cumming (2013) for Zero Tolerance which won “Best Porn Parody” at the 2013 Dirty Dozen Awards, Wife Swap: The Exploited Parody (2014) for Decadent Digital that was nominated for “Best Screenplay: Parody” at the 2016 AVN Awards, Between The Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody (2014) for Filly Films which was nominated for “Best Parody” and “Best Screenplay: Parody” at the 2016 AVN Awards and This Ain’t Bad Moms XXX (2016) for Hustler Video featuring Jayden Cole, Dallas Black and Alice Lighthouse.

Aaliyah Love in Games Of Bones: Winter Is Cumming (2013) – Zero Tolerance

Eager to explore even more of Aaliyah’s hottest porn productions? Then you’ll love watching Aaliyah’s saucy scene with Ryan Driller in the Wicked Pictures release Modern Romance (2014) that was nominated for “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene” at the 2015 AVN Awards, her seductive scenes with Jenna J Ross and Sovereign Syre in the Filly Films movie Carrie’s Secret (2014) which earned Aaliyah a “Best Actress – All-Girl Release” nomination at the 2015 XBIZ Awards, her sizzling group sex scene with Marie McCray, Stevie Shae and Ryan Driller in the Digital Playground release 4Ever (2014) that was nominated for “Couples-Themed Release of the Year” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards and her epic orgy with A.J. Applegate, Charisma Cappelli, Cherie DeVille, Lola Foxx, Erik Everhard, James Deen and Ramon Nomar in the Jules Jordan Video production Orgy Masters #5 (2014). This raunchy release was highly recommended by XCritic column writer Don Houston who stated in his May 2014 film review that;

Orgy Masters 5 by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video was a set of two lengthy orgy scenes starring curvy cuties that looked great and had fun working with men, Sheena Ryder, Cherie DeVille, Aaliyah Love, or Tori Avano among others, each offering wonderfully substantial replay and strokability that earned the movie a rating of Highly Recommended or better. In short then, Orgy Masters 5 was a very fun set of two orgies starring a few bigger names in porn, the change in directors from earlier volumes helping to make it all the better for fans of group gropes going gonzo so give it a gander”.

Aaliyah Love in Payment In Pussy – Brazzers

Fans of Aaliyah’s raunchier content should also check out her formidable femdom pegging session with Aiden Ashley and Alby Rydes in the Immoral Productions DVD Queen Of The Strap-On #7 (2015), her sensational squirting session with Casey Calvert, Chloe Cherry and Rina Ellis in the Zero Tolerance movie Lesbian Squirting Gangbang (2018) as well as her raunchy Divine Bitches femdom shoot with Corbin Dallas and her titillating Whipped Ass BDSM three-way with Gia DiMarco and Maya Kendrick which were both released via Kink.com in July and December 2018. Aaliyah also shared a scintillating Massage Bait scene with Chloe Cherry and Derrick Pierce and a compelling The Intervention scene with Kristen Scott and Derrick Pierce that were both released via Pure Taboo in March and June 2018. Talking about her personal sexual fantasies during her May 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, Aaliyah saucily stated that;

“I’ve been so spoiled that I’ve lived out every single fantasy that I’ve had. I’ve written scripts and just been like, ‘I want this person to do this to me!’ Everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I’ve done. If you notice, most of the boy/girl scenes where I’ve written the script, like that Johnny Sins scene for Brazzers or the boy/girl scenes on my website, there’s a common thread. I’m a damsel in distress that’s slightly being taken advantage of and fucked hard [laughs]”.

Aaliyah Love: Love Pink Bed – Spizoo.com

Hold on, it gets even better. Aaliyah has been featured in some of her very own star showcases including the Vivid/SunLust Pictures production Aaliyah Love’s Female Obsession (2013), the aptly titled Naughty America DVD Aaliyah Love (2014), the AE Films release Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love (2015) and the Dogfart Network movie The Dark Side Of Aaliyah Love (2018) which featured Aaliyah in some sensational scenes with Mya Mays, Yara Skye, Rico Strong, Flash Brown, Isiah Maxwell, Mandingo and Prince Yahshua. Must see movies for Aaliyah Love fans!

Aaliyah Love: All You Need Is Love (2015) – AE Films

Just when you though it couldn’t get any better, Aaliyah has started to shoot some incredibly immersive virtual reality sex scenes for WankzVR. You’ll love experiencing Aaliyah raunchy Hollywood Housewives VR three-way with Karlie Montana in May 2016, her saucy Babysitter’s Extra Shift virtual reality experience with Sydney Cole in October 2016 and her fun Christmas Bonus festive romp with Adria Rae, Alex Blake, Elena Koshka, Gina Valentina and Lily Adams in December 2017.

Wait, there’s even more. Aaliyah has also treated fans to a sizzling All Grown Up shoot for MILF VR in February 2017, she shot an intensely alluring Radio Dick Jockey scene for BaDoink VR in September 2017, she shared a kinky Hocus Poke Us VR group shoot with Britney Amber and Tia Cyrus for MILF VR in October 2018 and she filmed an immersive She Loves Virgins virtual reality experience which was unveiled via Naughty America VR in September 2018. It’s like Aaliyah is in the room with you!

Aaliyah Love in Radio Dick Jockey – BaDoink VR

Aaliyah Love : Industry Accolades & Award Nominations

Starring in so many popular porn productions has earned Aaliyah several coveted industry accolades such as;

  • 2012: Twistys winner “Treat of the Month – April 2012”
  • 2015: AVN Awards winner “Best Solo Website” AaliyahLove.com
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards winner “Best Scene – Parody Release” American Hustle XXX: A Parody (with Tommy Pistol)

Aaliyah Love in Little Blondes Go Black (2015) – Hard X – X Empire Galleries

But that’s not all! Aaliyah has also received an impressive collection of award nominations including;

  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Lesbian Fuck Club (with AnnaBelle Lee, Annika Amour, Ashlynn Leigh, Lily Cade, Pepper Kester, Shyla Jennings, Taliah Mac and Tracey Sweet)
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene” Party with Rikki Six: The Party Starts Here (with Aiden Ashley, Alexis Monroe, Avril Hall, Jennifer White, Jordana Heat, Rikki Six, Ike Diezel, Jack Nixon, Lemy Metal, Porno Dan and Travis Varjak)
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene – All-Girl” Home Alone (with Aryana Augustine)
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Girl/Girl Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Lesbian Touch #1 (with Cherie DeVille and Kendall Karson)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene” Modern Romance (with Ryan Driller)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene” There’s Only One Ryan Ryans (with Ryan Ryans)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best Supporting Actress” American Hustle XXX: A Parody
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Favorite Female Porn Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Actress – All-Girl Release” Carrie’s Secret
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Actress – Parody Release” American Hustle XXX: A Parody
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Female Performer of the Year”
  • 2015: Spank Bank Awards nominee “America’s Porn Sweetheart”

Aaliyah Love in 4Ever (2014) – Digital Playground

  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Porn Star Website” AaliyahLove.com
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Solo/Tease Performance” Cherry Spot #3
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Most Epic Ass (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Social Media Star (Fan Award)”
  • 2016: XRCO Awards nominee “Best Scene – All-Sex Release” Little Blondes Go Black (with Isiah Maxwell)
  • 2016: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Fun Sized Fuck Bunny”
  • 2016: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Tweeting Twat of the Year”
  • 2016: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Webcam Girl of the Year”

Aaliyah Fucks Her Biggest Fan – Brazzers

Aaliyah Love in Tombois #3 (2014) – Sweetheart Video – Mile High Media Galleries

Upon receiving these prestigious industry accolades, Aaliyah has always been keen to thank her fans for their ongoing support and praise. As Aaliyah sincerely stated in her August 2014 Fleshbot interview;

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fans. I know a lot of porn girls say that, but in my case, it’s very true. I would have never even shot porn or made it to California if it wasn’t for my fans. It was my webcam fans, which were so loyal and encouraging to me that they started requesting me to porn companies. They helped to get my name out there and that made my career. So many of them have stuck with me and I still keep in contact with them to this day, ten years later! They have been so good to me and I can’t show my appreciation enough!…I love you all!!!”.

Aaliyah Love in Facial Fantasy (2016) – Evil Angel

Aaliyah Love : Personal Projects & Recent Releases

Alongside her thriving porn career, Aaliyah has also launched her own T-shirt line in collaboration with Meloncakes. As Aaliyah explained in her August 2014 Fleshbot interview;

“This wasn’t the first time a company came to me proposing to team up in order to create a t-shirt line. It was the first time that I completely trusted a company enough to say YES! Meloncakes and I came up with some super sexy designs. I’m really happy with the t-shirts and the response from the fans has been incredible!”.

Aaliyah Love in Little Blondes Go Black (2015) – Hard X – X Empire Galleries

What’s more, when she isn’t performing in porn, Aaliyah enjoys interacting with her fans via social media and hosting lusty live cam shows via Camsoda (as ‘AaliyahLove’). As Aaliyah saucily states via her official Camsoda profile;

“OG webcam girl turned pornstar. I love webcamming and connecting with fellow perverts in an intimate setting such as this!”.

Aaliyah Love in 4Ever (2014) – Digital Playground

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