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XBIZ Awards Red-Carpet Arrivals at the Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA on February 9, 2011

XBIZ Awards Red-Carpet Arrivals at the Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA on February 9, 2011 Image Sourced from Wikimedia, Attribution : © Glenn Francis,

Ashley Fires – Personal Info

Name : Ashley Fires

Date of Birth: March 2nd

Home Town : Northridge, California (US)

Measurements : 32B – 26 – 34

Height : 5’1 (1.56m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Pets : Tigger The Wonder Dog

Years Active : 2003 – present

Number of Scenes : 200+

Behold blonde bombshell Ashley Fires; a stunning adult film star who has amassed a devoted fan following across the globe for her impressive collection of best-selling DVD feature releases, saucy online sex scenes and fantastic fetish porn productions!

Born and raised in Southern California, Ashley Fires has lived in Northridge and Santa Clarita during her younger years and has mixed Greek and Scottish heritage. Ashley Fires discussed her upbringing within her June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, noting how;

“I grew up in Southern California. In Northridge and Santa Clarita, where Six Flags is. So I went there a lot as a kid. I rode horses. One of the places we lived was an Equestrian Boarding Center. I always joke that’s where I got my butt from. If you ever noticed a horseback rider, they have nice asses. It’s just one of those things. Family was good. I was a really bad kid and my parents really tried their best. I was really rebellious. I was a really fucking bad kid and I apologize all the time to this day. I was a little monster bitch. (laughs)”.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

During this June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview Ashley Fires divulged that she was a promiscuous girl during her high school years. In fact, Ashley Fires revealed that she had been having sexual experiences with girls in her early teenage years before she started to have sexual encounters with boys when she was 14/15 years old;

“I was kind of a slutty girl too. I thought I was a lesbian slut until I was 14 or 15. Then I discovered dick. I was such a tease. I used to blow guys all the time. I would get them hard and then I told them I wouldn’t have sex with them but I’d give them a blowjob. I wasn’t much of a handjob giver, I kinda skipped that step. I would go from teasing guys to taking them down the throat. There was no in-between. And then I was really burdened with the fact that I wasn’t a lesbian but I liked both. Damnit, adolescence was tricky, especially for sexuality. I couldn’t grasp the fact that I was attracted to females just as much as males. So I had a lot of sex as a teen, even with older people. I was kind of predatory.  I saw a girl and it was even better if she never hooked up with a girl before. Even now, if a woman comes on to me, I get all weird. I like to make the first move. I’m an alpha predator. With guys, it’s the same way…

I had sex with a boy for the first time when I was almost 16. But when I was 17, I took my boyfriend into his mother’s bedroom and told him I want to take his dick in my ass on his mom’s bed.  I don’t even want to call it anal because he was in there for 20 seconds and he came. I remember playing with my butthole a lot during masturbation sessions. I was touching my pussy and my asshole at the same time. You know, 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink. (laughs) I knew I always liked it. I did a lot of anal when I was 17. I was a teen and I was begging for it, I was such a slut. (laughs)”.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires has always been attracted to a career within the adult entertainment industry and started performing as a stripper before she even graduated from high school! As Ashley Fires saucily stated within her March 2012 Gram Ponante Dirty 30 interview;

“Yeah, I wore a big scarlet letter in school when people found out, which they inevitably did…I would get home from school on Friday, pack a bag, and drive to Vegas and strip all weekend…I visited a friend in Vegas the spring before I turned 18, and I liked it there. I entered an amateur contest at the Spearmint Rhino and I won; I had some formal dance training, and I knew how to walk in heels—and dance in them—and it was really exciting…I’ve just always been a really sexual person,” she says, “with boys and with girls. I would just wear people out…When she moved to Vegas, she and a girlfriend essentially switched mothers. ‘I lived with her mom in Vegas and she lived with mine in Los Angeles’, she says. ‘[Her mom] would wash my little stripper panties and drive me around town, saying ‘Oh, that club might be good for you’”.


Ashley Fires at 2007 XBIZ Awards – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Ashley Fires first began working within the adult film industry in 2003 after her brother’s girlfriend at the time, who was working as a porn star, introduced Ashley Fires to an adult film talent agent. In this manner, Ashley Fires filmed her first ever girl/girl sex scene with the fabulous female porn star Jayne Oso. Many of Ashley Fires’ sizzling girl/girl sex scenes with Jayna Oso have also been showcased within the Hustler Video DVD titles Barely Legal 47 (2004) and Barely Legal All Stars 5 (2005). Ashley Fires described shooting her adult film debut in greater detail during her June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, highlighting how;

“My brother was dating a performer but I can’t remember her name. It was the early 2000s and she did a lot of fetish stuff. She set me up with her agent at the time. I started with fetish then moved into girl/girl. I remember my first hardcore girl/girl scene was with Jayna Oso. It was for Hustler and she was amazing. I came in, I did one scene and it shot by Clive McLean. He used to shoot pictorials for their magazine. We shot the scene and I was getting ready to go home. They stopped me and told me I had another scene to shoot. Jayna was so good and I would have done 3 more scenes with her if they would have asked! That was my first hardcore day and it was two in a row. I did girl/girl anal right away. I was like, ‘Look, there’s this other hole.’ (laughs) For awhile there, I only did Jay Sin girl/girl. So I liked the dirty stuff. I’ve always been a slut but I only decided to share the boy/girl stuff with the world a couple of years ago”.

Ashley Fires further elaborated within her March 2016 Adult DVD Talk interview that;

“I was home-schooled so I started working at 15. I had a work permit and I was a hostess at a restaurant. At 16, I became a server. Then I moved to Vegas and was a cocktail waitress at 18. I was a topless dancer and was a notary public. I was a traveling notary public. I got into porn then I worked at an escrow house. I was a mortgage broker’s assistant and she was the devil. I wrote her a ‘fuck you’ email. I told her, ‘I’ve been tied up and sodomized and have never been as humiliated as you make me feel every day.’ She was a real monster. (laughs) Then I got back into porn”.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires : Adult Film Career (Girl/Girl Performer 2003 – 2011)

As mentioned above, Ashley Fires first began working in the adult entertainment industry in 2003 when she filmed her first ever girl/girl sex scenes for the fetish porn network As Ashley Fires explained within her March 2012 Gram Ponante Dirty 30 interview;

“My brother’s girlfriend at the time was in porn,” she says (she doesn’t remember the woman’s name, but said it was “fetishy,” which means it’s likely you wouldn’t remember the name, either). “And it looked fun. My first scene was getting my ass beat at Kink”.

From 2003 until 2011 Ashley Fires worked exclusively as a girl/girl performer but that didn’t stop her from featuring within a wide range of mainstream porn, BDSM, femdom and fetish porn productions! Some of Ashley Fires’ sauciest girl/girl DVD feature releases include; Fetish Fever (2003) for Hot Body Video Magazine also starring Penny Flame, Fetish Girls (2003) for Gwen Media with Eve Elle, Hot Showers 15 (2003) for Hustler Video with Aspen Stevens, Camera Club (2004) for Adam & Eve, Jack’s Playground 11 (2004) for Digital Playground, Nicole Sheridan’s Domination Diaries 1 (2004) for Gwen Media and Phat Tuesday (2004) for Hustler Video. Fans of Ashley Fires will also want to check out her compelling collaborations with adult film superstar Jenna Haze for the Jill Kelly Productions DVD titles Portraits Of A Porn Star (2004) and Girls Night Out (2004) as well as her fetish themed DVD title Ashley Fires Stocking Tease (2005) for JB Video, Natural Naked And Naughty (2006) for Hot Body Video Magazine and Pink Paradise 3 (2007) for Sin City.

Although Ashley Fires took a brief adult film industry hiatus in 2004 to work at an escrow house, she quickly realised that she wasn’t suited to a conventional 9 to 5 job and had returned to the adult entertainment industry in fantastic fashion by the end of the year. Talking about this period of her life within her March 2012 Gram Ponante Dirty 30 interview, Ashley Fires expressed that;

“I feel, especially as I’m getting older and more experienced, like I’m a kinky therapist. I quit porn for a while in 2004 and worked at an escrow house on Ventura Blvd. I told my mother: ‘I’ve been tied up and sodomized and felt less humiliated than when working in an escrow house…I’ve never been someone who just cashes a check”.


Ashley Fires and Ariel X at the 2009 AVN Expo – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

In 2007 Ashley Fires starred within the Evil Angel production Asses of Face Destruction 3; a production which has paved the way for Ashley to feature within a wealth of best-selling Evil Angel DVD titles such as Asses Of Face Destruction 4 (2008), Asses Of Face Destruction 5 (2008), Bitchcraft 3 (2008), Pretty Sloppy 3 (2010), Anal Intensity 1 (2011), Belladonna Fetish Fanatic 9 (2011), Gape Lovers 6 (2011) with Madison Ivy, Chastity Lynn, Dana DeArmond and Proxy Paige and Bobbi’s World (2011) that won “Best All-Sex Release: Mixed Format” at the 2012 AVN Awards. Ashley Fires has since appeared in Buttface (2011) with Kimberly Kane, Alexis Texas and Belladonna that was nominated for “Best Specialty Release: Other Genre” at the 2013 AVN Awards, Planet Anal (2012) and Ass Party 4 (2013) alongside Sheena Shaw, A.J. Applegate, Casey Calvert and Lea Lexus.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires : First Ever Boy/Girl Sex Scenes (2011 – present)

One of Ashley Fires’ most popular Evil Angel productions to date has been her signature showcase Burning Embers (2011) which enabled Ashley Fires to film her first ever boy/girl sex scenes. In fact, Burning Embers featured Ashley Fires in five fantastic solo, boy/girl, girl/girl and three-way sex scenes including an epic double penetration sex scene with Mick Blue and Mark Wood that was nominated for “Best Double Penetration Sex Scene” at the 2012 AVN Awards. Ashley Fires described this transition from shooting girl/girl sex scenes to hardcore content within her June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, conveying how;

“I did only girl/girl for 8 years that’s why no one knew who I was. When I started taking the d, that’s when I showed up on people’s radars. When I only did girl/girl, boy/girl pornstars would say to me, ‘You’re not really a pornstar. You’ll never win an award.’ They wouldn’t take you seriously. It was a total lack of respect. I didn’t understand that attitude, but now I get it. I would fuck guys on my website but not for anyone else. That changed when they gave me my own movie. They said I had to do boy/girl. And I said OK. It was no big deal. It was called Burning Embers and I did a DP in that one with Mark Wood and Mick Blue. It was nominated that year… one of my most favorite of all-time was that first DP I did on camera with Mark and Mick.  I did one in my private life to practice a week before. That scene in Burning Embers was just magic…

I was worried about my boyfriend, fiancé and then husband. At first he said to take it easy but then he was my biggest fan. He would tell me, ‘You take dick so much better than that!’ So I dabbled but it was because of him. It was a choice. Then they gave me my own movie but you have to do boys so I said yes. Porn was like a part time job for me. But then they gave me my own movie and it became a career. My husband is very supportive of me”.

Ashley Fires has since filmed a second sensational star showcase titled Ashley Fires Is The ArchAngel (2016). Produced by for ArchAngel Productions, this signature showcase featured Ashley Fires in her first ever interracial sex scene, her first ever interracial anal sex scene, her first ever interracial double penetration sex scene and her first ever interracial gang bang. As such, it was no surprise when Ashley Fires Is The ArchAngel was nominated for “Best Star Showcase” at the 2017 AVN Awards! Talking about Ashley Fires Is The ArchAngel during her March 2016 Adult DVD Talk interview, Ashley Fires enthused how;

“First of all, I love the box cover! It looks amazing with the fire wings! That really tapped into my essence, my fiery prowess. I had a fun in making it. We split it up. I did 2 scenes one month and 2 more the following month. We wanted to do it chronologically meaning first IR, first IR anal, first IR DP and then first IR gangbang. We didn’t do that, it was shot out of sequence which was fine by me. (laughs) It was great. It was a lot of fun and I was super excited. It was something that I had fantasized about. A lot! I’ve never been with a black guy. All other races, Hispanic, Asian, male and female but I never fucked a black guy. I had made out with them but I had never even touched a black penis before. (laughs) For real. It was a big deal for me. I was super excited. That’s another reason porn is such a great vehicle, you can live out your fantasies. I was seriously giddy like a schoolgirl before every scene. It was awesome. I was like a brand new girl. I felt shiny and new again”.


Ashley Fires at 2007 XBIZ Awards – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

After filming Burning Embers in 2011, Ashley Fires continued to collaborate with Evil Angel on numerous award-nominated DVD feature releases such as Anal Acrobats 8 (2013) that was nominated for “Best Specialty Release: Other Genre” at the 2015 AVN Awards, Anal Perverts 1 (2013) alongside Alexis Ford, Tory Lane, Veruca James and Dana DeArmond that was nominated for “Adult Movie of the Year” at the 2013 Sex Awards, Ass Party 5 (2013) that was nominated for “Gonzo Release of the Year” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards, Buttman’s Stretch Class: Detention 3 (2013) that was nominated for “Fetish Release of the Year” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards, Crack Fuckers 3 (2013) alongside Kendra Lust, Asa Akira and Alexa Nicole that was nominated for “Best Big Butt Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards, Spandex Loads 6 (2013) with Anikka Albrite, Chanel Preston and Lea Lexus that was nominated for “Best POV Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards, the femdom pegging feature release Strap Some Boyz (2013) that was nominated for “Best Fem-Dom Strap-On Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards and Buttman: Focused 8 (2014) that was nominated for “Fetish Release of the Year” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards.

In 2010 Ashley Fires began to film a diverse array of saucy online sex scenes for Reality Kings, MyXXXPass Network, Brazzers, Bang Bros and Naughty America as well as travelling to Germany in order to shoot with Bree Olson for her official solo website Many of Ashley Fires’ most captivating website sex scenes have been featured within the Brazzers DVD compilation titles Big Butts Like It Big 12 (2013) and Big Wet Butts 9 (2013), the Naughty America DVD compilation titles Neighbour Affair 19 (2013), My Wife’s Hot Friend 19 (2013) and Naughty Office 36 (2014), within Bang Bros DVD series MILF Soup 29 (2013) and in the Reality Kings DVD compilation titles Extreme Asses 17 (2012), Monster Curves 19 (2012), We Live Together 22, 26, 33 and 43 (2012-2016). Starring in these sizzling online sex scenes has enabled Ashley Fires to perform alongside a stellar cast of female porn stars including Anikka Albrite, Abigail Mac, Dani Daniels, Ryan Ryans, Sara Luvv, Eva Lovia, Aidra Fox and Riley Reid. As such, it was no surprise when Ashley Fires was nominated for “Best Web Star” at the 2011 AVN Awards!

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires : Industry Accolades & Award Nominations

As matters stand, Ashley Fires has been nominated for a wealth of prestigious adult film awards including;

  • 2011: AVN Awards nominee “Best Web Star”
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee Best Double Penetration Sex Scene” Burning Embers (with Mick Blue and Mark Wood)
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee Unsung Starlet of the Year”
  • 2013: Sex Awards nominee “Sexiest Adult Star”
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee Best POV Sex Scene” Anal Workout 2 (with Mick Blue)
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee Best Group Sex Scene” Weapons of Ass Destruction 7 (with Bill Bailey, Richie Black, Eric John, John Strong, Scott Lyons, Will Powers)
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Gape Lovers 8 (with Cassandra Nix and Roxy Raye)
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene” Manuel Ferrara’s Reverse Gangbang (with Anikka Albrite, Dillion Harper, Mischa Brooks, Remy LaCroix, Riley Reid and Manuel Ferrara)
  • 2014: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene – Non-Feature Release” DP Fanatic 2 (with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar)
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Butt”
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Strap-On Scene/Clip of the Year” Ashley Fires & Her Sleazy Boss
  • 2015: Spank Bank Technical Awards winner “Chronic Masturbator”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” Pretty Sloppy 5 (with Madison Ivy and Chastity Lynn)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Fan Award: Social Media Star”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Voracious: Season Two, Volume Three (with Jessie Volt and Roxy Raye)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” Voracious: Season Two, Volume Four (with Lea Lexus, Raine Degrey, Roxy Raye, Skin Diamond, Stoya, James Deen, Rocco Siffredi and Wolf Hudson)
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Kinkiest Performer (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Hottest Ass (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Scene – Vignette Release” I Have a Wife 30 (with Michael Vegas)
  • 2016: Spank Bank Technical Awards winner “Potty Pic Princess”
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Best Three-Way Sex Scene (Girl/Girl/Boy)” Booty Queen (with Jada Stevens and Mick Blue)
  • 2016: AVN Awards nominee “Biggest Web Celebrity (Fan Award)”
  • 2017: AVN Awards nominee “Best Double Penetration Sex Scene” Double Black Penetration 3 (with Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong)

As well as her impressive collection of DVD feature releases and online sex scenes, in 2012 Ashley Fires also showcased her comedic talents when she starred within several fan-favourite parody porn productions for White Ghetto. We recommend checking out  This Isn’t Friday Night Lights…It’s A XXX Spoof! (2012), This Isn’t Footloose…It’s A XXX Spoof! (2012), This Isn’t Moneyball…It’s A XXX Spoof! (2012) which showcase Ashley Fires alongside famous female porn stars Ariella Ferrera, Aiden Starr, Beverly Hills, Tessa Taylor and Coco Velvett among others.


Ashley Fires at Exxxotica NY 2008 – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Ashley Fires : Recent Releases

A defining moment in Ashley Fires’ adult film career came in 2014 when she starred within, and posed as the DVD cover model for, the Elegant Angel production Big Wet Asses 23 that was nominated for “Best Big Butt Release” at the 2015 AVN Awards. Ashley Fires has always been famous for her amazing ass and commented during her June 2014 Fleshbot interview that;

“I feel like being on the cover of Big Wet Asses #23 makes sense, it totally makes sense for everything that’s going on in my life, and my career, and everything. And plus, I mean, hi, have you seen my ass? (Both laugh) It just cries out to be on an anything “big” cover. I’ve been a big fan of Elegant Angel for years, and the way that they do things, I feel honored to have reached the ranks of these women. And maybe it’s one of those platforms where you spring off of, I don’t know…

being on the cover was just a bonus, like a cherry on top. And I had no idea, I had no idea, I was totally shocked. Sometimes they’ll tell you, you know, “it’s for the cover,” but I remember I had a bruise on my butt. I had this little bruise on my butt because I got a little tipsy four days before that and I fell down, and usually when I fall on my ass it’s like no harm, no foul, there’s plenty of padding to catch me (both laugh). But this left a little mark, and I was thinking that when they said it was for the cover I just went, “Oooooo. Can we photoshop this?” But I had a bikini that kind of covered it, because it was just this little tiny bruise, but I’m kind of OCD about things like that. So I said, “Can we shoot the cover later, the bruise will be done in like five days, can I come back and we’ll shoot the cover then?” And they said, “it’s called photoshop silly, it’s okay.” (Both laugh)”.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Big Wet Asses 23 was directed by Toni Ribas and it featured Ashley Fires in a saucy sex scene with famous male porn star Erik Everhard. Ashley Fires loved working with Erik and Toni and advocated within her June 2014 Fleshbot interview how;

“Eric is amazing. I’ve only ever had him one other time to myself, just he and I, and that was a really great scene, so I was hoping that this would be as good a scene, if not better, and it was. He actually put me in a position that I’ve never been in before and it was amazing. He had both of my ankles in one hand and it was almost like a piledriver on the couch. He had my ankles pinned behind my head and my ass was up, and he climbed up with one leg on the couch, it was really hot, and really deep, and really intense. Oh! And I squirt, during the scene, I definitely squirt twice. So yeah, it was great, and I’m happy that a really great scene is paired with a really great cover. Because it doesn’t always work out that way. He’s a veteran pro, but not a veteran pro like some of the dudes. Some of the dudes will fuck you like, “this is for camera and I’m going to fuck you and do my job.” He’s one of those “I want you to feel good performers.” He cares if you cum or not, which is great…

It was a lot of fun. Toni (Ribas) is great, I’m so glad he took over this line because he’s not all stressed out, you know? He’s not one of those directors that’s harsh and yelling at you and making you like, “great, yeah, I’m really gonna be able to relax my butthole now, thanks for yelling at me” (both laugh). He’s really great to be on set with, and I have a certain level of ADD that he totally could deal with”.

Inspired by the success of Big Wet Asses 23, from 2014 onwards Ashley Fires has filmed some truly spectacular anal-themed productions that have earned her multiple “Best Butt” and “Hottest Ass” nominations at the Nightmoves and AVN Awards. If you love Ashley Fires’ amazing anal-themed DVD titles then you will not want to miss out on viewing; Filthy Anal Cuties (2014) for Elegant Angel, It’s All In The Ass (2014) for Wicked Pictures, Posing The Pervert (2014) for Brazzers, as well as the Jules Jordan Video productions Ass Worship 15 (2014) that won “Best Anal Release” at the 2015 AVN Awards and “Gonzo Release of the Year” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards, Nutz About Butts (2015) that was nominated for “Best T/A Movie” at the 2016 AVN Awards and Anal Savages (2016) with Adriana Chechik, Keisha Grey and Vicki Chase.

Just can’t get enough of big butt beauty Ashley Fires? Then you can also check out Ashley Fires’ amazing ass in Anal Therapy (2015) for Brazzers also starring A.J. Applegate, Paige Turnah, Phoenix Marie and Kagney Linn Karter, Big Wet Asses 25 (2016) for Elegant Angel, Anal Fantasy (2016) for Brazzers as well as the Evil Angel feature releases Anal Buffet 11 (2015), Anal Players (2015), Anal Corruption 3 (2015) with rising starlets Abella Danger, Keisha Grey, Aidra Fox and Marley Brinx, Lex Is Up Her Ass 3 (2016), Anal Visions (2016), and Ass Tricks (2016) with Dakota Skye, Karmen Karma and Abella Danger that was nominated for “Best Anal Movie ” at the 2017 AVN Awards and “Gonzo Release of the Year” at the 2017 XBIZ Awards. There’s just no stopping prolific porn star Ashley Fires!


Missy Rhodes and Ashley Fires at Exxxotica AC 2013 – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Most recently, Ashley Fires has filmed a diverse array of scintillating lesbian themed productions for several leading girl/girl production companies such as Sweetheart Video, ArchAngel Productions, Girlsway and Girlfriends Films. Ashley Fires still loves filming this type of raunchy girl/girl content and enthused within her July 2014 Men’s Mag Daily interview how;

“I only did girl/girl for like 8 years before I started doing guys. I feel like everybody forgot that I liked girls. Now when I get a girl/girl scene I’m so fucking excited. Girl/girl scenes can get really, really hot. I’ll have the director yelling at me to take my mouth off of my partner. The girl/girl scenes can just be so passionate and realistic. With girls you can tell right away if they’re into it or if they’re gay for pay. If she’s not into girls it’s not going to be a good scene but if she genuinely likes females then oh yeah it’s going to be very good. It’s more sensual. You can do more with a girl because there’s that automatic female bond. Aaliyah Love was like my absolute favorite at one point. We would do content for each other’s websites and we just amazing chemistry. She’s an amazing girl/girl performer. She’s really into girls. I’ve always wanted to work with Phoenix Marie. I sat next to her on a plane once and I’ve always wanted her. I have more of a bucket list with women than I do me. Riley Reid was absolutely amazing. We did a reverse gangbang and it was incredible. I like her sexual energy but a lot of the time I don’t get these girls one on one. I have a long list. I was thinking of going on Twitter and make a wish list of all the girls I want. Phoenix Marie is definitely at the top. She has such a raw sexual energy. I really want to do things to Riley Reid on or off camera”.

Fans of Ashley’s sultry girl/girl content should check out her saucy sex scenes with Abby Lee Brazil in Lesbian Analingus 7 (2015) for Sweetheart Video, her sex scenes in the Naughty America production My Friend’s Hot Girl 15 (2015) alongside Samantha Bentley, Hope Howell, Mia Malkova and Rahyndee James as well as her raunchy sex scenes with Riley Reid in the Girlsway DVD title Flashback (2016).

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires : Femdom Star & Fetish Porn Productions

Throughout her prolific porn star career Ashley Fires has established a reputation as a formidable femdom performer and a multi-talented fetish porn star. Fans who are eager to explore Ashley Fires diverse array of femdom, pegging, BDSM and fetish porn productions should check out such raunchy DVD titles as the Immoral Productions DVD title Sexxx in Public 1 (2009), Erotic Femdom 6 (2009) and MeanBitches POV 2 (2009) that were both shot by MeanBitches Productions, Fem Dom Ball Busting Cheerleaders 3 (2011) for White Ghetto, Subby Girls 2 (2015) for Third World Media, Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 4 (2015) for Evil Angel, the fantastic femdom pegging production Strap On Anal Lesbians 3 (2015) for Evil Angel, Squirt Squad (2016) for Wicked Pictures, Battle Of The Squirters (2016) for Elegant Angel and most recently the spectacular Severe Sex and Wasteland Studios DVD collaboration Femdom Rampage (2016) that starred Ashley alongside seasoned fetish porn stars Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, Mistress Mayhem, Mistress Irony and Goddess Starla.

Upon being asked to name the kinkiest thing she has ever done off-camera during her June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview, Ashley Fires divulged that;

“I’ve done some pretty taboo shit in my life. When I was younger, I lived with a couple. So it was me, my girlfriend and her boyfriend. It was a really nice apartment and it was the first time I lived away from home. They had a closet in their bedroom with a closet with the slats where you can see out but they can’t see in. I hid in there one night and watched them fuck and I was touching myself. Then I waited until they fell asleep and then snuck out. I still masturbate to that. I must have cum to that 100 times. That’s pretty mild but it was hot…

There’s more recent stuff like I cleaned out my butt really, really, really well. Then I pissed into this giant pitcher. I put a funnel in my butt and I had the dude pour the pitcher into my ass. Then I took out the funnel and put in a plastic tube and I got on a table on my hands and knees. I had the dude get on the floor and he drank all the urine out of my ass. That was in a dominatrix session. That was hot. I also have this girlfriend who lactates and she squirts milk and I had her squirt milk into my pussy while I was getting fucked. That was hot”.


Ashley Fires at Exxxotica NY 2008 – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

Upon discussing her sexual experiences and personal preferences in greater detail within her June 2014 Fleshbot interview, Ashley Fires conveyed how;

“I feel like I don’t have a lot of shame about what I do, what I’ve done, what I plan to do, so if I’m not speaking my truth about who I am and what I do, I don’t think that I would be able to feel pride about it. And here’s the thing, you’ve gotta just be matter of fact. Sometimes you just have to say it straight, simple, and with a smile, and you know what? Not only do people respect you, it’s a sexy quality, to be able to talk that way”. 

In addition to filming these DVD feature releases, Ashley Fires has frequently featured within a broad spectrum of femdom, pegging and BDSM web content for the fetish porn network Since 2003 Ashley Fires has filmed an impressive collection of kinky clips for‘s various web series including High Fashion Whore with Veronica Avluv, Bobbi Starr and Dragon Lily that was filmed for‘s Whipped Ass web series in May 2010, her captivating compilations of Hardcore Fisting clips in December 2010 and Foot Fetish clips in March 2011, her May 2012 Wired Pussy medical role-play sex scenes with Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Micah Moore titled Medical Testing, her June 2012 Lesbian Cuckold Fantasy sex scenes with Chanel Preston and Lia Lor for Whipped Ass, her December 2013 Dungeon Sex web content with Maestro titled Ashley Fires – Learning Her Place, as well as her March 2013 Foot Worship fetish sex scenes with Francesca Le, Kirsten Price, Lorelei Lee and Dragon Lily titled Footsie Footsie Bang Bang: A Lesbian Foot Bang! and her Ashley Fires Submits! sex scenes for Sadistic Rope in August 2013.

Although Ashley Fires has performed as a sub as well as a domme throughout her fetish porn star career, she described the moment when she knew that she was a domme in her personal life during her March 2012 Gram Ponante Dirty 30 interview, noting that;

“‘I remember it was my birthday several years ago,” Fires says, ‘and I was hanging from ropes. I felt like a switch got thrown and I thought, ‘I’m not this person.’ I became a domme, or a switch, from that point forward’ Fires says that even when she’s submitting, she’s not. ‘No one is going to slap my ass unless they ask first,’ she says. ‘No one is going to say, ‘I own your ass'”.


Missy Rhodes and Ashley Fires at 2013 Exxxotica AC – Image Sourced from Wikimedia

As Ashley Fires explained in greater detail within her March 2016 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I started that in 2003. I was publicly a switch and privately a dom. Then, I was privately a sub and publicly a dom and that was the progression of it. I had a space with Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr. We had a little spot for a minute. That was hot. Then I moved and gave it up for a couple of years. I was on the East Coast and I discovered there was a void for hot blonde doms on the East Coast. Naturally, they’re all brunettes and redheads. There’s not a lot of California blondes living in New Hampshire. (laughs) That opened up a whole market and I started domming again. But it’s really taxing because I put a lot into it. I develop these serious relationships with my slaves and my clients and my sissies and my puppies and whoever. It’s very time consuming. Yes, I get compensated for it but it’s my life. I take a break from that every now and then.

I limit my clientele and, right now, I’m training someone. She’s my apprentice dom. That’s my balance, doing the movies. I would never, in a million years, fuck a dude in the ass with my strap-on with the velocity that I do without knowing exactly what that feels like. I can’t expect somebody to surrender if I’m not willing to surrender myself. My surrender is for the public and on camera and I get compensated for it but it’s still surrender. I feel that’s why people feel comfortable surrendering and giving me that gift. They see me and know that I’ve given myself that way as well. I try to surrender and give myself to the level that I would expect”.

Consequently, Ashley Fires has proceeded to film a wealth of fantastic femdom content for‘s best-selling Divine Bitches, Electro Sluts, Whipped Ass and Wired Pussy web series including a thrilling live femdom pegging orgy titled Divine High Tea Party LIVE! that was broadcast in February 2010 , Secret Life Of A House Wife with Aiden Starr and Missy Woods for Whipped Ass in February 2010, Corrupting Choirboy Episode 2 for Divine Bitches in May 2011 and Maid Humiliation for Wired Pussy in August 2012 as well as a broad spectrum of Electro Sluts sex toy, femdom pegging and bondage themed femdom sex scenes with Lorelei Lee, Bella Rossi, Bonnie Day Katja Kassin and Felony in June 2012, October 2012, January 2013, March 2013 and April 2014 among many others!

As matters stand, Ashley Fires continues to perform within a wide range of mainstream porn productions and fetish lifestyle content. Some of Ashley Fires’ latest DVD feature releases include Ultimate Blondes 2 (2016) for ArchAngel Productions, the raunchy Evil Angel productions Rocco The Impaler (2016) and Suck Balls 5 (2016), the fitness fetish themed feature release Gym Dolls 2 (2016) for Elegant Angel, Double Black Penetration 3 (2016) for Jules Jordan Video and the 2016 Naughty America  MILF themed, girl/girl and taboo relations DVD compilation title Ashley Fires Volume 1.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Ashley Fires also collaborates with her husband, an adult film industry producer and director who also works in 3D effects, on a multitude of exciting new projects for her official solo website For instance, Ashley Fires and her husband have previously worked together on numerous instalments for Ashley Fires’ raunchy Sci Fi Dream Girls Fembots From Outer Space web series. Ashley Fires has been happily married for over 10 years and sincerely expressed within her March 2012 Gram Ponante Dirty 30 interview how much she loves working with her husband;

“People think, ‘What must her husband think?’ or, for example, I’ll ask to keep my wedding ring on in a scene, though sometimes the director says No. I used to think it would ruin the ‘fantasy’ if people knew I was married, but I think it’s often the opposite—people feel closer when they know who I am…’Ashley Fires’ would not exist without my husband…If I hadn’t met him I don’t know where I’d be. I can’t imagine being a single adult performer. We all need somebody…He’s like a stage mom…and a great supporter. When I first started doing boy/girl, I was on the phone with him in the bathroom. ‘This guy has a really big penis,’ I said. ‘Oh honey,’ he said, ‘you’ll be great.’…My husband and I think we must curse people, because we’ll hear about a breakup and say, ‘Didn’t we just have dinner with them?’…Monogamy ends most marriages…I’m secure enough to know he won’t leave me. We both know where our home is. When you connect with someone the first time there are chemicals that are released that can’t be released any other way”.

In fact, Ashley Fires comes from a close knit family and has always made an effort to spend a few days with her relatives whenever she is shooting in Los Angeles. Ashley Fires revealed within her June 2014 Adult DVD Talk interview how;

“I’m still really close to my family and every time I come out to shoot in LA, I take a few days for family time. They insist that I come over for dinner with my family. (laughs) It’s like a don’t ask, don’t tell kind of thing. They look at me and they’ll know I’m wrecked. They don’t ask and I don’t tell them. My mom will go, ‘You’re not eating enough!’ and she has no idea. It’s funny, she got to know my cutoff times for anal after which I can’t eat anything. She’ll call me and ask ‘What time can you eat?’ It’s really cute. She kinda knows but I think she thinks it’s a fad diet. I don’t know if she knows it’s for anal”.

Ashley Fires XXXBios - Big booty blonde all natural pornstar Ashley Fires porn pics sfwAshley Fires at Brazzers

Blonde bombshell Ashley Fires continues to release all manner of incredible DVD feature releases, online sex scenes and fetish porn content on a regular basis; much to the joy of her dedicated global fan following! Make sure you don’t miss out on viewing Ashley Fires’ latest porn star projects by visiting her official social networking channels online today using the links provided below!

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