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Personal Info

Name : Kayleigh Coxx

Date of Birth : September 23rd

Hometown : Eugene, Oregon (US)

Height : 5’8 (1.73m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Years Active : 2017 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Fresh-faced beauty Kayleigh Coxx is a rapidly rising TS starlet and webcam model who has been taking the adult film industry by storm since making her debut in early 2017. Within a matter of months Kayleigh has been named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for April 2017 and she has already begun to shoot with such leading production companies as Devil’s Film, TransSensual Studios and Mancini Productions. Definitely one to watch in the years to come!

 Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Kayleigh is a natural born performer who plays piano and she used to play guitar and produce EDM music. Kayleigh has discussed her musical tastes during her May 2017 Through The Benz interview with Becca Benz, commenting that;

“I am a piano player and I used to be able to play the guitar. Guitar is almost impossible with acrylics all the time. Although guitar was always difficult because I have small hands! Same thing for piano too. I’m a creative person at heart, I like to do graphic design, I used to produce EDM music as a passion and I even got asked to DJ as a paying gig at one point. However I’m pretty private with my art, the introvert in me fears the criticism. Art though really for me is a way to express myself in a way, and it’s one of those things where I get so focused on making the project better or playing something better that I completely forget about anything else”.

Kayleigh has been aware of her true gender identity since she was 3-5 years old but she struggled to ‘come out’ as transgender throughout her teenage years. Talking about her younger years during her May 2017 Through The Benz interview, Kayleigh conveyed how;

“My earliest memory of being transgender was trying on girl’s clothes when I was like in preschool maybe 3-5years old? My family is… different. I have two much older siblings almost 20 yrs older and then a 3yr older brother. All males. Maybe it was only natural when it turned out I wasn’t a boy in gender. I had a kind of stereotypical childhood. Always battling with acceptance and the confidence to come out as transgender throughout. I always had mostly girl friends growing up, a few friends knew about me being trans and spread the rumors and such and I was made fun of etc. I’m 25, so back 10 years ago when I was younger the atmosphere and acceptance for coming out as trans was much different today. It led me to being closeted until really about 22 years old. I had finally reached the point I decided that I no longer cared about anyone’s negative opinion of myself being trans and so I got the help I needed and about a year and a half later I got on hormones. I’ve been on hormones for about a year and a half now”.

Kayleigh Coxx at TwoTGirls

Kayleigh first began working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model  in December 2016 and she continues to host intimate live chat sessions with her global fan base via the popular webcamming network Chaturbate. Talking about her adult cam career in her May 2017 Through The Benz interview, Kayleigh divulged that;

“Camming started in about early December. It depends honestly sometimes between the two which one is better. Sometimes camming is super fun and tips are coming in and you have interesting/hot private shows and then other hand it’s hard to give up those deep-dicking, super hot-bodied sexy times. I like to talk, like a lot, so camming gives me that opportunity to interact with people which I really love. As anyone who comes into my cam shows can probably attest to. My cam show is either running my mouth or cumming! I like them both equally because they are pretty different. Being good at camming doesn’t necessarily make you good at porn and vice versa”.

After she started performing as a webcam model Kayleigh began communicating with male porn star Christian XXX and by January 2017 she was booked to shoot her first ever sex scenes for his popular porn site Pure-TS.com. Kayleigh discussed how she progressed from webcamming to performing in porn in greater detail during her May 2017 Through The Benz interview, highlighting how;

“Whew, this is a strange story. So, I was seeing a couple for casual sex and they asked me to cam a few times, I said “No,” and “It’s not my sort of thing,” and so we grew apart. Then one day, I asked the guy of the couple for a dirty picture of me he took sucking his dick because I no longer had it. Conversation eventually leads back to the “Want to cam with us?” question, and this time I caved. Maybe I had a glass of wine too many, maybe I was feeling adventurous who knows! That was basically late November/early December. Later that month I think messaged Christian, or he messaged me—not sure, on Grindr (of all places) and I thought it was a troll account, turned out it was actually him! He offered me those scenes and then the rest is basically where we are today”.

Kayleigh Coxx at TwoTGirls

Kayleigh Coxx : Adult Film Career

Kayleigh made her official adult film industry debut in January 2017 when she filmed some hot hardcore scenes with Christian XXX, titled Amateur Cam Girl Kayleigh Make s Her Hardcore Debut, that were distributed via his trans-friendly porn site Pure-TS.com. Fans of Kayleigh Coxx will also love viewing her Beautiful Cam Model Enjoys Getting Ass Fucked scenes which was uploaded via Pure-TS.com in April 2017. These saucy scenes have since been showcased in the CX WOW Studios DVD compilation title Amateur Transsexuals #9 (2017).

A defining moment in Kayleigh’s adult film career came in April 2017 when she filmed her first ever solo scenes for the internationally renowned porn site Grooby Girls (formerly Shemale Yum). Titled Meet Gorgeous Kayleigh Coxx!, this seductive solo shoot was directed by leading porn cinematographer Radius Dark. Kayleigh’s solo modelling debut was a smash hit among fans and film critics which led to her being named as Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for April 2017. Kayleigh has been thrilled to receive such high praise for her solo scenes and she conveyed within her May 2017 Through The Benz interview how;

“It’s been fantastic, I was really taken aback by how much people liked my first set. It’s been really amazing to see the directors and actual porn stars (that I looked up to for so long!) who said I had a great set…Thank you, I didn’t expect it truthfully and am very thankful to have been selected. Thank you Grooby. Thank you Becca!”.

Kayleigh has continued to collaborate with Radius Dark on a wealth of saucy solo scenes such as Kayleigh Coxx Fucks Her Fleshlight! which was promoted via Grooby Girls in April 2017 as well as her Kayleigh Rocks Her Heels! and Hot Cum From Kayleigh! scenes which were both released via Shemale.XXX in August 2017 and September 2017.

What’s more, Radius Dark has directed many of Kayleigh’s hottest hardcore content among which includes her Kayleigh Coxx & Kai Donec! hardcore shoot for Shemale.XXX in August 2017 and her raunchy Kayleigh & Rob Fuck Hard! scenes which were released via Grooby Girls in May 2017 and which have since been promoted via Shemale.porn in September 2017. One of Kayleigh’s most compelling hardcore collaborations to date has been her thrilling transbian shoot with Chelsea Marie that was directed once again by Radius Dark and promoted via Tgirls.porn in September 2017. In fact, Kayleigh and Chelsea’s sultry scenes have proved so popular among fans that Kayleigh is currently ranked as the #6 most popular performer on Tgirls.porn. Kayleigh enjoys shooting these sizzling sex scenes and explained within her May 2017 Through The Benz interview that;

“If you aren’t kinky to begin with you’re probably gonna have a hard time. I didn’t realize how much of me is really a weird kinky person. And I love it I might add. Think porn being… having sex out on the balcony of your apartment… in the middle of NYC… during the day… and you’re just drunk enough to say all the dirty shit you hold back most times. To me I would do that hundred times over and sober! I love it, and I love the dirty thought of hundreds, thousands, of guys jerking off to it”.

When she hasn’t been shooting this compelling collection of Grooby Network web content, Kayleigh has been filming several sensual solo photo sets for the SMC Network porn site Shemale Club between May 2017 and September 2017. During this time Kayleigh also collaborated with critically acclaimed porn director Sammi Mancini on some intensely alluring solo scenes for his Shemale Strokers web series which were first released in May 2017. Many of Kayleigh’s captivating clips have been featured within the fan-favourite DVD titles Transsexual Cheerleaders 17 (2017) for Devil’s Film starring Cassidy Quinn, Casey Kisses and Marissa Minx, as well as Shemale Strokers 88 (2017) for Mancini Productions featuring Annabelle Lane, Jasmine Jacobs, Melina George, Nikki Vicious and Lana Solaire.

In recent months Kayleigh has starred in some raunchy transbian role-plays for Mayumi Sparkles’ pioneering porn site TwoTgirl.com. We recommend checking out Kayleigh’s Skate Or Fuck shoot with Korra Del Rio in July 2017 and her Office Slacker Gets Fucked scenes with Casey Kisses that were filmed in August 2017. Kayleigh’s terrific transbian scenes have even been featured within Mayumi Sparkles’ Two TGirls DVD compilation title Two TGirls Volume 3 (2017) also starring Kira Crash, Alisia Rae, Bailey Love, Jenny Flowers, Chelsea Marie and Valentina Mia. Kayleigh posed as the DVD cover model for TwoTgirls Volume 3 alongside Korra Del Rio and she has since been featured within multiple best-selling Grooby Presents DVD compilation titles such as Grooby Girls 2017 and Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 3 (2017) alongside fellow rising starlets Erika, Jenny Flowers, Marissa Minx, Amber Rembrandt.

Kayleigh Coxx at TwoTGirls

One of Kayleigh’s most popular porn productions has been Dana Vespoli’s TransSensual Studios feature release TS Forbidden Love (2017) within which Kayleigh shared a sultry scene with Sophia Grace. Also starring Chanel Santini, Violet Monroe, Natalie Mars, Aubrey Kate, Riley Nixon and Rizzo Ford, TS Forbidden Love was ardently endorsed by Mile High Media‘s Vice President, Jon Blitt, who enthusiastically stated in an August 2017 AVN press release that;

“Fans have been asking for more trans lesbian scenes and this film was made with them in mind…Dana and her amazing cast of adult stars have put together an exciting opening chapter to a great new series. The intense sexual chemistry between these trans superstars and gorgeous ladies is palpable and real, making for an erotic experience like no other, it’s guaranteed to be a top seller”.

When she isn’t shooting these popular porn productions, Kayleigh enjoys interacting with her ever-expanding fan following via social media and her lusty live cam shows. As Kayleigh put it in her own words within her May 2017 Through The Benz interview;

“I love seeing fans on Twitter, Instagram, etc! I fangirl and fawn over different porn actresses/actors myself and I can’t help but follow all the hilarious and talented makeup artists that are on twitter. If someone actually has something interesting to say to me too and they’re a fan it always makes me happy. I also love seeing all the different types of people who are into my sets!”.

What does the future hold for rising TS starlet Kayleigh Coxx? Well, in the near future Kayleigh is due to star in Jim Powers’ Gender X DVD title Transsexual Love Affair (2017) alongside Alisia Rae, Jenny Flowers and Cassie Woods.  When she was asked about her long term career plans in her May 2017 Through The Benz interview, Kayleigh mentioned that;

“I don’t know, I don’t really have a certain goal. I want to do big things, but I hope if I’m lucky I will be doing something interesting with art, whether it be makeup, graphic design, or music and I would be happy. But truthfully I’m so new to all this I’m trying to figure out where I want to go from here in porn/camming and how long I want to do it for! Oh and maybe I’ll have a boyfriend at that point ????”.

Can’t wait to discover Kayleigh Coxx’s new and exciting porn projects? Not to worry! Simply use the links provided below to learn more about Kayleigh’s latest live cam shows and to catch up on all of her sauciest sex scenes and sensational solo shoots online today!

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